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1stEvery Fall, the foliage of the deciduous trees is sure to bother you as the road or the pavement gets blocked, and you are left with no other choice but to clean the surface.

The birch, the oak, the maple all contribute and let their leaves shed in your backyard. But, however much cinematic it may appear, it is genuinely tiresome when it comes to cleaning the pavements.

To help you clean the mess, your only savior, in this case, is the Craftsman leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher. This Craftsman leaf vacuum blower is light in weight and powered by electricity, making it easier to use for a prolonged period.

Before we get into the details of this Craftsman leaf vacuum blower, let us help you define leaf blower.

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What Is a Leaf Blower?

Credit: Kimball’s Landscaping

Generally known as a blower, the purpose of a leaf blower is to blow out air from the nozzle to remove unwanted debris. This is basically a gardening tool and is powered by either gasoline motors or electricity. Traditionally, gasoline models were used, which resulted in a lot of air pollution.

However, to make the device more ergonomic, the leaf blowers are generally attached with a backpack that can be easily carried while cleaning the garden area or backyard. If the leaf blower is larger, the entire unit is placed on wheels, and a motor is attached to it for propulsion.

Since these have the motor on the wheels and have to be pushed manually, sometimes they are known as ‘walk behind leaf blowers.

A Quick Overview Craftsman Leaf Vacuum

When it is a bright sunny and windy day during the Fall, the very first thing that strikes your mind is the leaves falling on the ground and creating a messy heap.

As a result, the entire portion of your lawn or backyard is covered by these leaves, and they leave no stone unturned for passersby to walk through. Therefore, you have no other option but to use a suitable quality leaf blower to clean the mess as soon as possible.

Here, the Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher does justice to the situation. It is an electric leaf blower best suited for leaf piles that range between small to medium size.

The robust motor of this Craftsman leaf blower has a power of 12 Amp. Besides, the device also contains dual-speed control and high-volume air and speed. In short, this product is worth noticing and investing in.

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Or It Truly Worth Appreciations?

craftsman leaf vacuum

The Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher is available in a 3 in 1 versatile backpack system by putting on which, you can tackle all the works in the garden and in the backyard where the leaves have been shed.

The exterior of this Craftsman leaf blower is bestowed with a sleek design. Furthermore, the black-colored model is combined with bright red to give it a casual yet powerful look.

Right from the outer look of the model, it can be said that this Craftsman leaf blower is powerful enough to suck in all the leaves and debris at once.

The manufacturers of this Craftsman leaf blower thought of making it ergonomic so that users do not face any trouble while using it. It is easy to maneuver as it is not heavy and can be carried anywhere at ease.

One of the most striking features of this electric leaf blower is with a sudden pressing of a switch; it can instantly turn into a vacuum cleaner. Thus, this device by Craftsman serves two purposes – that of a leaf blower and a vacuum cleaner.

Further, the efficiency and the dynamism with which this leaf blower function ensures easy and quick cleaning. Also, the performance of this Craftsman leaf blower does not give you a single opportunity to complain about it.

People who have already had their hands on this product have rated it as one of the cheapest yet amazing leaf blowers that serves multiple functions. The moment you start using this Craftsman leaf blower, you will surely leave everything else.

Thus, it can be assured that the Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher has made cleaning as effortless as a breeze.

What Are The Specifications of Craftsman Leaf Vacuum?

The Specs
  • Power source: corded electric
  • Style: new blower/vac
  • Color: red
  • Product dimension: 19 x 13.25 x 9.25 inches
  • Product weight: 11.27 pounds
  • Speed: 260 miles per hour
  • Air flow capacity: 450 cubic feet/minute
  • Product model number: CMEBL7000

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Notable Features of Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf Vacuum & Mulcher

Without further delay, let’s get straight into the features and functionalities of this Craftsman leaf vacuum blower.

1. Anti-Clog Function

You will not find too many leaf blowers that have the anti-clogging function in them—however, thanks to Craftsman for providing this feature into the model. The anti-clogging function helps the device from getting clogged while mulching.

Besides the 3-in-1 capabilities of this Craftsman model, this is an added advantage that adds to the device’s overall functionality. Since the device promises to prevent unwanted blockage while cleaning, you don’t have to stop your work in between. So, the cleaning process doesn’t take much time.

2. Combined Blower and Vacuum Abilities

Out of many reasons, one of the most dominant reasons for which one should invest in this Craftsman leaf vacuum blower is because of its ability to feature the purpose of both a leaf blower and a vacuum cleaner.

The regular vacuum modes allow you to push the leaves aside and clear the lawn or backyard on a regular basis. Again, the debris can also be easily disposed of.

A large amount of air is created in the blower. Unfortunately, too much air emission means noise production too. But, with the Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher, you don’t have to worry about heavy noise disturbing you and your neighbors. The device produces little to almost no sound emission.

Hence, you can be assured of not getting any complaints about noise pollution from your neighborhood. Also, the lightweight of the leaf blower allows it to be carried throughout the entire lawn with ease.

Further, the unique vacuum cleaning feature enables you to suck in even the tiniest pieces of dirt, thereby leaving the garden area or any other surface absolutely spotless!

3. Dual Speed Control


The Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher has a dynamic dual-speed control feature that allows users to change the speed of the leaf blower at their convenience. So, if you want to run the device at a little lower speed, lower down the control as per your requirements.

So, when you plan to clean some large dirty open area, switch on to the high speed and slow it down when removing debris from the nooks and corners of the garden. The garden corners have restricted areas.

So, if the device’s speed is high, instead of clearing the space, the debris and dirt will be blown out and spread to the remaining area.

4. Interchangeable Nozzle Heads

When you are busy cleaning a dirty surface area, you will always come across some stubborn, hard-to-reach nooks and corners. In this Craftsman leaf blower, there are interchangeable nozzle heads that help you to clean even the most challenging areas.

Therefore, no matter what the area, the Craftsman leaf vacuum blower is sure to clean the place and make it tidy.

You will be surprised to know that of all the accessories and parts of this Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher; the interchangeable nozzle heads are the most valuable accessories of all.

So, while maintaining an optimal airflow rate, the interchangeable nozzles of this Craftsman leaf blower will help you reach those hard-to-reach areas.

Well, this is just another feature that adds a feather to its hat!

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5. Powerful Performance

There are a lot of qualities of the Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher that makes it a hero amongst other popular leaf blowers. So let us take a look at them one after another.

First and foremost, this electric leaf blower has a robust 12 Amp motor that is powerful enough to run for a more extended period. Also, this powerful motor can clean the lawn and remove all stubborn dirt and debris at ease.

Further, the Craftsman leaf vacuum blower has a maximum airspeed of 260 Mph and a maximum air volume of 450 Cfm. These measurements prove that the Craftsman leaf vacuum blower can take care of all kinds of dirt-related problems without the emission of loud noise.

In addition, the Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher has a 3-in-1 machine that purposes these three functions:

  • 1st: ¾ As a blower
  • 2nd: ¾ As a vacuum cleaner
  • 3rd: ¾ As a mulcher

The product is accommodated with a dual-shred metal impeller to mulch clear sixteen bags of debris into a single one. Since the product performs three functions altogether, consumers do not have to invest separately in a vacuum cleaner or a mulcher.

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6. Warranty

Generally, the products manufactured by Craftsman have a warranty period of 2 to 3 years from the day of purchase. This warranty period can be extended on all of its non-expendable parts as well.

For example, the Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher has a two-year warranty period, which is slightly longer than regular devices.

7. Other Added Features

craftsman leaf vacuum-

Besides the marvelous features mentioned above, this product has some additional features that need special mention. They are as follows:

  • Accommodation of a dust-blocker collection bag separates the dirt and debris from the mulching.
  • For enhanced stability, the leaf blower is manufactured with a dual wheel function. This procures easy movement.
  • From converting a leaf blower to a vacuum cleaner, no extra tools and efforts on the part of the user are required.
  • It has a vacuum kit containing a vacuum tube and a collection bag.
  • It has an integrated cord lock to prevent the cord from getting disconnected now and then.
  • The device imparts maximum control and comfort by its soft-grip surfaces.
  • To let the users achieve optimum safety, it has a locking vacuum gate.
  • It can be used for jobs that continue for more extended periods
  • Compact design
  • Competitive price
  • Cost-effective
  • Dynamic dual-speed control
  • Great product for small cleaning areas
  • Has a vacuum kit
  • Lightweight
  • No need of maintenance
  • Mulching vacuum function condenses leaves
  • No need to empty the bag
  • Performs dual functions of both leaf blower and vacuum cleaner
  • Possesses powerful leaf blower
  • Presence of powerful electric motor
  • Product devoid of any assembling
  • Zero emissions
  • Vibration is higher than its counterparts
  • Limited cable range

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher work?

It uses the motor to emit airflow through the machine. The user can set the pressure of the airflow. This creates a suction, and the debris is sucked into the disposable bags and deposited in a receptacle or in a reusable bag.

What is the warranty offered in the Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher?

It has a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase, provided that the product is used in a home environment. However, in this warranty period, the failure of the device caused due to accident or abuse or any other kind of man made damage will not be covered.

Is the warranty applied to Latin America?

Unfortunately, the warranty period is not applied to the Craftsman products sold in Latin America.

Should the collection bag be removed?

No, without unplugging you can not remove the collection bag from the device.

What to do if the unit gets jammed?

If the unit gets jammed, turn it off and disconnect it from the main power supply.

The Verdict


Therefore, if you are looking for a leaf blower that performs multiple functions, the Craftsman Leaf blower/leaf vacuum & mulcher is apt for you.

When you review this product, what is sure to strike you the most is its performance, safety, and dependability. Therefore, getting this Craftsman leaf blower that does not emit any noise at an affordable rate is a must-buy.

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