Dyson DC58 Review: Best Alternatives Finally Found!

If your apartment/home is huge, for example, 40sqft. or more, then a large upright vacuum cleaner would be of no use as it might not be practical.

Firstly, storing it can be an issue. Additionally, you cannot make use of it to clean the stairs. In the end, It wouldn’t be possible to use the device to wash vents or upholstery.

This is the place where the DC58 is located.

Dyson’s latest and most powerful handheld vacuum ever.

Note this: DC58 is the name of this model. It is identical to the V6 Trigger. It offers around 10 variations of its V6 product line that are specifically designed to meet the needs.

They claim it’s three times. More powerful than other handhelds on the market. This isn’t necessarily bad news as it reduces costs to under $190.

It is also a handheld version of the DC59. They both have the same motor, which has the same running time and charging time. The biggest difference is between attachments.


We’ve pulled out the following 5 best alternatives also, you can go for these options also. By tapping the links, you’ll reach the respective Amazon pages.

Dyson 58

A Quick Overview of Features

  • It comes with two attachments: a crevice tool and a combination tool.
  • It is equipped with a brand new V6 digital motor.
  • Weighs just 3.45 pounds.
  • Produces 28 air watts when in normal mode and 100 air watts when in boost mode.
  • Re-engineered Nickel manganese-cobalt batteries.
  • 20 minutes of running time in regular mode and 6 minutes when it is in boost mode.
  • Ideal for spot cleaning
  • Very ergonomic
  • Strong suction
  • Boost function and suction power by three times
  • Simple to wash the filter
  • A decent 20-minute run time at a normal speed
  • A filter is designed to last for the entire life of the vacuum
  • Easy to empty
  • No wall-mounted charger.
  • The Boost function cuts down the running time to six minutes.
  • There is no flexible hose, but you can purchase this separately.

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What Can You Expect From the Dyson DC59?

Dyson DC58 4

One of the most desirable qualities of the DC58 is the motor. It is fitted with a v6 digital motor that rotates 110,000 times per minute. Consider it for a moment and you will see it.

It spins faster than a sports car. The motor’s power produces up to 100 air watts. This is nearly three times more suction power than other handheld vacuum cleaners. However, there is a limitation – it’ll only last 6 minutes. In normal mode, it runs for 20 minutes. 

It produces 28 air watts, which is lower than a handheld Black and Decker. However, it’s always good to have that kind of power on tap whenever you require it.

Attachments and accessories: It is equipped with two attachments: the crevice tool and combination tool that are in the DC44 are not able to fit inside the DC59; however, one user could pull off the DC44 by applying electrical tape to make it fit perfectly.

Charging Time: It can take about three and a half hours to fully charge.

Filter clean up: Similar to the DC59, the filter is situated at the bottom of the dirt bin. It is removed without having to segregate it from the motor.

Run Time: In normal mode, it will be running for 20 minutes. In boost mode, that time is reduced to 6 minutes.

Warranty: The product comes with a two-year guarantee if you purchase it from the United States.

1. Pet Hair

The absence of mini motorized tools limits its ability to wash pet hair from carpets. Especially stairs, but it’s still capable of cleaning carpets of pet hair and upholstery because of the combination tool.

2. Carpet Performance

Dyson DC58 1

The absence of an engine attachment makes this spot cleaner. It is capable of deciding on Up-dosing dust bunnies and pet hairs on the carpet because it has an agitator under it, the combination tool to help get rid of dirt embedded in carpets and upholstery.

3. Bare Floor Performance

Dyson DC58 1

This is purely an application of spot cleaning since it doesn’t have motorized brushes. It’s perfect for picking up pieces of cheerio’s rice grains and similar kinds. It’s a good idea to use it well on dust due to the brush tool.

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4. Upholstery Performance

Dyson DC58 2

This is a great idea for upholstery, thanks to those two connections. The crevice tool is fantastic for cleaning dirt from tight spaces. The combination tool is great for dust and hair.

In contrast to vacuums with lower-cost components, they use friction to fix tools to the body to secure tools; DC58 comes with a secure locking mechanism. To ensure that it can stay in place when applying pressure on it.

Customer Reviews

The majority of consumers were happy with the performance of the DC58. One of the features they appreciated was the suction power that could remove a wide range of particles such as pet litter, breadcrumbs, dust, pet hair, and similar.

The distribution of weight is a major issue. The majority of consumers say it didn’t strain their wrists or fingers. The trigger switch caused mixed reactions. Some people love it because it aids in reducing their running time while others do not.

We like it as it’s a bit tiring. It is spot cleaner and also shines.

Since power doesn’t fade and is very light, however, the absence of an installation on the wall Some people were disappointed by the cost. They believed it was not appropriate to have been included. 

Many were disappointed that the list didn’t contain motorized vehicles, Brush, or wands, but keep in mind that it’s a handheld version of DC59 that includes all of the attachments mentioned above.

The time of the run wasn’t enough for certain. But be aware that this product is intended to be an effective spot cleaner and you can use it as your main vacuum.

Where Can We Get This?

Dyson DC58 3

This is almost similar to the Dyson V6 Trigger. It’s available on Amazon for less than $195. It will be eligible for free two-day shipping when you sign up for Prime.

Extended warranties are also available for up to 3 years if you’re looking for added security.



This vacuum is perfect for those who need to clean their homes—looking for a powerful hand vacuum cleaner that can get rid of every nook, crevice, and cranny that surrounds their house.

It comes with two attachments. It will do all your heavy lifting. The crevice tool can clean crevices and restricted spaces. The tool combination works great.

Despite the cost, even with the high price tag, many people buy it because they are confident that they’ll receive a top-notch cleansing product with top-of-the-line after-sales service which is evidenced by reviews on Amazon.

The question is: Are you willing to pay for the opportunity to purchase.

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