Dyson DC14 Review: All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Whether it is our home, office, or any other workplace, floors are always prone to dirt accumulation, and the floors are the dirtiest place.

All this requires regular cleaning so that we can keep ourselves and people around free from all the dangers that are associated with this dirt accumulation.

So to keep ourselves free we need regular and thorough cleaning. But again, a regular and thorough cleaning is a very demanding and strenuous task. And if it is a large mansion that you have, it becomes more strenuous as already we all have a busy day to day busy schedule.

For all these reasons all of us need a helper to help us to do this job swiftly and with much ease. So all you need is a good vacuum cleaner which will not only ease the cleaning task but also make the entire process a quick one and enjoyable.

The answer to all your worries is the moderately priced Dyson DC14 which comes with premium suction.

Dyson DC14 is designed for your comfort with a telescope wand extender that helps you in detailed cleaning. It has hygienic one-touch disposal with root cyclone technology that assures it to be allergy-friendly.

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Dyson is the well known brand. Each item of Dyson gives the leading execution with comfort. But here you know that Dyson DC14 item is discontinued.

But it isn’t huge issue….

If Dyson DC14 is discontinued at that point modern form of Dyson vacuum cleaners are present by the company with brand modern highlights.

It gives more advanced features in their gadgets.  As a result, after master testing we came up with the alternative list from which you can choose one which best suits for your need.

Model Name Star Rating/Reviews by Amazon Features score Experts’ score
BISSELL MultiClean Allergen 4.5 stars/3,489reviews 9.7 9.5
Kenmore DU5092 4.5 stars/763 reviews 9.5 9.3
Kenmore DU3017 4.3 stars/290 reviews 8.9 8.8
Dyson DC14 4.2 stars/328 reviews 8.5 8.3

Smoothvacuum final design

What Makes You Buy a Dyson DC14 Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

  • Dyson DC14 is designed with a motorized brush bar.
  • It has Root Cyclone technology that ensures your cleaning has powerful and continuous suction.
  • Dyson DC14 All-Floors Vacuum Cleaner has a telescope wand extender with edge whiskers that help in edge cleaning and has a wide channel. You can also read the review of Dyson DC39.
  • It has a hygienic 5/7-gallon dust bin.
  • Comes with a lifetime HEPA filter.
  • It also ensures allergy-friendly (best allergy-friendly vacuum Dyson V7 Allergy) and also certified asthma friendly.
  • It is bagless and hygienic with one-touch bin removal.
  • The size measures 13-3/8 by 14 by 44-6/7 inches.
  • It comes with a 5 year warranty period.

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Advantages with Dyson DC14 All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

You are going to have some noticeable advantages when using Dyson DC14.

The Pros
  • It has a brand reputation in the market. This vacuum cleaner has an extraordinary capacity to adapt, and it easily adjusts itself with its self-adjusting features to all types of floors, including doormats, carpets, and also tiles. 
  • Dyson DC14 is built with the Root Cyclone Technology, and this feature makes it more remarkable. It comes with continuous suction power that has an easy adjustment to every floor surface without any type of obstructions and interruptions.
  • This vacuum has a lifetime HEPA filtration system and a washable filter that has the ability to suck dust mites, pet dander and also suck mold or bacteria from the air while leaving cleaner and fresh air behind. It also eliminates the annoying pet hair that sometimes gets left behind with other weaker vacuums.
  • The telescoping wand is 17 feet long, helping you in getting rid of cobwebs and dirt in a high area. On the other hand, the brush bar and the low-reach floor tool take care of the crevices and corners.
  • Another unique feature is that the dirt collection bin can be cleaned off with just one touch button and making it allergy-friendly and asthma friendly.
  • The vacuum cleaner comes with a wide channel preventing the suction pipe from being clogged with pet hair. The high-power suction with super cleaning capability makes it the best available vacuum cleaner in the market.

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Features of the Dyson DC14 Upright Vacuum Cleaner


Dyson DC14 has excellent floor cleaning capabilities that you can trust and rely on for your day-to-day cleaning services. Here are the features of this amazing cleaner that you should know before buying:

  • The vacuum cleaner is corded with a 35 feet power cord which will allow you to operate in a radius of 52 feet. Thus, giving you the scope to clean a larger area from the power source and allowing you to avoid power shortage inconveniences.
  • Dyson DC14 All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner is very user-friendly and straightforward. You don’t need any previous knowledge to operate it. Dyson DC14 is an upright vacuum cleaner, so all you need to do is to turn on the power, followed by holding the holder and guiding it over the surfaces that need to be cleaned. The Vacuum cleaner has rotating wheels, which makes it easy to push from one corner to the other, and at the same time, you will not be tired.
  • Dyson DC14 is designed in such a manner that it can be used on any type of surface other than floors. The vacuum cleaner comes with a hose on the backside, which will allow attaching the various onboard tools that come with the vacuum cleaner. 
  • The tools give you the scope to clean all those corners of the floors, which is hard to reach, and that includes your pieces of furniture as well. The vacuum cleaner has a telescopic wand which allows you to clean the ceilings without any hassles.

And we were best attracted toward…

  • The other tools that come with the vacuum cleaner include the stair brush, upholstery brush, and crevice tool. 
  • It comes with a 5/7 gallon transparent dust tank. This allows sustaining vacuuming for a much longer time before you release the dirt. The dust tank is easy to empty with the use of the one-touch button. All you need to do is press the release button, and all the collected dirt is released off to the trash bin.
  • This unique feature makes the this Upright Vacuum Cleaner much more hygienic and allergy-friendly. As the tank is transparent, you can keep a check when the dust tank needs to be cleaned.
  • Another unique feature of the DC14 is the filtration system. It’s built with HEPA filters which enable it to capture every bit of dirt particles and leave behind clean and fresh air behind. The HEPA filters come with a lifetime warranty. 

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And the best part…

  • The HEPA filters thus make the DC14 allergy-friendly. Those who have an asthmatic problem can use this vacuum cleaner with ease.
  • DC14 Vacuum Cleaner is not only excellent in cleaning the dirt on the floor but also allows you to vacuum carpets and all other upholstery. 
  • The vacuum cleaner can equip with a high suction power allowing it to dig deep into the pile of the carpet and lift every bit of dirt. You can use it on rugs and on other hard floors.
  • It has another excellent feature; it can clean the edges of the floor without any hassle. The edge brushes are designed in such a unique manner that they suck dirt from each and every edge and then propel the dirt to the center for lifting.
  • Dyson DC14 has a very long cord of length around 35 feet. Thus you can cover a larger area while your vacuum cleaner is set down in one position and the plug of the vacuum cleaner stays in one outlet. Even though the cord is so long, it is easily wrapped around the back of the vacuum cleaner without any hassle. 
  • The hose of the Dyson DC14 Vacuum Cleaner is very elastic and easier to use. While you intend to use the hose at first, you need to unwind the cord first. After this, you can pull out the telescopic wand. You also have the option of detaching the telescopic wand and only using the 14 feet flexible hose. Hence, this feature helps you in cleaning areas that are more compact and at right angles.

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What Attachments Does Dyson DC14 Contains?


There are three fabulous things about using the onboard tools with the Dyson DC14 model. First of all, various tools are all stored right in a vacuum. No need to go back-forth to your closet anymore.

Whenever we buy any product, we also look for the attachment specifications and the types of attachments that come with it. Hence, attachments are also an important part for you to select and buy a product. 

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Dyson DC14 is equipped with some excellent attachments.

  • The very first feature that makes Dyson DC14 All-Floors Vacuum unique from others is that all the tools that come with it are stored right with the vacuum. Thus every time when you need a tool, you don’t have to move here and there when you need it.
  • Next comes the tools which you will use are very handy. You will get a crevice tool that will help you in cleaning tight spaces. 
  • The next that you will get is the upholstery brush which you can use for cleaning curtains and all other upholstery as well as pieces of furniture. And a stair brush that you can use for the stairs that are carpeted. You will find all these tools attached to the vacuum for easy access. 
  • The unique feature of the Dyson DC14 is the Telescopic Wand extender and a stretchable hose which will make your cleaning much easier when you are cleaning the high ceilings. The starchy hose gives you the option to reach into tighter areas and spaces.

Is Maintaining This Vacuum Cleaner Hard?


Dyson DC14 All-Floors model is a bagless vacuum cleaner that has minimal maintenance. Therefore, you don’t need to do much with your vacuum cleaner to keep it working effectively.

The filter can easily equip with this vacuum cleaner has a unique option; it is washable, and you can wash it easily. The HEPA filter has a lifetime warranty thus, you don’t need to replace it.

And also, as this vacuum cleaner is bagless, so you don’t need to spend extra money on buying bags and filters.


What is the dimension of the Dyson DC14?

The dimension is 13-3/8 by 14 by 44-6/7 inches.

What are the colors available?

It comes with a single color Steel/Yellow.

Does the Dyson DC14 require batteries for its usage?

No, you don't need any batteries for using it.

Can I use the Dyson DC14 on other surfaces?

Yes, you can use it on other surfaces like carpets, rugs, and all other types of upholstery.

How good is it with edge cleaning?

t is excellent at cleaning edges. The vacuum cleaner comes with a specially designed edge brush that can pull out all types of dirt on all the corners to the center from where you can lift up the debris to the dust tank.

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The Verdict


At the end, we have seen how excellent the Dyson DC14 is. Excellent features like a telescopic wand, HEPA filters, upholstery brush, stair brush, and washable filters make Dyson DC14 one of the greatest vacuum cleaners available on the market. 

The vacuum cleaner is ideal for your homes or any other large areas that need daily cleaning. It also cleans your carpets, rugs, upholstery, and even the high ceilings.

Areas that have large areas of carpeted floor must have Dyson DC14 All-Floors Cyclone Upright Vacuum Cleaner for easier cleaning. This vacuum cleaner also helps you in cleaning those tight and compact areas besides intricate spots under furniture. 

The unique feature of this vacuum cleaner is the HEPA filters. This helps in cleaning the bacteria from the air around. The cleaning of the dust tank is very easy and hassle-free. It does not spread out any dirt or dust from the exhaust. And you have an allergy-friendly environment.

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