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Sometimes, we don’t need every bell and whistle; only the essentials are enough.

The CHV1410L, Black and Decker offer it to those who want a simple, reliable product that’s comfortable in your pocket. The CHV1410 is among the most popular handhelds on Amazon due to its light design and price.

Note that there are two variants of the CHV1410; the version we’re highlighting here is the 14.4 lithium-ion battery. There’s another variant with the same size battery, which is a 16-volt lithium-Ion battery.

Don’t let this stop you from looking at this gadget since, even though it doesn’t have a high-voltage source, it can still produce an impressive 23 air watts.

If you compare it to its larger sister, the BDH2000L, which can produce 24 air watts or the most powerful DC44. It’s not that different, but it was 30 dollars less expensive.

The benefit of having a smaller battery is that it consumes less power; Black + Decker claims that the smart charge technology can use as much as 50 percent less.

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BLACK+DECKER dustbuster

A Quick Overview of Features

  • Lithium batteries can hold the charge up to 18 months
  • Rotating nozzle
  • 14.4-volt lithium-Ion battery
  • Charge time of 4 hours
  • 2-stage filter – a cloth filter made of plastic that blocks out the larger dirt, as well as an inner cloth to keep out smaller particles
  • B & D claims it makes use of 50% less electricity due to the smart charge feature.
  • Utilizes cyclonic motion to ensure suction is maintained even when the dirt cup fills up
  • Built-in crevice, as well as a brush tool


  • Just under $60 for a bargain.
  • Despite its tiny battery, it has excellent power.
  • Lightweight.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • The built-in tools reduce the risk of them being lost.


  • Small dirt cup
  • A bit mall nozzle
  • It is impossible to replace the battery.

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The Features Included in the Black and Decker CHV1410L 14.4 Volt:

_BLACK+DECKER dustbuster 1

Its specifications are similar to those of the CHV1510 along with the BDH2000L. We have previously reviewed the same dimensions and weight.

Each has pull-out crevice tools, as well as fold-able brush tools. The distinction is in the battery. This one utilizes a 14.4 Volt lithium-ion battery, which requires approximately 4 hours to fully recharge; however, the runtime is not as clearly based on the reviews.

1. Run time

Black and Decker don’t specify the duration of the run. However, most users reported between 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted use.

2. Time to Charge

It’ll take around 4 hours for the battery to charge fully. A few customers have reported less than two hours.

3. Attachments and Accessories

_BLACK+DECKER dustbuster 2

It is equipped with a pull-out crevice and a foldable brush tool.

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4. Filter Clean Up

_BLACK+DECKER dustbuster 4

To get rid of the dirt cup, you need to press the two levers to release it on both sides, then empty it into a garbage bin.

The filter consists of two parts, one of which is an outer mesh that traps larger pieces of hair and crumbs. There is also an inner filter made of cloth that traps smaller particles.

This design helps make it easier to take care of. However, you’ll need to wash the filter regularly to ensure suction.

The frequency you have to clean will depend on the amount of dust you remove each day. Naturally, the more dusty the area will be, the more frequently you’ll have to clean the filter.

5. Service and Warranty for Customers

Black and Decker will send an alternative unit in the event that the unit you receive is not working as it should. Consumers have confirmed that they’ll offer this service for defective products.

Don’t do anything rash like cleaning up a floor that is wet, as this could end the warranty.

The unit comes with a two-year warranty that is limited to the entire device.

6. Pet Hair Cleaning

It isn’t possible to have a pet hair removal tool a little bit, but it is still capable of taking out pet hair from upholstery since it is suction-capable. In reality, pets were among those who were satisfied owners.

The benefit of not having a toothbrush could be the ease of maintenance. It isn’t necessary to clean hair off of it.

One benefit that is having no motorized brush is that there isn’t any maintenance required for cleaning the brush regularly.

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7. Carpet Performance

_BLACK+DECKER dustbuster 5

As it is a handheld device, it’s best when spotting cleaning floors with carpet.

It doesn’t have a motorized brush, so it can only be effective on carpets with low piles.

This is ideal for cleaning but difficult areas on corners and edges.

8. Bare Floor Performance

This can be used as cleaning up a particular spot. The nozzle’s intake is large enough to take in small pieces of rubbish like breadcrumbs, cereal, or pet droppings. The suction strength is sufficient to take up smaller to medium-sized dirt. However, it’s not able to handle massive or bulky objects because it isn’t able to fit through the inlet.

9. Upholstery Cleaning

_BLACK+DECKER dustbuster 3

The absence of motorized brushes hurts it a little in this particular area. However, it compensates for it by suction capacity.

It’s suction-capable enough to clean dirt off the surface. However, since the nozzle is small, it will require more passes to wash.

It is also possible to use it inside your car as it’s lightweight and compact.

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Customer Reviews

One of the things that people loved about this device was the suction power. Many of them said it had excellent suction capacity and adequate run time, ranging from 15 and 30 minutes.

Some even claimed to have been using it for a couple of hours, but we would take the suggestion with a pinch of salt as they’ve probably utilized it infrequently for over an hour.

Of the more than 300 reviews, only 50 had a negative review which is an excellent proportion.

This device consists of an LED display that notifies the customers when the battery goes low. Along with this, it consists of the number of attachments in it. This attachment helps to increase the customer’s experience.

Out of 300, 270 reviews are positive, so we don’t worry about the remaining 30 reviews’ opinions.

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Review From Other Sites

Over 70 users write reviews, and 92% of them would recommend it to someone else (now, that’s enough!). They were impressed that it was a lithium-ion battery instead of NiCad since it was not prone to discharge.

Many people like the way this vacuum cleans with a good run time and ergonomics.

A few people were happy with the running time in both normal as well as the high mode and also happy with the two or three-year warranty period.

Where Can We Get This?

You can purchase this slim cordless on Amazon for under $50 and will be eligible for their free two-day shipping when you sign up for Prime.

Additional warranties can be available for three years or more if you’re looking to have that added security.

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The Verdict


This handheld vacuum is an excellent alternative for people who are looking for a low-cost vacuum to clean up small messes in their homes.

One of the less praised handhelds currently on the market since the numbers aren’t immediately out, but B & D could squeeze 23 air watts from it. Putting it in comparison to the Dyson DC44, which has 28 air watts, it isn’t that far off.

The best part is the fact that it costs less than 60 dollars and comes with an extended warranty of 2 years for it, making it one of the top deals we have ever seen.

There are some limitations, but this is not a big issue. One is the locking mechanism of the crevice tool that isn’t the most secure.

It’s likely to slide back if you exert too much force on the tool. For cleaning up spots, This vacuum does an excellent job. It won’t be able to pick up bigger pieces of dirt because the nozzle is small.

The battery can’t be removed, so in the event that it malfunctions and you don’t have the option to purchase another. It’s best to send your battery back to Black & Decker to have them repair it.

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