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The cordless dry/wet vac is surely one of the most useful products that have come out since the advent of the age of cordless tools. If you think of cordless drills and drivers as an absolute “given” and want to use them, then the cordless vacuum, similar to the latest DeWalt DCV581H, is bound to become your next useful tool to have in your arsenal.

Perhaps we tend to be a checklist and project persons. We frequently use them, and the time savings and stress have paid for them many times over.

When the DeWalt DCV581H rolled up to our house to test, we needed to get it out and provide a full go-over. Of course, we had been making one of our most famous mess-ups by sanding down some drywall during repairs to fix the double-gang outlet that an ambitious electrician cut.

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Review of Dewalt dcv581h Wet Dry Vacuum

Dewalt dcv581h Wet Dry


  • Amperage (amps): 8 A
  • Width (in.): 12.312 in
  • Depth (in.): 17.25 in
  • Air Volume (CFM): 33.55
  • Length (in.): 13.125 in
  • Filter Type: HEPA Washable
  • Cord Length (ft.): 5
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty, 1 Year Free of Service Contract
  • Hose: 1.25 inches x 5 feet
  • Vacuum Capacity (Gallons) 2 gal Battery 18V NiCd/20V lithium.
  • Cordless
  • Resistant to crushing the Hose
  • HEPA washable filter
  • Its capacity is 2 Gallon
  • Runtime is lower
  • Not soundless

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First Impressions Are Important


It is often the case that we must overcome our initial impressions about numerous tools. Many products are more powerful than what they first appear in their appearance. For instance, the DeWalt DCV581H is similar to this. It’s a small, squat vacuum, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to offer any suction or capacity.

Well, that’s not true. We switched to the air purifier and saw some things straight away. It’s really quiet for an air-conditioner. The Milwaukee we’ve used has been much louder in its whine and is 3dB higher on the SPL gauge.

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The suction was good. It means you’ll be able to remove particles just fine and make it an in-built dust collection device (an additional DWV9000 that you can attach instead of the standard Hose and nozzle). It’s not going to be able to do difficult work with this vacuum, but we wouldn’t connect it up to any device where you’re basing your LRRP reputation on its dust collection ability.

The HEPA-rated filter works excellently, but there’s not much space or power in size above the vacuum to tackle larger tasks. To do this, take in the dust extractor or collector “big dogs.”

We are amazed by the tool’s integrated storage. The crevice tool is stored nicely inside the handle, and the large nozzle clips onto the side of the vacuum. The Hose is also stored at the rear part of the vacuum just beneath the battery compartment that is accessible.

Features of Dewalt dcv581h Wet Dry

1. Power

With great power comes great responsibility. When you purchase this dry and wet vacuum cleaner, you’ll get powerful and durable power that will result in durable performance. One thing is for sure: this vacuum cleaner will not fail you regardless of the cost, given the possibilities it can offer.

A vacuum engine can produce the highest horsepower of around 2. This may appear to be a tiny number. However, it allows you to eliminate tiny dust particles, like hair from dogs, which can affect our health in a significant way.

Additionally, it has batteries with 18 volts and MAX 20 volts, generating enough energy to make your home sparkling and clean. Also, you can connect the unit with the AC output. The best of both worlds, we would say.

2. Hose


Which is the single most crucial component of vacuum cleaners? Many answers are floating on top of your head. However, the correct answer will be the Hose. If you do not have a hose, your dry or wet vacuum cleaner is ineffective. If the Hose you use is decent in quality, it will cause serious issues.

This particular vacuum cleaner has a hose with feet in length and 1/4″, which makes it enough to get into tight and restricted areas. Regarding the durability of this Hose, it can be used for heavy-duty work because it is impervious to wear and tear.

3. Capacity


The bigger capacity, the better the capacity to store dust. When this particular vacuum is available, it has a capacity of 2 gallons, which will result in a greater storage capacity. It is no longer necessary to fill up your tanks each time you push off your vacuum. You can simply clean the dust and empty the storage space.

4. Airflow

In regards to the flow of air through the vacuum, you must be extremely cautious as it is the determining factor in the ability of your item to wash the area you have chosen to clean. Regarding the airflow of the specific item in question, there is a staggering 31 cubic feet of air per minute.

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5. Filter


Why do vacuum cleaners require filters? What are the reasons why they are so crucial? First of all, they allow you to keep dust out of the air once more. Without filters, the vacuum cleaner will be dead.

This wet/dry vacuum has HEPA filters that guarantee 99.97 percent of dirt and dust are removed. In addition to delivering high efficiency, it also effectively catches harmful toxins and allergens that can affect your health.

In particular, should you have someone in your house who is suffering from allergies or respiratory ailments, a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter is required? Additionally, this filter is washable and lets you utilize them in dry and moist situations.

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What Do We Like Most about Dewalt dcv581h Wet Dry?


1. Performance

We are awestruck by the long 8′ cord of this vacuum. It’s long enough for most of our needs and prioritizes the space and ease of use over the capacity. The cord wrap is well-thought-out. We are sure, like us, that the majority of people will use the battery-powered capabilities of this handheld vac.

The vacuum hose is a complete length of five feet and is ideal for all jobs. When we held it with the DCV581H in our right hand, we were able to reach up and vacuum the window’s top, which we were doing some work. Another time the extension worked perfectly for roto-zipping an electrical switch and keeping the Hose upright during the work to collect debris that was thrown up on the move.

2. Battery Compatibility


So let’s look at how to use the battery. We tested the DeWalt DCV581H operating off of the old 18V NiCd Stem battery and the new 20V pack. The suction seemed not to be any difference between the two modes, and there were no differences in performance when using either NiCd or Lithium-ion. Given the high number of packs installed in the marketplace, it’s fantastic to observe DeWalt offering a solution to both young 20V “converts” and their long-term 18V customers.



As if we’re after this article. In this review of the Dewalt DCV581H, you will be able to see the outstanding product it is. The vacuum cleaner that is wet and dry maintains top performance and is of top quality. This model is versatile regardless of the cost.

For smaller tasks and portability, it’s hard to top the DeWalt DCV581H wet/dry vacuum, particularly if you already have lots of black and yellow in your work trailer or garage. The retail price is only $120; this’s the one item we think anyone should be without.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To have an accurate view of the specific examination for the particular vacuum, certain important questions must be addressed. In some cases, even after searching through all the pertinent information, some areas remain unanswered.

Without further delay, we will jump right into answering some questions.

What amount of water will be picked up by a dry or wet vacuum?

It depends on the model you've chosen, and this particular model has the capability of absorbing 2 gallons of water in a single go. If the water remains adrift afterward, it is possible to empty the gallon and then fill it back up.

What is the best shop vacuum to clean your carpet?

Without a doubt, the dry and wet vacuum cleaner can be used to effectively clean your carpets with dry and wet choices.

What can we do to clean a shop vacuum?

The truth is that not all vacuum filters can be washed. However, certain ones are. In the case of this HEPA filter, it's one of the best filters available today. Additionally, it permits users to wash and reuse it without worrying about contamination. Additionally, using a tap to eliminate the dirt and then washing the filter is how you should clean your HEPA filter.

Do all shop vacuums dry and wet?

Yes, shop vacuums are an alternative type of vacuum cleaner that is wet and dry. They are all equipped to clean up dry and wet messes accumulated within your home or outside of your home.

For how long could you use a shop vacuum?

is dependent on the product you use and the type of product, but generally, they can be used for 30 minutes every hour. This means that you shouldn't use vacuum cleaners for a long time or leave them unsupervised during their operation. This could result in an accident or cause damage to the vacuum.

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