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Eureka is an eminent name that doesn’t require an introduction. They’ve been in business for many years. Their vast experience and outstanding advancements and research over the last several years have led to the commercialization and distribution of some impressive and beautiful model vacuum cleaners in the last few years.

Today we’re keeping one of their unique creations at the center!

It’s not a different model than the Eureka Easyclean corded handheld vacuum 70b.

Its suction motor is powerful and has a 5.5-ampere suction capacity. It is ideal for cleaning cars, apart from carpets and steps. Revolving brushes have a motor.

Cleansing your car has never been simpler than using the 71B vacuum. This Riser Visor is awe-inspiring because it aids in the cleaning of both vertical and horizontal parts of your carpet staircase.

Contrary to many other models, the 71B model doesn’t include a bag that requires continuous replacement. Simply by shaking the filter and the ceramic dust container, dust and particles could have been removed within a couple of minutes.

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Eureka EasyClean71B

What Surprised Our Experts About Eureka Easyclean Corded Hand Held Vacuum?

1. Riser Visor

Eureka was at full speed with the EasyClean 71B, an innovative technology called “the Riser Visor.” This is a fascinating technology with a practical application.

The Riser Visor is a clear plastic cover that rotates over the nozzle. It functions by ensuring that when the cover is in its default position, the brush cleans horizontal surfaces while the action of the nozzle is towards the bottom. Cleanse flat surfaces.

The flipping of and down the plastic cover exposes the top of the revolving brush roll. In this way, the action of the brush roll can be applied to vertical surfaces. It’s not overly complicated, but it’s an essential element and certainly not a trick.

2. Performance

Eureka Easyclean Corded Hand Held Vacuum 1

The most significant benefit of the EasyClean 70B and perhaps one of the main reasons it is the top choice for shoppers, is that it can do what it is expected to do extremely efficiently.

This is a welcome relief from the amount of times products fail to deliver despite the claims of being the greatest product since sliced bread.

Simply put, it is a great product. You will not be disappointed with the purchase and will be impressed by how it works despite its budget-friendly cost and small construction.

A large portion of the 71 B’s outstanding performance is due to its dual-motor configuration. It includes a motor designed specifically to suction the vacuum and another designed specifically for its rotating brush.

They give the Eureka EasyClean 71B automobile vacuum a strong suction capacity to ensure thorough cleaning.

Alongside its remarkable suction capabilities and impressive suction power, the device has an extra cleaning pathway of 6 inches.

It gives you a comprehensive cleaning capability. There’s no reason to wonder why this device is praised by many and can easily handle all kinds of dirt and dust, such as pet hair.

3. Durability

For the most part, it is used for vehicle vacuuming needs; Eureka EasyClean 71B Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a robust machine. It lasts  for a pretty long time because of its incredible design and simple status.

4. On/Off Brush roll

Brush roll lies at the center of the cleaning capabilities in this Eureka EasyClean 71B Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. It is interesting to note that Eureka allows you to switch it on and off. At the start, this may appear to be nothing: But in actual time, it could mean crucial in the transition between a flawless cleaning experience or an hour of cursing.

Okay, the last line may be a bit exaggerated. There are occasions when shutting off the roll of your brushes can be a good option. For instance, cleaning up dust from specific types of surfaces or getting pet hairs picked up that may stick on the moving brush, making it difficult to get rid of.

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5. User-Friendliness

The Eureka EasyClean 71B Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a joy. It starts with an automatic shutoff feature that will automatically stop the device from operating when it is at risk of overheating. 

Moving forward, maintaining the EasyClean Car Vacuum 71B is as simple as pie. The dirt bin can be removed, and you can empty it quickly and then clean it using water before returning it to the machine. It is also possible to remove the filter easily and clean it with minimal effort.

One of the most important features that make the handheld vacuum, so simple to keep in good condition is its power switch, which can also be used to effortlessly open the dirt and filter.

6. Convenience

Eureka Easyclean Corded Hand Held Vacuum 5

The best way to describe the 20-foot power cord that runs Eureka EasyClean 71B is “absolutely breathtaking” and “absolutely amazing.” The massive length of the cord ensures that no space inside your car is out of reach to be thoroughly cleaned.

Additionally, once you’re clean, you do not have to be concerned about how to organize the cord to make it easy to store. The device’s construction comes with a specially made base that one can wrap the cord and hold in place using an integrated clip.

To provide a deep cleaning, the EasyClean71B includes several attachments that enhance the machine’s capabilities. This includes the crevice tool for cleaning difficult-to-access parts and an extension hose.

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Biggest Benefits of Eureka Easyclean 71B

Three fundamental reasons, among many benefits, make this Eureka EasyClean 71B Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner an essential purchase. It is a high-end product with superior quality, durability, and value.

Rarely can these three characteristics define a single device, so EasyClean 71B and the EasyClean 70B vacuum are the ideal choice to keep the car’s interior in pristine condition. Let’s take advantage:

1. Filtration

The filtration system on this device is good. However, it is not exceptional. We looked at the exhaust from the Eureka 71B handheld using an instrument to gauge how many particles were released into the air and observed that the count on the scanner decreased a little.

The filter and dirt cup can be cleaned by turning the switch to an open position and raising the cup. The filter is lifted from the cup, and the debris is easily put in the trash.

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We have found it to be quite messy. The filter can be rinsed and should be allowed to completely dry before being used again.

2. Suction Strength

We tested this vacuum for a couple of tasks before testing the suction strength and had a feeling that the suction might be extremely robust.

With our gauge for water lift, we tested the suction capacity of the machine. We were shocked to see that it was seventy!

The water lift is a measurement of the suction generated by the motor. The typical full-size vacuum has an average water lift of seventy. The suction is strong and allows the machine to clean thoroughly.

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3. Affordable

This Eureka EasyClean 71B Corded Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is not going to put an enormous amount of money in your pocket. With around 40 dollars for purchase, we believe that the Eureka handheld vacuum is a great investment. We have even discovered that some retailers, like Amazon, have it on sale for less.

4. Low Maintenance

Eureka Easyclean Corded Hand Held Vacuum 4

Alongside replacing the filter regularly, cleaning the brush roll, and inspecting the hose to make sure it isn’t clogged, We also noticed one aspect of maintenance that we should be particularly attentive to.

While conducting tests on the Eureka 71B hand vacuum, we observed that the more full the vacuum was, the more clogged the filter became, resulting in a noticeable smaller suction force. To avoid this issue, it is recommended to regularly empty the dust cup before brushing the filter.

5. Easy to Use

It is a bit boxy in appearance. This industrial-looking machine, black and yellow, is very well balanced and comfortable to wear. The capability to use it both horizontally and vertically eliminates the need to operate the machine at odd angles, giving you a more relaxing cleaning experience.

6. Attachments and Onboard Tools

The machine comes with a detachable hose that can be used to clean crevices and edges. It is wrapped around the rear of the machine and is removed from the base for simple use.

The crevice tool can be found at the bottom part of the device. It is attached to the hose for those spots that are simply too small for the brush roll’s reach.

7. Noise

We have tested the sound of this machine using the brush roll turned on. This machine is in our moderate range with an average of seventy-six decibels. We were astonished that such a tiny powerful machine wasn’t much louder.

8. The Ease of Use for the stairs

Eureka Easyclean Corded Hand Held Vacuum 2

This machine is a pro at cleaning our stairs. The hose was simple to disconnect and then use to clean along with the perimeter. A plastic visor is adjustable to the brush roll, allowing users to clean horizontal or vertical surfaces easily.

The vacuum would “tug” slightly when we moved it over the stairs that were carpeted; however, not enough that it made it uncomfortable to work with. We blamed it on the suction power; you can feel the force!

The only drawback could be an electrical cord. At a distance of twenty feet, the power cord could extend from one side of the staircase to the other without finding the power outlet again.

But, if your stairs have a wide landing or there isn’t an outlet near the stairwell, then the power cord won’t reach.

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9. Getting Started

There isn’t any setup needed for this machine. Simply take Easy Clean from the box, connect it to the power outlet, and you’re ready to begin cleaning.

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Evaluation of the Performance From Eureka Easyclean 71B

1. Performance on Carpets

The Eureka 70B Easy Clean can be cleaned using suction or brush roll. When cleaning carpets, it is best to use the brush roll in place.

Our test started by putting the flour onto our carpet to test the effectiveness of the machine on small particles. It was clear that the Eureka Easy Clean had no problem taking the flour off our carpet.

Then, we evaluated the machine’s performance on medium particles with rice. The same thing happened; separating small particles of this size was no issue for the Eureka hand vacuum 71B.

The machine couldn’t do very well with our bigger white beans. We believed this was mostly due to them not fitting into the brush roll quite as easily.

We observed that you must keep the machine just a little above the floor with large and medium particle sizes to give enough space for particles to be taken under the machine.

2. Performance on hard floors

This handheld vacuum for floors made of hard surfaces is a location where you feel the force of the suction.

When we tested the vinyl floor, we were able to see the vacuum getting dragged across the floor. We also noticed it was a bit of work to remove it.

This tiny vacuum’s suction power amazed us more than the other handheld so far.

The program performed admirably on medium and fine particles; however, it had a few issues with large particles.

We believe this is because the massive particles had difficulty fitting through the brush roll.

3. Car Cleaning

Eureka Easyclean Corded Hand Held Vacuum 3

After having such a stunning experience with this machine used to clean our house, we expected a lot of how it would perform in our car. Unfortunately, we were not pleased.

Although it did an excellent job cleaning flat surfaces, it was not a great fit for the car’s curves.

Because this vacuum has a cord, finding an outlet to plug it in could be a hassle.

The benefit is that it won’t stop working, allowing you to clean your entire vehicle or even wash multiple vehicles at once.

4. Pet Hair

We appreciate our pets, but the hair they leave on our floors and furniture isn’t exactly appealing.

To find out how this machine performed in cleaning the mess left by our pet, we put dog hair on our upholstered couch.

The vacuum can remove the hair effortlessly and leave our sofa pet-free. This is a tremendous option for pet owners.



The Eureka EasyClean is a small and powerful handheld vacuum cleaner. It’s also extremely affordable. Consider this if you own pets and are looking for a high-end model to eliminate hairs. It could help you save money. If you’ve got a bigger space to clean, it will require more of a vacuum cleaner.

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