16 Main Difference: Dyson V6 vs V7 Review

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Have you decided to purchase an electric vacuum? Maybe you have one already, and you’re trying to improve it? Here, we check all the points of Dyson V6 vs V7.

Maybe you’re wandering around with an older model with the motor and the dustbin separated from the brush. You’re frustrated when the cord makes an oomph to signal that you cannot move any further away from the socket.

In any case, you’ll likely have observed it. Dyson is a wildly popular brand for cordless vacuums, and it’s right so.

The manufacturer has been working on the top cordless vacuum for a long time. However, with so many models to pick from, deciding which is the right choice for you may be overwhelming. We’ve done the necessary research to ensure you do not have to.

In this post, we’ll take you through the major characteristics of each of the V6 along with the V7 and assist you in determining which one is better for your needs.

Have a look through the information below, and by the end, you’ll know which features you want, which features you could do without, and which one is the most suitable vacuum cleaner for you.

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Dyson V6: Review

Dyson V6 Absolute

The Dyson V6 handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a cord that is a basic cordless Dyson vacuum. However, you shouldn’t let it put you off. It’s an amazing product.

The V6 is robust, light, and well-suited for the job. It’s slim and light, which makes it extremely maneuverable; however, it comes with the drawback of shorter battery life and a small dust bin.

The V6 is available in seven different varieties:

  • Incredible suction for a small vacuum
  • Very flexible
  • One handheld and one upright
  • Dyson build high-end
  • Easy to empty
  • Wall-mounted charger
  • Costly compared to other manufacturers
  • The battery doesn’t last for long.
  • It can be difficult to select the best model.

Dyson V7: Review

Dyson V7 Absolute

The Dyson V7 electric vacuum model is upward over the Dyson V6, and the vacuum model lower than Dyson V8. We recently published a Dyson V6 vacuum review with great depth.

If you’re unsure about the Dyson cordless vacuum you should opt for, we highly recommend you to look over the V6 review before deciding to purchase.

Dyson V7 model takes what the V6 model had and enhances it, adding a larger dustbin and the battery’s lifespan to be longer.

These are the two main problems with this model of the Dyson V6 vacuum. There are three different versions of the Dyson V7.

Dyson V7 is available, which are very alike. Like the V6 model, the V7 models differ in their design in how they attach their attachments.

  • It is quieter than the V6.
  • Suction is higher than that of the V6.
  • Longer battery life
  • Larger dust bin
  • Expensive
  • You will not be charged any additional money

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Dyson V6 vs. V7: Specifications

  Dyson V6 Dyson V7
Recharge 4 hours 3.5 hours
Length 47.5″ 49″
Width 9.8″ 9.8″
Weight 5.1 pounds 5.45 pounds
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Power 100 air watts 100 air watts
Dirt capacity 0.4 liters 0.53 liters
Run time up to 20 mins up to 30 mins

Quick V6 vs V7: Table of  Comparison

It is worth noting that the V6, along with the V7, are excellent vacuum cleaners. Similar to the majority of Dyson vacuums, these are strong and come with useful features, but they’re, however, expensive.

Here’s a quick summary of the major differences between the two models (we’ve utilized two Animal versions of both vacuums to make comparisons).

Motor V6 V7
No-Touch Dirt Emptying No Yes
Weight 2.11kg 2.3kg
Charge Time 3.5 hours 3.5 hours
Direct-Drive Floor Head Yes (some models) Yes (all models)
Battery Run-Time 20 minutes without a motorized tool 30 minutes without a motorized tool
Docking Station Yes Yes
Filtration Cyclonic + Washable Cyclonic + Washable

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In-Depth Comparison

The V6 and V7 series come with different sets of accessories and tools. The system for filtration can differ between models from the same series.

It is best not to compare models that share identical names in a direct way (such as the Total Clean and Animal).

Instead, you should look at the accessories and tools for each model individually. The majority of features in the V6, as well as V7, are identical in every version. We’ll examine the distinctions.

1. Design

Dyson V6

Each of the V6 and V7 offer these features:

  • The vacuums can transform into powerful handhelds by eliminating the rigid tube. The tube is easily removed with a single click.
  • The two vacuums work with triggers rather than continuous suction. Keeping your fingers on the trigger when you are vacuuming is essential, and some find it frustrating. This feature can prolong the life of batteries in the device.
  • It is important to note that the V6 along with the V7 are both constructed using Dyson’s two-tier Radial Cyclone technology. It spins dirt and dust at high speeds, delivering powerful suction that doesn’t diminish when the bin is full.
  • Both models also have a “Max” power mode. This boosts its suction capacity but at the expense of battery longevity.
  • Similar to most cordless vacuum models, the V6 and the V7 are relatively light. In comparison, the V7 may be a bit heavier, but not much.

There are a few differences between the two versions. However, the main difference is that V7 includes Dyson’s brand new “No-Touch” dirt emptying system.

It has an inner collar, which removes dust and dirt and ensures that clumps aren’t stuck. The V6 does not have this feature. It only comes with a trap door to empty the bin.

There are some differences: The vacuums have an identical design. However, the V7 features a more clean “no-dirt” emptying system.

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2. Dimension Comparison

There’s not much difference in the size and overall dimensions of the Dyson V6 and Dyson V7.

The Dyson V6 is a bit smaller than the V7. It is 47.5 inches, whereas the V7 measures 49” in length.

It’s the Dyson V6 that’s lighter. The Dyson V6 is heavier, but not by much, weighing just around 5.1 pounds versus 5.45 pounds. Therefore, the difference in weight isn’t too significant.

Regarding the length of the head that cleans, both versions measure identical at 9.8 inches.

3. Battery

One of the biggest differences between the V6 and the V7 is their battery’s lifespan. The V6 is a little bit shorter in time-to-run of only 20 minutes; this is among the most criticized aspects of the model in comparison to other hand-free and cordless vacuums.

The V7 comes with 30 minutes of running time. This provides you with an additional 10 minutes to clean, which could mean the difference between sweeping your entire home or having to wait for your vacuum to charge.

Incredibly, both V6 and V7 come with the same 6-minute time-to-run when they are in MAX energy mode. They both need 3.5 minutes to charge completely.

There are two main differences: V7 has the upper hand in this class because it is 10 minutes longer in duration.

4. Cleaning Angle

The same design: The cleaning angles between both Dyson’s are nearly identical. Both V6 and V7 can lay almost in a flat position on the floor before the head is lifted off of the ground. That’s ideal for cleaning the furniture.

In addition, both the V6 and the V7 can make 90-degree turns.

5. Accessories & Tools

Dyson V6 2

The V6 and V7 include a crevice and combination tools as the standard. This tool has a “quick release, ” making it easy to attach and remove the cleaner. Each model also comes with docking stations.

Other tools available depend on which model is picked. The V6 and V7 series have models with a “Fluffy” floor head for hard floors, a mini motorized pet hair head, and many more.

V6 Standard doesn’t include the direct-drive cleaner head that digs deeper into carpets. However, it’s much less expensive than the V7.

Differentiates: Both come with similar accessories and differ depending on the model you purchase.

6. Features

So let’s get started with the basics. There are two V6 and V7 ranges of vacuums falling into Dyson’s cordless vacuum range. We’ll concentrate on stick vacuums with cordless technology that can also be easily converted into handheld vacuums.

The best thing about cordless vacuums is, obviously, the absence of wires. This allows you to find awkward spots on steps or away from the power source without pulling the plug.

However, this does suggest batteries last longer. This is a crucial aspect, which we’ll discuss in greater detail later. Both vacuum series arrive in a wide range of models, which could be somewhat complicated.

Be assured that we will discuss all the primary distinctions in a separate section after you’ve identified what you’re trying to find.

The most important thing to be aware of is that the most significant differences between the models are the different brushes that come with them and the variety of accessories.

They’ve maintained the same style and power across the entire collection. This is because they have a docking station for keeping the vacuum within.

This is very convenient if you can return it to charge effortlessly, but it also makes it easy to reach in the event of an unexpected spill.

If you do not have room, however, you don’t need to put the device in a docking dock; you can charge it using a regular outlet for power. The docking station’s purpose is to make it easy to set up.

7. Emptying the DustBin

V6 and V7 have slightly different cleaning processes for the dust bin. The V6 comes with a red lever that one can pull down to open the bottom of the bin.

The V7 is different and slightly cleaner. The tab that opens the dust bin of the Dyson vacuum is located on the top of the dust bin, right behind the circular cyclones. Users can click this button to clear the bin.

In contrast to the V6, however, the dust container sinks into the trash bin in addition, helping to prevent the spilling of the debris and dirt beyond the trashcan’s boundaries.

8. Suction Power

Surprisingly, the V7 has suction power that is slightly less at the very least in normal modes (21 Air Watts in contrast to 28 for the Dyson V6). When in MAX, the two offer a hundred Air Power of suction.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s a sign that the V7 isn’t as effective in cleaning as the V6; however, since the cleaner head on the V7 is 75 percent more power for the brush over the regular V6.

This, coupled with the efficient suction, means it can clean deeper into carpets.

The differences are that both the V6 and the V7 have extremely powerful cordless vacuums. They are both powerful. V6 has slightly higher suction power when used in the standard cleaning settings.

However, the V7 is 75% more powerful. Brush bar power makes an enormous difference in cleaning efficiency.

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9. 2-in-1

Both Dyson V6 and Dyson V7 can be utilized in the form of either a handheld or stick vacuum. The transition process is swift and effortless.

To make each stick vacuum, connect the wand to the connecting points (quick-release points on the V7) and connect an instrument for cleaning the floor.

To the reverse, you can remove the wand and insert the cleaning tool straight into the suction slot. You can then use V6 and V7 to function as a handheld vacuum model.

In case you already own an individual stick vacuum and are looking for an additional handheld vacuum, look into the Dyson V6 Trigger.

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10. Filters

Dyson states they have life-long washable filters that can be washed for a lifetime. So, you don’t need to replace the filter on one or the other or the Dyson vacuums unless you break or cause damage to one.

11. Maneuverability

Dyson V6 1

Maneuverability is a different area in which the Dyson V6 and V7 are very similar.

12. Dust Bin

Cleaning the dust bin must be done following each big cleaning session. Cleaning the primary filter should be done every few cycles of cleaning and only replaced when damaged or lost. The same is true for the HEPA filter too.

13. Portability

The weight difference is smaller than that of 1 pound. Each of these vacuums with a stick or handheld feels like the same model.

14. Power

In terms of power, it’s possible that the V7 isn’t experiencing the same level of improvement as you’d expect. Both vacuums have a maximum 100 W suction power.

This isn’t a setting you’d want to use for all time you clean. Interestingly, when both vacuums are set to the same settings, V6 delivers the power of 28W as opposed to 21 W for the V7.

This implies that the V6 is more powerful than the V7. However, this doesn’t mean the V6 is a more efficient vacuum. This is why Dyson is utilizing their top engineers to create an innovative solution.

While the V6 vacuum has greater suction power (at most on normal mode), the V7’s brush head is much superior to the V6 because it offers 75 percent more power for the brush over the V7. It’s some clever technology.

15. Battery

The battery is expected to last at the very minimum for the warranty duration. It could last up to 5 years. Dyson will replace it for free if it dies within the warranty duration.

The maintenance fees above will require the replacement of the battery every 2 years (it will likely last longer). The replacement process won’t start when the warranty ends.

16. Price

Dyson V6 3

The other major difference between Dyson V6 and Dyson V7 is the price.

Although Standard V6 was originally priced close to the V7 when it first launched, it’s now available at a lower price (depending on what model you’re interested in).

The V6 isn’t “cheap,” but it’s less expensive than the V7 and V8. The Standard version isn’t equipped with the direct-drive motor. However, you’ll have to shell out a little more.

V7 is also quite costly, considering that it’s designed to fill a “bridge” vacuum between the V6 and the V8. We’ve seen it start to decrease in cost relative to the V8 over the last few months, however.

Variations There are some differences: The V6 is usually less expensive than the V7 for similar models.

Dyson V7 Is The Upgraded Version Of The V6

Between these two vacuum models, the Dyson V7 proves to be the better model. It resolves two issues that are a problem for the V6. The V7 is a cleaner bin that is cleaner to empty and lasts longer.

However, the Dyson V6 will be the cheapest alternative and perform almost the same as the V7.

The question is, are you willing to spend more money on the V7?

If you’re not worried about the limitations of the V6, you can save money and purchase a highly efficient and versatile vacuum that can keep your home clean.

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You must purchase this Dyson V6 if.

  1. Be aware of the limitations of this vacuum is cordless and will last for 20 minutes, which is sufficient for most chores that require spot-cleaning. Although it is easy to use, the design of the bin isn’t the most user-friendly since you’ll need to take it apart to empty the contents. 
  2. If you want to save money, you can buy an elite V6 Absolute that comes with all the equipment for less than V7 Absolute. 
  3. You need a multi-purpose vacuum. The V6 is a capable, functional, and flexible machine that will work just as well as the V7. 

You must purchase this Dyson V7 if.

  1. Need a vacuum cleaner that’s easy to empty? This upgraded version of the V7 is much easier to empty. If you pull the red lever located on the top, the container slides down, with the shroud thrusting the dirt downwards.
  2.  Are you looking for a run with a longer duration? If you require a longer run time, the V7 runs nearly 10 mins longer than Dyson V6. If you have an area with more space and require a larger space, the V7 is the best choice. 
  3. Do not mind paying a little more; the V7 is slightly higher in price than V6; however, not significantly.

The Verdict


There are two Dyson models. Dyson V6 and V7 are identical products with the same characteristics – fantastic multi-purpose vacuums powered by cordless, which can clean virtually all areas of your home.

Both will be equally effective. If any, it is minimal. If you put these two side-by-side with identical tools, the results will be almost the same.

There are two major differences between the two models of Dyson V6 as well as V7 models: the design of the dust bin and the run time. The Dyson V7 has a superior bin design and runs longer.

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