Do Vacuums Need Maintenance?

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A new vacuum cleaner nowadays could cost you a significant amount. When you make such an investment upfront, you’ll want to ensure that the life span of your vacuum cleaner lasts at least as long as is feasible as well as vacuums maintenance is also required.

The new vacuum cleaners typically have only a 12-month warranty; once the warranty has expired, you’ll have to pay the cost for any repairs. If major components require replacement, like the motor, the price could be almost as high as a brand-new one.

Regular service of your vacuum cleaner will maintain it in good condition and prolong the life of your motor, or at the very least, avoid the possibility of a premature failure.

This service is in addition to regular maintenance you must perform yourself, in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations (check the guideline for that). Your vacuum should be cleaned every year.

Many retailers of vacuum cleaners offer cleaning services in-house for vacuum cleaners, and the top producers, e.g. Dyson, Hoover, Electrolux, Miele, and Samsung, have authorized service providers that could be in your area.

The servicing costs shouldn’t be too high and can reduce the possibility of having major repairs due to your machine’s poor maintenance. 

It isn’t advised to perform the servicing yourself unless skilled and knowledgeable. However, it’s not common for people to ignore the maintenance of their vacuum cleaners and only take the initiative to do this when they encounter problems. The machine breaks down or is not functioning properly.

It is far more efficient to take action before the issue occurs, and while a repair cannot prevent the machine from failing, it will make it more likely.

The Reasons to Service Your Vacuum

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Understanding the reasons to service your vacuum is the first step to becoming acquainted with the benefits, such as gaining more suction power.

Implementing a preventative maintenance plan will allow you to get longer from your vacuum. Home vacuums are expensive to purchase. 

They can cost up to four figures. If there’s an issue, be sure to have it fixed as fast as you can. By keeping your vacuum cleaner in the proper spot, you’ll not only clean it but also extend its life. A proper storage arrangement will reduce the possibility of harm.

Additionally, if you’ve changed your vacuum, for instance, you’ve constructed the leaf vacuum, you’ll have to maintain it regularly. You could expect it to break down earlier than you’d prefer.

Below Are a Few Most Frequent Indicators to Look Out For:

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  1. Power issues: A blown fuse or a disconnected connection is typically to blame if your vacuum won’t turn on and begins repeatedly. The cause could be the vacuum’s internal protection system that shuts off power to stop the overheating.
  2. No suction: This could be an indication of a problem. But before bringing it, ensure you have the bags empty or free of holes. If your vacuum is bagless, examine the filters and wash them frequently to prevent dust accumulation. You can also replace the filters. If you’re still experiencing no suction after examining these items, contact us at P.H.C. to make an appointment with one of our mobile technicians to help you diagnose, repair or maintain your vacuum.
  3. Strange odors: The vacuum may be experiencing mechanical or electrical issues If you notice strange smells emanating from it, regardless of whether you’ve changed the filter and bag. Burning smells are the most frequent and indicate that there’s something wrong with the motor, a broken belt, or a wiring problem. It is possible to replace a damaged belt on your own. Get electrical and motor issues fixed by a reputable company like P.H.C. to prevent hurting yourself or your machine.
  4. Not normally loud: Most vacuum cleaners produce some sound, but they are not meant to be loud or suddenly sound distinct. If your vacuum cleaner is louder than normal or is vibrating, rattling or making strange sounds, it may be due to worn-out fans or bearings that have been bent. When you take in something big enough to not fit through the bag, the cleaner can start producing odd noises. Remove the item, and if it doesn’t work, it could be time to contact us via P.H.C.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance

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There are many reasons to adhere to regular maintenance routines. Each is design to prolong the life of your vacuum cleaner and ensure your safety while using it.

For instance, regular servicing will prevent the need for repeated repairs on your vacuum’s motor. Many electrical issues can cause sparks to fly. A broken vacuum can be an enormous risk.


How long can you expect the lifespan of a vacuum?

There's a wide variety that can be expected. The life expectancy of vacuum cleaners will differ between models and brands depending on the model and type of cleaner. On average, you'll look at a period of 5 to 8 years.

Do you think it is time to change your vacuum?

Certain indicators will inform you when it's time to switch to a cleaner cleaning machine. Here are some of them: The loss of suction power The exhaust is a dusty place, and the airflow is stale. The inability to turn it on

What are the benefits of vacuum trucking?

Vacuum trucking services are typically employed for larger projects such as D.I.Y. home improvements or professional firms. The trucks use hydraulic power to take up dry and wet materials, which might be too heavy for a typical shop vacuum.

Can you vacuum away the smoke from the Fireplace?

The maintenance of your Fireplace is essential for ensuring safety and continuous operation. There are specialized ash vacuums designed specifically to manage ash dust.



If you wish for your vacuum to operate at its best and to guarantee your machine’s longevity, then annual maintenance is a cheap method to achieve this. A licensed electrical engineer must service your vacuum cleaner, and it can only be done within your house.

Accumulated dust around the motor and inside the filters is removed from the vacuum and properly cleaned, examined, and sanitized.

Consumable components are examined for damage or wear and then replaced if needed to ensure your vacuum continues to the same condition as the new model.

Do not wait and treat your vacuum to a cleaning today!

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