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Dyson brand is reputed and recognized for its vacuum cleaners, and these days there are varieties of options to select from. The Dyson DC34 is one of the best and most inexpensive models.

 It is a handheld machine that is properly moveable in every corner. Claimed to be efficient and powerful, this electric handheld vacuum cleaner comes with two times the suction energy compared to another Vacuum cleaner. 

Moreover, with the advancement of technology, this device enables you to perform the job in no time with no dust left aside from the Dyson dc34. It is one of those cordless handheld vacuum cleaners that you can use for casting off puppy hair also.

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Dyson DC34 is the well-known vacuum cleaner. Yes, there are many features, but it is discontinued.

But don’t think too much. It is not a big issue at all. 

When we buy any dyson vacuum cleaner then what do we look in it? First,  it shouldn’t have any big negative. Secondly, it shouldn’t require to buy additional attachments for best performance. With Dyson DC34 you need some extra attachments which makes you pay extra.

Here we suggest you the better alternatives which offer best performance without any extra charges.

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Dyson V8 Animal 4.6 stars/7590 reviews 9.8 9.6
Dyson V11 Torque 4.6 stars/280 reviews 9.6 9.3
Dyson Cyclone V10  4.6 stars/136 reviews 9.1 9.0
Dyson V11 Pro 4.6 stars/58 reviews 9.2 9.1

Dyson DC34 Handheld

A Quick Overview: Dyson DC34 Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson dc34 is the Best Hand vacuum cleaner that offers high suction electricity and spins three instances quicker than traditional ones. These all features make this device the most effective handheld vacuum cleaner.

 Dyson dc34 hand vacuum cleaner uses 22.2V lithium-ion battery that takes very much less time to charge. Therefore, overall performance stays strong without any drop-off. You will find a LED indicator that will suggest to you the battery percentage.

Dyson vacuum cleaners come with an accessory tool and crevice tool consisting of a particle nozzle to pick up crumbs and send them to a brush device for dusting sensitive surfaces. We can smooth our pc keyboards with it. For a more detailed review, Read this information till the end about Dyson dc34 handheld vacuum cleaner.

It’s smaller, lighter, and faster than any traditional vacuum cleaner. This handheld vacuum cleaner should no longer depend on carbon brushes like others. The Dyson motor spins at the rate of 104,000 rpm- that’s five instances faster than the engine of a Formula 1 race automobile.

The smaller size and lighter weight than any other device makes this Dyson dc34 handheld vacuum cleaner a lot simpler to deal with. Buy Dyson dc34 bagless cordless hand vacuum online and enjoy its features.

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  • Powerful bagless suction
  • Up to 15mins battery life
  • Three accessories tools
  • Motorized brush head
  • Brand: Dyson
  • Model: dc34
  • Product: Vacuum Cleaner
  • Dimensions: 4.4″ x 12.7″ x 8.1″ 
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Battery indicator: LED
  • Warranty: 2-year

How Is the Performance of the Dyson dc34 Vacuum Cleaner?

dyson dc34

The Dyson dc34 model of Vacuum cleaner comes with two electric modes – high and low. The former promises 8 mins of operation while the latter nearly doubles this, 15mins, cause the suction energy is reduced to half. In ordinary/low mode.

It is most effective for dust-sized trash lightly ingrained into any given floor. It will often ignore the Stubborn dust or larger particles until you’re simply persistent and specific approximately how you place the nozzle in a particular area.

Switch to high power mode, and its 104,000rpm motor shows its works, making the Dyson dc34 extra flexible. It will now clean up the ingrained dirt. Undoubtedly it is one of the best handheld vacuum cleaners with compact size.

You may want to suffice the vacuum pretty much in case the cleaning area is small. The device is easily transportable from one area to another as the battery powers the device.

One of the major attributes of a mainstream handheld vacuum cleaner is it’s small size. Moreover, other things make this device a must-buy. As for the toughness and life of the device, we observed the claims done by Dyson’s brands to be pretty accurate. 

Dyson dc34 is pleasant cleaning the automobile or having quick spruce up as it doesn’t have infrequent spillages. However, if you have a proper spring smooth, you’ll probably find it most effective. The battery lasts after cleaning 3 mid-size rooms before you recharge it again.

A final plus point that we must consider before reviewing its overall performance is cleaning the drain collection cylinder that makes it exceptionally smooth to clean any dirt. Choose the essential papers from the cylinder if you think you dumped them unknowingly.

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Is Dyson DC34 Good Investment?

A Dyson’s handheld vacuum is excellent for everyone who needs to smooth down the challenging task for reaching areas with their domestic cleaner. The Dyson DC34 uses an innovative layout to make it smooth and clean the complete area without leaving any spot. This vacuum combines a compact and powerful virtual motor with Radix Cyclone technology to deliver a splendid performance time after time.

What is Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

The cordless handheld vacuum cleaner makes use of advanced generations. It provides the user with hassle-free operation and guarantees more excellent, effortless cleansing of the interior of your property and vehicle. 

Using handheld vacuum cleaners, you can easily remove all the unwanted dust, dust, pet hair, and other allergens from your home. An assurance of spotless indoor area can be made by using a fine Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

Worried about deciding on an excellent cordless handheld vacuum cleaner? The precise functions of the Best Cordless Handheld Wet/Dry vacuum make it the top-rated and bestselling hand vacuum.

The compactness and portability with a smooth-to-handle grip make Dyson dc34 less complicated to handle while vacuuming. All Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners include a smart charging feature and provide a good runtime and robust suction while cleansing.

The cyclonic motion, higher charge retention, and strong suction strength are significant reasons that need to be considered. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is much less noisy than all other vacuum cleaners to be had in the marketplace.

If you’re attempting to find the Best Cordless handheld vacuum for domestic and automobile, then Dyson dc 34 will be the best choice for you.

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Features of Dyson dc34 Vacuum Cleaner

dyson dc34_

1. Charging Time & Attachments

Dyson DC34 takes three to five hours to get fully charged. Dyson dc34 is a small handheld vacuum that presents excessive suction energy and alternatives up to tiny dust debris.

You get only two attachments – a crevice tool and a pull-out mixture brush with a comprehensive nozzle tool. Dyson vacuum cleaners have a smooth mechanism for locking all specks of dirt in place.

2. The Runtime of Dyson DC34 Cordless Vacuum

Dyson dc34 handheld vacuum cleaner comes up with two different modes – high suction and Max mode. The high suction mode inside the cordless vacuum gives 15 mins of regular suction at 28 watts. The max mode is a more forceful suction designed for more strenuous cleaning jobs at an equal time. The vacuum can run in the max mode for up to 6 minutes.

3. Quick With Performance

The attachments on Dyson’s handheld vacuum are slender, so they work in the form of spot cleanser. The motor affords excessive suction energy that allows a powerful cleaning technique.

4. Useful For Pet Hair Removal

Dyson dc34 is a bagless, and cordless hand vacuum. The vacuum cleaner does not have a motorized brush; however, it can still remove your pet hair. The brush agitates and loosens up the puppy hair; the extensive nozzle sucks this up. Go through Dyson dc34 cordless vacuum purifier specifications and find out the full description and manual of using it.

5. Filter Clean-Up In Dyson dc34 Cordless Vacuum

Dyson dc 34 clear-outs inside the pleasant handheld vacuum are positioned on the back of the dirt bin, which can be accessed with the aid of an urgent discharge latch on the pinnacle to split the dirt cup from the motor. Take out the clear-out and wash Dyson’s hand vac in walking water. The manufacturer recommends washing the clear out at least as soon as a month.

  • Intense cleansing: When doing complex cleansing jobs, hit the MAX mode button for a burst of additional suction power.
  • Stronger cleaning strength: The Radix Cyclone technology in Dyson vacuums keeps their suction strong regardless of how full of dust the area is or how long they have been working.
  • Awesome accessories: The detachable combination of accessory and crevice tools can make cleansing all through your own home easier.
  • Compact design: Clean your property quite simply a way to the portable, lightweight layout. It additionally makes cleaning the auto easy.

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  • Charging time & Attachments
  • Excellent Runtime of Dyson dc34 cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Useful for Pet Hair Removal
  • Filter Clean-Up in Dyson dc34 cordless vacuum
  • Quick with Performance


  • Need three-and-a-half of-hour charge time
  • As a good deal as 3 times more suction power in comparison to various other first-class handheld vacuums
  • Easy to drain and handy to use
  • Lightweight and smooth to maintain
  • The motorized brush is working exactly the way wanted on carpets.


  • Quite bulky and heavy as compared to other handheld vacuum cleaners
  • Expensive in comparison to other

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Different Types of Vacuum Cleaner Available In Market

dyson dc34

1. Handheld

Opt for those in case you’re searching for something greater portable. These aren’t handiest, remarkably cheaper, but you will be capable of effectively smooth difficult-to-reach corners or automobile interiors due to their portability.

While the older models came with cords connected, the more modern fashions have integrated batteries. The Dyson dc34 vacuum cleaner falls in the same category.

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2. Stick 

One of the trendiest nowadays, this type of vacuum cleaner doesn’t give the most effective look but is also relatively portable and clean to apply. These have a motor and dust collector in the wand itself, so there’s no bulk to carry together with you. 

These machines may be operated with one hand and come with various extensions for only cleaning purposes. They are broadly speaking powered through integrated batteries, and hence there is no difficulty of tangled cables. In this class, you’ll find Dyson’s range of high-stop vacuum cleaners.

3. Multi-Purpose 

These offer wet and dry cleaning and are satisfactorily acceptable for cleanup jobs at home or even offices. These are heavy and want to be dragged at the side of you, but the powerful suction makes us cheer.

4. Canister

Among the maximum typically used, canister vacuums include several attachments and are pretty close to being ‘all-motive’ cleaners. But due to the cumbersome nature of those machines, they have wheels and want to be dragged around anywhere you move. 

5. Upright 

These are perfect for homes with huge flooring or carpet locations because the layout guarantees maximum cleansing with minimal attempts. However, they aren’t the most transportable and aren’t tremendous at cleansing sofas or underneath the furnishings.

Frequently Asked Question About Dyson DC34

How to Charge the Dyson dc34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

The battery of the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner must be plugged in, which may be inserted into the vacuum cleaner later on.

How is the Cleaning Experience Using Dyson dc34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

To clean the parts, you just need to run them underneath the water. There's no requirement of any additional detergents to ensure the floor's cleaning and different components.

What’s the time Taken for Charging by Dyson dc34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner?

The minimum time is 3 hours. However, five hours are required for the Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner battery to charge completely, because ti has a big one.

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The Conclusion


The Dyson dc34 Animal is a tremendous handheld vacuum cleaner. It’s more effective than every other product you are looking at. It has few add-ons features, and it’s well designed in terms of usability. However, it is a little heavy as compared to many handheld vacuum cleaners. It doesn’t have much competition for strength and comes with an affordable price range. It’s really a clever decision to buy a Dyson dc 34 vacuum cleaner.

The Dyson dc34 handheld vacuum cleaner’s performance and evaluation are favorable for the buyers looking for a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning their floor or car. Therefore, if you’re searching for cordless, lightweight, excellent handheld vacuum cleaners having high suction energy, you must choose this Dyson dc34 bagless cordless hand vacuum.

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