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It is believed that the Dyson V15 & V11 are two of the top-performing vacuums that have ever been built. Our Dyson V15 and V11 comparison breaks these models into pieces to help you determine the one that is most suitable for your needs.

Dyson V15

Dyson V15


  • Weight: 6.8 lbs.
  • Suction: 230 AW
  • Dustbin: 0.77 L
  • Cleaning: 99%
  • Run Time: ~60 mins.

Dyson V11

Dyson V11


  • Weight: 6.68 lbs.
  • Suction: 185 AW
  • Dustbin: 0.77 L
  • Cleaning: 99%
  • Run Time: ~60 mins.

Dyson V11 vs Dyson V15: Similarities

Alongside the differences between the two vacuum cleaners, there are many similarities between the two models of vacuum. In both instances, it’s the use of a cordless stick vacuum.

You can also vacuum cordless! They’re both around similar in weight (3 kgs) and of the same length (126 centimeters in length).

The two vacuum cleaners can last for around 60 mins.

At 0.77 Liters, the volume of the dust container on the Dyson V15 is nearly equal to the capacity of the Dyson V11: 0.76 ltrs. Additionally, we have said that the typical battery lifespan of both vacuum cleaners is around 60 mins.

Biggest Similarities:

  • These vacuum cleaners are similar in size (3 kilograms)
  • The dust bin is about the same size.
  • Both come with a battery life span of 60 minutes.


Specs Dyson V15 Dyson V11
Manufacturer Dyson Dyson
Type Stick Stick
Model V15 V11
Floor Type All (indoor) All (indoor)
Width 9.8″ 9.8″
Depth 10.3″ 10.3″
Weight 6.8 lbs. 6.68 lbs.
Bagless Yes Yes
Dustbin Capacity 0.77 L 0.77 L
Click In Battery Yes; 1 included Yes; 1 included
Run Time Up to 60 mins Up to 60 mins
Cordless Yes Yes
Warranty 2 Year limited 2 Year limited
Returns Varies by retailer Varies by retailer
Length 49.6″ 50.6″

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Dyson V11 vs V15: Differences

1. Performance

From the beginning, let’s discuss performance. It is, in fact, one of the most crucial aspects that determine the performance or the failure of any vacuum cleaner model we test.

In assessing the effectiveness of every vacuum that passes through our doors, we consider several aspects:

  • Cleaning Performance: How did it clean a mixture of debris from three different kinds of floors?
  • Motor Performance: How powerful is the suction?
  • The Run-Time Performance: How long will the battery last?

Cleaning Performance

The cleaning tests were designed for testing a vacuum’s complete range of cleaning abilities in all sizes, from large to tiny. We run 12 different debris tests employing four flooring types and four kinds of debris.

The scores below reflect the percentage of debris eliminated in our tests using weight.

Test V15 V11
Low Pile Carpet 99% 100%
High Pile Carpet 99% 99%
Hardwood 100% 99%

We test engineered hardwoods, low pile carpets, and high pile carpets. The below scores represent an average score for all flooring types and every model.

Overall Cleaning Scores by Experts

V11: 99%

V15: 99%

For each of these flooring types, we test the dry cereals, kitty litter, rice, and sugar.

  • Rice
  • Dry Cereal
  • Kitty Litter
  • Sugar

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Dyson V15 Cleaning Performance

_Dyson v15 detect 5

The Dyson V15 model excelled on all 3 floors and gathered about 99-100 percent of the dust we tested. If you take it all in, this is a remarkable result.

Hardwoods: 100%

High Pile Carpet: 99%

Low Pile Carpet: 99%

To conduct these tests on cleaning, we employed a combination between the gentle Fluffy cleaning head for rollers and the high-torque cleaning head. 

In certain cases (i.e., carpet), there was a time when the suction force from the V15 was just a bit too powerful to reach the top of the debris using the high Torque head. Moving to lower suction or opening the seal gates on the front helped overall performance in those instances.

This model comes with the additional benefit of being able to transmit information about the tiny particles it is cleaning.

The latest technology, such as devices onboard Piezo sensor and a laser light integrated inside the head for cleaning, are new features for the V15 and provide a wealth of important information regarding each cleaning cycle as it is taking place.

Dyson V11 Cleaning Performance

Dyson V11 had similar results as the V15, with 100% success with hardwoods, carpets that are low pile, and carpets with high pile.

Hardwoods: 99%

High Pile Carpet: 99%

Low Pile Carpet: 100%

We will mention that we conducted all tests of cleaning for the V11 using our High Torque Cleaning Head.

On hardwood flooring, it was able to get the High Torque cleaner head capable of getting over the top of the cereal and avoiding throwing light debris over the track.

Motor Performance

Both the V15 as well as the V11 are powerful motors that can spin at speeds of up to 125,000 RPM.

Dyson V11: 125K RPM

Dyson V15: 125K RPM

A higher RPM (revolutions per minute) indicates more steady suction and better cleaning performance.

The motors of V15 and V11 can produce a maximum suction force of the equivalent of 230 AW and the equivalent of 185 AW, respectively.

Dyson V11: 185 AW

Dyson V15: 230 AW

Run Time Performance

Each V15 and V11 come with a long time to run compared to other models of cordless vacuums. There are three cleaning modes that you can use for each model of vacuum:

  1. Eco
  2. Auto
  3. Boost

Eco mode has the lowest amount of suction, which means it is the most efficient in terms of run time.

Boost, however, on contrary, utilizes the greatest amount of suction. It is best suited for areas with high traffic or specific spot cleaning zones since the time to run is considerably shorter.

Dyson V15

  • Eco: 68:30 minutes
  • Auto: 45:30 minutes
  • Acceleration: 8:55 minutes

Dyson V11

  • Eco: 82:45 minutes
  • Auto: 47:40 minutes
  • Boost: 7:30 minutes

The run-time tests were conducted using all suction levels and the main Multi-surface Cleaning Head.

How to keep their homes clean?

The V15 and V11 utilize the standard Dyson cycle design to produce a perpetual suction force.

V11 models, as well as V15 models, are both based on the 14-cyclone system in two levels.

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2. Digital Display

The Dyson V15 and V11 have digital displays built inside the hand portion of the vacuum. Each display will show an estimated amount of time remaining in the run, the cleaning mode in use, and maintenance-related alerts.

What’s the difference between V15?

The V15 comes with the added benefit of communicating information on the particle size of debris it is cleaning.

It arranges the data in an organized colored bar system that provides a distinct hue for each dimension of the particle. It also shows the entire amount in the middle of each bar.

3. Piezo Sensor

_Dyson v15 detect 1

Dyson V11: No

Dyson V15: Yes

The digital display present on the V15 can provide specific information about particles due to the onboard Piezo sensor. This sensor can even detect the smallest changes in particles’ size or density.

When changes are identified when changes are detected, it sends signals to the machine that automatically adjusts the suction power to meet the various types of debris.

4. Cleaning Heads

Dyson V15


  • Laser Slim Fluffy
  • High Torque 2.0

Dyson V11


  • High Torque 1.0

What’s the Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head?

This head of cleaning is only for the latest Dyson models, including Dyson’s V15 Detect and the Outsize Absolute+.

It’s low-profile and utilizes soft rollers to collect particles of all sizes. It also comes with an LED green light that shines down on the floor at an angle to show even the tiniest kinds of debris.

The more dirt you detect, the more you’ll be able to remove it.

What exactly is the High Torque Drive cleaning head?

This High Torque cleaner is an all-surface clean head made to be used for cleaning all types of floors but is particularly effective on carpets.

Although the V15 and V11 share the same High Torque cleaning heads, it is important to remember that they’re not the same.

  • High Torque 1.0 Basic and is included in the V11
  • High Torque 2.0 Includes teeth made of polycarbonate, made to serve to act as a tool, and are included with the V15

There is a slight difference in the bristles and the teeth made of polycarbonate found on the upper part of the bristle.

5. Suction Power

Dyson V11: 185 AW

Dyson V15: 230 AW

The V15 is more suction-powered at 230 AW (in the Boost mode) compared to the V11 is the most powerful at around 185 AW. Although the V15 is technically superior, we would say the additional power might not be necessary for several users.

When we use it on carpet, 230 AW can be considered “too much” suction, and the V15 had trouble getting over larger pieces of debris.

The V11 maintained a nearly perfect performance on any floor type and did not struggle with excess suction.

6. Design

There is a similarity between the Dyson V15 and V11. We feel they are similar in that their overall design is concerned. Both are 2-in-1 cordless vacuums that can be used for cleaning in various ways.

Similarities are:

  • 60-minute run time
  • An assortment of attachments and tools
  • Dust bin capacity
  • Attachment system with quick-release
  • Washable filter
  • Click-in battery
  • 3 Modes: Auto, Eco, and Boost

Differentiates are:

  • Clean heads
  • Suction power
  • Digital display
  • Piezo sensor

Let’s look at the contrasts between these two Dyson vacuums.

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7. Accessories & Parts

_Dyson v15 detect 6

The list of components and accessories will vary based on the specific model you choose.

There is currently just one variant of the V15: 

  • Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson V11 is available in two models: We get Dyson V11 in two distinct versions:

  • Dyson V11 Torque Drive
  • Dyson V11 Animal

Dyson V15


  • Wand (with clip to hold the wand)
  • 2.0 High Torque head for cleaning
  • Fluffy cleaning head
  • Hair screw tool
  • Tool for Combination
  • Crevice tool
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Stubborn dirt brush
  • Wall Mount
  • Click-in Battery
  • Charger

Dyson V11 


  • Wand (with clip for the wand)
  • Mini motorized tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Tool for Combination
  • Dusting Brush Soft (not included in V11 Animal)
  • Stubborn dirt brush
  • Wall Mount
  • 1.0 Cleaning head with High Torque
  • Charger
  • Click-in Battery

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8. Size & Dimensions 

Dyson V15

  • Length: 49.6”
  • Height: 10.3”
  • Width: 9.8”
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs.

Dyson V11

  • Length: 50.6”
  • Depth: 10.3”
  • Width: 9.8”
  • Weight: 6.68 lbs.

Dimensionally: The V11 is a bit taller and slightly lighter in terms of dimensions, but the other dimensions are the same. We would consider this part an equivalence.

9. Tools & Attachments Explained

Here’s a list of the most common components and accessories:


The wand in each vacuum will generally be a different hue from the other models or sub model variants. Dyson utilizes various colors to distinguish various types of vacuums.

It is included in both Dyson V11 and Dyson V15 models.

High Torque 1.0

In simple words, the high Torque cleaning head is an upgrade of the previous V10’s Torque Drive head and comes with more bristles. However, it has the same design and style, made for multi-floor cleaning.

This is included on the V11 model only.

High Torque 2.0

_Dyson v15 detect 4

The new model of the High Torque cleaning head is like that of the 1.0 version, but it comes with polycarbonate teeth to aid in preventing hair knots.

This is included on the V15 model only

Laser Slim Fluffy

The latest Fluffy cleaning head comes with the most low-profile brush roll, which can also be washed. It also has the use of a laser which shines onto the floor to highlight the particles that require to be removed.

This is included on the V15 model only

Hair Screw Tool

In addition to the motorized mini-brush, the V15 comes with an additional hair Screw tool. It has the same function as the mini-motorized brush but utilizes the tapered screw to help pull hair into the system and avoid hair tangles.

Included in the V15 vacuum model only.

Mini Motorized Brush

Mini motorized brushes are a compact model of the spiral bristle cleansing head. It uses a small motor for spinning an internal roll and collecting dirt.

Included in all V11 and V15 vacuums.

Combination Tool

Each of the V11 and V15 has a selection of combination tools. However, the exact layout may differ. The tool comes with an incredibly soft dusting brush at the top or extended to reveal a larger crevice tool. Ideal for upholstery, car interiors, or any other small mess.

Included in all V11 and V15 vacuums.

Crevice Tool

Each V11 and V15 has a selection of crevice tools, though its exact length could differ. This tool is useful for cleaning small crevices and cracks.

It is included in both V11 and V15 vacuums.

Dusting Brush

Certain models also come with an extra-large dusting brush. This brush has long, soft bristles and a large-mouth opening, which is great for cleaning furniture, appliances, or other hard surfaces.

It is included on the V11 Torque Drive and V15 but not included in V11 Animal.

Dirt Brush

_Dyson v15 detect 3

The dirt brush for stubborn dirt has more stiff bristles than the dusting brush. It can be useful in breaking apart the tough dirt that is a part of carpet fibers or ground-in debris.

It is included in both V11 and V15 vacuums.

Wall Mount

There are a few differences in the style in which each wall is mounted. However, each is made to attach to the wall to hang the vacuum . Additionally, each mount holds up to two tools at the lower.

Included in all V11 and V15 vacuums.

Click-In Battery

The battery clicks in the base on the hand-held. When it’s ready to charge, you can pull it out and connect it to the charger.

Included in all V11 and V15 vacuums.

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This charger was designed to connect to the battery that is click-in directly and into the main body of the unit.

Included in all V11 and V15 models.


The overall user-friendliness is similar to that of Dyson V15 and V11 are comparable. However, there are a few important distinctions worth mentioning.

What factors increase the overall usability of Dyson?

It is broken into a list of highlights. Here are the top 10 crucial usability features in every Dyson model.

Usability Features

Dyson V15

Dyson V11

Click-In Battery Yes; 1 included Yes; 1 included
Quick Release Tool Attachment Yes Yes
Laser Brushroll Light Yes No
XL dust bin capacity No No
Digital Screen Yes Yes
Point-and-shoot dust bin Yes Yes
Washable Brushroll Yes No
On-board Debris Sensors Yes No
2-in-1 Yes Yes
Washable Filter Yes Yes

2-in-1 Design: Two models can be used: a handheld stick vacuum that is cordless or a handheld vacuum.

Quick Release Attachments: V15 and V11 also have easy attachment methods for all accessories and tools.

The Laser Slim fluffy brush roll: The V15 comes with the cleaning head that has Laser light (for increased particle visibility), and the V11 doesn’t.

The feature can be switched off or on, and Dyson has confirmed that using or not the light will not have any discernible effect on overall running time.

The Click-In battery: Both V15 and V11 utilize a click-in battery that quickly snaps into the handheld’s base.

This is a useful feature to switch between two batteries while the other is charging.

It is a point & shoot Dust Bin Dysons employs similar methods for emptying the bin. Moving a lever to the outside of the dust bin opens the lid of the bin and permits debris to be pulled out.

Particle Sensors

 Dyson V15 comes with an onboard Piezo sensor to detect particles’ size and quantity in real-time.

Dyson V15 Particle Sensor

If your needs change while cleaning, it will automatically alter the power of suction and the brush roll height to ensure optimal performance.

Digital Display

We have mentioned this before. However, there are subtle differences between the electronic display on Dyson V15 and the Dyson V11.

The V15 contains particle information, whereas the V11 doesn’t. Both models display the cleaning mode used, the estimated remaining run duration, and active maintenance alerts.

Dyson V15

Cleanable filters: Both V15 and V11 make use of washable filters. Dyson suggests washing it once per month in cold water, then letting it dry in the air for up to 1 complete day  before using it again.

Washable HEPA filter

_ Dyson v15 detect 2

If it’s not damaged, the washable filter can last the lifetime of your vacuum.

Washable Brushroll 

In case a washable toothbrush roll is an essential feature, you’ll need to choose Dyson V15 vacuums, which comprises the Laser Slim Fluffy brush roll.

Dyson V15 Fluffy soft cleaning head

Both V15 and V11 come with non-washable High Torque cleaning heads.

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10. Battery

The battery you can click on is an excellent feature on these Dysons. The V15, as well as the V11, have 3600 mah batteries with a 4.5-hour charging time.

Dyson V15 battery

As we mentioned earlier, the actual duration of the run will vary based on the cleaning mode you’re in. However, the batteries are designed to last around an hour for both models.

11. Maintenance

The maintenance tasks of both V15 Detect and the other V11 models are the same and fairly simple.

The short list of items includes:

  • Take out the bins of dust
  • Charge the battery
  • Clean the filter (about once a month)
  • Clean the brush roll of any obstructions or tangles
  • Replace the battery as necessary
  • Clean with the Fluffy cleansing head (V15 Only detect)

Which Dyson is Best?

Okay, do you get Dyson V15, the Dyson V11, or V15 Detect?

Is Dyson V15 Detect Worth Buying?

We would suggest the Dyson V15 detector to anyone who

  • You want data on particles: A built-in Piezo sensor measures the dimensions and the amount of debris on the floor. The data is then fed to the cleaning head, and the vacuum will adjust its cleaning equipment to meet the changing environment.
  • Modern digital display: The particulate information is displayed on the screen’s reverse with an animated bar chart. If you’re looking to find out precisely what you’re doing, it’s a great feature.
  • Laser brush roll: Fluffy brush roll of the V15 is specifically designed to incorporate the laser light that allows you to see tiny particles on the floor. It is also washable, which could make it easier to maintain.

Is Dyson V11 Worth Buying?

We would suggest Dyson V11 to people who:

  • You want a great value for money: With the introduction of the V15, the cost of the V11 will probably begin to decrease. The V11 does not have fancy features like laser light and particle sensors. However, the performance in cleaning is still excellent.
  • Outstanding cleaning efficiency: Despite the absence of V15 bells and whistles, its cleaning efficiency is top-quality, ranging from 99-100% for every floor type.
  • Do not require a Fluffy cleaning head. The huge mistake with V11 (in our personal opinion) is the fact that it doesn’t come with a Fluffy Cleaning head. The head is useful in cleaning flooring made of hard surfaces; however, if you are predominantly carpeted, you probably will not even notice that this head doesn’t come with.

The Last Word


That’s it!

Have a comment, question, or need assistance deciding which model is the best for you? Send us a message in the box below.

We’re always here to assist.

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