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Buying a brand new vacuum cleaner can be a difficult task. There are many brands, types, and models to select from, each claiming to be the finest for cleaning up after kids’ and dogs’ mess. They’re also reasonably priced, ranging from less than $100 to well over $1000.

When selecting the best vacuum cleaner for you and your house, there’s more to consider than how easy it is to move, what equipment it comes with, and how much suction it has.

Instead, consider the surfaces you’ll be cleaning, the layout of your home, and whether you want a bagged or bagless, corded or cordless vacuum.

However, with so many options available, purchasing a vacuum cleaner can quickly become daunting. To make things easier, we’ve reviewed the best vacuum cleaner that is fit for every job, big or small.

Dyson DC17 Vacuum Cleaner has all the qualities that you require in your vacuum cleaner. However, it is the one that is better than others for different reasons — so continue if you need a vacuum that’s terrific for high-pile rugs.

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Dyson DC17 vacuum cleaner is a simple vacuum cleaner which shows best performance. It comprises with all the qualities which we want in one vacuum cleaner.

But wait….

One of the most unaffordable disadvantage of this product is, non availability of parts and filter in most retailers.

So what you think? Is there any options to overcome with this drawback?

Our answer is Yes. Effectively you’ll be able overcome with all this disadvantages after looking the alternative vacuum cleaners. So, no worries about this discontinued Dyson.

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
Dyson V8 4.6 stars/6863 reviews 9.6 9.3
4.5 stars/9525 reviews 9.2 8.9
Dyson DC65 4.3 stars/612 reviews 8.7 8.3
4.2 stars/228 reviews 8.3 7.9
Dyson DC17 3.8 stars/479 reviews 7.5

Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright

Overview of Dyson DC17 Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner was created with animal lovers in mind. The Dyson DC17 Animal Upright vacuum cleaner maintains suction and boasts one of the most effective average dirt pickup rates across all floor surfaces, making vacuuming a breeze.

The DC17’s small turbine head removes pet hair and grime from furniture, confined areas, stairwells, and your car. This Dyson has Cyclone 3 Technology, which cleans well without clogging or losing power or suction.

The filter is washable. So, no additional expenditures associated with vacuum cleaner bags.

Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America says that Dyson air has fewer microorganisms than humans’ air. The vacuum cleaner also has a Telescope reach, which releases and expands 16 feet at the stroke of a button for cleaning stairs and high-reach areas.

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In addition, the sophisticated micro turbine head cleans pet hair from restricted spaces like upholstery, stairs, and the automobile. The unit’s low-reach floor tool attaches to the wand to clean hard-to-reach spots such as beneath beds and sofas.

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Dyson DC17 Vacuum Cleaner: Specification and Accessories

dyson dc17-

The unit’s sanitary 5/8-gallon container empties swiftly and efficiently without ever having to touch the dust—pull the trigger. The clear bin eliminates the need for bags and enables easy viewing of the cleaning progress and determining when complete.

In addition, thanks to the vacuum’s money-saving, lifetime HEPA filter, air emitted from the machine contains up to 150 times less mold and germs than normal breathing air. 

Furthermore, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation has approved Dyson upright vacuums as the first and only asthma-friendly vacuums.

Two hundred twenty air watts, auto carpet-height adjustment, a 35-foot cable, on-board tool storage, and an ergonomic design with a soft handle that feels lighter to carry are other advantages. The carpet-care kit that comes with the carpet helps keep new carpets looking new.

The Zorb powder absorbs dirt from carpets, while the Dyzolv spray gets rid of spills and stains. The vacuum cleaner is constructed to last and comes with a five-year warranty.

To summarize, following are important the specification and accessories:

  • An upright vacuum cleaner with a motorized brush bar for all floors.
  • Suction is powerful and steady thanks to Level 3 Root Cyclone technology.
  • Telescope reach with a quick draw; tiny turbine head; low-reach floor tool
  • The 5/8-gallon dust container is hygienic, has a lifetime HEPA filter, and is asthma-friendly.
  • Dimensions: 26-2/3 x 13-1/5 x 43-1/2 in.
  • Root CycloneTM 3 Technology by Dyson
  • Filter that lasts a lifetime and can be washed
  • Edge Cleaning Touch of Button Access for Emptying the Dirt Bin 35 Foot Cord Flexi Crevice Tool
  • Variable height Adjustments
  • 20.79-pound
  • Warranty: 5 YEARS

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Dyson DC17 Vacuum Cleaner: Features

1. Perfect Performance

Dyson is probably one of the best or most powerful suction vacuums available today, and its futuristic and industrial style only adds to its appeal.

Dyson’s root cyclone technology works, and its (at the time) most recent Level 3 Root Cyclone technology gives it that extra power that puts it ahead of most uprights today.

Like most Dyson vacuums, the DC17 contains a permanent, sealed HEPA filter hidden beneath a flap beneath the dust container. We like that the Dyson is entirely sealed because it not only helps with allergies but also keeps the environment and the vacuum clean and dust-free.

dyson dc17

2. Easy to Maintain

Except for emptying the dust bin and washing the second washable filter, the Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum cleaner requires almost no maintenance. However, you may need to clean the brush roll and belt shaft if you have pets since fur can build on the brush roll and in the post.

If you’re concerned about belts, bags, or filters, don’t be. The Dyson features a lifetime cogged belt that should last the life of the vacuum (except if you don’t clean the shaft as stated earlier), Bagless Root Cyclone Technology, which eliminates the need for bags, and a lifetime HEPA filter that, like the belt, should last the life of the machine.

Unfortunately, the Cyclone also has the drawback of not being removable, so if it becomes blocked, you’ll have work ahead of you. 

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3. Less Noisy

The Dyson DC17 Animal Cyclone Upright Vacuum is quieter than some other inexpensive vacuums on the market, with no high pitch, but only in a relative sense.

When you use it on hard floors with the brush roll-off or in an upright position with the tools or hose, it’s quiet; however, when you use it on hard floors with the brush roll on (there’s a brush roll ON/OFF switch next to the power button) or on carpeting, the brush roll motor makes it a bit loud.

If you use it for the first time, you might think the vacuum is broken or malfunctioning, but that’s just how it sounds!

If I haven’t mentioned it already, the Dyson DC17 features two motors: one for the vacuum and suction and one for the brush roll. The DC17 isn’t loud enough to require earplugs (unless you’re extremely sensitive to noise), but it won’t be suitable for use while sleeping or at night in general.

4. Easy to Use

It’s simple to extend and retract, but the long handle requires that the vacuum be kept well away from where you want to use the telescoping handle to use it comfortably.

Also, because the suction is concentrated and the overall diameter is limited, bigger particles have difficulty getting in.

Furthermore, the dusting brush does not always stay in place and is difficult to put in because you must remember how to do so. Unlike other bagless vacuums, this one is the simplest to empty.

Unless you have a bottomless garbage can, dust will fly everywhere, exactly like it does with all other bagless vacuums.

Furthermore, fine dust clogs the fine holes around the cyclone technology over time, so you’ll need to clean those tiny holes from time to time if you want the Dyson to work at its best all of the time.

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Dyson DC17 Vacuum Cleaner: Pros and Cons


Let’s know Dyson’s advantages and disadvantages in a quick way while covering the deep points we found through our research. 

  • The vacuum’s high suction has gotten a lot of positive feedback. One of the numerous important features to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner is consistent suction, having suction, and keeping suction to dig deep into the carpet. It’s also more satisfying to see your carpets look cleaner after vacuuming.
  • Another advantage is the ability to multitask. For example, vacuuming carpet and then quickly transitioning to hardwoods or tile. It’s pretty convenient to move from one surface to another with the push of a button. In addition, there’s no stopping to put on another attachment and then restarting or adjusting the foot pedal with a cumbersome foot pedal adjustment.
  • The telescoping wand is an optional accessory that most machines don’t include, but you’ll be pleased to have it. Typically, dusting and removing cobwebs from ceilings, ledges, and light fixtures would necessitate getting out the giant unwieldy ladder. However, with the 16-foot telescoping wand, you can easily reach everything and travel around the house without climbing a ladder.
  • The most common criticism is that the vacuum had an excessive amount of suction. Thin rugs were trapped in the void, and some people claimed that older rugs began to exhibit wear after a few vacuumings. Using this machine to vacuum over carpets instead of a particular attachment, you may run into problems.
  • The cost of this equipment and the fact that replacement parts and filters are not readily available in most retailers are factors to consider. If you buy it new from Dyson, you get a 5-year parts and labor warranty. However, if you buy somewhere and plan to fix it yourself, components may be challenging to come by. Buying on Amazon is a great option, though.

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FAQ: Let’s Clear Some Questions About Dyson DC17

When was the Dyson DC17 released?

The Dyson DC17 is an upright vacuum cleaner that was released in the United States in October 2006. Although it has a similar appearance to the DC14, it has new technologies. The use of Dyson's Level 3 Root Cyclone is the initial improvement. This system uses 11 cyclones to filter sand and dust particles from the airstream more effectively.

What is the procedure for resetting a Dyson DC17?

The on-off switch for the brush bar is usually found on the handle directly above the vacuum's body or in a slot on the side of the vacuum's head. To reset the brush bar, press the button once, flip the vacuum upright, plug it in, and turn it on.

How do We clean the Dyson DC17 filter?

Repeat until the water flows clean after washing the filter under cold running water and gently squeezing it. WARNING: DO NOT USE DETERGENT WITH THIS PRODUCT. Do not use a dishwasher or washing machine to clean it. Instead, allow the filter to air dry in a warm location until it is scorched.

When it comes to Dyson stick vacuums, how long do they last?

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Dyson is the most well-known brand. This British firm specializes in cyclonic technologies and high-capacity motors. We're thrilled with their products, and Dyson vacuums are expected to endure seven to ten years.

What makes Dyson's products so costly?

Dyson vacuums are so expensive because they were the first company to develop a vacuum cleaner that uses cyclones to separate dust and maintain suction over time. Furthermore, Dyson's premium costs fund research and development for future items.

The Verdict


This is the vacuum cleaner that we strongly suggest. This vacuum is an attractive choice if you are a neat freak who wants every inch of your house to be as dirt and dust-free as possible.

It cleans carpets thoroughly by sucking up every dust and grime particle that less expensive vacuums miss. It’s a little costly (only a little), but you get what you paid for, plus it comes with a 5-year parts and labor warranty.

In addition, the HEPA filter (Dyson DC39 also having HEPA filter) ensures that the exhaust air is cleaner than the air you breathe normally, making it ideal for asthma or allergies.

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