Shocking Facts About Dewalt DCV580H: Read Before You Buy!

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Dewalt’s portable cordless shop vacuum enables the removal of moist or dry spills while avoiding the danger of falling from cords and the necessity to be close to the electrical outlets.

The batteries are rechargeable which allows them to use easily in remote locations where electric power is unavailable. They’re light enough for transportation and compact to make storage space.

General-purpose shop vacuums can pick up debris and dirt or liquid spills in workshops or auto repair shops, maintenance garages, and construction sites. They usually have a single-stage motor ideal for moderate use in dry or wet cleaning tasks.

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DEWALT 20V MAX Wet-Dry Vacuum, Cordless (DCV580H)

Overview of Features of Dewalt DCV580H

DEWALT 20V MAX Wet-Dry Vacuum 2

A 20V maximum battery powers this DCV580H 20V MAX cordless vacuum cleaner to absorb as much as 2 gallons of dry or wet dirt. It comes with a flexible hose and storage for accessories, a HEPA filter, and robust construction.

  • The Blower port lets you reverse airflow to clean small particles of dirt and debris from tiny spaces and blow grass clippings and leaves away from an outdoor patio.
  • A 3-year warranty that is bound in duration protects your investment and provides peace.
  • Built-in storage lets you store various cleaning tools, such as crevices and wide nozzle attachments.
  • 2-gal of cordless shop vacuum can produce 52-in of sealed pressure and 31-CFM of strong suction, ideal for emptying an unclean toilet or clearing a clogged pipe.
  • 1-in diameter, 5ft integrated hose crush resistant, offering durability, flexibility, and convenience to use.
  • The battery is power by a twenty-volt MAX battery, which gives you the ability to roam around as you like (battery and charger separately).
  • HEPA-rated, reusable wet/dry filters trap dust with 99.97 percent efficiency. It is easily wash by tapping or cleaning with water.
  • A convenient transport handle makes moving and stowing the device a breeze.

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What’s Included:

DEWALT 20V MAX Wet-Dry Vacuum 1

  • Attachment Tool for Crevice
  • 5 feet. On-Board Hose
  • The Charger and Battery Sold Separately
  • Wide Nozzle Tool Attachment
  • 20V MAX Li-Ion Dry/Wet Vacuum (Tool Only) DCV580H


DEWALT 20V MAX Wet-Dry Vacuum 3

  • Due to the vast number of attachments to this type of vacuum, it’s very versatile and can be utilized for private homes and shops.
  • The vacuum can go wherever and can be used with no need to be connected. This is a great benefit for people who maintain private residences. It can also be carried throughout your home on many floors.
  • A few buyers also use it to wash their cars since it comes with several useful attachments to serve this user.
  • It is also said to be simple to empty without causing any mess.
  • DeWalt customers appreciate the convenience of using their batteries to power various tools like this vacuum; therefore, they don’t have to purchase new batteries when they already have one.

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DEWALT 20V MAX Wet-Dry Vacuum 4

  • As it is a battery-powered vacuum (battery and charger available separately), It only runs for 20-30 minutes, based on the size of the battery.
  • While most users do not see this as an issue, however, it’s worth noting that the filter requires regular maintenance. In the absence of this, the vacuum won’t be able to maintain its suction.



The DeWalt DCV580H is a wet/dry cordless vacuum is design in such a way that you can use it for light tasks in the shop or your home. The vacuum requires batteries as well as a charger that is available separately.

However, If you already own battery-powered DeWalt tools, they may work with this vacuum. It’s said to perform effectively for various jobs, and it’s even possible to purchase additional accessories to extend its working areas. 

A majority of people prefer to use it in their vehicle or RV and on their boat because it’s easy to carry and doesn’t require power cables. One major design flaw is that the exhaust is locate on the same end of this vacuum that is the connector for the hose.

This makes the vacuum blast the dust you’re trying to collect if you don’t rotate the vacuum and risk twisting the hose and ultimately breaking it. 

Some people miss a little in power, too, since it cannot take larger chunks of dirt, debris, or similar items. It requires regular maintenance.

Overall, it’s an excellent dry or wet vacuum for people who require a compact and portable model. It is simple to use at home or in various locations.

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