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For the majority of us, cleaning our homes can be, well…a chore. While some people like cleaning their homes, many of us prefer spending the time we have free reading a novel, watching a flick, or spending time with our family and friends.

This is an area where one of the most effective robot vacuums will come in handy – they allow you to outsource floor cleaning entirely since the robot vacuum will move throughout your house, removing dust and dirt off your floors in a controlled manner.

They can also take out their dust bins, so you do not have to touch a thing. Therefore, it’s no surprise that more US households with a robotic vacuum increased by 11 percent in 2020 to 14.2 million in 2021, according to the market study organization Statista.

IRobot’s Roomba, as well as Eufy, are both among the most prominent names in the robot vacuum market at the moment.

If you’re thinking of equipping your home with an automatic floor cleaning system, choosing one of these brands is sensible.

If you’re searching for robot vacuum cleaners, you’re in the right place. In this article, we comprehensively review two popular and reputable brands, Eufy vs. Roomba.

We’ll look at what each brand offers and how their top-selling products compare to each other.

iRobot is perhaps one of the most well-known of two brands of robot vacuums, having introduced its first Roomba in the year 2002.

In reality, the company states that 20% of the robotic vacuums sold worldwide come from Roombas.


Roombas’ robovacs can be expensive, but they’re loaded with the latest technology, making them the top car of suction in the sense that you could call them.

Eufy is a relative newcomer in robot vacuums. However, its pocket-friendly models can clean well and have some clever features. But, it’s difficult to choose which model best suits your needs.

It is all about what you want to do with robot vacuums in your home. Are you searching for a machine that can take care of the entire floor’s cleaning so that you can sit and put your feet down and relax on your floors?

Or are you searching for an easy device that will frequently gather dust and dirt, meaning you don’t need to put in long hours cleaning your floors? It all comes down to which of these brands of robot vacuums you select.

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Introduction to Eufy

eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim

In addition to Arlo and Ring, Eufy is a company for home security that offers the ability to customize its products for its clients. Eufy is a subsidiary of an electronics giant named Anker.

They offer various products, including robot vacuum cleaners, wireless security systems, smart scales, security lighting, video doorbell alarms, and more.

People who want to try out innovative products will be pleased to know that Eufy is among the rare companies that do not need the purchase of monthly subscriptions. It is possible to pay for additional features if you want; however, it’s not required to avail of the features.

In the case of their robotic vacuum cleaners, they’re known as RoboVac. They currently have 16 different models on their site, but we’ve only reviewed 4 of the most popular models to make this review short and more accessible.

For more details on the rest of Eufy vacuum cleaners, visit the website.

Introduction to Roomba

iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi

Roomba is part of the iRobot series of robotic vacs released in 2002. These machines come with sensors that make moving through the house an easy task.

The sensors are robust and can identify the presence of obstacles and dirty spots and even detect steep doors to stop them from falling.

Roomba vacuum cleaners are available in four series: Roomba vacuum cleaners are available in four different series, including 600, s9, i7, and  I3.

For our test, we selected only one of each model. Except for the s9 model, all models are disc-shaped and range from 13.3-13.9 inches wide and 3.4” to 3.7” in height.

What makes the s9+ and models with the i3+ model is that they feature the ability to empty their bins themselves. They can transfer the dirt to an enclosed bag that will hold it for 60 days worth of dust.

Naturally, it will depend on the frequency with which you clean your home and the amount of dirt that builds up.

In general, Roomba is known for its top-of-the-line, high-tech vacuum cleaners. It’s the preferred choice for those who have larger pockets.

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What’s the Difference Between Eufy as Well as Roomba?

To make a budget-friendly robot vacuum, you must reduce features or adjust to the current features. How do they differ in this respect?

  • The Eufy RoboVac 11+ doesn’t come with voice controls. However, you can control the Roomba via Amazon Alexa.
  • The Roomba comes with WiFi capabilities, whereas the Eufy relies on the remote control or the push buttons attached to the bot.
  • Roomba is taller and 2 pounds heavier than the Eufy.
  • The Roomba 675 can be controlled through an app for mobile devices; the Eufy isn’t.
  • The Eufy comes with a HEPA filter. The Roomba models have AeroVac filters, which are not HEPA classified.
  • The Eufy 11+ has the power to help areas that are heavily soiled; the Roomba doesn’t.
  • The Roomba has a speedier battery charging time but a shorter run time compared to RoboVac 11+.

What Is the Similarity Between Roomba and Eufy? 

Robots aren’t that different from us. They are human beings that have some things. Here are some similarities that these two robots have in common.

  • You can force them all to the dock, even when the cleaning process isn’t complete.
  • Each model has brush bars that rotate to remove dirt and other debris from your floor.
  • Both models have drop and acoustic sensors to ensure they stay on the right track.
  • The two systems use a 3-stage cleaning system.
  • Both robots run on lithium-ion batteries.
  • The Roomba and Eufy each have side brushes that can be used to clean the corners and edges.
  • Both batteries will automatically recharge themselves whenever the batteries are low.
  • Each of the vacuums could be scheduled to run cleaning cycles.

Comparing the Roomba and Eufy by Category

We will go over the options and features in more detail, so you know what’s happening beneath the hood.

1. Power Boost

eufy RoboVac 11 3

Available for only the Eufy 11+ vacuum, Power Boost is a new feature in the motor’s performance that boosts suction when the robot spots the presence of a lot of dirt. It could be on hardwoods or carpet.

If there is a lot of dirt or pet hair present, the motor can raise the speed and suction.

In this case, when this happens, the area gets cleaner and more effective. But, this isn’t necessary. It’ll turn on and off according to what sensors instruct the robot. Power Boost will draw the batteries out much quicker than normal.

If you find that the robot isn’t running on a single charge, it might have something to do with the Power Boost function.

Bottom Summary Eufy wins. Roomba 675 isn’t equipped with technology known as Power Boost technology. It’s a great thing.

2. Cleaning Performance Comparison

Roomba 675 4

The Roomba 675 comes with an exclusive dual brush design, while it’s Eufy 11+ has a single brush roll.

It’s Roomba 675’s rollers consist of brushes and rubber rollers. The design can push dirt loose in the direction of suction and is very effective on floors made of hardwood.

The Eufy features a similar half-roller design and half-brush; however, it has only one brush roll. The Eufy does a little better on carpets by removing slightly more dirt as compared to Roomba.

Bottom Line: Buy the Roomba 675 for those with many tiles or hardwood. You can also get a Eufy 11+ when you have a lot of carpets.

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3. Control Options: Mobile Apps VS. Remotes 

Roomba 675 2

Controlling your robot vacuum cleaners is essential. Each model has buttons that are on the robot’s own. But, we are also equipped with robots, so we don’t need to work as hard. Remote controls are used to control the robots.

The Roomba 675 uses its iRobot Home mobile app. Using this application, you can give your robot the name you want, make and modify schedules, begin or stop cleanings and do everything from any location.

The 675 is connected to your house’s WiFi network, meaning accessing the mobile app from any location is feasible. Due to its WiFi access, it can also operate the Roomba 675 by speaking through Amazon Alexa.

The Eufy 11+ lacks WiFi connectivity or an app for mobile devices. However, it does come with a powerful remote control.

There’s no need to give the bot a name since there aren’t any voice commands. You can start, pause, and stop cleaning using the remote control. You can also create schedules, determine the time of your cleaning and then forget about it.

To be able to use the remote, you’ll have to be within 15 feet of the robot.

Bottom Summary: The Roomba 675 is the winner. The main advantage is being able to control your vacuum from any location at any time.

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4. Batteries

Roomba 675 5

Every combatant is currently using lithium-ion batteries. They are superior to Nickel Metal Hydride batteries by lasting longer and taking on more charge cycles.

The Eufy can last up to 100 min on just one charge. This should be enough for the majority of cleaning spaces. The drawback of Eufy is that if the battery dies, it could take five hours to fully recharge.

The Roomba 675 can run for at least 90 minutes with a single charge. It can also be used to clean small-sized spaces without difficulty. If the battery is exhausted, it will recharge in less than two hours.

Bottom Line: In the end, the Eufy does win slightly, running an extra 10 minutes than the Roomba 675 that is charged.

5. Virtual Wall Barrier Feature

eufy RoboVac 11 2

The Virtual Wall Barrier ( VWB) is a battery-powered stand that can transmit an infrared beam that blocks Roombas from entering or leaving the region.

It is important to note this: the Roomba 675 doesn’t come with the VWB since it’s an individual (optional) buy.

These barriers can be placed in entrances to stop the Roomba within a specific area or from entering a different room.

It is also possible to turn on radius mode to create an area of protection around the barrier. This will prevent the robot from coming close to objects like floor vases and pet food bowls.

Bottom Line: The Roomba could have won when it was packaged with an amazon feature – virtual wall which it doesn’t. The Eufy doesn’t have this feature at all.

6. Filtration

Roomba 675 1

If there’s a single aspect that could decide your fate, it could be filtration. It. If anyone at home has allergies problems, you are aware of HEPA filtering. HEPA certification means that the filter will capture particles down to 0.3 microns.

Eufy’s bot has a HEPA-approved filter. This is a good thing for people suffering from allergies. HEPA filters can remove more allergens, including the environment, pet dander, and more.

iRobot does utilize HEPA filters. However, the iRobot Roomba 675 isn’t part of their models that have the distinction of certification.

Instead, they make their filters that utilize AeroVac technology. AeroVac is simply an industry name that isn’t something you need to worry about.

These filters remain excellent, but they’re not certified to HEPA standards, but they have been reported to be able to capture particles as small as 0.1 microns.

Bottom Summary: Eufy RoboVac 11+ vacuum wins. The HEPA certification of your filters is essential.

7. Automatic Recharging

Roomba 675 6

Some homes have more furniture or have square footage. Because of these and other aspects, the robot vacuum might not always finish a cleaning task in one charge.

The vacuums in this set will know that their batteries are getting low and will check to ensure they have enough power to get back towards their charger ports. They will take care of this automatically and completely recharge their batteries.

The only thing they won’t do is keep the cleaning process after they have charged. It is necessary to start the cleaning process once the battery has been recharged manually.

If you’d like to shorten the cleaning time, you can manually force robots back to the docks.

Bottom Line: In the end, it’s an even tie. Both vacuums automatically recharge when required; however, they cannot restart vacuums after recharging.

8. Maintenance

eufy RoboVac 11 1

Both robots will require additional maintenance due to using two rotating bristle brushes. They will remove dirt, debris, hair, and fur from pets.

However, they could become entangled by hairs, strings, and other objects.

This will require additional maintenance of the bots to ensure the brushes stay tidy and functioning to their maximum potential. It is necessary to regularly inspect, clean, and remove the brushes.

Each vacuum comes with the ability to cut the brushes that rotate.

Bottom Summary: It’s an uncontested tie. Regular maintenance is essential for all robots, and it is recommended to establish a routine and monitor the robots often.

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Answering Your Most Common Questions

We will attempt to address the most frequently requested questions about the two robot vacuum models.

1. What Is the Big Difference Between Roomba and Eufy?

The primary distinction between the two brands is their batteries, filters, and running tech. The Eufy RoboVac is powered by triple filters that are high-efficiency, while the iRobot features three distinct techniques:

Aerovac, Aerovac 2, and AeroForce. For batteries, the Eufy devices last for around 90 minutes, while the Roomba lasts for about 75 minutes. Additionally, Eufy offers BoostIQ technology to help you clean smarter.

2. Is Eufy a Cool Robot Vacuum?

Absolutely. These low-cost robotic vacuums can compete with the top models in the market without difficulties. They fill the space well and leave most places unoccupied; they can charge themselves and generally last for a long time. Anyone searching for a cost-effective robotic vacuum can’t fail with Eufy.

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3. Does Eufy Offer a Warranty?

All Eufy products include a guarantee. The warranty period varies based on the kind of product; various warranty terms exist. In the case of RoboVac models, the warranty period is 12 months.

You can also return damaged products for a full reimbursement within the first 30 days after purchase.

4. How Does Eufy RoboVac Vacuum Navigate?

RoboVac models are equipped with Bounce technology that allows them to navigate cleaning sessions. The machines move in a unidirectional direction until they spot obstacles.

Then, they shift direction. In addition, depending on the cleaning method, they could follow different routes.

5. How Long Does a Roomba Take To Learn Our House?

In general, the gadget learns about the home it is cleaning as it goes. The process usually takes between three and five cleaning sessions and Mapping Runs.

Once the device has created An impression Smart Map of your home, you can alter it to only run in certain rooms.

6. Does Roomba Tell You When It’s Full?

Yes, the Roomba device will inform you when it’s empty. There’s a specific sensor that detects when the bin is full.

Based on your family’s needs, you can select one of two settings for behavior that allow you to stop cleaning when it’s empty and resume when empty.

The other choice is the default however, it is easy to modify it in the settings of the app (“More” option, followed by “Settings,” then “Bin Behavior.”)

7. Will These Robotic Vacuums Move From Carpet to Hardwood Floors?

The simple answer is yes. The 675 can easily convert from hardwood floors to carpets or floors. The wheels and clearance let it move across any type of floor or transform to any type of floor.

The Eufy RoboVac 11+ has less clearance and can go between hardwood flooring and carpets or carpets as long as its height is not more than 9 millimeters.

If the height is 10 millimeters or more, the robot may have difficulties getting onto or off the rug or carpet.

8. Does Roomba Offer a Warranty?

Yes, all Roomba products are covered by a warranty. For instance, the iRobot Vacuum Cleaners have a one-year warranty.

Additionally, the majority of iRobot products are covered by 60-day money-back guarantees. Be sure to buy the items on their website or through an authorized reseller.

9. Do These Vacuums Work on All Types of Floors?

First, we will discuss the Roomba 675. The vacuum is designed for all types of floors. This includes laminate, tile, hardwood vinyl, carpet, and tiles.

It comes with big tires that can lift it off the ground, allowing it to completely cover any carpet. The shag with a long pile can be caught within the bars of the brush, however.

Eufy RoboVac 11+ is also rated for the majority of kinds of flooring. Carpet and all hard floors. Due to its size, this vacuum may not be able to perform on carpets with high piles and even shag carpets.

Carpet with a low pile is acceptable, while medium pile carpet is fine; however, if you’ve got moderate to high pile carpet, you could face problems with cleaning.

They are not suitable for carpets with a high pile. The Eufy can be used with other kinds of carpet, while the Roomba is ideal for hard floors like tile and hardwood.

10. What if We Could Use This Hepa Filter?

The HEPA filter comes in Eufy. It does not function as a reusable filter. Once it’s filled, it is time to remove it. Two other filters are available that can be washed and reusable. But, these two filters aren’t HEPA classified.

The Roomba 675’s filters do not come under HEPA classification. It is necessary to clean the filters by replacing them with fresh filters bi-annually or annually, according to how often you vacuum.

11. Does Eufy Map Our House?

Some models of Eufy come with features like the Mapping feature, while other models do not. Be sure to become familiar with the special specifications of your product before making a purchase.

For instance, the RoboVac G30 and L70 Hybrid are two examples of models with an option to map.

12. We’ve Read That Robot Vacuums Don’t Remove Dark Floors. Is This Correct?

The sensors that detect drops on the lower part of the vacuums detect depth, preventing the machines from falling from ledges or down steps.

Due to the way these sensors function, dark hues in floors’ carpets can trigger the infrared beams to signal to the computer there’s a ledge.

The Roomba performs a bit better job in determining whether it’s a real cliff or ledge or if it’s just a lighter hue. But, if the contrast is extreme, the Roomba may be unable to avoid the zone.

13. Is the Vacuum Able to Clean Multiple Rooms, or Only One?

Both vacuums can clean multiple rooms within a single floor of your house. But, when they run out of batteries, the robot returns to the dock to recharge itself and stay there. It will be necessary to restart the cleaning process by hand.

Based upon the space’s dimensions, the number of obstacles, and the distance between the rooms, these robots typically can clear most medium-sized spaces for a single charge.

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What Do We Love About the Eufy RoboVac 11+?

  • Power Boost technology for tough spots.
  • HEPA Filtration with HEPA filter included.
  • Long time run on lithium-ion batteries.
  • A budget-friendly robot vacuum.
  • Cleans corners and edges with side brushes.

What We Like About the Roomba 675?

  • App for mobile and voice control via Amazon Alexa.
  • Fast recharge time.
  • Scheduling is easy and efficient anytime, from any location.
  • More adept at navigation in comparison to the Eufy (even if it’s just random bumping into things).

In Conclusion


Both models work as effective floor cleaners. If you’re on a budget or want to know the effectiveness of robot vacuums for you, any of these models is an excellent introduction.

If you are concerned about allergies or are prone to polluted areas, consider your hands on the Eufy 11+.

With its amazing Power Boost technology, it’s possible that Eufy could be an ideal choice for you.

If you’re looking for the most reliable, trusted brand behind the machine, or you want to have smart home integration that integrates smartphones and voice commands. The Roomba 675 might be the best option.

Our opinion is that the Roomba 675 is the best choice. It’s more efficient at navigation and doesn’t come with obstruction height limitations, as does the Eufy.

The voice and mobile controls are easy to operate, and the company excels in its support for its products.

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