Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Review

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Canister vacuums have changed, and Dyson has played the biggest role. The Dyson brand appears to be pushing the boundaries of its products.

The earlier models had a washable filter that would last the entire life of the vacuum.

However, it is worth noting that the Cinetic Big Ball doesn’t employ any filters, thanks to its Cinetic Science technology, This tech uses flexible oscillating tips to prevent tiny dust particles from getting stuck in it.

It’s similar to the technology used within Dyson Cinetic Animal, a different version that includes improvements based on consumer reviews.

The first and most significant is the dirt bin’s design, precisely how you dispose of dirt.

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Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum

A Quick Overview of the Features

  • “Self-rights” when it is tipped over – perhaps the only canister that can pick itself up after it is thrown sideways.
  • Ball technology allows you to turn on a dime much more accessible and also makes moving this massive canister around is a lot easier.
  • Five-year guarantee.
  • It uses the latest Dyson technology known as The Cinetic Science consisting 36 Cinetic tips to filter dust that usually block other vacuums with conventional filters.
  • Cinetic Science doesn’t require a filter, so there’s no need to clean or replace it. Just be regular at bin clenaing.
  • Carbon Fiber turbine head (which ismotorized and not powered by air) utilizes a combination with stiff nylon bristles and carbon fiber filaments to scoop up fine dirt and ground-in dirt.
  • A new, hygienic method for emptying the bin helps to remove dirt to make emptying the bin quicker and less messy.
  • 360-degree articulating handle that allows users to maneuver the device in the course of cleaning.

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  • The improved bin design makes it simpler and less messy empty
  • Smaller than the previous Dyson canister vacuum models
  • You get an adapter to make the tools on older Dysons work.
  • There are no filters to clean
  • Larger bin


  • Short hose
  • The main cleaning tool does not have a motor
  • A bit short power cord

What Did Our Experts Love?

Dyson DC58 3

1. Easy to Empty

The brand new design that is found inside this Cinetic canister resolves this problem.

Instead of a trap door opening, the entire casing is moved down. A rubber mechanism beneath is able to push hair, dirt, and other debris that is charged with stats down, or at least the majority of it.

The two-step method is less messy and easy to empty compared to earlier models.

2. Better Bin Design

In the Cinetic Animal canister’s older version, a door is opened at the bottom, and gravity is in charge.

The issue with this design is that it creates static attracted dust, hair, and other particles that can get stuck to the mesh filter that is located in the middle inside the bin.

You’ll have to employ the fingers of your hands to scratch away dust from in between mesh filters and the outer shell. It can be messy.

This is by far one of the most common complaints not just about the Cinetic Animal but also with Dyson vacuums, even the cordless models of this brand.

This is perhaps the biggest advancement. The new design helps to make emptying the bin easier because it comes with an element that pushes statically charged particles like dust bunnies away from the mesh filter that is in the middle.

It’s not necessary to be dirty cleaning this vacuum.

3. More Compact

Another significant enhancement over the antecedent DC76 canister would be the style of the body.

In the old Cinetic model, the bin was in front of the ball, making it more comprehensive. The latest design puts the bin in the back and flushes inside the ball, and makes it smaller.

The drawback, like any other new Dyson product, is the cost. This canister could cost you your wallet at around $500 on Amazon.

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4. Great value for money

For the $500 to $600 you’re spending, you’ll get plenty.

One of our most used tools is the tangle-less turbine tool, which costs just under $70. Our opinion is that this tool is among the top hair removal tools available on the market at the moment.

It will also be clear what the latest dirt bin design functions.

It’s a 2 step procedure. The level is pushed to bring the entire outer shell assembly down, along with the dirt that is trapped.

The next step would be opening the lower door to allow for emptying.

We believe this is a superior design, and we would like to give kudos to Dyson for creating these new designs by utilizing feedback from customers.

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Top Features of Dyson Big Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum

Before Dyson created Dyson’s Cinetic Science Technology, the vacuums were classified as bagged and bagless.

Now, you can add another type of product due to Dyson’s Cinetic Science tech from Dyson.

This vacuum consists of several tips that oscillate to keep microscopic dirt from blocking these filters.

1. Interchangeable Tools

When you get to 23 minutes, you’ll find that all of the tools can be interchanged. You can use it with the wand or the hose.

This is significant since there are times when you won’t need the handle, especially when you are cleaning up tight spaces inside your car or between couch cushions.

2. There Aren’t Any Filters to Wash

Dyson DC58 1

This Dyson Cinetic technology adds possibility to operating this vacuum without the need for any filter, either pre-motor or post-motor. In the past, Dyson Cinetic uprights had a post-motor with a HEPA filter.

3. No More Filters

Dyson states that this technology is maintenance-free and doesn’t require filters since the dirt that goes through it is deposited inside the bin.

The ball portion of the vacuum doesn’t have any filters, making it the first maintenance-free vacuum on the market at the moment.

It is only necessary to empty the container when it’s full. There are some restrictions as Dyson warns customers not to use it on ash that is hot as it can cause damage to the tips of the rubber.

This Dyson is also available in the UK versions. If you purchase from the United States, you may get the tools in a different model.

4. Reverses Its Position

Dyson DC58 2

Near the end of the article, you’ll observe how the canister re-emerges after it falls over the side, thanks to the innovative ball design, which is more compact.

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5. Head of a Carbon Fiber Turbine


This is the primary cleaning head in this canister.

Note that this tool doesn’t possess its own motor; but It has a strong suction of 250 air watts.

The primary cleaning tool is motorized brushes made of two kinds of brushes. The first is a tough nylon bristle that agitates dirt that is trapped in carpet strands. There are also bristles made of soft nylon that can absorb statically charged dust on the bare floors.

This vacuum can be used on floors with no floor as well as carpet.

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Some Other Attractive Features

Ball technology: The ball technology that is being developed is highly maneuverable and can change its direction without much effort, or even when you pull too hard and it falls over and sideways, it can be repositioned up on its own.

Handle with articulation: The handle folds up to make it easier to store and can rotate in 3 directions to give the user maximum flexibility and mobility in the areas you’re cleaning.

Larger dirt bin: This bin has been made more spacious and can accommodate up to 42 grams in dry soil. This is about 1.6 Liters of dirt. It’s interesting that the older Dyson Ball that has the earlier cycle has a larger capacity dirt bin with 0.53 gallons.

Power cord: The power cord measures 21.5 feet in length. It’s not particularly long. However, it has an extension cord that can be reminded, making tidying simpler.

Quick-release tools: The attachments included in this vacuum are secured by a locking mechanism. It clicks to lock them in place. It is also effortless, with locks that release quickly. This is what sets it apart from the cheaper models that make use of friction only to secure the attachments on these or wands.

Wand Extra-long: It is also equipped with a wand that extends all the way to 4.1 feet, which lets you reach even the most difficult places.

It isn’t necessary to climb up a ladder to get rid of cobwebs from the ceiling using this tool at home.

Cleaning Performance

Dyson DC58 4

Before you do anything else, read the article from this particular vacuum—performance on upholstery, carpet, and tiles.

The most impressive tool that was discovered in this test is Carbon Fiber turbine heads. Even without a motor that powers the head, it could pick up large amounts of pet hair from the carpet.

What did it do to the carpet?

Not only was it able to pick dirt, soil, and other debris on carpets, but it also managed to remove pet hair that was not evident on the camera.

However, Dyson is not recommending this method to remove a large quantity of powder.

On a floor that is not completely clean, it had a slight snow plowing effect, but not excessively. The snowplow effect is only noticeable when you are trying to tidy up a big mess such as the one below.

It is unlikely that you will clean up a mess like this every day, but it’s nice to know that the vacuum can handle such messes in the event that they arise.

Suction is powerful, which is equivalent to better cleaning performance, but the principal cleaning device doesn’t have a motor. This means that agitation isn’t as efficient as that of the upright.

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People like the fact that they don’t need to clean their filters.


The fact that it’s non-filtering is another positive feature of this product. They claim that the product is worth the cost by cleaning your home without the need for additional filters or washing them, to make it last for several years.

It could be difficult to push due to the suction force. This also creates a problem when cleaning the area rug.

However, suction can be adjusted via a lever located on the handle.

Another possible issue is the size of the area that this product can take up.

A Few Potential Issues

It is evident that this is the main drawback of a container, which is that it requires more vertical space than an upright, which can be stored without having to place it on the wall. Additionally, the accessories which come with it do not come with storage which means you need to create an individual storage area.

Overall, this canister vacuum can well even with an air-powered cleaning head. With regards to tools, you can find just about everything that you will need to scrub every corner of your home as well as in your car should you choose to clean your car with this.

The power cord is on the shorter side, as is the hose. However, the product compensates for this by being movable. You can think of it as an investment. Pick one of the most effective canister vacuums on the market today.

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Where Can We Purchase This?

It is available on Amazon at just under $300. It is also eligible for free 2-day shipping when you sign up for Prime. Amazon also offers extended warranties that last three years or more if you’re looking to have that added security.

The Verdict


The new Cinetic canister is ideal for homes with medium-sized spaces due to its versatility. It’s a slimmer design that reduces the space needed for storage and better bins that are easier to empty.

The carbon fiber turbine’s primary tool might only be powered by air, but according to the article you read right now, it’s capable of cleaning not just dirt on the surface but also difficult to remove pet hairs that are hidden under the carpet.

If you’ve got soft carpeting in your home, you might want to look into the use of a motorized carpet such as that Shark Rocket Complete or a Dyson Upright.

Pet owners will appreciate this vacuum due to the tiny turbine tool that sucks pet hairs off the upholstery. Every pet owner will claim that this is the most troublesome area in their home.

Cleaning this out isn’t as smudge-free as we had hoped. However, the new design is less messy. However, you might want to take it outside when you have a tiny container indoors.

The purchase won’t be cheap. However, you’ll receive a lot from the $400 you’ll be spending. It also is covered by a 5-year guarantee from Dyson.

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