Dyson sv04 Review: It Truly Stunned Our Experts

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A problem that everybody faces while using an electronic device is their charging, and their battery life. If only a battery that is well trusted by the people and tested by experts shows magnificent results.

Hand-free vacuums are typically the easy-going and easy to handle and upgraded version of traditional vacuums. 

 Think about the times when you had guests coming over, and you decided to vacuum, but it’s not charged! This is where you need spare batteries.

Dyson sv04 is the one all of us are searching for. 

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Best Choice:

Dyson sv04

Dyson SV04 Model MAH Capacity Price
ANTRobut 5000mAh $34.99
V6 Replacement Battery 5000mAh $34.99
Animal Handheld Battery 5000mAh $29.99
Animal Absolute Motorhead 6000mAh $31.99
Biswaye Lithium Battery 4500mAh $39.99

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Batteries You Need to Know About-

1. First Power 4.8ah Replacement Battery

1 Lithium-ion battery is compatible with any V6 series vacuum cleaner. It is charged up to 500 days straight. Wait up to 30 minutes before charging the battery as it will affect its life. It’s highly easy and safe to use.

It has a higher capacity than the other batteries, and it’ll remove all those dog hairs.

2. Biswaye 21.6V 4.5Ah V6 Lithium Battery Replacement

4500mAH rechargeable batteries compatible with V6 batteries. It also comes with two filter packages that are compatible with Dyson vacuum cleaners. It is easy to use, remove and that extra power allows long battery life. 

3. Upgraded 21.6V 5000mAh Li-ion

Battery life is longer than other batteries. It is high quality and can be charged and discharged without any problem, and capacity remains the same. Prevent the battery from overcharging as it’ll affect its life.

4. 21.6V 3500mAh V6

Battery made from top A grade cell allows it to offer a much longer life than others. It is fully compatible with all V6 models. Moreover, it has built-in protection that saves it from overcharge or overflow of current. 

5. Power Extra 21.6V 5.0Ah

Battery compatible with all V6 models. It has the same size as that of the original V6 battery. Its higher capacity allows vacuum cleaners a much longer cleaning time than others. It is highly convenient for a full house cleaning. It won’t stop in the middle. 

The price revolving around Dyson batteries may seem high, but the price is worth it. This is an astonishing option if you want your cordless vacuum to work with the same cleaning power as it used to before. These replacement batteries are worth the price you’re paying for them. 

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Know Everything About DYSON BATTERIES 

dyson sv04

Dyson vacuums stand out the most in the crowd of other vacuums. Cordless vacuums are the future as they are highly convincing and easy to use. With increasing technology, Dyson batteries are becoming more powerful and long-lasting.

These batteries run on lithium, so they provide long-lasting power with any signs of fading power. When the batteries are fully charged, they’ll work with no trouble; as soon as any changes in suction appear, it means the battery power is low. 

Many highly smart and advanced features are included in Dyson batteries, such as overcharged or overcurrent and overheating protection. One such feature is over-discharge, which ensures that no harm comes to the battery if somehow, by mistake, you overuse the battery to its lowest level.  

When there are casualties like short circuits, the overcurrent feature installed in the batteries ensures no harm is done to the batteries.

The same goes with the overvoltage feature, which ensures no harm is done to the batteries when voltage goes up or down. Finally, the most important feature that comes in handy a lot is, overcharge feature. 

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Something You Want to Know

Most of us can’t be punctual about removing the batteries from the charge as soon as they get fully charged. So this overcharge feature stops the flow of current as soon as it is fully charged.

Batteries have been verified for not having any hazardous material and got an ok sign from European Union Standards.The estimated life of this vacuum cleaner is around four years, and the warranty of the original battery is about two years.

As soon as you notice that the power is decreasing, it is a sign that the batteries have run out. If you want the warranty to be carried out, then you must have that receipt with the date of delivery or purchase in it. 

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Some Points

When the light is solid blue in this handheld, this indicates that the device is charging. When light is blue, that means it is ready to be used. A flashing blue light is a sign of the degrading power of the battery, and it needs to be charged soon.

However, a flashing blue light is also a sign of the condition when the device cannot charge properly. So try a new socket. As stated above, the life of the Dyson handheld battery runs out after using them for a few years.

If you start to notice that the device is not sucking out properly or not running for the time it used to, then it is about to get a replacement. Another hint for the need for replacement is that the vacuum needs to be in charge mode all the time when it is not in use. 

But, it doesn’t mean that you’ll pack up your costly handheld just because its battery is dead. This is the time when replacement batteries were invented. Now you need to choose a replacement battery effectively so that it does not harm the device.

The price may seem quite high for a battery but, they are worthy of the money they’re demanding. 

The features it comes with are worthy of that high price. It just makes your daily work so much easier than it is even hard to explain. Also, the updates that continue to come to make it more tech-savvy. 

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Why Use Hand-Free Vacuums?

  • A handheld vacuum is easy to use and reaches up to places where traditional vacuums can’t. 
  • They are small, and some models are so handy that they could even fit into your pockets. Their small size makes them more useful than those heavy and big ones. They’re also easy to store and can clean your bed, shelf where those big ones can’t get into. 
  • Most of the time, the mess is made into a corner of the room, but for that, you can’t seem to have the will to bring out that big vacuum. This is when that small and easy-going friend will help you get rid of the evidence.

Those heavyweight vacuum cleaners could also scratch or dent your wooden floor while using the appliance, but these hands are so lightweight that even kids can play with them around the home.

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Why Use a Hand-Free Dyson?

In the phase of vacuum cleaners, every household has one, and people are willingly buying it at any offered price. So what makes them that attractive, that this brand has evolved to be worldwide.

For anyone who’s suffering from house dust or mites allergy, then a Dyson vacuum cleaner is the solution. This has an inbuilt feature that spins the air quickly and removes all the dust particles and other allergens.

Particles that have a larger size are separated instantly to prevent clogging of pores.

Face Back Pain and Fatigue While Cleaning?


This ball technology is just fixed inside the Dyson vacuums, which allows it to move in every direction giving it a sturdy structure. No matter how it is pulled or pushed, it is sturdy. This reduces fatigue and pain for the user. 

If dust and smoke find a way to enter your house, then Dyson vacuums are best for you as they use HEPA filters which effectively are built to clean everything from small dust particles to dust or smoke. Gold plating to this is that HEPA filters last for a lifetime. 

Hate Putting Your Hands in the Dust To Empty It?

Then it has this feature of an innovative dust ejector that’ll slide on its own to the dustbin. The ejector pushes it onto the dustbin. So, you won’t have to get in contact with the dust. 

The material that is used to design makes the Dyson lightweight and easy to use. The compact stick in the vacuum makes it easy to store anywhere. This hand-free vacuum reaches where it is impossible to clean. 

Material may be lightweight, but it is strong as if it has to work as the helmet that protects you from accidents. There won’t be a necessity to take your vacuum for repairing as you have to take the vacuums of other brands. It can save you money and will run a longer life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is the Estimated Life of Batteries?

These batteries are estimated to live up to 4 years. This recommends purchasing the original batteries. Cost is not the problem as it’s better to grab a new pair of batteries rather than replacing the whole vacuum.

Suppose your vacuum is not powering on even after charging it. This is because of the damaged battery. This means the battery will no longer be working and needs to be replaced by a new one.

When the device is fully charged, you would be getting a work of 6 min. But if you’re getting a work of 3 minutes, you need to get your device charged. But if it is less than 3 minutes, it is about time you should be replacing your batteries.

It is really important to charge the batteries before and after usage. The battery is designed with an inbuilt feature to stop charging when fully charged so that you can leave your Dyson on charge all day.

2. How Long Does Dyson Last?

V6 Dyson lasts for 15 minutes, it may be soundless, but it is quite more than it seems. It all depends on the mode you’re using your Dyson on. A flashing blue light on the Dyson indicates that it needs to charge the battery immediately.

It indicates that there is no power. When your vacuum keeps stopping while working, the first step is to empty the bin. If the bin is full then, the device may not work.

This high-tech vacuum works on the principle of regular airflow, and a full bin may hinder this. When the battery is charging, then it will go blue, on, and off simultaneously.

But when it is fully charged, the blue light will light for a full 5 seconds and then go out. It takes almost 4.5 hours for it to be fully charge the battery. 

3. When Does the Vacuum Cleaner Not Work?

Lack of power is the most common reason why your vacuum is not working. Charge it fully.

4. Does a Strong Smell From the Coil Indicate Burning?

A strong smell from the coil winding is an indication that the motor is burning. 

5. When Should We Replace the Belt?

A burning smell from a vacuum is mostly due to burning vacuum belts. You can replace the belt frequently.

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Everybody wants to be super tech-savvy in this technical world. But using the same traditional vacuum is not going to help you to be tech-savvy. Dyson’s are a big name in terms of vacuum cleaners, hairdryers, etc. Using a Dyson will always be worth the cost to pay for.

Benefits are numerous, and also the constant upgrade in them from using replaceable batteries to handsfree is just something that makes you want to buy it.

Hand-free vacuums are just the new era of vacuum, and it’s high time we say goodbye to those back hurting traditional vacuums.

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