Dewalt 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum: EXPERT REVIEW

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DeWalt DXV10P can be described as a mid-range 3-in-1 wet dry vacuum cleaner designed to be a garage, workshop, and construction site vacuum cleaner.

DeWalt DXV10P is a versatile machine that can be utilized as a dry vacuum cleaner and a blower. It also includes a variety of equipment and cleaning accessories that allow users to remove different kinds of dirt off both the floor and the elevated surfaces.

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DEWALT 10 gallon Stainless Steel Wet

Overview of DeWalt DXV10P 10 Gallon Vacuum Cleaner

This DeWalt DXV10P 10 gallon is an excellent choice for people who require a dry/wet vacuum with a large capacity and a powerful motor. It is suitable for various uses and comes with an excellent storage bin to store tools and attachments so that you can keep them close when you are vacuuming. 

Dewalt 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum 1

It is also regarded as solid and sturdy by the majority of people. However, certain users point out that it does have a few weaknesses. One of the weak points can be found in the lock mechanism on the blower port.

Likewise, the latches, which lock the bottom and top together, are a little flimsy. The wand is believed to be quite small, and many people will likely need to bend to be able to use the vacuum correctly. 

Overall this vacuum is ideal for people seeking an easy-to-use model with impressive capacity and strong suction. The blower port is merely an added advantage.

Features and Specifications of Dewalt dxv10p 10-Gallon Vacuum

Dewalt 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum 5

DeWalt DXV10P is a physical dimension of (L x W x H) 17.5 x 18 x 23 inches (~44.5 x 45.7 x 58.4 cm) and weighs 22.7 pounds (~10.3 kg) dry.

The machine has four wheels for casting the total load of the vacuum and dirt that is collected – regardless of its size and weight, it’s simple to move about, but be sure to be careful not to bump into the walls or other obstructions and other objects.

The machine has an impressive suction motor (5.5 max HP) with 90 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) airflow to achieve excellent suction.

A Note on Capacity and Capabilities

Dewalt 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum 3

With a capacity of 10 gallons (~38 milliliters), DeWalt DXV10P is perfect for garages, construction sites, yards, and other similar spaces. One requires a sturdy and durable device to keep the area clean and neat.

DeWalt DXV10P includes twenty feet (~6.1 millimeters) length SJTW18AWG power cable SJTW indicates it is a thermoplastic cable that has been certified for use in outdoor hard service 18AWB is the designation for the cable’s length.

If a more extended power cord is required, an extension cord may be used

0.50 feet (~0-15 m) 14 AWG or thicker

50 to 100 feet (~15-30 m) 12 AWG or thicker.

Flexible cleaning hoses have a diameter that is 1-7/8″ (~5 centimeters) and seven feet in length (~2.1 meters) that allow users to clean with the available attachments and cleaning tools almost every surface from the flooring to the ceiling.

Other cleaning tools and accessories include two extension wands, a floor nozzle, a utility nozzle, and a crevice nozzle.

The power cord and the flexible cleaning hoses are tied around the unit, while cleaning tools and other accessories are stored in the bag for accessories.

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Multi-Purpose Convenience

Dewalt 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum 2

DeWalt DXV10P has been designed to be an all-in-one unit that can be used in three ways:

  • Dry vacuum cleaner
  •  Wet vacuum cleaner,
  • Air blower.

The Dry Vacuum Cleaner Is a Function of the Vacuum Cleaner

It is a dry vacuum cleaner. DeWalt DXV10P can be used in conjunction with or without a disposable vacuum bag.

Disposable bags for vacuums are integral to the air purification system and are suggested when vacuuming fine dust. They also assist users in getting rid of the dirt that has been vacuumed quickly.

Disposable bags can be purchased through online stores – it is recommended to purchase OEM vacuum bags because air filtration is different in OEM and non-OEM vacuum bags.

The Function of a Wet Vacuum Cleaner

Dewalt 10 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum 4

As a wet vacuum cleaner, DeWalt DXV10P is recommended to use exclusively with the cartridge air filter. After the cleaning is complete, a tank drain built into the machine makes it simple to flush the liquids collected.

Once the liquid volume is at a certain point when it reaches a certain level, the float mechanism cuts off airflow, signaling the user that it’s time to remove the tank.

In the transition between dry and wet vacuuming, replacing a wet-cartridge air filter with a dry one is recommended. Dry filters help prevent the buildup of dust-clogged obstructions, reducing the suction of the vacuum and airflow.

An air filter washable should be placed to stop air that is not filtered from entering through the filter.

It is best to keep a variety of air filters on hand to enable the user to quickly switch from dry.

Blower Function

A blower, DeWalt DXV10P, could be utilized to scrub various surfaces simply by blowing off the dirt.

To use the DeWalt DXV10P for the blower, it is necessary to connect a hose for cleaning the port for blowing and then turn it on.

Take note that when you use the device, particularly for blowing, make certain to wear safety goggles and keep others clear of any debris, and if needed, put on a dust mask and ear protection.

DeWalt DXV10P Wet-dry vacuum cleaner comes with a three-year extended warranty.

5 Reasons to Purchase

  1. There’s an air blower port in the vacuum, which means you can make use of it to blast off dirt or dust from the outside of your home or inside.
  2. It is also thought to be extremely powerful, which makes it suitable for a myriad of tasks, such as challenging tasks like removing massive amounts of sand, sawdust, or liquids.
  3. Many people who use this vacuum agree that it is constructed well and appears to be durable.
  4. Even though it’s a big wet/dry vacuum with a volume that is 10 gallons, it has been widely praised by users for its ability to be very quiet.
  5. A large storage bin is attached to this vacuum cleaner, with room for all the accessories you require when using it. This means you’ll have them all in your reach, and you could also utilize the storage bin for other tools.

Reasons to Not Buy

  • The hose is placed over the vacuum and is secured in the position using a rubber strap. However, some people do not consider this an attractive or space-saving alternative.
  • The vacuum needs bags to work on dry surfaces. However, according to some users, the bags are quite costly.

The Verdict


DeWalt DXV10P can be described as a multi-functional inexpensive, durable, and affordable dry and wet vacuum that is very useful in construction sites, workshops, garages, workshops, and similar places.

DeWalt DXV10P has strong suction, excellent air filtration, and a variety of cleaning equipment, which ensures the best cleaning of all kinds of dirt.

While disposable vacuum bags aren’t necessary when cleaning dust, these bags are advised as they enhance air quality and allow the user to get rid of dirt.

The air filter in the cartridge is washable. It is suggested to keep several of them so that the user can change them whenever switching from liquids, wet dirt, and dry dust.

If you’re looking for an innovative wet/dry vacuum in your garage, workshop, or any other similar space, you should consider this model.

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