Dyson Outsize vs V15: Who Wins?

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The Dyson V15 and Outsize are two top-of-the-line cordless stick vacuums that offer the best combination of performance and power.

Find out how the two models stack up in our head-to-head test between the Dyson V15 vs. Outsize.

Dyson Outsize

Dyson V11 Outsize

Dyson V15

Dyson V15

Attachments & Tools Explained

Here’s a list of the most common accessories and parts:

1. High Torque 2.0

The new model of the High Torque cleaning head is identical to the 1.0 version, but it includes polycarbonate teeth that aid in preventing hair knots.

This is included on the V15 only

2. Wand

The wand in each vacuum is usually a distinct color from other models or submodel variants. Dyson utilizes various colors to distinguish the different kinds of vacuums.

It is included in both models.

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3. High Torque XL

_Dyson v15 detect 4

This High Torque XL cleaning head is identical to its predecessor High Torque head however, comes with an extra-wide cleaning path.

Included only on the Outsize.

4. Dusting Brush

The soft dusting brushes use long bristles that are soft and have large mouth openings for gentle cleaning on furniture appliances, kitchen appliances, or any other surfaces that are hard to clean.

Included in both models

5. Crevice Tool

Both V15 and Outsize feature a traditional crevice tool. This tool features smaller mouths and is longer than the combo tool.

It is included in either model.

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6. Hair Screw Tool

Instead of the original mini-motorized brushes and hair brushes, this one is constructed with an adjustable screw that tapers to pull hair more easily through the brush roll and avoid hair tangles.

Included in both models

7. Combination Tool

_Dyson v15 detect 1

The tool can serve the role of an easy dusting brush as well as an enlarged crevice tool. It is useful for dusting furnishings, tiny crevices, or even car interiors.

It is included in both models.

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8. Dirt Brush

The tough dirt brush has much more rigid bristles than the dusting brush. It can be useful in breaking apart hard-to-clean carpet fibers or ground-in dirt.

Included in either models

9. Wall Mount

Dyson wall mount

This wall-mounted unit is intended to hold the vacuum horizontally on the wall. It also has a place for storing two cleaning tools on the lower part of the.

Dyson V15 battery

The battery that you click into snaps onto the base of your handheld. When it’s ready to charge, you can pull it out and connect it to the charger. You can also leave it in and plug it into the vacuum’s base.

It is included in both models.

10. Usability

Let’s talk about usability for just a moment. What makes a stick vacuum simple to use? Are there specific features you should look out for? We would say yes.

Here are the top 10 crucial usability features across each Dyson model.

Usability Features Dyson V15 Dyson Outsize
2-in-1 Yes Yes
Click-In Battery Yes; 1 included Yes; 2 included
XL dust bin capacity No Yes
Laser Brushroll Light Yes No
Quick Release Tool Attachment Yes Yes
Point-and-shoot dust bin Yes Yes
Washable Brushroll Yes No
On-board Debris Sensors Yes No
Washable Filter Yes Yes
Digital Screen Yes Yes

1). Two-in-One Design: Both V15, as well as the Outsize, can be both functional 2-in-1 vacuums that can also be used as an electric stick vacuums as well as handheld models.

2). Quick Release Attachments: The V15 and Outsize are also equipped with the same layout for the process of attaching or swapping tools or accessories. It has a simple red button that you can press and release.

3). Laser slim fluffy brush roll: The Dyson V15 has the cleaning head equipped with its laser beam (for increased particle visibility) while Outsize is not.

Upgrade into the Outsize Absolute+ model if you want this cleaning head to be an outsize model.

4). The Click-In Battery battery that clicks in is standard on both the V15 and the Outsize. Because the Outsize has two batteries while the V15 is the only one, so the running time is different. Both batteries can be easily inserted into the base of the handheld, below that dust container.

Dyson V15 clicks in the battery.

Furthermore, each battery has a capacity of 3,600 mAh and a 4.5-hour charging time between use.

5). Shoot Point and Shoot Bin: Dysons utilize similar methods to empty the bin. Moving a lever to the outside of the bin opens the lid of the bin and permits debris to be pulled out.

Dyson V15 vs. Dyson Outsize

6). The XL Dust Bin Capacity: The Outsize has more capacity for dust bins that can be filled to 1.89 liters, while the V15 is limited to 0.77 liters.

This is nearly double the capacity of the Outsize compared to the V15.

7). Particle Sensors: This Dyson V15 has an onboard Piezo sensor that detects particles’ size and quantity when it is cleaning. The results are sent back to the digital display to provide simple-to-read information.

Dyson V15 sensor for particle size

Dyson Outsize is not equipped with this sensor and thus cannot detect the size of particles or any other information.

8). Digital Display: Since Outsize is a way to bypass the Piezo sensor, this also implies it’s less basic and doesn’t feature colorful particles.

Both models display the cleaning mode used, the estimated run duration, and any active maintenance alerts.

9). Washable Filters: There’s a washable filter available on the V15 and Outsize. Dyson recommends washing the filter once a month with cold water and then letting it air dry for up to 24 hours before using it.

Washable HEPA filter

The filters are designed to last for the lifespan of the vacuum so long as they’re not damaged.

10). Washable Brushroll: Between the High Torque brush roll and the Laser Slim Fluffy, the Fluffy is the only head for cleaning with a washable brush roll.

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11. Maintenance

The maintenance of outsize and the V15 and Outsize is the same for both models, and the tasks are fairly simple and quick to complete.

To receive maintenance alerts, you can rely on the system of notifications on display on the digital screen for every vacuum.

Apart from the alerts, here’s an overview of the most common maintenance tasks:

  • Replace the battery when needed
  • Clean the filter (about every month)
  • Clean the brush roll of any obstructions or tangles
  • Clean the trash bin
  • Clean your Fluffy clean head (V15 Only detects)
  • Charge the battery
Specs Dyson V15 Dyson Outsize
Model V15 Outsize
Manufacturer Dyson Dyson
Width 9.8″ 12.5″
Type Stick Stick
Length 49.6″ 50.6″
Depth 10.3″ 10.3″
Floor Type All (indoor) All (indoor)
Weight 6.8 lbs. 7.85 lbs.
Returns Varies by retailer Varies by retailer
Dustbin Capacity 0.77 L 1.89 L
Click In Battery Yes; 1 included Yes; 2 included
Bagless Yes Yes
Cordless Yes Yes
Warranty 2 Year limited 2 Year limited
Run Time Up to 60 mins Up to 120 mins

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Core comparison

If you’d rather see instead of reading, check out our complete Dyson V15 vs. Outsize below:

1. Design

The Dyson Outsize and V15 are similar in style and feel, however, with one major difference: the size.

Suppose you’re searching for an extra-large capacity for your dust bin and a stronger suction, wider cleaning path. The Outsize is the best option.

Here’s a complete list of the commonalities among the V15 as well as Outsize:

Similarities are:

  • Attachment system with quick-release
  • Trigger on/off system
  • 3 Modes: Auto, Eco, and Boost
  • An assortment of attachments and tools 
  • Washable filter
  • Click-in battery

Differentiates can be found in:

  • Digital display
  • Piezo sensor
  • Clean heads
  • The width of the cleaning path
  • Suction power
  • Run time

2. Performance

_Dyson v15 detect 5

The efficiency of any stick vacuum that is cordless plays an integral role in the overall performance and failure. To evaluate the complete effectiveness of V15 Detect and Outsize, We divide it into three components:

  • Cleaning Performance is how it performs in cleaning a mixture of debris from three different flooring types.
  • Motor Performance: How strong is suction?
  • Run Time Performance: What is the length of time that the battery can last?

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Cleaning Performance

The cleaning tests were designed for testing the full range of cleaning abilities, including large debris as well as tiny. We run 12 debris tests employing four flooring types and four different types of debris.

The scores below reflect the percentage of debris eliminated in our tests using weight.

V15 Outsize Cleaning Performance

Low Pile Carpet 99% 99%
High Pile Carpet 99% 100%
Hardwood 100% 99%

We conduct tests on engineered hardwoods and low or high pile carpets. Below are the scores representing an average score across all flooring types for every model.

Overall Cleaning Scores by the Experts

V15: 99%

Outsize: 99%

We tested rice, dry cereal, Kitty litter, dry cereal, and sugar on each floor.

  • Rice
  • Dry Cereal
  • Kitty Litter
  • Sugar

Dyson V15 Cleaning Performance

The V15 is nearly perfect across all types of floors, with a range of 99-100% of the collected debris.

Hardwoods: 100%

Low Pile Carpet: 99%

High Pile Carpet: 99%

The tests were carried out using the V15, using the soft Fluffy cleaning head used for cleaning rollers, and the High Torque cleaning head.

A note to make, let’s talk about how to clean the carpet. In the area of carpet, we observed that the suction force was not enough, which caused it to pull carpet fibers apart and create a challenge to climb over large pieces of particles.

We were able to fix this issue by switching between Eco mode and Boost mode. This showed superior performance over using Boost by itself. It was at least the case for certain kinds of debris.

Dyson Outsize Cleaning Performance

We’ve been unable to evaluate the cleaning performance on Dyson Outsize. However, we’ve tested the Dyson V11 outsize.

V11 Outsize can be used in a way that is similar to the Outsize. The differences are due to attachments. Therefore, we have confidence in the following information.

Hardwoods: 99%

Low Pile Carpet: 99%

High Pile Carpet: 100%

For all three types of flooring, the cleaning performance was between 99-100 percent against all types of debris.

We must be aware of the super suction in carpets such as the V15. In the case of only Boost mode, the suction was excessive, and when it was switched with Boost and Eco, it was near perfect.

3. Run Time Performance

Considering run time, outsize has the edge. Outsize is the leader with almost twice the running time of V15. The exact time of the run is shown below.

Dyson V15 up to 60 minutes

Dyson Outsizes Up to 120 minutes

Within these runtime estimates, there are some variances. The V15 and Outsize are run in 3 different modes:

  1. Eco -lightest suction, longest run time
  2. Auto – Balance of suction as well as runtime
  3. Boost – strongest suction, shortest run time
  4. We conducted in-house tests to gain a better understanding of the exact duration, and here’s a summary of the results:

Dyson V15

  • Eco: 68 minutes
  • Auto: 45 minutes
  • Boost: 9 minutes

Dyson Outsize

  • Eco: 81 minutes
  • Auto: 48 minutes
  • The Boost takes 7 minutes

Overall the results were identical across those of the V15 and the Outsize. But the outsize has significantly longer run times in Eco mode, and it’s just a few minutes faster when running on Boost.

Be aware that these tests only use one battery. Because Outsize has two batteries, you could effectively double the duration.

Note: These runtime tests were conducted using all suction levels available and the main Multi-surface Cleaning Head.

Additionally, the outputs for Outsize were derived from the V11 Outsize results, as these vacuums have almost identical specifications.

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4. Click-in Battery

_ Dyson v15 detect 2

Additionally, both V15 and the outsize can snap a battery into the handheld’s base part included in the.

The battery with the click-in button was a revolutionary improvement in the Dyson V11 and included in the V15. Outsize makes it simpler to recharge the vacuum and switch the batteries.

Dyson V15

1 of them is included

Dyson Outsize

2 of them are included

The V15 includes a single battery, and there is the possibility of purchasing more batteries in the future. They aren’t yet available in the market. The Outsize model already has two batteries.

5. Motor Performance

Each V15 and the Outsize is equipped with powerful motors that can spin at max 125,000 RPM.

Dyson V15: 125K RPM

Dyson Outsize: 125K RPM

A higher RPM ( revolutions per minute) equals more powerful suction, more consistent suction, and better cleaning performance.

Although the motor’s performance is similar concerning RPMs, Dyson V15 can produce some suction power slightly higher than the Outsize. The V15 can produce up to 300 AW from the suction, unlike the Dyson Outsize, which generates 220 AW.

Dyson V15: 230 AW

Dyson Outsize: 220 AW

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6. How Do They Wash?

Each of the V15 and Dyson Outsize utilizes a similar cycle system, but the exact size is slightly different.

The V15 utilizes a two-tier 14-cyclone system. The Outsize utilizes an 18-cyclone technology.

Dyson Outsize: 18 Cyclones

Dyson V15: 14 Cyclones

The 18-cyclone system of the Outsize has more than a dozen cyclones and also has a bigger body. However, more cyclones do not mean more suction. The V15 does have more suction than Outsize (by 10AW).

Let’s Look Deeper Into These Distinctions Between the Two Dyson Models.

1. Accessories & Parts

The precise list of components and accessories may differ based on which model you select.

There is only one variant of the Dyson V15 model. 

  • Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson Outsize Dyson Outsize comes in a variety of versions:

  • Dyson V11 Outsize (includes additional basic attachments)
  • Dyson Outsize (includes updated attachments)
  • Dyson Insize Absolute+ (comes with The Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head)

Dyson V15 


  • Wand (with clip for the wand)
  • 2.0 Cleaning head with High Torque
  • Fluffy cleaning head
  • Hair screw tool
  • Tool for Combination
  • Crevice tool
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Stubborn dirt brush
  • Wall Mount
  • Click-in Battery
  • Charger

Dyson Outsize


  • Wand (with clip for the wand)
  • High Torque Cleaning head XL
  • Hair screw tool
  • Tool for Combination
  • Crevice tool
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Stubborn dirt brush
  • Wall Mount
  • Click-in Battery
  • Charger

2. Size & Dimensions

Dyson V15

  • Length: 49.6”
  • Width: 9.8”
  • Depth: 10.3”
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs.

Dyson Outsize

  • Length: 50.6”
  • Width: 12.5”
  • Depth: 10.3”
  • Weight: 7.85 lbs.

In particular, when considering the dimensions of these models, the depth and length are close to being exact.

Its Outsize is a bit heavier and feels bigger in hand compared to V15 because of its larger dustbin and the addition of cyclones.

However, if you plan to use this vacuum for an upright vacuum, you likely won’t notice the 1 pound extra weight that’s added.

3. Piezo Sensor

Dyson V15: Yes

Dyson Outsize: No

The new LCD that is now digital on V15 results from an upgraded digital display. V15 is made possible through the internal sensor, which detects the size of particulate matter.

This sensor can detect the tiniest change in particles’ size or density.

When changes are identified, it sends messages to the cleansing head, which will automatically adjust the suction force to accommodate the various types of debris.

Dyson Outsize doesn’t have a Piezo sensor, so it cannot determine the size of particles or the quantities.

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4. Digital Display

_Dyson v15 detect 6

The Dyson V15 and Dyson Outsize feature digital displays in the palm of their hands. They both display the estimated time to run, the cleaning mode in use, and any maintenance warnings.

The Outsize practically stops here in terms of features.

The V15 offers the additional benefit of displaying vibrant bar charts with data from particles. The graphs divide debris into four distinct categories that vary in size. They also show the number of particles on the upper part of every bar.

5. Cleaning Heads

Dyson V15


  • High Torque 2.0
  • Laser Slim Fluffy

Dyson Outsize


  • High Torque XL

6. Suction Power

Dyson Outsize: 220 AW

Dyson V15: 230 AW

The suction power of the Outsize and V15 is roughly the same. Even though Outsize technically has 10AW extra power, the V15 has more power by 10AW; the point can be made that higher power (at this scale) does not always translate into higher performance.

If one model is superior to the other, we would consider suction power to be a tie. Both models are more than adequate.

7. Laser Slim Fluffy

_Dyson v15 detect 3

The latest Fluffy cleaning head has an easy, low-profile, washable brush roll. Additionally, there is a green laser angled to the floor to increase the visibility of tiny particles on the floor.

The laser is available for the use of the device. However, Dysons claims that using it has minimal impact on battery lifespan.

It is included on either the V15 or Outsize AbsolutePlus only.

What Is the Use of Laser Slim Fluffy Cleaning Nozzle?

This Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head utilizes a soft roller designed for hard surface flooring. It comes with an LED light that shines down onto the floor to allow you to easily discern the dirt on the flooring.

This head of cleaning is only available for the most recent Dyson models, including the Dyson V15 Detect and the Outsize Absolute+. The Outsize model that is standard doesn’t come with this cleaning head.

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What’s the High Torque Head For Cleaning?

The high Torque cleaner is an all-surface clean head, made to be used for cleaning any floor type, but it is particularly effective on carpets.

Three sorts of High Torque cleaning heads are represented in this analysis:

  • High Torque 2.0 normal width included in the Dyson V15.
  • High Torque XL extra wide width included with Dyson Outsize.

The V15 comes with a more advanced cleaning head, which is superior to the V11 and previous Dyson models. The new head has polycarbonate teeth. They are designed to serve the role of an anti-tangle.

The head is identical in width to the regular cleaning head.

To give you a quick comparison, here’s a comparison of the standard high Torque cleaning head and the larger wide High Torque cleaning head.

You can see that the bigger one to the right is around 25% larger than the one on the left. This is the head included together with the Dyson Outsize.

The larger width makes for a larger cleaning path and shorter cleaning times.

Which Dyson Is Best?

In short, we want to know which Dyson is the better purchase? Dyson V15 and Dyson Outsize?

Should You Buy the Dyson V15 Detect?

We would highly recommend the Dyson V15 detector to anyone who

  • Particular data to be collected between both the V15 as well as the Outsize. The V15 can be the sole out of both models that can provide information on particulate data due to an onboard Piezo sensor.
  • Modern digital displays: Alongside the introduction to the Piezo sensor comes a higher-quality digital display located on the handheld’s reverse. If you’re looking for additional information about the specifics of what you’re cleaning the V15, the technology that comes with the V15 is impossible to beat.
  • Fluffy cleaning head: This model V15 also includes The Laser Slim Fluffy cleaning head, which comes with a washable brush roll and soft rollers, as well as an LED light on the board for better visibility of particles on the floor.

Should You Buy the Dyson Outsize?

We would highly recommend Dyson Outsize to people who: Dyson Outsize to anyone who:

  • Are you looking for a cleaner path to clean? The Outsize’s cleaning path Outsize model is 25 percent bigger than the V15 (or all other Outsize models). The larger path means you can get the same amount of space with less time.
  • You may require a longer time to run: Two batteries that come with the Outsize. Each can run for 60 minutes to give a total 120-minute time of running between the two. If you’re interested in the idea of swapping out batteries without missing an ounce, the Outsize is a great option.
  • Do not purchase the Fluffy cleaner head. Though the equipment and accessories are mostly similar between the two models, the V15 has the benefit of having a Fluffy, cleaner head. If this isn’t a factor for you, The High Torque XL cleaning head will likely meet your requirements for most multi-floor cleaning tasks.

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