The Truth About Dyson Fluffy Head: EXPERT’S EXPERIENCE

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In the case of cordless vacuums, it’s difficult to disagree with the features Dyson can bring with it.

Despite the flaws and what many consider excessively priced, they have many positives.

A couple of years ago, Dyson introduced the V6 Absolute as their top-of-the-line version before introducing the V8 or V10.

This was by far the most versatile and powerful cordless in the past. From the Absolute, Dyson expanded the V6 product line to accommodate various needs.

Its V6 Fluffy is one of the variants with a specific focus on floors with no flooring.

This model comes with an innovation in the market, a flexible roller bar that can take in small and large particles.

One of the things our experts love about the design of the Fluffy is its large clearance that can handle even the largest heap of dirt.

There’s a possibility that the cleaner’s head will push dirt further due to the soft roller’s exposure. Additionally, it is simple to clean and take away and maintain, so maintenance won’t be a problem in the long run.

You’ll also enjoy the same features as that higher-end V6 Absolute but at a lower cost.

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Summary of Dyson V6 Fluffy

Homes with more than 80% of hard floors are the best candidates for this Dyson V6’s fluffy accessory. It’s an ideal tool for removing dirt.

Its strength lies in its capacity to not only remove large amounts of debris but also pick up things such as pet hair and dust without any problems. It also comes with a wide collection of attachments to clean flooring, carpeted floors, etc.

A great option for cleaning Hard Flooring

Dyson V6 Fluffy Review

Dyson V6 Fluffy

The V6 Fluffy is one of Dyson’s most affordable options for cleaning hard surfaces. The model has one attachment, the “Fluffy” or soft roller attachment, which is great at cleaning up dirt on hard surfaces.

However, since it’s a V6 model, it doesn’t have the hygienic systems that Dyson V7 and V8 models come with, which means it will be messier when emptying the dirt.

If you’re not worried about the limitations, it’s ideal for homes with smaller spaces because it’s one of the lightest and most compact Dyson stick vacuums.

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A Quick Overview of the Features

  • With the removable wand and an interchangeable tool, it is possible to use it as a hand-held vacuum or a stick.
  • It weighs 5.1 pounds, including the wand and the main cleaning head.
  • Digital motor V6 can generate up to 100 air watts of suction.
  • It’s equipped with a gentle soft-roller bar on the hardwood, but it still offers great agitation.
  • It also has a small motorized brush to make cleaning upholstery much easier.
  • The lithium-ion battery can last for up to 20 minutes.
  • Lifetime washable filter that can be washed


  • Perfect for homes with no flooring because of this soft bar
  • Good bare floor stairway cleaner
  • An excellent option for pet owners
  • A multi-purpose machine that does not take up a large amount of space
  • Attachments provide this vacuum with excellent coverage of your vehicle and home.


  • Small dirt bins can be difficult to empty
  • There is no HEPA filtering.
  • Edge cleaning isn’t the same as upright vacuums.
  • Max mode’s run time is very short (only 5 minutes)

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What’s Inside the Package (If You Purchase From Amazon)?

_Dyson V6 Fluffy 4

  • The wall-mountable charger that can be mounted to the wall
  • Mini turbo brush
  • Soft dusting brush
  • A crevice tool
  • A soft roller cleaning head
  • Multi-tools or combination tools
  • Extension Wand

What Should You Expect From the Dyson V6 Fluffy?

Its V6 Fluffy is purpose-built to remove dirt from floors. When you look at the bar’s soft surface closely, it’s got a nylon outer cover and carbon fiber grooves that work to collect smaller and larger particles.

No vacuums came with this roller bar before the V6 was released on the market.

In a sense, it’s an innovative design, which you can find in other vacuums, like that of the stick vacuum Roidmi and Shark IONFlex DuoClean.

Be aware that the Fluffy that you will read can be considered that of the UK version and, therefore, does not come in the same package as those in the US version. The US version doesn’t come with the bristled attachment.

What Did Our Experts Love About Fluffy Head:

_Dyson V6 Fluffy 1

The blue and red components are made of nylon and black grooves, stronger carbon fibers that provide agitation. Don’t think that you let the “soft roller” title fool you, as the material is firm and does not break.

Also, nylon strips on the bottom surround the soft roller bar to protect the floor from the plastic shell.

On the other side, it is a broad roller bar (not driven by motors) covered in nylon which protects against scratching.

Dyson put a lot of effort into making this device.

We love most the floor tools’ level of space available.

The greater clearance means that the head of cleaning will take in larger dirt particles without moving them further.

Our pet hate with the old sticks vacuums is the head’s low-profile design.

1. Washable Filter

The V6 Fluffy accompanies a lifetime washable filter which will require washing in cool water.

If you are using this more frequently, the frequency will rise. However, the Fluffy doesn’t come with the HEPA filter, available in more expensive models like the V6 Absolute or Animal.

2. Cleaning Performance

_Dyson V6 Fluffy 3

To demonstrate the performance of this product. Please read the article below.

The first comes from Ibaisaic, in which he examines the V6 Fluffy on flooring and carpet.

In addition, he’s making use of his UK Version of Fluffy, which has bristled heads for cleaning. The same tool is used in the V6 Cord-Free vacuum.

The overall performance is amazing for the cordless vacuum. The bristle attachment does well on the carpet with a medium pile. However, you’ll need to utilize the maximum function, which reduces the run time to about 6 minutes.

On non-bare floors, the performance was exceptional, with that soft roll bar removing most of the debris.

The test shows how the Fluffy tool isn’t without limitations in the amount of dirt it can take in. however, it’s possible to just use the combined tool or crevice tool for bigger pieces of dirt.

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3. Two power modes

All V6 models come with two power options – standard and max. Max mode lets you have access to all 100 air watts.

When you use the default setting mode, the power is reduced to around 25 air watts, which means you’re only getting about a quarter of the power.

Enabling the max mode will reduce the runtime to six minutes. The time for running could be as long as 20 minutes with mode default.

4. Dirt bin

Every one of the Dyson V6 bins features drop doors dependent on gravity. Newer models such as the Dyson V7 and V8, and V10 have a brand new bin design and a mechanism that pushes dirt out.

Suppose you’re comfortable having your hands dirtier. This is a fantastic alternative due to the price difference.

You may also take the entire bin from the motor if you want to wash it more thoroughly.

But don’t submerge it in water as electronic components transmit current.

This could cause damage to the product and invalidate the warranty.

5. What Do the Buyers Think of Dyson Fluffy Head?

_Dyson V6 Fluffy 2

The customers were pleased with the way Fluffy worked on floor surfaces that were not clean. Its soft-roller cleaning device is fantastic on surfaces, such as laminate and tile. Its reviews say that it won’t scratch any sensitive surfaces such as Ebony-stained oak floors.

The combination of nylon’s softness and the stiffness of carbon fiber grooves effectively removes dust and other particles such as Oats rolled.

It also features a swivel steering system and a low-profile design, which lets it be able to go beneath the furniture.

Versatility is yet another strength because of the ability to swap tools.

There are complaints about the run time. Some say it’s more like 15 minutes when using the motorized attachment and the smaller dirt bin.

There are some complaints about problems with quality control, but this is fairly commonplace with every electronic product.

This is why Dyson offers a 2-year guarantee in instances of a manufacturing defect.

The Verdict


Dyson V6 Fluffy is an excellent choice for those searching for a clean floor. It’s the only cleaner with a price lower than the V6 and Absolute. It’s still the same flexibility as Dyson cordless vacuums, but you won’t have to spend as much.

The most notable benefit of the soft roller head is that it won’t scratch wood due to the safety it provides beneath it.

Some potential problems could be the slower duration and the smaller bin that could be dirty to empty. But If you’re okay with the constraints, this is an excellent alternative.

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