BEWARE: Is Dyson DC40 Truly Worth Purchase?

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We recently reviewed Dyson DC39, which did tremendous in our testing, and right after that, we conducted a lengthy testing session for the DC40 model, and we were excited.

For those looking for a rapid answer, Dyson DC40 is a class performer, an absolute cleaner that’s worth every penny.

The performance on the thick carpet was much better than expectations. Yes, this one is better than DC41, DC50, and a few more models belonging to the same series.

But what makes you pay for this vacuum cleaner? What’s the specialty?

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Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Hoover MAXLife 4.4 stars/4,758 reviews 9.6 9.4
Hoover Power Drive 4.3 stars/1,888 reviews 9.2 9.1
Hoover Commercial TaskVac 4.2 stars/165 reviews 9.1 8.9
Dyson DC40 4.1 stars/518 reviews 9.0 8.8

Well, it’s worth buying because of its all-rounder skills. It can clean almost any surface, most importantly, without much hassle like you have to do with several similarly priced upright vacuum.

Let’s cherish the test results now.

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How Did Dyson DC40 Perform in Our Testing?

Dyson DC40

We started testing by scattering flour and rice on the hardwood floor, and the room measured 15 x 14 sq ft. The DC40 cleaned the room in 2:10 mins, while the one that cost almost 1.5 x more than this model (can’t take the name here) took more than double drags and around 1:30 minutes more.

Whether you talk about kitten litter or fine dust, this model did more than justice. Suction power was tremendous, and it even sucked the marbles from an impressive distance. Now, that clearly means you won’t have to move the vacuum cleaner much while cleaning, as it will suck everything in fewer drags (mostly just one drag).

Besides suction power, we found it easily maneuverable.

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Credit: ibaisaic

1. Bare Floor Performance

Dyson truly deserves appreciation here. Surprisingly, the suction is even better than Dyson DC65. High suction is always very important in vacuum cleaners so that the user has to perform fewer drags to clean up, and the DC40 model fully satisfies this department.

Weighing just 14.6 pounds, you won’t feel tired with this cleaning device no matter if there’s a huge hall in front of you to be cleaned. Look towards the performance of Dyson DC17.

2. Carpet Performance

Generally, the biggest benefit of owning an upright vacuum cleaner is easy cleaning of thick carpets, and the way DC40 deep cleans the hard carpet, you’ll be entirely stunned.

Carpet Performance

Grams of sand were rubbed over 2 medium-pile carpets, and then we tested the DC40. For the performance in that test, we’d use just one word, “tremendous.”

3. Pet Hair Removal

If you own a Dyson DC40, there’s no need to spend separately on a special vacuum cleaner for your pets, as this one will do the job correctly.

We cleaned pet hair on fabric upholstery and carpet, and from the results, we can call this model a great hair cleaning device. We even cleaned fine pet hair from the thin mattress, and again, there was nothing to complain about.

There are several other vacuums that do a great job, but you simply need more drags and spend time fitting tools and all. There’s nothing like that in DC40.

What Are the Most Appealing Features?

Dyson DC40

1. Solid Construction and Appreciable Durability

Now that’s one of the core reasons why you should buy Dyson SC40. There are plenty of similar-looking vacuums out there, boasting of having similar power and features, but what about construction and longevity? You don’t need a Chinese charm, right?

We were amazed at the sturdiness and construction quality of this vacuum, and we can truly exclaim that it’s a thing worth lasting a decade or two. Not a single part was there, which can be called feeble.

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2. Radial Root Cyclone Technology

This is a special technology used in the majority of Dyson DC series models, and it’s worth praising. You already know how harmful minute dust and bacteria could be.

Radial Root Cyclone technology is for ensuring your protection against the same only. But how does it manage to? Well, it increases suction power to such a level that nothing escapes from it.

That is the reason it cleans thick carpets and rugs so well. It definitely decreases the chances of dust-related diseases and cuts down the hassle of visiting (and sometimes troubling) doctors.

3. Unparalleled Versatility of Dyson DC40

It truly becomes hectic to clean your room which is full of furniture, and also, most of the time, you aren’t able to clean every spot.

Why so?

Because reaching those intricate corners and below the furniture is very challenging.

Upright vacuums are good for such sort of cleaning, and Dyson DC40 is the perfect one in this department. You can actually clean intricate spots under furniture without needing to move them. Undoubtedly, moving furniture is such a back-breaking proposition, and back issues directly mean huge medical bills.

Well, you’re saved from all that!

4. Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head & High Reach Cleaning

Whenever it comes to vacuum cleaning, optimal contact is always needed for proper cleaning. This is very useful while picking minute dust from upholstery, carpets, rugs, etc. Due to perfect contact with the surface, you also need to perform fewer drags while cleaning. That’s how you finish cleaning faster.

Self-adjusting cleaner head

A high reach is another benefit of Dyson DC40, and it again makes cleaning very easy. Cleaning the stairs doesn’t just take much time, but it also brings frustration, but actually, not if your vacuum cleaner permits you high reach cleaning.

With this model, you get perfectly constructed cleaner head self-adjusts for perfect contact – even on hard floors.

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5. Design and Maneuverability

The design should not be just dashing and modern, but it also needs to be practical at the same time—the DC40 ticks both the boxes. Maneuvering most of the Dyson SC series models is easy, and the same goes on with DC40 as well.

Your teen kid can clean his/her room conveniently with this vacuum, and not just it’s easy to maneuver, but also, the usage is simple. No bells and whistles at all.

The Verdict


Dyson DC40 picks up the fine dirt, minute dust particles, and pet hair without much of an issue, and ease is what you want while cleaning. For those having a busy schedule and who aren’t able to give time to clean their house, Dyson DC40 is a must-buy weapon.

One can’t question the build quality, as it’s better than even several more expensive vacuums. Thumbs up to Dyson for this goodie! It’s truly a good trade!

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