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Greetings users, are you confused about which Dyson vacuum you should buy? Well, We will be comparing the Dyson V11 vs. V10, which actually represents the future of a cord-free stick vacuum cleaner.

Both of these models possess functions that you would want in something without the cord – long run duration, incredible power, and the versatility to clean each part of your house.

Dyson V10 vs V11 REVIEW

Dyson always says that the V11 and V10 will run for up to sixty minutes. Real-world practical tests show that both vacuum cleaners will run past that threshold, though.

The V11 includes more convenience on the table like the sensor in the major cleaning head, which automatically arranges the suction depending on the surface type. There is not much of a difference whenever it comes to floor pick up for both of these.

The one benefit the Dyson V11 has is its capability to deep clean (thirty percent better) for extended periods max forty-three minutes. So the main question is, are you willing to spend extra for a cordless which deep cleans for an extended period?

Let’s find that out.

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Dyson V11

Dyson V11

Dyson V10


Dyson Cyclone V10

Specification Comparison

Benefits of the Dyson V10 Benefits of the Dyson V11
Running time: approx. 50 mins Running time: approx. 60 mins
Weight: 2.6 kg Weight: 3.05 kg
Suction power: 150 AW Suction power: 185 AW
Dirt container vol: 0.76 l Dirt container vol: 0.76 l
Cleaning test results: 99% Cleaning test results: 99%

What Are the Differences in the Pattern Between Dyson V10 & V11?

Both of these models are pretty much top-of-the-range, also bagless cordless vacuum cleaners and belong to the Dyson’s V series. The Dyson vacuums use a very effective system of cyclones.

These highly accelerate the air to perfectly throw the dirt out, adding the centrifugal force generated. With the help of the V10, a completely revised pattern of the Dyson V series came into the current market for the very first time in March of 2018.

The adjustment of the engine and also the dirt container was changed, so both of these were in line with the intake manifold. This had the positive impact that it was much smoother to empty the dust container. This pattern was retained on the Dyson V11, which was released in March of 2019.

Both of these models are widely available in different versions. These are majorly decided by the scope of the additional accessories supplied.

  • Engine
  • Dirt container
  • Activation
  • Height and weight
  • HEPA filter

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1. Dirt Container

Comparing these Dyson V10 vs. V11, It’s noticeable that the dust container has not just remained the same in terms of its adjustment. The capacity of the dust container hasn’t changed either. 

In our tests0.76 l is pretty much sufficient for cleaning a hundred and twenty square meter apartment. The emptying feature introduced in a Dyson V10 and retained in the V11 by a slide on the underside permits the container to be emptied perfectly inside the bin.

2. Motor

The motor is generally identical in both of these models and has an outcome of 535W, and generates 125k revolutions per minute. The robust suction power was at a very extreme level with the V10.

Nevertheless, also the suction power of the new V11 can be upgrade despite the same engine. We will like to go into this in more detail.

3. Activation

To activate the Dyson, both of these use the conventional and effective “trigger system.” Like a gun, pull the trigger, and then the Dyson immediately starts with tremendous power.

If you let this go of the trigger, but, it switches off quickly. What is often discovered impractical at first is the mystery of how the Dyson gets its outstanding battery operational capability.

It is just activated when you are really vacuuming, and in between, the battery is totally saved. It’s very nice that the bottom roller begins rotating quickly at the push of a key. This is by no means the matter with all the cordless vacuum cleaners.

4. HEPA Filter

HEPA Filtration

The Hepa filter is an incredibly unique function of the cordless vacuum. Very smooth to remove and them clean; no “disposable filter” is needed here. That saves a TON of money and protects the air inside your house. This totally works the same for the V11 and the V10.

5. Height and Weight

Both of these Dyson models could be used both as the cordless vacuum cleaner and also as a cordless hand vacuum. For this, both vacuum cleaners use the same clicking system to be capable of converting the machine immediately.

Of course, this has an advantage, which the additional accessories of the V10 could also be used for the V11. If you situated the Dyson V11 next to V10 on the surface, you could clearly see that both of these are about the same height, though.


Criteria Dyson v10 Dyson v11
Size of the power unit 25 cm 26 cm
Weight 2.6 kg 3.05 kg
length 125 cm 128 cm
Width of the bottom roller 23 cm 23 cm

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The conversion to the handheld vacuum also shows that the measurement varies just insignificantly. In contrast, there are differences in weight, though. The new V11 weighs just four hundred grams more.

For the V11 model, this corresponds to the empty weight of three kg. This makes it heavier noticeably. This isn’t a restriction when vacuuming the surface, as the weight is nicely distributed. While vacuuming with a hand-held vacuum, however, the weight might become noticeable after prolonged vacuuming.

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Criteria Dyson v10 Dyson v11
length Differs greatly with the essay Differs greatly with the essay
Weight 1.7 kg 2.1 kg
Power unit size 25 cm 26 cm

6. LCD Display

One of the major differences between these models is that Dyson has provided its V11 an LCD display. With this display, you are getting useful info about the currently using suction mode, also the remaining running duration, etc.

V11 an LCD display

This allows Dyson to use a cordless vacuum cleaner more effectively. Your benefit: You just have a fourteen-day right of return when buying online!

Accessories in Comparison – How Does the Scope of Delivery Differ?

The supplied additional accessories differ majorly in the Torque-Drive nickel brush, which comes with the V11 model. It’s the prime cleaning brush of the Dyson that has a straight drive on the smooth roller.

Besides that, The brush rotates and, with the use of the bristles, conveys the dirt inside the suction tube. What’s new with the Torque-Drive Nickel but is that the roller recognizes the ground and then automatically adapts to it.

Like this, Dyson manages to receive a higher cleaning performance with the identical engine power. We think this is an actual innovation and also enrichment because it does make changing the brush, depending on the floor, superfluous.

One more innovation in the supplied additional accessories is the Immediate Release extra-hard brush. This is best for coarse soiling on a powerful surface. It’s now also added with the Dyson V10 Pro.

Now, Shall We Compare Dyson V10 vs V11 Models?

DYSON V11 (pro)
Torque-Drive nickel No Yes
Electric brush with soft roller Yes Yes
Crevice nozzle Yes Yes
Quick-release extra-soft brush Yes Yes
Storage and charging station Yes Yes
Bracket suction pipe (just 2020 model) No Yes
Suction pipe Yes Yes
Electric brush with direct drive Yes No
Combination accessory nozzle Yes Yes
Mini electric brush Yes Yes
Quick-release extra-hard brush No Yes
What’s the Price?

The additional accessories also vary due to the unique designs. You must therefore think carefully about that version you decide to select. Each model has its own specialty and is much useful in this.

Fifty euros more for extra accessories could immediately pay off. If you purchase that model, they’re much more expensive. Although, The Dyson V11 Animal +, for instance, comes with fewer more accessories.

That’s why we suggest the Dyson V11 Absolute in this matter. Your benefit: You only got fourteen days right of return when purchasing it online!

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Cleaning Test Battle of Dyson V10 & V11: Which One Makes Cleaner?

Credit: Vacuum Wars

To be aware about the differences between the Dyson V10 vs. V11 To find that out and to be capable of comparing them perfectly, we of course subjected those both cordless vacuums to our cleaning test.

We have tested the equipment not just in daily life but we have tested them well in our laboratories. In doing so, they have got to vacuum up dust of different kinds on different floors, carpets and also on hard surfaces.

Here’s how you cut:

  • Dyson V10 – 99%
  • Dyson V11 – 99%

You could also see the informative test results in the 2 specific tests of the Dyson V11 and Dyson V10.

Test on a hard surface

Both machines performed very well on hard floors and achieved almost hundred percent.

  • Dyson V11 on a hard surface – 98%
  • Dyson V10 on a hard surface – 98%

Low Carpet

The 2 cordless vacuum cleaners have successfully sucked the dirt on low carpets . When the V10 mini “only” managed ninety-nine percent, the V11 model could absorb hundred percent. Even with long-fiber carpets as well, the suction power was highly good, almost perfection.

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Comparison of the Two Devices in Everyday Life

We had joy while cleaning the carpets first with the Dyson V7 until it could not suck anything out. Then we’re over it with the V10 or the V11 and have been capable of sucking a ton of dirt out of the floor and carpet.

After extensive comparison, we could attest both machines a sensational cleaning performance. Your benefit :You only got a fourteen days right of return when purchasing it online!

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What Influences the Cleaning Performance?


As we earlier said, the Dyson V11 and Dyson V10 could be used both as the cordless vacuum and as the cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. Besides that, The plug-in system for this is similar for both of the devices and the conversion is children’s play.

It’s specifically practical that entire attachments could both be attached directly to the dirt container and attached to the suction tube.

Vacuuming with a Dyson V10 as a handheld vacuum is less strenuous than with any other newer model. This is where the half a kilo that the V11 model also has becomes noticeable.

Hard Floors

  • V10 AbsoluteA+
  • V11 TorqueB

Suction: Dyson V11

Overall impression: The V11 model’s Torque Drive roller operates well on any type of surface, but it does not clean as effectively on hard floors as the Soft Roller. The Soft Roller is not added with any V11 model variant because you can get just one roller, but the great news is that you do not have switch rollers while moving to a new surface.


  • While vacuuming on tough floors, you would use the Torque Drive head for cleaning. Unfortunately, Dyson does not sell a V11 Absolute in the United States (they do in the United Kingdom though).
  • Despite higher suction power in the V11 model, it does not work better on tough floors.
  • The Soft Roller from the V10 model is compatible because both of these vacuum cleaners are the identical wattage, and could be purchased separately. Like we mentioned before, the Soft Roller is not necessary for tough floors but improve efficiency. If you are spending premium cash on a vacuum cleaner, why not get one that is fully optimized for tough floors?
  • When comparing the V11 model Torque Drive to the V10 Absolute model on tough floors, my preference is the V10 model. If you purchased the Soft Roller separately and then put it on the V11 model , you would get more power (not noticeable on toughfloors) and longer run duration.

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Suction: Dyson V10

Overall impression: The V10 Absolute model comes with 2 rollers. The Torque Drive roller is especially made for carpets, When the Soft Roller specialized for tough surfaces. For general, daily cleaning (hair, dust, cereal spills, etc.), the Soft Roller cleans more effectively and for longer on only one charge because just the low configuration is required.


  • When vacuuming tough floors, you will use the Soft Roller head, that is many times referred to as “Fluffy” head. The Soft Roller is a game changer for tough floors for some reasons:
  • It urilizes carbon fiber filaments to help deduct static electricity, helping it to suck up fine dust other vacuum cleaners will miss.
  • The Soft Roller is quite faster at cleaning up on surfaces like hardwood, and you will preserve more battery as well.
  • You could usually get away with utilizing the lowest power configuration.
  • The downside to the Soft Roller is you will have to carry both of these added rollers (Torque Drive and Soft) if you need carpets. The Soft Roller will not work on carpet. If your home is mostly hard flooring (tile, wood, concrete, laminate), the Soft Roller is a must have kind of feature and this is just added with the Absolute variants.
  • You could vacuum tough floors with the Torque Drive head just nice, but you will require to use the medium configuration and it’s not as effective because it tends to push those objects rather than picking ‘em up on the first try.
  • If you are using only one head sounds more convenient, you will want to purchase the V10 Animal to save those $100 from the Absolute.

Runtime: Dyson V11

Overall impression: The low suction mode works nice on hard floors (sixty-six minutes of runtime), however the medium suction mode is preferable (forty-three minutes) to get more debris on each swipe.

Dyson V11


  • The V11 model has a 3600mAh battery and also advertises up to sixty minutes of battery life. Unlike the V10 model, Dyson brand is underselling the battery runtime, though. We had even better outcomes with the attached motorized tools.
  • With motorized tools (Direct Drive, Torque Drive, Mini Motorized) you will get:
  • Medium suction: forty-three minutes.
  • Low suction: sixty-six minutes.
  • Max suction: eight minutes.
  • It takes four and half hours to recharge the battery fully from zero percent.

Runtime: Dyson V10

Overall impression: Including Soft Roller, the low suction configuration is all you require, that will give you forty-five minutes of runtime. Like the V11 model, you could use the Torque Drive head on tough floors, but you may need the medium suction (twenty-seven minutes). If you’ve the Soft Roller, why shouldn’t you use the more optimized tool?


  • The V10 model has a 2300mAh battery and the Dyson advertises a sixty minutes runtime.
  • The runtime advertisement is pretty much inaccurate. That amount only applies if you are using the vacuum cleaner as a handheld without any attachment.
  • With motorized tools (Torque Drive, Soft Roller, Mini Motorized, Direct Drive) you will get:
  • Medium suction: twenty-seven minutes.
  • Low suction: forty-five minutes.
  • Max suction: seven minutes.
  • It takes three and half hours to recharge the battery fully from zero percent.

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Buy on Desertcart

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Dyson V10 vs V11 Review: How Do the They Differ in Terms of Suction Levels and How Long Can We Vacuum With the Dyson?

Both models are having 3 different suction levels . When the levels on the V10 model are basically named level 1, level 2, and maximum, the suction levels on the V11 eco model, for the weakest level, are known as Boost and Med.

The suction level differs not only in terms of their names. An essential innovation is that the Dyson has created an auto mode with the Medium suction level. This adapts to soil conditions.

As a result, the vacuum achieves a higher mileage, now up to sixty minutes. The max suction power of the V11 model in the Boost level is now 185-Airwatt. This corresponds to an enhancement of almost 25%. In the following chart you could see a comparison of the levels and power of the Dyson V11 and the Dyson

1. Big Comparison

Dyson V10:

Suction level Suction power AW Battery power minutes
step 1 14 AW approx. 50 min
Level 2 35 AW approx. 30 min
MAX 150 AW approx. 9 min

Dyson V11

Suction level Suction power AW Battery power minutes
eco 29 AW approx. 75 min
med 39 AW approx. 45 min
boost 185 AW approx. 8 min

Consider that the suction power and the battery power of both models are incredible. You could also use it to clean bigger apartments in one go. With the V11 from 2020, the battery could now even be detached with the push of a key and replaced with a full one. Your benefit :You only got a fourteen days right of return when purchasing it online!

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2. Are There Any Differences in Handling?

The cordless vacuum market is a hotly contested business place today. The Dyson is at the top of the chart, but why is that? Not only the suction and battery power just described is incredible. You could also tell that the Dyson attaches ideal importance to user-friendliness as well .

3. How Does the Commissioning Work?

The user-friendliness is evident when unpacking and looking up for the first time. Both of these models come with a min of packaging material and completely without any plastic.

This provides us an additional sustainability point. Commissioning is very basic. You normally plug the needed attachments in each other and the locks snap in a place automatically.

It works as self-explanatory. The manufacturer suggests fully charging the battery at first. A slight disadvantage of the Dyson V11 model becomes visible here, because it takes four and half hours to get charged. The previous model, however, only takes three and half hours. However, once the vacuum is charged, you could begin right away.

4. Are There Differences in Volume?

The Dyson V10 model moves between 80 and 73 dB on our decibel measurement, while the V11 model hums with 75 dB in Boost mode to 65 dB in Eco mode. This shows that they’re actually relatively quiet.

The Dyson was capable of implementing minimal enhancements  here , which of course you could not really hear with the bare ear. In principle, the volume of Dysons is pretty much tolerable.

V10 suction level V10 vol V11 suction level V11 vol
step 1 73 dB eco 65 dB
Level MAX 80 dB boost 75 dB
Level 2 75 dB med 70 dB

5. What Are the Differences in Terms of Maneuverability?

The mobility of the V11 model hasn’t changed compared to the V10 model. In both of these models, the Dyson relies on a type of ball joint between the roller and the suction tube.

This permits you to immediately change direction and also suck into corners. Additionally, the motor sits on the top of the handle, which permits you to vacuum under any furniture.

The weight is nicely distributed with both of these cordless vacuum cleaners so that vacuuming isn’t overstrained by the weight. Your benefit :You only got a fourteen days right of return when purchasing it online!

6. Are the Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Easy to Maintain?

The maintenance of the V11 and V10 is kept very basic according to the principle of being user-friendly and is again limited to some simple steps. The maintenance of Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner most importantly consists of 3 areas.

  • The cleaning of the filters
  • The cleaning and emptying the dirt container
  • Maintenance of the battery

7. What Do We Have to Watch Out for When Emptying the Dirt Container?

One of the best achievements of advanced cordless vacuum cleaners is that they could work without having a disposable bag . With conventional vacuums , the repeated buy of vacuum cleaner bags was a really expensive factor and it was not a nice deal when it had to be replaced.

The bagless cordless vacuums also impress with the dirt container made of transparent plastic. You could see at every time whether the container is full and hence empty it in good time.

Besides that, The actual emptying then works with the V11 and V10 with the use of a red slider on the underside of the dust container. If you pull this forward, the flap will open automatically and the dust will be pushed out and ends up in the trash bin.

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Buy on Desertcart

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If you wanna clean the container, it could be detached and washed out at the push of a key. Both these procedures work fine. But we got the impression of the machine on the new V11 model is even more precise and stable.

8. How Do We Service the Hepa Filter?

Again, you could save time and cash and protect the air inside your home. Both of these the Dyson V11 and the Dyson V10 come with washable and reusable filters. Easily twist off the lid on the back side and the filter could be detached. Rinse under water and then reinstall after drying for twenty-four hours.

9. Maintenance of the Battery

The batteries in Dyson machines are normally considered to be durable and robust. However, must a battery break down, it could be changed on both of these, the Dyson V11 and the Dyson V10 . With the 2020 model of the Dyson V11 Absolute Extra, however, this is easier than before.

With a new clicking system, the battery could normally be clicked out and a new one inserted very smoothly. The revised system of course opens up the accessibility of changing the new battery immediately when it’s empty. This makes sure that the suction time is doubled.

So it’s a real benefit of the Dyson V11 model over the Dyson V10 model . Your benefit :You only got a fourteen days right of return when purchasing it online!

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Which Model to Choose?


If you are now going for the Dyson V10 model or however the newer, more expensive the Dyson V11 model decides? The answer is pretty  unequivocal and clear: it depends!

Both of these vacuum cleaners did a very ideal job in our comparison and it’s really not easy to say which of these two is the better choice. Every cleaning tests have shown that both of these models have absorbed the dust and the dirt very thoroughly.

So you do not have to worry about not getting your home clean. The new Dyson V11 specially impressed us including the new torque drive . The new role which automatically detects the underground is a real essential.

This means that irritating changing of the cleaning roller is highly eliminated. So if you’ve a ton of unique floors , sometimes laminate, sometimes carpet, sometimes etc., then we suggest the Dyson V11 model with the newly manufactured Torque-Drive Nickel (the floor roller).

Naah, it’s not over…

The automatic mode , that makes sure that the vacuum adapts to the floor, is quite impressive from a technical view and is certainly the nearest future. At the current time, however, this doesn’t yet lead to a superiority in cleaning.

With the Dyson V10 model, we always vacuumed in medium mode and received a similar cleaning result. The battery performance of Dyson V11 is normally better and thanks to the feature of exchangeable battery an enormous increase. In our suggestion, this does play a subordinate role, since it’s also very nice with the V10.

A good addition is definitely the new LCD screen of the Dyson V11 model, with some useful displays. The V10 model, however, comes without a display. If these innovations are essential to you and you could spare the change, then you must purchase the Dyson V11 Absolute.

Dyson V10 vs V11 Review

However, if you want to save cash, get the Dyson V10 Absolute model. No matter how you choose, you will receive a spectacular cordless vacuum cleaner which will make your task easier on daily basis.

Additionally , this saves you a ton of cash and resources in the long duration after a high buy price. You do not require a filter or a bag. The machines as well as the batteries are tested for ten years and prove to be highly robust in our long duration analysis.

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