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All health-conscious homeowners would usually like to keep their homes clean and free from allergens. It is not possible to keep your home free from the dust and debris of Mother Nature. If you have pets, your home will be more vulnerable to the accumulation of their fur.

Moreover, your pets will enter your home and jump on the sofas and other furnishings with their dirty paws. Otherwise, you or your kids may drop the cereal-filled cup accidentally. Whatever the situation is, you need to vacuum your home.

Having a quality, durable, and multipurpose vacuum cleaner with you will aid you considerably in clearing these messes effortlessly, quickly, and effectively.

If you are serious about how effortless it is to push your vacuum around, the FloorRover Upright Vacuum Cleaner can be an ideal option for you. Why do you need this vacuum? To know the reason, read this review up to its end.

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Eureka FloorRover Bagless

Four Persuasive Reasons for Using the Red Vacuum Cleaner

There may be several valid reasons for homeowners like you to use the FloorRover Upright Vacuum Cleaner of Eureka, Oreck Magnesium is also other upright vacuum. The first and foremost reason for the FloorRover vacuum is that the device can capture and clean 99.97% of debris.

Air consists of particles of different sizes that you cannot see with your naked eyes. You will notice them only when they cling to the floors or the surface of your furnishings. Considering this, Eureka designs the vacuum with an effective filtration system. It will capture all air particles effectively.

 Some of the other convincing reasons for using the vacuum cleaner include:

1. Assortment of Features

Eureka quips the red FloorRover Upright Vacuum Cleaner with a collection of helpful features. These features make the device the handiest one and most realistic for different users.

The compact size of the vacuum allows you to store it in any confined space, as it won’t consume more space in your home. The frivolous design of the vacuuming appliance provides easy maneuverability to you, as it weighs only 15.8 pounds.

You can wash its durable and performance-oriented filter effortlessly, thereby boosting its life. It, in turn, helps you avoid incurring replacement costs, as well.

2. Highly Developed Technology

The FloorRover bagless upright vacuum cleaner is one of the most commanding vacuums in the product line of Eureka. Eureka manufactures the vacuum cleaner with Anti-Hair Wrap Technology.

This advanced technology makes the vacuum prevent the formation of hair wrap, as it comes with an anti-knot brush roll.  

3. Breezy Cleaning

Eureka FloorRover (3)

Eureka designs all models and types of its vacuum cleaners to make the vacuuming jobs of users effortless and fast, so this red FloorRover vacuum cleaner is no exception.

The high-performance automatic nozzle of the vacuum will make your cleaning job a breeze. It means that the nozzle will adjust the height automatically, allowing you to move the device between diverse flooring types seamlessly.

Whether you want to move it on tiles, hardwood floors, or carpets, you can achieve everything effortlessly.

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4. No More Harmful Particles in Your Inside Air

The FloorRover vacuuming appliance comes with a total seal design. It means that its filtration system consists of HEPA and Cyclone filters. These filters work mutually to capture 99.9% of dirt, dust, and grime.

Thus you can rest assured that your inside air will be free from harmful particles, allowing you to keep your entire family healthy for many years to come.

Above all, Eureka designs the red vacuum cleaner to provide a smooth movement to users like you. The manufacturer outfits the vacuum with a set of durable wheels and a swivel design, allowing you to maneuver it without putting in much of your effort.

You can also clean small and large particles effortlessly with this vacuum cleaner, without suction loss.   

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Incredible Features of the Eureka Floor Rover

Eureka outfits the FloorRover upright vacuum cleaner with a bounty of caring features to help users get the comfort and convenience they need. The manufacturer delivers the vacuum with a range of helpful tools to shoppers at an affordable price. Some of the handy features of the device include:

1. Functional Nozzle

Eureka attaches a performance-focused nozzle to the vacuum to make it function automatically. It means that the nozzle will adjust its height automatically to trap and clean the dust from all difficult-to-reach areas in your home.

This helpful design allows you to keep the underneath of your beds, sofas, and other furnishing clean effectively. You can also use the vacuum on different flooring types efficiently.

2. Handy Tools

The manufacturer provides users with the five handiest tools and controls with the red vacuum cleaner. They make the cleaning job of users easy. Accordingly,

The anti-twist brush roll comes with a unique design, allowing you to prevent the formation of clogs and knots, as the tool will smash the strands actively.

The brush-roll Controls of the device come with a double-motor design. It will assist you in getting enhanced control of the anti-knot brush roll. Hence, you can secure the health of your deep clean carpets and hard floors effectively.

The Dusting Brush Tool of the vacuum plays a crucial role in helping you clean spots that are difficult to reach. You can prevent the accumulation of dust, rubbish and pet hair in those spots.

The Pet Turbo Brush is the most versatile accessory of the vacuum cleaner, allowing you to use it anywhere you want. It is a handheld tool that can eliminate even the most obstinate pet hair gently and effectively. Thus, you can keep your carpets and upholstery free from all sizes of pet hair efficiently.

The handy crevice tool aids you significantly in cleaning other items in your home effortlessly. You can clean attachments, such as:

  • Lampshades
  • Vents
  • Blinds
  • Curtains

3. Clean Anywhere

You can use the red FloorRover upright vacuum to vacuum all spots, including difficult-to-reach areas, in your home efficiently by using these five helpful tools.

4. Rapid Release Handle

The manufacturer outfits the vacuum cleaners with a sturdy and durable handle. It releases swiftly, allowing you to clean all nooks and crannies, including difficult-to-access areas on your floors and home.

 The Anti-Tip Clip of the red vacuum cleaner places the hosepipe in a firm position while you use it for floor cleaning and other rooms in your home. The anti-tip clip aids the vacuum cleaner considerably in stabilizing its position to shun tipping.

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5. Extra-Large Dust Cup

The manufacturer outfits the vacuum with an XL Dust Cup. It allows the device to house high amounts of debris comfortably. The main idea of incorporating this massive dust cup into the device is to help you perform your cleaning job without interruption or continuously for a long time.

Emptying the dust cup is a breeze, as well. The single-click design of the cup allows you to dispose of all the collected dirt and rubbish into the trash effortlessly. The vacuum cleaner is not gonna lose its suction power while loading the dust cup with debris.

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6. Functional Wheels

Eureka equips the red FloorRover upright vacuum cleaner with a set of high-performance wheels with a gliding design. The manufacturer designs these wheels with Big Wheel Technology, making them move smoothly while cleaning different surfaces.

Moreover, the innovative design of the wheels allows you to move the vacuum cleaner between rooms effortlessly and quickly. You can clean your required spaces efficiently without using any of the controls of the device.

These wheels come with a steering and swivel design, as well. It allows you to turn the vacuum without putting in much effort. You can twist the vacuum cleaner around your furnishings and home corners effortlessly without moving the heels around.

7. User-Friendly Design

Eureka FloorRover

The ease of use of the entire vacuum cleaner makes it more User-friendly than other brands available on the market. It comes with a high-capacity removable dust cup, helping you avoid so many trips to empty it.

The large wheels make the device effortless to glide across floors and maneuver bends and curves. When considering other top-notch design features and performance, the vacuum cleaner is a user-friendly device.


  • Cyclonic technology
  • No loss of suction
  • Gliding and swivel wheels
  • Washable filter
  • High-performance tools and controls
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Handy dust cup


  • Filter clogs sometimes


  • Brand Eureka
  • Product Dimensions 13.4 x 12.4 x 44.7 inches
  • Item Weight 15.8 pounds
  • Color Grey and Red

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The Verdict


The red Eureka FloorRover Upright Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile device as like Eureka Airspeed. It cleans on different floor types efficiently.

It features automatic height adjustments, allowing users to use the brush roll efficiently according to their cleaning needs and spots. Also, it allows users better control over the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

The large wheels of the vacuum cleaner come with a Glide and Swivel Steering design. The Big Wheel technology combines with highly developed swivel steering, ensuring smooth movement and better maneuverability on all flooring types during every push and pull.

The unique multi-level cyclone filtration system of the FloorRover Upright Vacuum Cleaner separates small and big particles, capturing dust and ensuring continuous availability of suction.

The big dust cup of the device can house a high amount of dirt. It simplifies the emptying job of users effortlessly, as well, by minimizing their trips to the trash bin. Above all, all the spares of the vacuum cleaner are effortlessly available. Users do not need to go far whenever they need to switch accessories.

They are all stocked aboard the vacuum cleaner itself for trouble-free reach.Considering all the excellent design features, helpful tools, accessories, controls, high performance, the red FloorRover bagless pet upright vacuum cleaner is among the most trusted and helpful vacuums available on the market at present.

The affordable price and industry-leading customer service of the manufacturer offer real value for the money of shoppers.

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