Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO Cordless Vacuum: Honest Review

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The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro vacuum cleaner weighs a modest 5.26 pounds, most of its weight resting on the floor.

Its cleaning head features a spinning brush roll designed for bare floors, low-pile carpets, and thin area rugs. The adjustable height and multi-floor nozzle make it easy to clean under low-clearance furniture. However, some users complain that the cleaner can only clean small areas and is difficult to maneuver in tight corners.

But is the complaint genuine? Are its features truly appreciable?

This product review will discuss the features, build quality, and user-friendliness of the Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro Cordless Vacuum.

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Overview of Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO

Eureka NEC180

The Eureka NEC180 is a cordless stick vacuum that performs well on low to medium-pile carpets and hard floors. It even handles dry pet food media well. The vacuum’s handheld mode proved quite useful when using the 2-in-1 dusting brush and crevice tool. The Floor Nozzle is particularly useful for cleaning stairs.

It’s a cordless vacuum cleaner with a simple design. The cordless feature gives users 45 minutes of fade-free runtime. It also has fingertip controls for MAX power and an Easy Rest nook.

Despite its low suction power, its lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver under furniture and clean small areas. Moreover, the NEC180 is easy to maintain, so it is good for smaller apartments or houses.

The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro is a machine that offers high-quality cleaning at an affordable price. It has an efficient operation and cord-free convenience. It can clean vinyl, hardwood, laminate, low-pile carpets, and area rugs.

Eureka – The Company

Eureka(r), a manufacturer of various floor care products, is based in Detroit, Michigan.

The brand is associated with high-quality, affordable products.

What’s Inside the Box?

It includes the main vacuum body, multi-floor nozzle, crevice tool, and 2-in-1 dusting brushes. It also comes with a wall bracket and a charging unit.

What are Hot Features?

  • Low Profile Design: Flat Cleaning under Low Clearance Furniture.
  • Easy Rest: Unique design enables safe leaning against furniture or countertop.
  • 2 Cleaning Modes: Normal cleaning with low suction power. Max for more difficult cleaning tasks.
  • Long run time: Maximum 40 minutes of operation in Normal suction mode.
  • Multi-Floor Cleaning: Clean hard floors and low pile carpet efficiently without having to change floor nozzles.
  • Handheld Mode: Switch to a powerful hand vacuum for cleaning above the floor.
  • Flexible dirt disposal: Removable easy-empty dust cup.
  • LED Headlights: These bright headlamps illuminate the path for cleaning dirt and revealing it.
  • Weighing only 5.26 lbs. For overhead cleaning.
  • Swivel steering: Smooth maneuvering around obstacles.
  • Included: (1) Multi-floor nozzle, tube, crevice tool, and 2-in-1 dusting brushes. Wall mount bracket and charging unit.
  • Warranty: 1 1/2 years, 12 months battery.

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Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO – 9 Points to Consider

November 2019 saw the debut of the Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro Cordless Vacuum. The unique design of this vacuum intrigued us, we must admit. We found the Motor and Dust Cup on the top very interesting.

Eureka’s latest cordless stick model was designed with thought, and the Easy Rest notch at the bottom of the handle showed that. The price is what impressed us.

While many excellent cordless stick vacuums are available, not everyone can afford to spend $400-$600 to get all the bells. The entry-level cordless stick vacuum is priced below $150. Despite its basic features, the vacuum’s cleaning power is outstanding. 

1. Qualitative Construction

Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO Cordless Vacuum 1 The overall quality of the Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro is impressive. The main body is strong, and all parts fit together perfectly. The micro switches on the handle of Eureka are for On/Off or Suction Settings. They last a long time.

The wand fits into the body easily and makes a solid unit. The attachments are simple but of high quality and should last.

Average quality latches on the attachments and wand are used. When you attach a tool, it clicks in place and then releases it by pressing the latch tab.

2. User Friendliness

Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO Cordless Vacuum 6

Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro is comfortable in hand. Eureka designed its handle to be held at a natural angle, which helps reduce fatigue. The handle loops over the top, making it easier to grasp when bent over.

The vacuum weighs in at 5.26 pounds. This vacuum is easy to push across the floor and clean overhead. The swivel steering is very responsive and works well. The on/off and power settings switches were easy to reach with our thumb.

The machine defaults to High suction when it is turned ON. This setting was only needed for very difficult cleaning tasks. To make the most of your daily cleaning, you must press the second button.

The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro runs when you press the On/Off switch. It does not require you to hold the button down or turn it off.

3. Low Profile Design

Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO Cordless Vacuum 3

The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro’s most distinctive feature is its dust cup location. The dust cup is usually located under the motor and just before the handle on cord-free stick vacuums. This arrangement allows you to empty the dust cup and not have to remove the wand. It leaves the trap door and dust cup vulnerable to breaking if dropped.

The Dust Cup is located at the top of your vacuum. It lets you lay down the entire unit flat for cleaning under low-clearance furniture. You can clean under any 2 1/2 inches or greater item with the Multi Floor Nozzle.

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4. 2-in-1 Handheld Mode

The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro, like most cordless stick vacuums, can be transformed into a handheld vacuum simply by removing the wand. The Crevice Tool and the 2-in-1 Dusting Brush are great for cleaning small spaces, countertops, shelves, and other tight places.

Attach the Floor Nozzle to your NEC180 to clean carpeted stairways.

5. Simple Empty Dust Cup

Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO Cordless Vacuum 6 (2)

The 0.3 Liter Max dust cup is located at the top of the machine. Before emptying the wand, it must be removed. You can also empty other cordless stick vacuums with the dust cup at the bottom with the wand attached. However, it is usually simpler to do so with the wand out.

The trap door features a gasket to seal the dust cup to prevent leakage. Although the latch or release mechanism is simple, it works well. It is easy to access and clicks shut quickly.

6. Suction Power

Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO Cordless Vacuum 4

Eureka’s engineers got it right when designing the NEC180 RapidClean Pro. The 150-watt DC motor produces sufficient suction to clean hard floors and low pile carpets in the Normal Suction setting.

It removed 100% of coffee grounds, oatmeal, rice, and dry pet food in our tests. (SEE: Cleaning performance below).

It was measured at 18.0″WL (water lift) and 25.0″WL (water lift), respectively.

7. Run Time

The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro’s built-in 25.2 Volt battery can provide up to 40 minutes of run time in Normal mode. The floor surface that you are cleaning will affect the actual operating time. Carpets can cause the motors to work harder than hard floors, drawing more power.

During testing, we were able to vacuum three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and the hallway. There was still enough charge in the battery.

8. Charging and Battery

Eureka created the NEC180 RapidClean Pro using an internal 25.2 V battery. We advocated user-removable batteries before lithium-ion batteries reached their current level. This would allow for an increase in run time. One battery can be sufficient to finish most cleaning tasks for up to 40 minutes.

It includes a wall charger. Simply plug the pin jack into the base of your machine to charge it. You can charge the battery by placing it on a table, on the floor, or the included wall mount.

You can expect to fully charge your cordless tool in 3-4 hours. The Operator’s Manual suggests charging for 6 hours at first.

9. Filtration

Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO Cordless Vacuum 5

The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro Cordless has a washable foam filter cartridge. Although it is not HEPA-rated, the sealed compartment will trap most allergen-triggering dust particles.

Cleaning Performance of Eureka NEC180

Eureka NEC180 RapidClean PRO Cordless Vacuum 2

How we Tested

Eureka recommends using the NEC180 RapidClean Pro on hard floors, low-pile carpets, and area rugs.

We tried the Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro on medium and hardwood flooring to review its cleaning performance.

As we said, we used test media made of coffee grounds and oatmeal. We also clipped our hair using the machine on LOW Suction. Before applying each sample to the floor, we weighed them all. To determine the exact percentage, we measured the contents of each dust cup after testing it.

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The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro Cordless removed all test media at 100% with several passes.

Hard floors

Hardwood floors were cleaned of all test media at 100%. The Eureka NEC180 was not troubled by dry pet food. A portion of the dry pet food was spread along the floor around the edges of the floor nozzle. Successive passes removed it without being kicked across the floor.


The NEC180 RapidClean can clean walls and baseboards to a depth of 3/4″ due to the design of the floor nozzle. This is not a great vacuum for corded use, but it is a good standard for cordless stick vacs. This was not an issue for us as we used the combo brush or crevice tool to clean the floor and the baseboards.


  • Model: NEC180
  • Dimensions: 9.8″x6.3″x43.3″
  • Weight: 5.26 lbs
  • Power: 25.2-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Dirt Collection: Bagless
  • Average suction setting: Run time up to 40 minutes
  • Motor Wattage: 150W
  • Suction: 18″ W (water lift) Low setting/25″ W High
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.33 Liter
  • Cleaning Path: 8.0 inches


  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Secure parking with Easy Rest
  • Solid design
  • Bright headlamps
  • Maximum 40 minutes Run Time


  • Not free-standing
  • Filtration that is not HEPA
  • Good, but not exceptional edge cleaning performance

Our Final Thoughts on Eureka NEC180

It was an absolute pleasure to review the Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro cordless vacuum. It was a great performer on medium and low pile carpets. The hard floor cleaning was excellent, and it even took care of large amounts of pet food media. The handheld mode combined with the 2-in-1 brush and crevice tool was extremely efficient. You can also use the Floor Nozzle to clean carpeted stairs.

It is a great machine for a price below $150. It can run for up to 40 minutes, enough to complete most daily cleaning tasks. This vacuum has a much higher quality than you would expect from a cordless stick vacuum at this price.

It is a great thing to finally find a cordless stick vacuum at an affordable price for us to recommend it to our readers and friends. This cordless vacuum is amazing! The Eureka NEC180 RapidClean Pro is a great choice!

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