Dyson V15 Detect Review: 10 Pros & 10 Shocking Facts

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When Dyson declared that they were done with R & D regarding uprights (after releasing the V10), we were convinced they were crazy.

But the subsequent models prove that they’re serious. V15 Detect is Dyson’s latest version, and they’ve managed to provide more power and performance, but does it justify the price? Find out in this report.

Summary of Dyson V15 Detect 

The Dyson V15 detects a leap over its predecessor, V11 Torque Drive, and Outsize, which has power, cleaning performance, and practicality. The model has addressed certain issues with the older versions, including visibility.

Adding a green laser will help users immensely in tracking invisible-to-the-nake-eye dust. It’s also more effective at getting hair clean, particularly on upholstery and carpets with the newly designed high-torque brush as well as the brand attachment for torque is excellent. 

It removes hair and knots. The only thing that could stop you from buying this model is the price and ergonomics. Do you have the money to purchase this? It will be a major factor in whether or not you purchase the product.

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Dyson V15 Detect Review: Much More Power Than The V11 Outsized

Dyson V15

In contrast to the Outsize, which is an oversized variant of the Torque Drive, the V15 is a complete upgrade, with numerous new features added. At the list’s top is the laser green on the fluffy thin attachment, which we love.

The next is the piezo sensor, which measures and counts dust particles displayed on an LCD. Dyson was able to increase suction over the Outsize. In addition to the upgraded brush roll, the V15 is more effective at cleaning carpets.

  • The green laser can highlight dust more than any LED-equipped vacuum we have ever tested.
  • Combs attached to the high torque attachment can withstand hair tangles more effectively than any Dyson cordless product.
  • A slim, fluffy attachment is easy to steer
  • The mini torque screw brush is great for long hair strands.
  • More suction and more airflow enhance the effectiveness of deep cleaning on carpet.
  • Extra-long run time (up at 84-minutes) with a single battery
  • Very expensive
  • No self-standing feature
  • Not the most ergonomic hand-held mode.

Product Specifications

  • Model: Dyson V15 Detect
  • Charge time: 4.5 hrs.
  • Width: 9.8″
  • Battery life: Up to 84:19 minutes. (from an original battery)
  • Overall length: 45.75″
  • Battery: 25.2-volt 3600 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Brush roll switched on and off: No
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs.
  • Battery indicator: Yes
  • Type of filter: Pre-motor washable and HEPA filter
  • Dust capacity: 0.77 Li
  • Airflow: up to 73 CFM
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.
  • Bagless: Yes
  • Cordless: Yes

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What our Experts Loved About the Dyson V15 Detect

After Dyson’s announcement revealed their V11 Torque Drive and Outsize, however, we are not sure of what upgrades they’d make aside from increasing the power. However, they’ve substantially enhanced the two models by introducing V15 Detect. 

Dyson has introduced various improvements in the V15, and some of them could revolutionize the game, according to us. Let’s look at them in order.

1. Piezo Sensor

_Dyson v15 detect 1

Dyson has added a piezo-sensor just before the cyclones. It analyzes and counts dust particles that pass through. If it detects an increase in dust, it will increase suction to make up for it. This is identical to Tineco’s iLoop sensor. However, it also measures the size of debris (in millimeters).

Information gathered from sensors such as the Piezo sensor is transmitted to the LCD screen in front of the motor.

The display has a color-coded basis on the size.

  1. Orange: Microscopic dust
  2. Purple: Sugar and Flesh
  3. Pink: Dust mites
  4. Yellow: Allergens

The extent to which the feature will be useful depends on the person using it. It’s a great feature for people trying to locate dust mites in upholstery.

_ Dyson v15 detect 2

2. Dynamic Load Sensor

The high-torque (formerly the torque drive) attachment is equipped with a dynamic load sensor, which increases suction automatically when it detects the increase of resistance (i.e., carpet) and then reverses the action on hard surfaces.

We believe this is the ideal carpet setting since it balances running duration and energy. Another advantage is not overstressing the battery by using its maximum for long periods; this should be good for its durability.

3. Green Laser Light

_Dyson v15 detect 3

The most beneficial improvement (in our view) is this green laser on the slim roller attachment. One of our major pet dislikes about older Dyson cord-free models is the absence of LED lighting that many other brands do not have.

A tiny lens is built-in on the right-hand side of the roller attachment, seven millimeters from the ground at an angle of 1.5-degree.

This green light highlights dust particles more than a headlight with LED. Dust particles appear brighter and are easier to follow with this tool.

See how dust particles get magnified by that green glow.

When we pull back – it’s gone.

We love the slim design of the roller attachment, and it’s smaller than the V8 soft roller. Our favorite would be the slim one in between both as it’s lighter and fits better in tight spaces.

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4. Hair Screw Tool

Another important upgrade to note is the brand new small turbo brushes. Dyson refers to this as a “hair screw tool” because of the similar shape to torque screw the brush.

The comb isn’t included. However, its cone-shaped design pushes hair to a holding area and into the garbage. We didn’t bother trying it on smaller strands of hair but instead directly on 12 inches of hair which picked up every single hair.

Even when hair is tangled, Dyson makes it possible to wash this device by using a red lever to its left. After pulling the brush, it emerges.

We conducted the same type of test using a less traditional Dyson mini-turbo, and this was the result. It’s almost wrapped up and is extremely difficult to get rid of.

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5. Combs in High Torque Brush

Dyson included combs above the primary role of the brush, which were not present on Dyson’s V11 models. Although we appreciate how the V11 can resist tangles, hair larger than 11 inches will be wrapped around the brush.

Combining the combs with the power bump helps the V15 untangle long hair strands more effectively and faster than those on Shark Vertex cordless we tried before.

6. Small Roller and high Torque floor tools

Dyson introduced the soft roller off the V15 after abandoning it in outsize, the V11 Torque Drive, and Outsize.

The smaller attachment’s latest version makes it less than the traditional fluffy attachment used within Dyson V8 and V10. 

Here’s a look at the tiny roller attachment.

We prefer a slimmer shape. It’s tiny when connected to the vacuum, but it’s more maneuverable and better be used in tight spaces.

The high torque nozzle is the same dimensions as the V11 version and has the same gate that is adjustable.

Below is a look at the underside. It is clear to observe the combinations above the brush at this angle.

There’s no seal under the brush, which means it’s not always making clean initial passes. However, the suction is powerful enough to remove dirt.

Another feature worth mentioning is the protrusions in blue, spiraling along with the bristles around. They have a sharp edge, which we believe assists in agitating.

7. Tools right out of the box

  1. The slim roller attachment
  2. Crevice tool
  3. Wall-mountable dock
  4. High-torque cleaning head
  5. Wand clip
  6. Extension tube
  7. Soft dusting brush
  8. Hair screw tool
  9. Flexible extension hose
  10. Charger
  11. Tool for Combination

One of our main complaints concerning Dyson Cordless Vacuums is the tools (or absence). Dyson has a solution to this issue by introducing the V15 since it is equipped with more tools than Dyson cordless products.

Besides the standard attachments, like the aperture and combination and soft dusting brushes, the V15 is equipped with a flexible hose.

You can connect any other non-powered device to it and benefit from the increased range.

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8. Usability and Interface

V15 Detect roughly has similar dimensions to the V11 Torque Drive – ergonomics will be comparable.

The motor’s back is an LCD that shows various details such as the size of dust particles, the run time errors, run time left, and many more.

One button on the screen switches between three power settings: auto, eco, and max.

9. Dustbin capacity

The volume of dirt in the V15 remains the same as that of the V11 Torque Drive at 0.77 Liters. It uses the same trombone lever and point-and-shoot method of emptying.

The capacity isn’t level, but it’s adequate, given its ergonomic advantage over outsize.

It comes with a sealed unit, and it has a HEPA filter that prevents allergens from leaching into the.

We conducted a fog test, and the V15 did not leak.

10. Battery detachable

As with the Outsize and certain variants of the V11 Torque Drive, the V15 has a detachable 3600mAh Li-ion battery.

It seems like Dyson will incorporate this feature into their future products, similar to their other cordless Omni Glide that has a battery that features a detachable battery.

At present, Dyson doesn’t sell replacement V15 batteries. However, V11 Outsize batteries can be used for the V15.

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What Is the Power of Dyson V15’s Detect?

Before the V15 was released, the V11 was the strongest cordless vacuum we tested about airflow. However, the V15 transforms all that. Like always, we used an anemometer for measuring two key areas: brush and cleaning head.

Below are the final results of the head of the wash.

  • Auto: 36.32 CFM
  • Eco: 29.98 CFM
  • Max.: 69.19 CFM

And on an extension tube (or the wand).

  • Auto: 42.38 CFM
  • Eco: 34.55 CFM
  • Max CFM: 73% CFM

The difference in the auto and eco (or the middle) setting isn’t that significant. However, it is a huge jump higher at the highest setting.

This model has 4.42 more airflow than the Outsize nozzle and 9 percent more airflow at the wand. This is insane, considering the outsize already produces a lot of air.

The suction tests confirm this change in airflow, as the V15 is the most powerful of airflows among all Dyson cord-free models, with 100 in airlift (in the most powerful setting) and six higher than DreameTech T30 and 10 higher than V11 outsize.

One advantage to the V15 is its smaller frame. It’s about the same dimensions as the Outsize and the V11 Torque Drive. However, it has greater power than the Outsize.

So, you’ll have the benefits of two products, Outsize and the Torque Drive and the Outsize, all in one package.

Cleaning Performance of Dyson V15 Detect

_Dyson v15 detect 5

The power increase is evident during the cleaning tests in which the V15 was able to achieve a large percentage of cleaning and was among the top at any time (of our other vacuums that we tested).

  • Hard floors: 99.85%
  • Deep cleaning Cleansing: 100%
  • Sand on the hard floor: 99.8%
  • Overall: 99.91%
  • Carpet: 100%

It scored 100% on the carpet test, scoring 100% on every embedded and surface test.

1. Results of the Hard Floor

  • Coffee: 99.4%
  • Pet litter: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Quaker Oats: 100%

In addition to coffee grounds, the V15 could pick up 100% of other debris. The issue with the smooth roller is that it spins very fast and can scatter debris in the direction of its spin; this is why it wasn’t able to pick up 100% of the coffee grounds.

But, scattering should not be a problem when dust particles are small; that is the very thing this tool is made to remove.

One weakness in the soft roll could be the large size of debris, such as Fruit Loops. The fruit loops didn’t go well, and almost fell off the speed-spinning roller.

2. Edge cleaning

Do you want proof of the impressive airflow? Take a look at this test. It took only three attempts to remove most dirt on this spot.

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3. Sand on the hard floor

Another benefit of the small roller attachment is its effectiveness in picking up sand, with a 99.8 percent score. Not perfect, but it’s darn close.

We tested the high-torque nozzle on the sand, and it worked very well, with a rate of 99.8 percent. It was just a little in the way of the passing. We are not fans of bristled brushes to clean on hard surfaces because it’s not as effective as the soft roller.

4. Carpet performance

_Dyson v15 detect 4

The next step is to check how the V15 performed on carpets and whether it was much more effective. The improvement in suction and airflow was apparent on this particular surface, as it achieved 100% in every test.

5. Hair wraps on hard floors

  • 7-inch: 100 percent inside bin; 0% on the brush
  • 12-inches: 80.6 percent inside the bin; 19.4% on the brush
  • 9-inches: 100 percent inside the bin; 0% inside the bin brush
  • 5-inch: 100 percent inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 11.2-inch: 100 percent inside the bin; 0% on the brush

We tried the thin roller extensively and found out how efficiently it prevented the tangles.

It performed pretty well between five to eleven inches, but it was capped at twelve inches. A few hairs tangled on the roller; however, the majority was tangled around the axle.

Axle hair could be a pain to get rid of.

But do note that we tested it on two ounces of hair that measured twelve inches. This test is extremely difficult. It’s unlikely to be a common chance in the daily chores of cleaning.

You can see the majority of the hair that is in the dustbin. One problem when cleaning long hair strands is that there is a lot of hair that wraps around the filter made of metal.

The hygienic system will not suffice to dislodge it. You’ll need to lift it out by hand or remove the frame surrounding it.

6. Mid pile results

  • Coffee grounds: 100% pure
  • Pet litter: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Quaker Oats: 100 percent

The carpet is thicker but has the same results. The V15 got an excellent score on this particular surface. Also, we made sure to use auto-setting on the tests, which makes the test more remarkable.

Being able to not use the maximum or boost settings is an important benefit as it reduces the strain on the battery and can extend the battery’s life.

7. Results of low pile

  • Coffee grounds: 100 percent
  • Pet litter: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Quaker Oats: 100%

It was able to pick up 100% throughout the tests. One problem with the high-torque attachment is the absence of a seal on the brush.

We are not certain what the reason is. Dyson does not put in a piece of rubber as it used to on its V8 connection. However, the first pass was not always perfect.

You can see it leaving an unmarked trail, but later it will pick up all the trails over the next tracks, making this a minor nitpick.

8. Test of hair wrap on carpet

The ability to remove hair from carpets is another advantage because of the newly designed brush, which has these blue protrusions and combs.

We tested it on our hair between six and 12 inches, and it worked quite well.

  • 7-inch: 100 percent inside the bin; 7-inch: 0% inside the bin brush
  • 12-inch: 98 percent inside the bin; 12-inch: 2% on the brush
  • 9-inches: 100 percent inside the bin; 9-inch: 0% inside the bin brush
  • 5-inch: 100 percent inside the bin; 5-inch: 0% inside the bin brush
  • 11-inch: 91 percent inside the bin; 11-inch: 1% on the brush

The V15 is the most effective yet of all cordless vacuums for taking hair off regardless of the surface. These results confirm the combs and subtle changes made to the brushwork.

Combine this tool with the new mini turbo brush to give users a powerful combination for cleaning pet hair from carpets and upholstery.

9. Results of deep cleaning

In this test, we put 100g of sand onto the mid-pile carpet to test what the V15 can absorb, and it did a fantastic job.

It scored 100% in all Eco, Auto, and Boost settings. That’s superior to its predecessor, the V11 Torque Drive and Outsize in the Eco setting.

10. Availability of Parts

_Dyson v15 detect 6

As a Dyson brand, there shouldn’t be an issue with the availability of parts. In The past, consumers could buy parts replacements for models older than the model V6. Even earlier versions like the DC-series can be found with good parts availability.

One reason could be the popularity of Dyson which has increased rapidly over the years.

Manufacturers will get a boost to produce large parts since there is a huge demand.

We are confident that the V15 will come with a plethora of spare parts that can be purchased from Dyson and third-party manufacturers.

This vacuum is feasible for the long term when you view it as a way to invest in your home’s cleaning.

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How Long Can the Dyson V15 Last? 

The V15 comes with the same 3600mAh, 25.2-volt lithium-ion battery V11 Outsize. Therefore, the time to run for both batteries is similar.

We tested it using both the roller soft and high-torque attachments first, which was impressive. It took up to 84 mins with the roller and up to 56 minutes when using high torque in an eco-setting.

Below are the final results.

Hard floor

  • Carpet
  • Low
  • 84:19 minutes
  • 56:58 minutes


  • N/A
  • 17:23 minutes


  • N/A
  • 11:02 minutes

These numbers will translate into actual use as the V15 can pick up dirt well, even in this environment.

We have previously mentioned the score of 100% in deep cleaning tests in Eco mode. That implies that this vacuum can clean the entire carpet area.

How Loud Do You Think Dyson V15 Detects? 

We tested the noise level using an audio meter using the roller and high-torque attachment.

These are some of the outcomes from the roll.

  • Auto: 70.8 dB
  • Eco: 67 dB
  • Boost: 78.5 dB

And with a high-torque head.

  • Auto: 72.3 dB
  • Eco: 70.3 dB
  • Boost: 80.8 dB

No matter what tools you use, the vacuum can be noisy. We would not recommend using it before morning or risk your neighbors’ fury (for those who live in condos or apartments).

Do You Think That the Dyson V15 Detect Offers Good Value for Money?

According to us, this green light source is our single most useful feature, particularly in homes with hardwood floors.

It is superior to an LED light in accentuating the dust particles that are almost invisible and can provide users with a visual indication about which areas to wash to make them more efficient.

It’s also excellent for cleaning hair from hard surfaces and carpets. Pet owners will appreciate the latest hair screw attachment, as it pulls hair out of the brush and into a storage area and the dust bin. It’s a time-saving and efficient tool as there’s no requirement to scrub hair.

5 reasons to purchase the Dyson V15 Detector

  1. Great at cleaning hair: Its two main nozzles and the redesigned mini-turbo are great in preventing tangles. It’s among various vacuums we would suggest for taking care of the hair on flooring and upholstery.
  2. It tracks dust like no other vacuum: The green laser could be an innovation in how vacuum cleaners manage dust. We have used several vacuums with LED headlights, and each has had varying successes with this. But none of them could enhance it as effectively as the V15 detect.
  3. Lang run duration: 84-minute run time for the roller soft is among the longest run times of any single battery we have tested thus far.
  4. High suction and airflow: This model offers the best suction and airflow among all Dyson cord-free vacuums.
  5. The best cord-free deep cleaning solution: Although the V11 outsize and the Torque Drive can be used to thoroughly clean carpets. However, the V15 outperforms them all with 100% cleaning when you set it to Eco.

The Verdict on a Higher Level That a V11


Dyson increases the quality of its products with the V15 Detect. The various upgrades it comes with will make cleaning your home more effective. The most useful is the green laser, where dust particles can be exposed in a way that is not feasible by using an LED headlight.

It’s also a great alternative for hard floors and carpets because of its increased power. It’s also great at taking care of hair due to Dyson’s improvements in the mini-turbo-brush and the traditional brush roll.

The high price of the V15 might discourage you from taking it on; however, it has certain practical features that help make home cleaning easier.

We are not sure whether the piezo sensor is an effective option or not. It could be a good option beneficial to the right person.

It’s expensive to buy a cordless vacuum. However, it’s cleaner than other products that we have tried with a cordless vacuum. It can take up hair, dust, sand, and more efficiently. With the improvements, it won’t need as much maintenance in particular, such as the untangling of hair.

The issue is, are these improvements worth the cost?

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