A Better Alternative to Dustbuster 15.6 Volts: Expert’s Choice

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The Black and Decker CHV1510 allows homeowners to use a basic vacuum to satisfy their minor cleaning requirements around their homes. Dustbuster 15.6 Volts Vacuum cleaner having lots of features, you can go through it.

It’s priced competitively at less than 70 dollars. Still, the warranty doesn’t disappoint you. It gives you a two-year guarantee for the battery and vacuum.

This model is discontinued. But no worries, the company has offered a better alternative at around $70, which is the latest Black and Decker BDL2000PL, the top-rated handheld on Amazon. It’s identical and features the same accessories size, dimensions, and weight. It is quite similar.

So, let’s talk about the Black and Decker BDL2000PL here.

The distinction is in the type of battery that is colored, which, surprisingly, is a bit stronger than the discontinued version.

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Features of Dustbuster 15.6 Volts Vacuum Cleaner

  • Utilizes cyclonic motion to keep dirt out of the filter’s opening and it will maintain suction power as it fills
  • The rotating nozzle allows it to get into more difficult crevices as well as restricted spaces
  • A wide mouth can accommodate larger debris
  • Powered by the 15.6-volt nickel-cadmium battery
  • Includes a built-in toothbrush and crevice tool.
  • Includes a built-in crevice, as well as a brush tool that doesn’t require an extra storage compartment.
  • The best selling cordless vacuum on Amazon
  • Strong suction
  • Run time is decent (up 40 to 45 minutes)
  • Largemouths can pick up larger debris
  • Light in weight
  • 20K+ user reviews on Amazon.
  • The charging station is in a somewhat weird position.

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Features of the Black and Decker BDL2000PL Dustbuster 20-Volt

The engine that powers this compact vacuum is the 20-volt nickel-cadmium battery. While it might not sound like much, however, it’s a lot better than its lithium-ion-powered sibling BDL2000L in regards to suction power.

With a rating of 25 air Watts, it comes with one more air watt than its older sibling. Coming at half cost, it’s one of the most competitive prices, and it’s no wonder that it’s one of the best sellers.

Nickel-cadmium batteries can be somewhat of a problem since it takes a long time to charge and could be susceptible to fading in the future, but since you’ll only use this for quick power pickups, that shouldn’t be as much of a concern as saying, for instance, a stick vacuum.

1. Charge Time

Black and Decker don’t specify how long it’ll need to be charged to fully charge. However, what they suggest is to keep it connected at all times to ensure that, if and when you need it, it’ll be there. One item they’ve mentioned in the manual is that they charge it for 24 hours during the first time usage.

2. Battery Life


Black and Decker do not mention the exact running times here, but as per our testing, it can range between 50-45 minutes.

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3. Attachments and Accessories


This kit includes two tools: an open crevice that can be pulled out and an adjustable brush tool that folds. It is important to note that the nozzle can be turned 90 degrees both ways, making it easier to scrub areas that are difficult to reach without straining your wrist.

4. Warranty

This product is covered by a two-year guarantee.

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5. Filter Clean Up

The filter cloth included in the BDH2000PL is washable.

The filter is enclosed in a mesh plastic filter, which keeps larger pieces of hair and debris from getting into the filter’s cloth. This is what makes the cleanup process much less messy since hair, dander, and other unpleasant substances are blocked by the exterior filter, and only dust passes through the filter.

To keep the performance high, wash your filter once per week so that it doesn’t lose suction.

6. Bare Floor Performance

It’s not designed to sweep floors daily. It was created to be used for spot cleaning.

It’s ideal for scrubbing areas that stick or upright vacuums aren’t capable of getting to, such as corners and edges, windows, tables, furniture, and even walls.

It’s got decent suction and also an opening which means it can take in pet hair, dust, pet poop, dander cereal, and more.

Do not use it on anything wet as it’s not a dry or wet vacuum, nor should you use it on anything heavy, like coins. Use the shop vac to do that.

7. Carpet Performance

There are reports of issues in the way that crevice tools slide back due to their locking mechanism not seeming robust enough. If you press the tool enough, it will retract, and you’ll need to pull it out once more.

This could be a problem for those who use it to clean the carpet in your car or furniture at home. It won’t be possible to work as hard as you normally do.

The dirt pickup on the carpet is quite impressive for an instrument that’s handheld.

8. Pet Hair Removal


Although this does not have any pet hair-related attachments that could help get rid of pet hair from carpets or furniture.

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Customer Reviews

It is the top-rated handheld vacuum available on Amazon with more than 20K reviews and counting. Over 15K of them gave it 5-stars, and just very less people gave it a low-star rating. That’s a high ratio if one asks us.

The most satisfied customers praised the good suction power and the running time. It was also fairly easy to empty the trash bin because you just needed to turn off the nozzle and empty the bin.

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A lot of people considered this the top handheld vacuum due to the combination of suction power at a price. Even though it’s got a NiCad battery inside, it keeps its charge fairly well for 18 minutes before it fades. 

One reviewer mentioned purchasing four of these devices since they were thrilled with the results.

There are even people who use it to collect larger objects such as coins and small stones. While we do not encourage anyone to use this vacuum this way, it’s nice to know that it’s got this kind of power.

Some reviews were negative in addition to the ones that were concentrated on the short battery life and the loudness of this.

We put it through a decibel tester and came back at about 68.3 decibels. That’s ok.

There were complaints about the suction issue. However, it was discovered the units were returned to Black and Decker for a replacement and they highly satisfied the complainers.

In the general review’s scope, there are a lot of favorable reviews and they’re fairly consistent: powerful suction, lightweight, and easily employable.

There were even four of them in their homes.

Reviews From Other Websites

Black and Decker

The customers who purchased the vacuum from Black and Decker are satisfied with the performance of their vacuums as well as the compactness and how simple they could be. They claim that this is a great handheld for reasonable prices.

Where Can We Purchase This?

It’s available on Amazon at less than $70 and will qualify for free shipping for two days if you sign up for Prime.

The extended warranty is available for three years or more If you’re looking for that extra assurance.



This handheld is great for those seeking a lightweight vacuum that will work with their upright or stick to discover areas of the home which the larger cleaners wouldn’t be able to access. Places like windows and couches, chairs, tables, edges, baseboards, televisions, etc., will be easily cleanable. 

Although it does not have an instrument for removing pet hair, the suction is powerful enough to get rid of pet hair from the low pile of carpets and furniture. 

This could be useful for cleaning stairs, even though the narrow nozzle requires more effort than normal.

For less than $70 at the time of purchase, this is one of the best value dustbusters available from Black and Decker and it comes with a two-year warranty.

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