Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner: The Detailed Review

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Vacuum Cleaners have become an essential commodity in our homes, workplaces, and all other places. Wherever we go, all the places are exposed to dust and dirt that needs to be cleaned daily. And of all other places, our homes are too important a place that needs a regular and thorough cleaning. 

But due to our hectic daily schedule, it actually becomes a tiresome affair and also time-consuming to clean our homes. This is where vacuum cleaners come as a rescue. Every day in our home, thousands of hair strands and millions of skin cells are being shed, dander, allergens, pollen, and bacteria accumulating need to be removed. 

And vacuuming is the most effective way to remove these from our houses. Proper vacuuming also takes care of the investment that you have made in your household, i.e., the carpets, sofa, upholstery, carpeted staircases, rugs, and many others.

In order to maintain cleanliness in our homes as well as save our time and energy, we need a good vacuum cleaner. And for all these, the Dyson DC50 Vacuum Cleaner will act as your savior.

Dyson DC 50 is designed to fulfill all your requirements. This vacuum cleaner helps you to clean various types of floors in your household. It is compact and very easy to handle as like a Dyson Canister Vacuum.

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Dyson DC50

What Makes You Buy a Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

Dyson DC50 is specially designed for all types of floor available. The weight of the Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner is just 5.4kgs in weight, but still, it has the full potentiality to that of a full-size upright vacuum cleaner manufactured by other brands. 

The technology used inside Dyson DC50 has not simply been contracted but concentrated. Every dimension and angle is re-engineered for best cleaning power as well as performance.

The four key cleaner head technologies in this Upright Vacuum Cleaner combine to make it to be the most advanced and updated cleaner head technology so far. 

It has been designed for increased dust and dirt pick up covering all floors. The cleaner head in Dyson DC50 has an automatically adjusted mode for all types of floors.

 The brush bar used here contains carbon fiber filaments which very easily remove fine dust particles from the hard floors.

Just like all other Dyson vacuum cleaners, the DC50 is bagless, so there is no scope of loss of suction. Rather the patented cyclone technology used has the capability to spin dirt and dust even from the air around.

The 2 Tier Radial cyclones in this Upright Vacuum Cleaner have nineteen cyclones. All these cyclones work parallel across the two tiers, which results in generating high centrifugal forces. 

It has the power and capability to pull microscopic particles of even 0.5 microns from the air around.

With the latest ball technology with Dyson, more of the key components of vacuum are located inside the ball. This results in reducing clutter on the outer side of the vacuum cleaner, streamlining its profile. Dyson DC50 turns on the spot and maneuvers easily around compact furniture into difficult places.

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Key Features of Dyson DC50 

dyson dc50 (2)

Dyson DC50 has some unique features that make it one of the most preferred vacuum cleaners in the market.

  • Dyson DC50 has the best-advanced cleaner head technology.
  • It’s engineered and designed for increased dust particles pick-up across all types of floors.
  • It is ultra-light in weight and also durable too. It weighs only 5.4kg.
  • With the presence of 2 Tier Radial Cyclones, it has an amazing capability to capture more dirt and dust particles than any other vacuum cleaner present in the market.
  • The latest Ball technology in Dyson DC50 turns on the spot.
  • The instant release wand present in this Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner has increased capability for cleaning dirt and dust from closed, tight, and awkward areas.
  • Dyson DC50 has the potential to capture allergens and leave cleaner air around.
  • It has the option to empty the dust tank quickly and easily. It is hygienic as well.
  • This model comes with a 5-year guarantee.

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  • The name of the brand is ‎Dyson.
  • The color available for the Dyson DC50 is Yellow.
  • The form factor of the Dyson DC50 is Upright which makes it excellent.
  • The recommended surfaces of use of this Upright Vacuum Cleaner are Dual Action.
  • Its compactness is one of the special features of the Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Product Dimensions are  ‎35 x 28 x 106 cm.
  • The weight of the Dyson DC50 is 5.4 Kilograms which is ultra-light.
  • The capacity of this Vacuum Cleaner is ‎0.8 liters.
  • Volume Capacity is ‎0.8 liters.
  • Power / Wattage is ‎141 watts.
  • The voltage used in Dyson DC 50 is ‎240 Volts.
  • There is no Auto Shutoff available.
  • The noise level of the Dyson DC50 is ‎90 db.

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Tips and Tricks to Maintain

How to Clean the Dust Tank of Dyson DC50, Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner? 

dyson dc50 (3)

A button on top of the Dyson DC50’s handle is present to remove the dust tank from the appliance. You need to press the same button for the second time to open the base of the dust tank.

As the dust tank base is open, there is a grey button on the sides of the Dyson DC50 near the red rod. You need to press it (grey button) to pull the dust tank away from the Dyson DC50, Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner. 

Once the dust tank is detached from the appliance, you have to clear the trash from the dust tank and clean it with a damp cloth. 

After this, attach the dust tank in reverse order as you have done while detaching it. 

Important Points to Keep In Mind

Never use any washing liquid or powder or any kind of polishing oils on any parts of machinery in the Dyson DC50, Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Never use any kind of liquid on the surface of the Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Clean the dust tank after every time you use it. Ensure that the dust tank is completely dry before you reattach it to the appliance .

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To Encapsulate

dyson dc50

To sum up, the Dyson DC50 is one of the latest, smart, and most innovative vacuum cleaners available in the market. It is needless to reiterate that vacuum cleaners are one of the most significant devices in the current age. 

This Vacuum Cleaner is specially designed and developed for complex cleaning jobs. It is extensively used for cleaning offices, corner stores, and other stores and household cleaning purposes.

Dyson DC50 contains great design mechanism that it is very easy to clean offices and households, making them clear of any dust and dirt particles.

This Multi Floor Vacuum has an exceptional design principle composed of 2 Tiers making it one of its kind. It has excellent efficiency to suck and trap the smallest dust particles hidden in the corners. 

It has a unique (and useful)  feature of rotating and spinning easily without making any mechanical sound and  has advanced and innovative ball technology that can wipe out grime on any kind of floor. The Dyson DC50 is very light weight. It is also easy to access. And last but not least, Dyson DC 50 is intense.

Wait, There Is More

It’s a tangle-free turbine appliance. It is to note that Dyson DC50 comes along with a booklet. 

This is a great source of knowledge to operate the vacuum cleaner appropriately and properly. It is also to be noted that the This Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner is fabricated in an automated shop.

Dyson DC50 has the great feature of altering the head cleaners automatically. It is also one of those rare appliances that composite a multitude of types of floor cleaning appliances.

It has an excellent brush bar which makes the removal of grime from any kind of hard floor very easy. The brush bars are surrounded by a carbon strand that makes the DC50 function precisely and in fine order.

However, with all this information of Dyson DC50 being very easy to use, it has certain drawbacks. The user of the Dyson DC50 must read the booklet that comes with the appliance very carefully and properly to operate the appliance with ease.

Also, note any defective parts in the appliance makes the degeneration of the appliance very faster. So this Compact Upright model needs to be repaired as soon as it has broken down.

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What Is the Dimension of the Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

It’s a very compact appliance measuring just 35 x 28 x 106 cm.

What Is the Weight of the Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

The Dyson DC50 is very light in weight, weighing a mere 5.4kilograms.

What Are the Maximum Dirt and Dust Suction Capacity of the Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

It can suck up to 0.8 liters of dirt and dust into its dust tank.

What Is the Power Requirement for Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

It needs 141 watts of power to run in 240 volts mains.

Can It Shut Down Automatically?

No, there is no automatic shutdown feature available for Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner.



At the end of this article, by now, you have got the basic idea of how Dyson DC50 is all about. This lightweight vacuum cleaner is unique with its asnotinishing features. 

The carbon strand present around the brush bar makes cleaning from hard surfaces easy and smooth. Dyson DC50 has the potential to suck and pull out the smallest dust and dirt particles that get accumulated in the tough corners of floors and furniture. It is very easy to clean thus easy to maintain as well. 

The booklet that comes with the Dyson DC50 is an important thing, and it should be read properly before using the appliance for the first time.

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