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Dyson already has been one the most dominant vacuum cleaner manufacturers all over the world, and its vacuum cleaners are also known for high-quality and reliability.

It provides a wide range of models, including upright vacuum cleaners, cordless stick vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, and cordless stick vacuum cleaners.

Well, we will talk about the handheld vacuum cleaners as our experts have done their research and testing on Dyson’s every kind of models, including handheld;

Dyson is globally known for its V7 series, among which Dyson V7 Trigger vacuum is one of the best acquired by the people. The V7 Trigger model is also known for its mobility, versatility, lightness, and powerful suction force.

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Review of Dyson V7 Allergy Handheld Vacuum

Dyson V7 Animal

Note – Currently it’s not available, therefore, Dyson Cordless model is linked with the image above


Length 12.45 inches
Height 8.11 inches
Width 5.17 inches
Battery charge time 3.5 hours
Weight 3.77 lbs.
Motor rotation Max 107 rpm (revolutions per minute)
Battery life (MAX mode) Max 6 minutes
Battery life (Powerful mode) Max 30 minutes


Mini motorhead included a brush bar which contains more than 3,900 stiff bristles. Three additional tools and accessories (combination tool, mini motorhead, and crevice tool).
Combination tool with easily switchable, two different, modes. It could capture microscopic particles as small as 0.5 microns.
Cyclone Technology (Two Tier Radial cyclones) Completely portable, Easy to maneuver, and versatile
Suction power (Powerful mode): 28 air Watts Suction power (MAX mode): 100 air Watts
Two power modes (Powerful and MAX) Washable filter
Dyson digital motor V7 Cordless & Bagless
Hygienic bin emptying 2-years warranty

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What the Users Say About the Dyson V7 Allergy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

According to our experts, this model may be a better addition if you are already having a full-sized vacuum cleaner and just have a complement for often cleaning small areas.

As far as handheld vacuums provide, the Dyson V7 Trigger seems to be the best model; although there are a few tweaks about the battery duration, it’s pretty much alright.

A Word About Dyson

Around 15 years ago, Dyson made an appearance into the mainstream with an upright vacuum which cleaned better than the other models in the competition, even though it hardly ever gets clogged, also it comes with a modern and colorful design, and also do away with the irritation of a typical vacuum throw away bag.

Dyson V7 Allergy

It has a sensation. Millions of users have bought these handsomely designed Dyson vacuums, just simply to show the world that they had the best taste and also the wherewithal to own one.

Just Like the iPod, Dyson had made a coveted product that turned its sales upside down, and a new widely available brand was born. Since then, Dyson’s innovations have permeated inside the mainstream even though the company has diversified inside similarly smart hair dryers, hand dryers, and air purifiers.

It is hard to know now what a delight it actually was to start up your Dyson and then attack that dry carpet for the very first time all years ago, which takes us to Dyson’s latest series of cord-free vacuums.

Specially designed as a hybrid between handheld vacuums and standard upright, Dyson’s cord-free vacuums provide a handful of modular segments that allow you to vacuum your couch, your floor, and even your car with the same vacuum cleaner.

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Credit: Pro Review TV

Design and Handling

  • Converts to smaller handheld option easily
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Moves well on any surface

Dyson V7 Allergy

Same as all its models, there’s something very elegantly pleasing regarding Dyson’s handstick vacuum cleaner’s handsome design. The V7 series is modern, sleek, and minimalist.

The color-scheme on each Dyson v7 model follows what we have seen in the company’s many other models – while the Fuschia and purple combo on some V7 models might not be to everyone’s tastes, the purple, grey, and red combination are very amusing.

The V7 model comes with a wall-mount panel, which means you could save on floor space whenever storing the appliance. The wall mount has niches for the general cleaning heads, which means everything you require could be stowed in only one place.

Each of these exciting tools snaps off and on the main handheld unit very smoothly and comes with the telescopic tube, which is perfect for basic cleaning as well as getting to those hard corners in the ceiling.

Naah, You Won’t Get Tired!

Where most of the handsticks are much tiresome to hold above shoulder height for even a short time (for when you are trying to get at cobwebs), the V7 model is light enough to get the task done much faster and without giving much discomfort.

And in more general use, which combination of lightweight design and also a swiveling direct drive brush (“that turns around 270º on its own axis”)make it very smooth to move along any kind of surface – both carpet and hard floors.

What we have found a bit uncomfortable was holding down the main trigger to keep it turned on during the entire time of a cleaning process.

But that is the case for every kind of Dyson handstick (and almost every cordless vacuum in general) – you have to hold down the power key located under the plastic handle of the handheld model within ideal reach of your forefinger.

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Dyson V7 Allergy Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Ensures Convenience and Smooth Cleaning

It must be nice if Dyson includes an option to keep the power on without having to keep that key pressed the entire time while cleaning the floor or carpet. Besides that, emptying the 0.54L trash-bin is incredibly easy – just pull on the trash-bin release tab located on the top of the main unit.

Dyson V7 Allergy


This will pull the interior of the trash-bin up while forcing the main bottom flap to open. And then pretty much everything drops out quickly, with just a very thin layer of dirt sticking to the interior. Top of that, It takes any force to push the trash-bin back in and then click the trapdoor shut.

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What Else Would You Love?

Well, The battery indicator gives you a single light on one side of the V7 handle (as against the three-bar light found on the newest V8 model).

Also on the prime unit is the slider so you can switch suction modes as you need– while it is located in front of the handheld part, you’ll have your other hand to swap option if you are doing so in the center of a clean. That is the only thing you are gonna have both hands for, even though the V7 model is extremely easy to use single-handed.

Performance of Dyson V7 Allergy Model

  • 30-minute fade-free runtime
  • Powerful suction
  • Versatile appliance

V7’s 2-in-1 design is what makes it so appealing that it makes this model relatively affordable. This is not unique to the V7 series, of course, as every Dyson handstick is just versatile. Add to the 100 air watts of suction ability you get on the maximum setting means the V7 could handle pretty much any task and can also compare the suction power, performance of both Dyson v8 Animal Vs Absolute vacuum.

Despite having an older version V7 motor, the Dyson V7 model generates tons of power, which in combo with the fifteen-cyclone array creates a tremendous amount of centrifugal force, which is enough to do a flawless deep cleaning, even of carpets and hard floors.

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1. Much More Than Just Capable!

Dyson V7 Allergy

As we mentioned before, the V7 might not have the same number of suction as the newer Dyson V10 model and V11 model handsticks. However, it is more than able to hoover up pet hair. On hard floors and carpets, it does pick a couple of swipes to suck up the entangled hair.

However, the task gets done. It is not just dust and hair the V7 model could suck up – if you have spilled cereal inside the kitchen, got small pebbles, mud, or dried grass and even straw in the car, the V7 model could manage it all.

2. Perfect and Highly Practical Features

One more thing to keep in mind whenever cleaning the kitchen accidentally off floors is that the driving brush tends to fling grains as you are moving the appliance forth and back. This could be a bit annoying. However, it isn’t a new problem for the V7 model. Most vacuums will do so unless the vacuum cleaner head is big enough with short bristles but Dyson DC39 consists all features in it, you can check it out.

In the case of the V7 model, the motorized tool is too close to the floor. In cases just like this, the Soft Roller cleaner head (also known as the Fluffy attachment in some other models) that is available with the newer Dyson’s handsticks is the best choice.

And Yeah…

And yeah, as promised by the Dyson company, you do get the full 30 minutes of fade-free power when you have configured it in standard settings.

During the expert’s testing period, the V7 model switched off only one time at the 29-minutes session, while another cleaning session gave it out at the maximum 32-minutes mark.

This may be enough time for an immediate clean of a small room; however, if you have to do a second session, you will have to wait over 3.5 hours for the battery to be fulfilled fully.

If at any time, you are switching on the maximum settings, you are not going to get more than twelve minutes of runtime with it on.

Unlike the V11 and V10 models, there isn’t any real indication of how much battery life is used on the V7 model. The only way you will know it has to be plugged in is whenever the motor stops running. It will do that without any kind of reduction in suction.

The battery indicator on either side of the plastic handle starts to flash (indicating the battery needs a top-up) only after switching off the motor.

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The Big Benefits of Dyson V7 Allergy Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

  • Converts to smaller handheld option easily
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Moves well on any surface
  • 30-minute fade-free runtime
  • Powerful suction that wins your heart
  • Completely portable, Easy to maneuver, and versatile
  • Versatile appliance which is great value for money
  • Cyclone Technology (Two Tier Radial cyclones)
  • Three additional tools and accessories

Let’s Conclude


Altogether, Dyson V7 Trigger is a versatile and efficient handheld vacuum (Especially if you are using the extra tools and attachments), very effective to clean small places, surfaces, areas, and crevices, which are usually hard to reach.

People point out that it is great to clean tiny messes. It picks up tiny debris or pet hairs, even from the hardly unreachable places, even in “general” mode (Dyson refers to as “Powerful” mode).

The fact that it’s cordless permits for incredible mobility. But, the battery life may be a problem if you are going to spend more than thirty minutes vacuuming; especially on the high power suction mode (Dyson refers to it as “MAX” mode), the battery does not last much longer, and that may be a little frustrating to cover your place, but the power will definitely provide you the ability to turn down any bigger place in low duration.

Comparing to the Dyson V10 and V8 models (also compare Dyson V10 vs V11), the Trigger V7 model is a bit less powerful. However, it is still an ultra-robust handheld vacuum. Besides that, the V7 model is designed as an intermediary choice. It combines features of both the V8 and V6 models while being a bit more affordable.

When compared to the V8, the V7 model requires less charging time (V8 needs about a total of five hours to get fully charged, while V7 requires just around 3.5 hours).

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