Bissell Symphony Review: Really Worth your $219?

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The ‘All-In-One Symphony is an innovatively created cleaner by Bissell that will make cleaning your hard floors much easier than ever before. This is the only device that can first sweep the floor, as well as steam the floor in the identical way and without additional effort from you.

It’s a huge time saver in comparison to the traditional method of using a mop or broom.

Additionally, there aren’t any harmful chemicals to ruin the look of your tile hardwood, and no steam from the water will be able to touch the surface. Bissell isn’t a firm that has a reputation for innovations in the field. However, the Symphony changes that perception with certainty.

It is possible to use it in three different ways, making it extremely flexible. It is the sole vacuum cleaner, like a common steam cleaner. As we said, you can use it either way.

This is a great feature because there are occasions when you need to sweep floors and give them a quick shine or to get rid of some grime that is accumulated across.

Additionally, you might encounter small spills that are easier to run the vacuum over instead of pulling a broom out of your cupboard. Once you are familiar with the various ways to use it, you’ll enjoy this feature more than the others.

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Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop 1543A

The Most Important Features and Accessories of Bissell Symphony Vacuum Cleaner

  • It can be put together in just two simple steps.
  • The steam and vacuum machine allows you to clean and vacuum simultaneously or let you utilize either function.
  • The powerful vacuum eliminates any trace of dirt or hairs of pets.
  • Dry Tank Technology keeps dampness from entering the tank, ensuring that the dirt tank remains dry.
  • Drop-It Tank Emptying Systems are hands-free. This means you won’t need to be dirty while cleaning from the tank and emptying it.
  • It comes with disposable Swiffer steam pads from the brand items that need to go to the garbage, as well as microfiber pads you can reuse and wash.
  • Scent Discs, along with Scent Water accessories, are a tremendous way to tackle pet odors by steamers.
  • At around ten pounds, it’s light, making it simple to transport into different rooms or down and up the stairs if needed.
  • You can use a 25-foot power cord to clean large areas or several rooms.

Important Things to Know About Bissell Symphony:

1. Support

Bissell provides online support to users of its Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Cleaner via their “support” option that is located on the menu bar at the top of their page. There are a variety of links available to answer frequently asked questions, or you can contact their consumer service department.

If you’d rather speak to someone directly, They also provide their customer service number as 800-237-7691. They’ll be able to respond to your inquiries faster if you have your model, machine, and serial number in hand.

2. Custom-designed Microfiber Mop Pads

Bissell Symphony 5

The Symphony includes four specially made microfiber mop pads. 2 of the soft and two with rough surfaces to scrub the dirt off the floor. They are washable and are easy to replace with the machine. The soft pad is ideal to do a basic clean to provide a quick clean of the area. After that, use the second pad to tackle difficult dirt. The pads will last for many washes and are replaced as required at a pretty affordable cost.

3. A Quick Reminder About Vacuuming With The Pads

If you intend to perform steaming and vacuuming simultaneously, it’s perfect to start by vacuuming without the pad if there is a substantial amount of debris to clean up. After the mop pad has been installed, it will elevate the vacuum head away from the floor, which decreases the suction force a bit.

You’ll notice that you’re experiencing a greater cleaning experience if you start with this step first, but it’s not needed if there’s not any dirt. If that’s the case, you can perform the task using the pad in front of the device.

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4. Excellent Choice for Pet Households

Bissell Symphony 1

The one thing that every pet owner understands is that it’s vital to plan a strategy for getting rid of dirt, hair, mud, and other substances from the various surfaces of your home. This can be flooring made of hardwood, and if this is the case, then an all-in-one cleaner such as this Bissell can make a lot of sense.

It is possible to use the vacuum feature to eliminate any dirt or hair and then switch on the steamer to restore the floor to pristine condition. Cleanse your home with natural electricity and water in lieu of harmful chemicals that may be harmful to your pets also.

5. Other Features

Bissell Symphony 3

  • Simple Touch Digital Controls allow you to easily switch between different styles without lifting your hands from the handle that can be adjusted
  • Dual Steam Settings (high as well as low) allows you to adjust the steamer for the kind of floor or mess that you will be using it on.
  • The Quick Release Pad Tray allows for an easy process to swap mop pads
  • Get rid of 99.9% of germs and bacteria by using steam on clean floors by using water
  • 11 Inch Path provides ample coverage for large rooms, which means you’ll need fewer passes than smaller vacuums require.

6. Speed & Efficiency

Bissell Symphony 2

The true magic is connecting a microfiber mophead onto the tray for mop pads. Combining the microfiber fabric with the steaming power of the mop and you’ll be able to remove 99.9% of bacteria and germs from your flooring, including pet hair.

7. Bin Capacity and Maintenance

Bissell Symphony 4

There’s more work to be done in the Bissell Symphony Steam 2 within 1 vacuum than with the Tineco Pure On S12 Vacuum. It comes with two bins: One for water (12.8oz tank’s capacity) and the other one to store dry waste. Just clean the water tank after use. The dry tank must be cleaned every 2 months to avoid the build-up.

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8. Durability

It’s mostly made of plastic, so it’s relatively light and durable. The microfiber pads can be washed, which adds to the overall durability.

9. Value

Why should you bother with a Bissell Symphony Vac and Steam 2 in 1 vacuum when it isn’t able to steam clean carpets as Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe? To begin, you can get carpet attachment with the Bissell Symphony as well, as it’s possible to equip Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe with a hard floor attachment.

The most notable difference here is in size: almost 20 pounds, compared to Bissell’s 13 pounds. Both are top-quality machines, and both require some sort of cleaning supplies in addition to their prices.

Is Steam Cleaning Safe for Hardwood Flooring?

It is likely to be among the first questions you’d ask yourself if you’ve got hardwood flooring. It’s safe to use on hardwood floors as long as it can seal and have the proper sealant on them. The benefit of the Symphony is that you can regulate the amount of water you apply during use.

Bissell suggests using the ‘Lo setting for sealed hardwood flooring. The only moment when steam can release is when you push to trigger. This gives you the ability to have control over how much steam you are applying at any one time.

Can It Be Used on Carpets?

The quick answer is yes, it can…but with a caveat: There is the carpet glider attachment which lets you use the Symphony to gently vacuum and clean your carpets regularly. The Symphony isn’t design to replace the larger vacuums that take the dirt from your carpets with more thickness.

The Symphony isn’t the capacity and size to do this, but it’s not the purpose it was create. This attachment can tackle dirt and surface stains, but that’s all it does.



It is the Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Cleaner, perfect for saving time and money because it can perform two functions in one device. If you’re looking to vacuum the pet’s messes up and then steam away germs, then the Symphony is a great option.

With various levels of steam and disposable or washable cleaning pads, and other accessories that eliminate any trace of pet odors remaining on the floor, there are several options to ensure that your home is spotless.

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