Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G Review: BEST ALTERNATIVES

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Our house mix hardwood, linoleum, unfinished floor, and tiled surfaces.

Also, we will need something that is light and could move around.

It also can suction up cobwebs, dust, and dirt bunnies which seem to build up after several days.

Its model, Eureka 3670G, is an excellent alternative for homes like ours since it weighs only 8.6 pounds, and it has an extremely long extension with a great reach that can reach the ceiling even if your house doesn’t have the height of a high ceiling.

This is important since instead of purchasing an extra vacuum to use with that, you’ll be able to reduce your expenses and use this instead.

It’s a bagged model. Therefore, you’ll need bags, which is an additional expense to run for the long term.

Bags suitable for this will cost less than a dollar for each bag, which means it’s not that costly.

Eureka suggests this for homes with mostly barren floors since it isn’t equipped with a motorized brush roll. If you’re searching for a device that can handle pet hair and carpeting, The Mighty Mite Pet Lover 3684F.

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A Quick Overview of the Features

Eureka 3670G vacuum cleaner

  • There are a few extension wands with extensions that are easily removed which allows you to alter the length according to the space you’ll be cleaning.
  • It comes with several attachments that allow this machine to wash different areas of your home.
  • The floor tool features a 10-inch cleaning path.
  • Includes a blower function if you require to blow some leaves off your front porch.
  • It is equipped with an impressive 12 amp motor.
  • Floor tool with a two-set high adjustment for carpets and hard surfaces or rug
  • Weighs less than 9 pounds. It weighs less than 8.6 pounds, to be precise.
  • 20-foot power cord
  • Under the vacuum, you’ll find an area to store cords to store the power cord.

Pros & Cons of Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G


  • Strong suction
  • Perfect for floor surfaces that are not bare
  • There is a blower option (just in case you’ll need it)


  • Not as effective for THICK carpets or rugs as it doesn’t have an electric brush.
  • There is no HEPA filtering.
  • There is no shoulder strap.
  • Expensive
  • Small dustbin (0.02 Gallons only)
  • Hair will cover the axles.

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What Did We Love About Eureka 3670G Mighty Mite in Testing?

 Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G 3

This lightweight canister will be slightly lively on hard surfaces due to the 12 amp motor, which has enough suction to take dust and dust mites, pet hair and pet litter, cheerios, and lots more.

It isn’t equipped with a motorized brush. Therefore, it’s not ideal for soft carpets or rugs.

Reach is a further strength with two extension wands that can be removed to alter the length according to the space you wish to cleanse.

It can clean floors, but it will also help with vents, upholstery, and other difficult-to-access places that an upright vacuum cannot reach.

Note: This model does not include HEPA filtering, but it can be purchased separately or in conjunction with the 3684F that already comes with the HEPA filter in it.

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1. Attachments and accessories

It includes crevices and a brush, and an upholstery tool. It can be used with extension wands to help remove dirt from baseboards without bends or getting up on all fours.

The extension wand has enough length to sweep dust off the ceiling.

If your house is fitted with a vent located on the ceiling, this vacuum is ideal for getting rid of dust that can build up.

2. Cord Length

The power cord measures around 20 feet, but it doesn’t have any power cord rewinding feature. However, it has a wrap section that allows you to keep the wire in a neat place.

3. Filter Clean Up

The post-motor filter blocks allergens from entering the exhaust even if it’s an air-bagged vacuum.

To reach the filter, pull a lever to open the canister.

Take the bag off to access the washable filter.

Don’t worry about the cost of the bags, especially if you buy them from Amazon and a package of nine bags will cost only a little more than $8. That’s less than a dollar for each bag.

4. Warranty

It comes with only one year of the manufacturer’s warranty.

5. Bare Floor Performance

This 3670G Mighty Mite can be a winner on plain floor surfaces, particularly flooring made of hardwood, Linoleum, or tile finishes, due to its powerful suction, which can be adjusted using a similar ring to the one you found close to the handle.

This is a long-standing technique for adjusting suction. To get the maximum suction, you’ll need to fill the hole with a small circular hole to decrease suction and rotate the knob slightly to expose a small hidden part.

It’s a bit crude, and occasionally it’s possible to accidentally damage the ring, as has happened to several customers who have left reviews.

If we were you, we would prefer to keep the door closed and go for maximum power for the duration of the trip.

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6. Carpet Performance

_Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G 1

The lack of motorized rolls can limit the effectiveness of carpets. You’ll be able to wash carpet that is thin and flat.

It’s going to struggle with any thicker hair, so you’ll prefer the Pet hair version of the vacuum, the 3684F, which comes with an electric brush.

Customers who attempted this on the carpet were not satisfied with the results.

One test on the carpet required going between 10 times before obtaining positive results. Some have seen success with throw rugs, but only on the smallest of them.

7. Pet Hair Removal

This will also only treat pet hair that is on hard surfaces. It’s not as effective on carpets and upholstery since it doesn’t have a beater bar.

The tool that combines upholstery and brush can get pet hair off of sofas and chairs. However, it’s not as efficient.

8. Super Suction

The customers were impressed by this small machine’s flexibility and suction capacity, which weighed an entire ton. Some even owned this for a long time and have said that it still performed admirably regardless of all the falls and bumps.

The ability to interchange the wand and tools makes it possible to vacuum the stairs and floors without the need to bend.

The extension wands can be extended to reach the ceiling, but should you live in a home with high ceilings, it will not be sufficient length.

9. The Feature of Swiveling  

_Eureka Mighty Mite 3670G 2

Another popular among consumers is the swiveling floor device which allows people to move furniture. This feature in vacuums at this price.

Many people apply this to floors such as hardwood, tiles, and Linoleum. A few attempted it on carpets, and their results varied.

Any Negatives?

Not a Deep Cleaning Machine

If you have medium or thick pile carpets, this can be a struggle to remove dirt that has been buried beneath the carpet strands.

On carpets with a thin pile or rugs, it’ll get rid of most of the dirt on the surface. But don’t expect it to get rid of all the dirt because it doesn’t have a brush.

To Conclude


This item is ideal for small-to-medium-sized homes with the most hard surfaces due to the massive 12 amp motor, which takes in the debris.

The absence of a motorized brush hampered its effectiveness on the carpet, but it can still remove surfaces of dust from thinly piled variations.

Why should you even think about this method if it is only effective on surfaces that are not bare?

It is a multi-purpose machine; it is one of few canister vacuums that work for flat floors, staircases, and even ceilings!

If you have an air conditioner or ceiling vent that is long, you’ll appreciate the reach.

Every homeowner knows how daunting it is to get rid of dust from vents and cobwebs on the ceiling.

All of the tools included in the machine are interchangeable. It is possible to attach it to the hose or the wand, greatly improving flexibility. Baseboards can be cleaned without bending over or getting on your feet. It is ideal for folks suffering from backaches.

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