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Here we bring you Dyson DC33 review which carries all info you need!

If you are looking for a multi-surface upright vacuum cleaner, The Dyson DC33 Upright Bagless Cleaner is exactly what you require. Of course, The Dyson is a very great known name when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners.

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Dyson DC33 is a dependable bagless vacuum cleaner. It is well-known for its multitask functionality. This vacuum scored overall 88% in its performance. But the main point is that, the product is discontinued.

But chill….it is not a big issue.

Here we show you a number of alternative options who scored more than 88%.

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Tineco Floor One S3 4.7 stars/16,755 reviews 9.8 9.5
4.6 stars/6,866 reviews 9.4 9.1
Dreametech T10 Cordless 4.4 stars/918 reviews 9.0 8.8
4.5 stars/180 reviews 8.9 8.6

As with any model, ratings and reviews show absolutely how pleased are the Dyson users. It’s known that having a Dyson vacuum cleaner does guarantee to clean every kind of surface and carpet.

More precisely, let’s discuss the Dyson DC33 and why it comes out when it comes to huge homes and multi-surfaces. The Dyson DC33 is a robust vacuum cleaner, and while it might be expensive, it’s worth every single penny.

After a thorough trial and also some experience with the vacuum cleaner, we’ve decided to provide a full article for those looking for this vacuum cleaner.

If you wanna know more about this robust bagless powerful upright vacuum cleaner, keep on reading if you are interested in features and specs.

Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless

Credit: VacuumWizard


This vacuum cleaner could go from hardwood flooring to carpet in the blink of an eye.
The DC33 is an entirely bagless vacuum available in the market.
It stands up on its own automatically easily and is smooth to move around the house.
The vacuum features Root Cyclone tech, which makes sure even the finest pollen and dust is picked up by the vacuum cleaner every time you use it.
The Dyson DC33 vacuum cleaner is ultra-lightweight, which makes it easy for moving around houses that have multiple floors or for moving between many buildings and sharing with your family.
Dyson sends this vacuum cleaner with additional tools for cleaning corners and stairs easily at no additional cost to you.
The DC33 has been approved by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation for America for being capable of picking up fine particles, which would usually cause problems for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. Only the great of the great get approved by the AAFA, so you must know this is a top-notch cleaning device.

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Key Features of Dyson DC33

Dyson DC33 (2)

  • The thirty-five-foot cord on this vacuum cleaner permits for huge places to be cleaned with ease.
  • With the use of the switch on this vacuum cleaner, it’s smooth to go from carpeting to hardwood flooring without a hassle.
  • This vacuum cleaner features a washable and reusable bag that is transparent and smooth to clean once it gets full.
  • It has a five-year warranty from the designer no matter who you purchase the vacuum from.
  • Lifetime belt and filters so you could ignore those pesky recurring expenses.

Product Specifications


This vacuum cleaner is sold with a HEPA filter that protects against pollen and dirt for the entire year. It has been approved by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation for America that is impressive in and of itself.

  • The vacuum cleaner is sold with additional tools for cleaning stairs and corners easily.
  • With Root Cyclone tech, cleaning any kind of flooring is easy and smooth. Dyson has an incredibly robust suction power and could be relied upon for an entire home and for any cleaning requirements.
  • The power cord for this vacuum cleaner is thirty-five feet long. This function makes cleaning bigger rooms and breeze as you do not have to stop and then change outlets every few feet. While the cord doesn’t automatically retract, it’s easy to wrap up when you are finished with your vacuum cleaner.
  • It has additional tubing, and the vacuum cleaner makes it smooth to switch to. Just put your vacuum cleaner in an upright position, and then you could use the tube suction function without having to reconnect and disconnect multiple different objects.

Won’t You Love to Know the Benefits of Dyson DC33 Model?


Dyson DC33’s filtering system is the greatest we have ever seen. It does not emit any kind of particles. It sucks up, and also its exhaust is cleaner than the environment you breathe in every day. Even with thorough experimenting, it didn’t fail at all.

The suction is basically incredible. It beats all other vacuum cleaners we have tried. It sucks up all the things on the ground in one pass instead of pushing it around or requiring multiple passes.

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for thick carpet. It has a suction size of up to 100 inches of water, so you can even clean your luxurious, thick carpet with this device. If you have medium or thinner carpet, this vacuum cleaner will suck up more dust than you have ever seen a vacuum cleaner.

The bag is also reusable and has a lifetime of HEPA warranty, so you will never have to replace it. It’s super smooth to empty and clean and is also transparent, so you could always tell when your vacuum requirements to be emptied.

It isn’t outrageously loud. Sure, the vacuum cleaner is not silent, but it isn’t that loud either. You could compare the noise to the sound of the dog barking. It’s likely you will have to raise your voice so you can hold a conversation, but the sound does not grate on your ears or even drown out anything else.

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Why Choose This Model?

We do get it: it’s an expensive vacuum cleaner, and you can find something much cheaper to do the job which this cleaner does, but we are pretty much sure that no vacuum cleaner would be providing performance, quality, tools, and durability just like this vacuum cleaner provides.

The Dyson DC33 has functions that certainly make it worth every single money. If you have a home with bigger rooms or thick carpets, it’s certainly worth the cost.

You will feel it challenging to find a vacuum cleaner for less that has the same features and technology available. Dyson is a well-known company and trusted by many people around the globe.

You can get it in various shops and huge stores, and it has a quite solid warranty. The lifetime tools and bag make it so you do not have to spend additional money on parts you might require later.

Where this Dyson vacuum cleaner is bulky and complex to get into small places, it makes up for it by providing the perfect tools for completing the task.

1. Suction

As mentioned several times above, the DC33 has incredible suction capabilities. It’s been certified to suck up even the tiniest particles for those who have bad asthma or extreme allergies. We experimented with the power of the Dyson DC33’s suction by tossing oats and flour on the carpet below.

In only one pass, the carpet was totally clean. Even after we did a closer inspection, we were quite happy at how clean the carpet was. Even over any thicker carpet, the suction power was robust, and we felt like we actually had the best value for our cash.

2. Clean Filtration

Most vacuum cleaners will expel at least some of the particles they suck up. But our experimenting method sucked up zero particles. The device we use to experiment with the particle expulsion sizes dust and dirt as small as 0.3 microns.

Even when vacuuming a bunch of flour from the carpet, the device expelled 0 particles. The air expelled by the vacuum cleaner is much clearer and pure than any air you will breathe at home.

With such a smooth filtration system, it’s no wonder the vacuum cleaner was approved by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America.

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3. Easy Use 

This vacuum cleaner really does give very easy usage. It has a key for switching from hardwood flooring to carpet and different tools to clean tight spaces or corners. All extension tools are much easier to connect to the suction tube.

Either way, disconnect easily as well. You could use a fifteen-foot tube extension to clean areas up high or a unique extension to clean under low furniture. The vacuum cleaner is easy to lie down to get under any chairs, benches, and tables.

It presses smoothly. You do not need to go over a place several times to clean up one place on the floor. Your vacuuming task could complecte in half of the time with such reliable and quick suction.

With a vacuum cleaner that works so powerfully and immediately, you will definitely save a ton of time and find it less miserable than usual. You can also check out the cleaning performance of Dyson V10 vs V11 as well as Dyson v8 Animal Vs Absolute.

4. Warranty And Certifications

Dyson DC33 (3)

We won’t conclude our Dyson DC33 review without discussing warranty with you!

No doubt, the warranty is one of the essential things when it comes to investing money in a vacuum cleaner. You do want to have your vacuum cleaner to last a long duration. But you want support in case of any technical problems.

Here are a number of reasons why the Dyson vacuum cleaner is always a great option. Dyson always took amazing care of their users to deserve all the great ratings and reviews. A segment of that is thanks to the warranty provided by this vacuum cleaner builder.

More precisely, the Dyson DC33 includes a Five-year parts and labor warranty. That’s absolutely one more reason to purchase the Dyson vacuum. Basically, the warranty does not cover any physical damage caused by any kind of misuse.

We make sure that as long as you are using the Dyson DC33 accordingly, you will not face any problems with it. Speaking of certifications, the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America approved this cleaner as one of the safest and secured to use since it gathers the tiniest particles such as pollen and mold spores. One of the best vacuum is Dyson V7 Allergy.

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The Verdict


We hope you understand why The Dyson DC33 Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is an ideal fit for everyone’s house. This multi-surface vacuum cleaner cleans all particles and dirt from carpets and all floors.

A HEPA filtration and a Cyclone Technology ensure no dust or any pet hair stays behind. With the use of the Dyson DC33, you would be at peace knowing that it takes in all the allergens making your home cleaner than ever.

The fact that it is lightweight, bagless, and so easy to use makes this vacuum one powerful, robust cleaning ally. We conclude this Dyson DC33  review by highly and highly recommending it.

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