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Are you tired from your previous big and bulky vacuum cleaner and have a problem transporting it here and there? And you are a little low on budget; you don’t need to worry as EUREKA AIRSPEED is the optimal upright vacuum cleaner you need!

Being compact, weightless, and affordable, this upright vacuum cleaner from EUREKA is the best in the line. 

The phenomenal EUREKA AIRSPEED upright vacuum cleaner comes with numerous interesting features turning your cleaning experience to the highest level; it allows you to reach and clean those hard-to-reach areas where other standard vacuum cleaners can’t reach.

Compact and lightweight, the Eureka Airspeed upright vacuum cleaner is the powerful, lightweight vacuum cleaner you’ve been searching for, weighing only about 7.7 pounds which makes it easy to transport and maneuver, and being compact, it can be stored anywhere in your house without taking much space. 

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with features such as a detachable handle that connects the hose to the crevice tool. With its high-powered 6AMP motor and 10.5″ cleaning path saving your energy and time to suck up dirt and hairs from the carpets.

Moreover, its amazing dust capacity of 1.7 liters includes an easy empty, one press design, so dirt and hair drop out with ease. 

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Eureka Airspeed Vacuum Cleaner


The versatile, lightweight Eureka vacuum cleaner has the following specifications enlisted in the table below: 

Product weight  7.7 pounds or 3.47 kg 
Product dimensions  11.42 x 11.93 x 41.34 inches
Color  Lime green 
Manufacturer warranty 
  1. Year 
Power voltage  6 AMP 
Motor wattage  720 watts 
Dust cap capacity  1.7 liters
Bagless Yes 
Cord length  18′
Cleaning Path 10.5″
Washable filter  Yes 
Handle material  Plastic 
UL/ ETL listed  Yes 
Additional components  Crevice and brush tool 

Being compact and durable the multi-operational upright vacuum cleaner has the following remarkable features: 

  • Quick-release handle: For effortless cleaning on above floors
  • Additional components: The crevice or brush tool attaches at the end of the handle for cleaning upholstery, windows, or other hard to reach places
  • Powerful suction: The 6amp motor gives you a powerful suction to extract all the dirt debris or pet hairs from hard floors or carpets
  • Wider cleaning path: Its 10.5” wide cleaning path saves your time and energy and increases your work efficiency
  • Light-weighted: Weighing only 7.7 pounds, being compact and featherweight makes it to store it anywhere and increases the maneuverability
  • Washable filter: Has one washable filter that can be easily rinsed and left to dry for no maintenance cost 

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Quick Overview

 The ultra-light, ultra-powerful, and ultra-affordable EUREKA AIRSPEED vacuum cleaner does an excellent job at cleaning all types of floors without struggling much as compared to other models. 


 The upright vacuum cleaner comprises a 6AMP powerful motor that sucks all your dirt and debris without hesitation. The 6-amp motor on the Airspeed packs quite a punch.

This upright cleaner has more than enough suction power to lift and remove debris found between floorboards and tiles. Carpeted floors require the use of an active beater brush.

2. Single-Height Brush Roll

eureka airspeed

The upright Eureka cleaner comes with a motor-driven brush roll with stiff bristles that burrow deep into carpets, rugs, and between tiles to dislodge whatever is buried beneath the surface.

Although the brush roll’s height cannot be adjusted, the bristles are gentle enough not to cause scratches.

3. Weightless 

Weighing about 7.7 pounds, it’s almost weightless as compared to other models and can easily be maneuvered around to clean whatever you desire!

It is best for the ones who don’t have enough to move a bulky cleaner around the house; despite its featherweight, the cleaner works at its best, giving you the desired performance. 

4. Wider Cleaning Path 

The Airspeed’s main weapon for cleaning floors is the floorhead, which is equipped with a motor-driven brush roll.

The 10.5-inch width of the floorhead makes it easy to maneuver between furniture pieces while still being wide enough to reduce the number of passes required to complete the vacuuming task at hand.

In the absence of swivel steering, all maneuverability-enhancing features become more important.

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5. Dust Cap Capacity 

The Eureka air cleaner, despite its amazing and vulnerable features, is equipped with 1.7 liters of dust cap capacity, giving you the ease of cleaning your entire area without much hassle.

It is equipped with enough space to hold all the collected hair, dust, dirt, and debris of an entire session. A large dust cap capacity means fewer interruptions while cleaning as it would free you from emptying the basket again and again. 

6. Additional Accessory Equipment 

To increase your cleaning experience and spot-on cleaning of upholstery, staircases, and auto-interior, the appliance comes along with a crevice tool, dusting brush, and an extendable hose.

With the deluxe suction hose, you can reach up to 12 feet, and Eureka also has an optional (sold separately) extension hose that lets you reach seven feet farther. Both cleaning tools are attached to the quick-release handle.

7. Quick-Release Handle

With its quick-release handle, the Airspeed upright cleaner also serves as a spot-cleaning wand. If you detach the handle, you can use the upright as a handheld canister for spot-cleaning all types of surfaces, from shaggy area rugs to ceilings and everything in between.

And being almost weightless, using it as a handheld won’t be much of a problem as it can easily be carried and used for cleaning different odd areas. 

8. Washable Filter

The upright vacuum cleaner is equipped with a washable filter. It’s not the same as a HEPA filter, but it still works best as it traps most of the hair and dust particles clogging the motor and exiting through the vacuum’s exhaust.

As the filter is washable, you don’t need to buy any replacement filters as long as you wash, rinse and dry them daily. 

9. Affordable

eureka airspeed-

The eureka upright vacuum cleaner has various features and specifications, it offers much more than its price, with just under 70 dollars you can buy a cleaner with maximum functions.

It has all the desired features that a standard cleaner has, from a powerful suction system to washable filter.It’s a fully operational vacuum cleaner having a 1- year manufacturer warranty of replacing or repairing the machine if it malfunctions. 


  • Compact and light-weighted
  •  The filter is washable and can be used for long if properly cared for.   
  • Suction power and a brush design help remove most surface debris
  • Very mobile 
  • Two additional tools 
  • Quick-release handle making it a two-way functional device 
  • Powerful motor 
  • Great dust cap capacity 


  • Not designed for intensive vacuuming 
  • May cause clogging issues
  • No HEPA certified filter 

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Parts of Eureka Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

  • Handle 
  • Detachable Extension Wand 
  • Crevice Tool 
  • Dusting Brush 
  • Carrying Handle 
  • Dust Cup Release Button 
  • Accessory Holder 
  • Dust Cup 
  • Dust Cup Empty Button
  • Cord Hook
  • Extension Wand Release 
  • Hose hook 
  • Stretch Hose 
  • Upper Cord Wrap 
  • Power Cord

Safety Precaution Before Using the Upright Vacuum Cleaner 

eureka airspeed

  • Use the manufacturer’s attachments only. 
  • Do not use damaged cords or plugs. Call the Eureka Customer Service department if you are having difficulty with your vacuum cleaner, if it has been dropped, damaged, or if it has been left outside or dropped into water.  
  • Extension cords and outlets with inadequate current carrying capacity should not be used.  
  • The vacuum cleaner has suction and a rotating brush roll. Do not touch openings or moving parts with your hair, loose clothing, fingers, or any part of your body.   
  • Never pick up anything that’s burning/smoking, such as matches, hot ashes, or cigarettes.  
  • Use caution when picking up flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline or in areas where they may be present.    
  • Store your vacuum cleaner indoors in a cool, dry area.

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Buyers Guide 

Before buying any type or model of vacuum cleaner, it is very important to read the buyer’s guide as it ensures you buy the exact type of vacuum cleaner you require; following are some important factors that you should consider before buying a cleaner: 

1. Weight

When buying an upright vacuum cleaner, it is essential to see the weight of the machine. The more weightless a vacuum cleaner is, the more efficiently you can clean and carry it around anywhere you want! 

2. Power and Capacity 

The more robust the motor is, the more powerful the suction will be and will help you at sucking your dirt or debris more easily and quickly. The greater the dirt capacity of the cleaner, the more efficient your cleaning will be, saving your time and energy. 

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3. Filter 

Every vacuum cleaner is equipped with a certain filter; it is advisable to check the filter before buying a vacuum cleaner; HEPA-certified filters are useful as compared to others, whereas a washable filter will ease your life and will give you longer results if you clean it daily. 

4. Maneuverability

The easy movement of a vacuum cleaner will reduce your frustration and let you finish your cleaning job quickly, easily, and comfortably. Their mobility is greatly improved by their wheels. So a vacuum cleaner having wheels is more advisable.

5. Type of Cleaning  

It is strongly recommended to choose the right time to clean according to your cleaning need. Most vacuum cleaners don’t clean or suck heavy dirt or debris. So, it is advisable to buy the cleaner that perfectly suits your cleaning needs. 

6. Durability

A durable cleaner is more worthy of buying than a cleaner that malfunctions; you must check the durability and life expectancy of the cleaner. Moreover, every vacuum cleaner comes with a manufacturer warranty, so it is advisable to buy a cleaner with a 2 or 3-year warranty. 

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Does the Vacuum Cleaner Scratch Hardwood Floors?

The upright vacuum is specifically designed for carpet and hard floors, so it won’t scratch hard floors or damage your carpets and rugs.

What Are the Accessories That Come With the Vacuum Cleaner?

The Eureka upright vacuum cleaner comes with a Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, and one Replacement Filter.

Where to Wind the Power Cord After Using the Vacuum Cleaner?

There are typically two hooks on the handle upon which you can wind the power cord.

What to Do if the Floor Brushes Jams?

Make sure the floor brush and ends are clean and free of debris, and check the drive belt for any damage.

Does the Vacuum Cleaner Have Height Adjustments?

No, the cleaner does not have height adjustments.

Which Type of Filter Is Fitted in the Vacuum Cleaner?

The vacuum cleaner contains a washable foam filter.

Final Verdict 


You are confused about which vacuum cleaner to buy, gives you all the desired features, and is affordable; then EUREKA AIRSPEED upright vacuum cleaner is the one you want to buy!

Just under 70 dollars, you can get a vacuum cleaner that has a powerful suction system letting you vacuum all the areas you desire to clean. Despite all of its amazing features, being weightless makes it unique from other models.

Despite being weightless, it works best without any struggle as it comes with a 6AMP 720 watts of motor letting you suck all the dirt.

With its amazing dirt cap capacity you can easily clean all the areas without emptying or cleaning the cleaner in between of your vacuuming.

The amazing quick-release handle makes it function in two-way and with this feature you can use the cleaner as a handheld cleaner too.

In addition to these features, it has a wider cleaning path, giving you the ease of cleaning your areas faster and saving your time and energy.

Moreover, it has a washable foam filter that works perfectly. you can use this foam filter for the long term if you clean it regularly, along with the appliance comes two additional components and one-year manufacturer warranty giving you the ease and comfort that you need while cleaning and vacuuming.

And when it comes to durability and affordability, the Eureka upright vacuum cleaner is at the top of all the standard vacuum cleaners. 

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