How Worth Is It to Buy Dirt Devil Dynamite?

Many upright vacuums on the market weigh more than 20 pounds and sometimes 30- pounds. Dirt Devil Dynamite is an excellent lightweight choice if you don’t wish to carry around a large piece of equipment to scrub your carpets.

It weighs just under 10 pounds. The stand from Dirt Devil has the suction power to wash various surfaces, from hardwood floors to low pile carpets.

It is equipped with HEPA filtering, which means that the dirt that gets sucked up into the cup stays in the cup and cannot get back out.

It comes with a few attachments that can aid in cleaning up areas that are above the floor, such as the brush tool and crevice, which can be attached to the water hose.

Also, it does not come with a motorized hand-held brush, so you’ll need to be equipped with a hand-held brush to go with this.


The bad news is that Dirt Devil Dynamite is discontinued. No worries because it actually wasn’t the best vacuum of its time in its price range. To make it easier for you, we’ve got 5 solid alternatives to Dirt Devil Dynamite!

A Glance at the Features of Dirt Devil Dynamite

Dirt Devil M084650 RED

  • Utilizes HEPA filtering to stop allergens that could come back
  • Scoff guards furniture from scratches
  • It can clean carpets and hard surfaces because of the auto-height adjustment feature.
  • The telescopic wand can be adjusted (up 30 inches in length)
  • Bagless
  • It weighs just 9 pounds.
  • 25-foot extension cord (non-retractable)
  • Three attachments are included – a crevice tool, a dusting tool, and a stretch hose.


  • Superb suction
  • A movable handle allows for the reduction of the storage space required for this.
  • The motorized brush roll is very on fine particles like dust and powder.
  • Weighs less than 10 pounds.
  • Inexpensive
  • HEPA filtering


  • Noisy
  • Small dirt container that you must empty frequently.
  • Short hose.
  • The absence of a motorized brush tool connected to the hose limits its effectiveness on the stairs.
  • There is no pivot.
  • HEPA filters must be replaced every two months to ensure that they are performing; this increases the cost of operation.
  • Belts may be an issue since some customers claim that they need to be replaced regularly.
  • The cord doesn’t rewind.
  • It is possible to have difficulty moving on sloppy carpets since it doesn’t have an auto-propelling feature.

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What Can We Do With the Dirt Demon Dynamite M084650red?

_Dirt Devil Vacuum 4

It is among the lightest upright vacuums currently on the market, weighing only 9 pounds. That’s just two pounds lighter than the Gtech AirRam cordless!

This is an excellent vacuum to have in homes with a mixture of hardwood and carpet.

It is equipped with two attachments: the dusting brush and the crevice tool to aid in cleaning edges and upholstery.

It also has a stretchable hose; however, it’s short at 48 inches when stretched fully, and therefore reach is a bit limited.

1. Cord Length

_Dirt Devil Vacuum 5

It has a 25-foot cord that can’t be extended, so you’ll need to unwind and wind it manually.

2. Warranty

Dirt Devil’s website says they offer a one-year guarantee for the motor and the parts.

3. Bare Floor Performance

_Dirt Devil Vacuum 1

It is best to pick off small pieces of debris lying on the flooring. It can easily pick up things like dust and power; however, it can possess a tendency to scatter some around for bigger debris.

It is possible to use the crevice tool to pick the larger pieces of debris.

If you have hardwood floors that are cracked or recessed spaces between the panels, you may have to employ the crevice or brush tool to clean up dirt that has accumulated in these spaces.

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4. Carpet Performance

It will be difficult to push with sloppy carpets due to the lack of self-propelling, which makes it difficult to push through the type of flooring. Some customers in reviews we have read complained of being unable to push it on the carpet.

For medium-to-low pile carpet, it should perform well.

5. Filter Clean up

Cleaning up the filter is easy. Simply push a button to open the dirt cup. Then, turn the cover to release it and empty it into the top of a basket.

This HEPA filter is situated in the middle of the unit and is eliminated by twisting.

It’s not difficult to clean; it could be messy. If you are allergic to anything or sensitive, you should ask someone else to clean the cleaning for you or wear an eye mask.

6. Pet Hair Removal

The Dynamite vacuum worked well with pet hair deposited on both carpet and hard surfaces because it is suction-powered and equipped with motorized brushes that remove hair.

It might struggle on a thick carpet because, as we said earlier, it’s going to be challenging to move.

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Customer Reviews

_Dirt Devil Vacuum 3

Customers raved about the size and the lightweight, unlike similar uprights that weigh more than 20 pounds.

Patients with back issues in the past were among the satisfied customers.

The base measures just 11 inches in width. When you compare it with other upright vacuums, it’s quite small. Many consumers did not appreciate this as it was more inefficient.

Although it only has 7 amps in, this model can suction well if you read reviews. It’s an extremely small motor given its dimensions, so you can expect the high-pitched sound that could be a nuisance for certain.

If you’ve got a low tolerance for noise, you shouldn’t be a victim of this.

Avoid this option if your house has a thick carpet because customers have complained that they have difficulty trying to sell this on shag carpets. After all, it lacks an auto-propelling function.

Our main concern at the very least is the belt, which needs to be replaced regularly according to reviews.

However, since this item is so inexpensive (less than $), it shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you have spare belts in case of an emergency.

Cleaning the filter is a mess. It’s a typical complaint since you must use your hands to take out the filter.

It is best to take the dirt cup out of the way to stop dust from getting into the indoor environment.

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Where Can We Get This?

The lowest price we found online was on Amazon, which is selling for under $70.

If you’re purchasing this directly from Dirt Devil’s online store, the price will be 20 dollars more.



This kind of upright is ideal for small – to medium-sized apartments or homes that don’t have carpeting that runs from wall to wall since you don’t require an enormous space to store this.

It has excellent suction; however, the dirt cup is tiny and could fill up quickly if you had to clean your 22,000 square feet home in one sitting.

Additionally, it doesn’t include a self-propelling feature required for cleaning carpets with a shaggy appearance. Therefore, it will be difficult to push onto the carpet, and it is limited to clean floors that are bare to moderate pile carpeting.

Another thing that worries our family is the HEPA filter, which needs to be replaced every few months. It is clear that this is an amazing feature in case you suffer from allergies; however, it comes at a cost.

It’s perfect for those who do not want to carry around a 20-pound vacuum. This is especially useful in the event of any type of back pain.

Overall, this is an excellent vacuum, especially considering it costs under $60. It can clean effectively. However, there are some questions about its construction and quality that most vacuums at this price have. However, If it lasts at least one year, it’s a great bargain.

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