Eureka NEU182A: This Honest Review Will Shock You

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Imagine an impressive vacuum; you may also imagine a massive cost. Talking about vacuum cleaners, most of the time, you need to pay very high if you want just a few extra features. This is the case with most brands. 

Eureka has acted a bit differently. You can expect to get some amazing features in a few vacuum cleaners without putting extra pressure on your pocket. 

EUREKA NEU182A PowerSpeed Vacuum Cleaner is a great example.

With its incredible suction power and simple and light design, and low cost, the Eureka PowerSpeed Base has seemingly broken the mold.

After reading the numerous glowing reviews, we were keen to test it ourselves. 

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Eureka NEU182A: This Honest Review Will Shock You

Eureka NEU182A

We have hardwood floors and Persian area rugs throughout our lab, so we can test the effectiveness of the Eureka across a variety of types of surfaces. Check out the following review to determine if Eureka delivers impressive performance for this incredible cost.


1. Design: Light and Flexible

Eureka NEU182A 3

At just under 10 pounds, the Eureka Powerspeed Base is impressively light. It’s the lightest upright vacuum we’ve ever tested. Since it’s so light, it can easily maneuver through corners and furniture. 

You can also easily adjust the pile’s height by turning the knob at the bottom of the vacuum. The vacuum features five height settings that can be adjusted for different types of flooring, including bare carpeted floors and low and high carpet, as well as two other carpet options.

2. Convenience at the Top

Eureka NEU182A 2

It is equipped with a washable filter, so you don’t need to think about buying replacements. Also, it comes with a larger, 2.6-liter dust cup, meaning you don’t have to fill it up as often. We were impressed by the design of the dust cup that lets it slip out of the vacuum at the touch of a button and then snaps back in place.

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When you want to empty your dust container, you only need to push downwards on the lever, and the lid of the bottom will open wide.

Eureka NEU182A 4

The Eureka includes three attachments: a crevice tool, an upholstery brush, and a dusting brush, making it a versatile tool to clean most surfaces around your home. The attachments can be kept in the vacuum for quick access as well.

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3. Price: Very Reasonable

Eureka NEU182A 5

The MSRP is $90, and it’s available at a very cheap cost on Amazon. The Eureka Powerspeed Base is available for a very affordable price. Even though it’s not equipped with the top features found in higher-end vacuums, the Eureka offers outstanding suction power and impressive cleaning alternatives. 

If you’re looking for a vacuum with a few more bells and whistles, a more expensive model is worth considering–especially if noise is a concern.

4. Performance: Superb Suction; We Enjoyed It!

Eureka NEU182A 1

The Eureka Powerspeed Base is an incredible vacuum at this price. It is an extremely powerful suction, and it works equally well on carpets and hardwood floors. It was first used in the busiest area in our testing lab: the hallway in front. 

It’s the peak of the autumnal season within our part of the Northeast, which means we’ve been watching lots of leaves coming from outside. Because of the continuous pedestrian and constant foot traffic, some leaves are crushed and smashed into the rug at our entrance.

The vacuum did a great job of getting rid of all the dirt and dust from the rug. It also took care of most of the debris in only one go.

Although it performed well on our larger area rugs and carpets, it did not work well with our small and lightweight area rug. We tried it on a small rug in the bathroom of our guest, but it was able to pull the rug despite being set at the lowest level. 

The dusting tool was a godsend for cleaning more delicate household items, such as blinds, drapes, and lampshades.

The crevice tool, a narrow suction tube, was great for tight corners and in difficult-to-access places like baseboard edges or heating exhausts. The upholstery brush was used to clean up lint hair and other particles from our chairs and couches.

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You Must Know That…

Eureka NEU182A 6

The powerful vacuum’s performance can have some drawbacks, and one of them is that it becomes somewhat hot when it’s in use. However, that is the case with the majority of vacuum cleaners. 

We tested a few similar models in the same testing session, and when we did a continuous run test, a few of them went so hot that they could cause damage to your furniture if not vigilant. 

One model from Shark crossed all the limits. We used the handheld tool to clean furniture, and despite placing the machine on the floor of our hardwood, it could have moved onto the carpet without even realizing it.

Then we could smell something burning and then realized that the vacuum was able to suck up the fringes of our oriental carpet. 

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It was immediately turned off, but it was way too late. The vacuum caused burning black spots on the white edges. It was admittedly an error from our side.

Yet, we did not anticipate that the vacuum would become sufficiently hot to cause damage to the carpet, especially when it was on the lowest setting.

5. Noise Level

Eureka’s noise level was average. The vacuum wasn’t extremely loud. Many vacuums make a loud whistling sound that can be quite irritating, but that isn’t the case with this one.

This vacuum cleaner is okay for a long period or when you have a tiny space to vacuum. Ours is a huge testing lab, which was not a problem.

After vacuuming downstairs for only 20 minutes, we were happy with the cleaning performance. The vacuum didn’t catch much heat. If we had to vacuum our home with this vacuum in the future, we’d be confident.



This is a robust upright vacuum cleaner with a bagless canister, a great feature. Many users are glad with how the dust bin separates and empties into the trash can, and the vacuum is easy to use. Although it is priced at a low-cost, many users appear to enjoy it more than their previously bought expensive vacuum cleaner.

That makes it an excellent choice for searching for a cheap upright cleaner. While it is a great product, the noise level could be a show-stopper for some. It is an outstanding vacuum at the most affordable cost.

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