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Are you tired of your pets messing around with your favorite carpet and making it smelly and dirty? You don’t need to worry now; Bissell Spot Clean Proheat Pet is the vacuum cleaner you are looking for. It is portable, efficient, and a pleasant cleaner. It removes all your stains and smelly odor, making your favorite carpets and rugs to their original state. 

The Bissell SpotClean Proheat Pet is one of the best mini portable vacuum cleaners that removes all the spots and stains from your carpets, stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more. It’s powerful scrubbing, suction, and professional cleaning solution makes it easier to remove stubborn pet stains and embedded dirt. 

The versatile cleaner gives you high professional results and removes all the smelly stains of your pets with its high and powerful oxy cleaner. It comes with a stain trapper tool to catch the dirtiest messes, a 3″ Tough Stain Tool, and two trial-size PET PRO OXY Urine Eliminator Formulas.

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Bissell Spotclean

  • Product Dimensions: 10x14x14 inches
  • Product weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years  
  • Model: 2458
  • Power rating: 5.7 amps
  • Power cord length: 22 feet
  • Hose length: 4 feet 
  • Tank capacity: ¾ gallon 
  • Color: Grapevine, purple and black 
  • Special tools: 3-inch tough stain tool and stain trapper tool
  • Heatwave technology: Yes 
  • Recommended surface for cleaning: Upholstery and carpets 
  • Brush on/off: Yes
  • Carry handle: Yes 

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Features and Overview 

bissell spotclean proheat pet

The portable cleaner has the following features which distinguish it from the other type of vacuum cleaners: 

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1. Weight and Capacity 

The portable cleaner weighs only 13 pounds which is much lighter than usual vacuum cleaners; with its portability, this model can easily fit into any odd areas cleaning your dirtiest and messiest carpet or rugs. Having a tank capacity of about ¾ gallon, it can hold a great deal of dirt and debris; you don’t need to refill it again and again. 

2. Power Cord and Hose 

Most carpet cleaners have a small power cord or hose, making it difficult to reach every area, and you have to plug it somewhere else. Still, with this beautiful carpet cleaner, you don’t need to worry as it has 22 feet of power cord and the hose is 5 feet long, making it more convenient and easier for you to clean any area you desire. 

3. Portability 

In addition to its various features, the best among all is its portability. Being compact and portable, it can easily fit into any space you want. It does not require much space or room, and with its long cord lengths, you can easily clean without moving it from place to place. 

4. Stain Trapper Tool 

The appliance comes up with a self-contained stain trapper tool designed to trap your pet’s mess and isolate it without affecting the rest of your machine, as the pet’s mess may damage or create bad smells in your machine. 

5. Powerful Suction 

Without a powerful suction system, carpet cleaners are useless; Bissell Spot Clean Proheat Pet has an amazing and powerful suction system, effortless; this machine cleans up things like stains and odors, along with smaller messes that your pet makes. Though small, it packs a punch.

6. Professional Pet Urine Eliminator

The machine is boxed with a powerful cleaning agent, a professional pet urine eliminator; The product is designed to be an effective way of removing pet urine from carpets. The product works very well and can save your carpet since pet urine tends to seep into the folds leading to an odor that never seems to go away.

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7. Better Than Foam and Sprays 

It is possible to effectively clean stains and eliminate unpleasant odors using Bissell Spot Clean. Likewise, foams and sprays work well but less effectively than this carpet cleaner. The unit uses warm water and the suction of the carpet cleaner to penetrate the stain and remove it.

8. Perfectly Works on Different Areas 

The device perfectly works and cleans individual stair steps as many carpet cleaners don’t have the mobility to clean them. A regular carpet cleaner can’t clean with the same level of accuracy and thoroughness. But this device works very well with areas like upholstery, the interior of your car, small area rugs, and many other smaller spaces.

9. Cleaning Your Carpet With Brushes and Cleaning Tool 

The main cleaning tool that comes with this carpet cleaner will be used to clean your carpet. The tool consists of a set of powerful brushes, a pathway for suction, and a pathway for water. By combining these three elements, you can thoroughly and effectively clean your carpets, eliminating any stains and messes you may have.

Moreover, it has a set of brushes to loosen up and scrub off the stains as they contain thick bristles which break down the dirt particles.

10. Why Use Water While Cleaning? 

bissell spotclean proheat pet-

A small pathway on the cleaning tool allows water to flow out so that the brush is as effective. Adding this to a cleaning solution strengthens the water and makes carpet cleaning easier.

By spraying water on a stain or mess that needs to be cleaned, it can break down most of the germs and allow the brush to more effectively remove the stain or mess. You can choose when water is sprayed on the carpet that you are cleaning. Thus, you only use as much water as you need. 

11. Every Purchase Saves Pets 

The BISSELL Pet Foundation and this model’s mission of helping to save homeless pets is a mission that BISSELL® is proud to support. Your purchase of a BISSELL® product also helps save pets. 

  • Easy to use and portable 
  • Powerful suction system and motor. 
  • Great for the mess, stains, and other mid-size jobs. 
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty 
  • Good length size of power cord and hose. 

  • Does not have a built-in heater. 
  • No automation in the machine
  • Tank capacity is lower 

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12. Parts and Accessories 

  • Carry handle 
  • Cleaning tool 
  • Power button 
  • Formula and clean water tank 
  • Dirty water tank 
  • Power cord 
  • Quick-release cord wrap 
  • Flex house 

Safety Precautions While Using the Carpet Cleaner 

  • Do not leave the appliance unattended; unplug when not in use. 
  • Do not expose yourself to rain; always store in a dry place. 
  • Never use the appliance other than the intended use prescribed by the manufacturer; keep close supervision when children are nearby. 
  • Use only the manufacturer’s recommended attachments.
  • Do not use it if the cord or plug is damaged. Whenever an appliance isn’t working properly, has been dropped, damaged, left in the rain, or dropped into water, have it repaired by an authorized service center.
  • Do not handle it with wet hands. 
  • Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers, and all body parts away from openings and moving parts.  
  • Objects should not be placed in openings. Make sure that no opening is blocked; keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, and anything else that can impede airflow.
  •  It should not be used to pick up any flammable or combustible materials (lighter fluid, gasoline, kerosene, etc.) or to be used in areas where those materials might be present. 
  • Do not use it to pick toxic materials.
  • Be sure to keep the appliance level. 
  • The appliance should not be carried while in use.

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How to Operate the Appliance? 

1. Cleaning With Spot Cleaner 

  • Plugin the device and turn it on by pressing the power button.
  • Hold the cleaning tool about 2.5cm above the soiled surface. Use the spray trigger to apply the cleaning solution. 
  •  Scrub the area gently to be cleaned with the brush on the cleaning tool. 
  •  Use downward pressure on the cleaning tool and pull it toward you. You will be able to remove the dirt and cleaning solution using suction. Continue until there’s no more dirt to be removed.  

2. Cleaning With Stain Trapper Tool

  • Put the Stain Trapper tool on the end of the hose.  
  • Move the vacuum cleaner back and forth over the stain slowly. Do not move the tool too quickly, or soiled water will flow back into the hose.  
  • The tool can be emptied by rotating the small tank on the bottom. 
  • Rinse the tank with water after emptying the dirty water into a sink or toilet. 
  • Replace the tank by aligning the locking teeth with their corresponding slots (the two teeth closest together should face the brush). Turn the tank to secure it.  

Buyers Guide

bissell spotclean proheat pet

Before buying a carpet cleaner, you should consider the following factors: Apart from this you can also at a look towards Miele C1 vs C2.

1. Size and Weight 

Whenever buying a carpet cleaner, portability is very important. It should be the topmost priority, as a compact and lightweight machine could be easily carried around to clean dirt and debris. Moreover, the greater the size and weight of the cleaner, the more difficult it becomes to roll the appliance around and use it. 

2. Cleaning Method 

Each carpet cleaner has different methods of cleaning; some operate through powerful jet nozzles in combination with circular rotating brushes, while others work through a simple drip system with a single, cylindrical brush. Both work effectively depending upon the type of carpet you need to clean. 

3. Size of Cleaning Path 

When using carpet cleaners, the cleaning path refers to the width or path that any cleaner can clean on a single pass and is calculated in inches. Each cleaner has different sizes of cleaning paths; a cleaner with a wider cleaning path would save a lot of your time. 

4. Length of Cord 

It turns hectic to turn off the appliance every time and find a different outlet for cleaning different areas if the cord length of the carpet cleaner is small. A longer cord length will make it convenient and easy for you to move around the appliance and clean the stains around the house without changing the outlet every time. 

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How Can We Clean a Brush Head That’s Stuck With Gunk?

If your brush head and hose are clogged with debris or dirt, suckup a small amount of water from a bowl.

Does the Cleaner Heat Water?

No, it does not heat the water; you have to put warm water in it.

What Is the Power Voltage It Works On?

It works on 120 volts.

What to Do in Case of Suction-Loss?

It may occur due to tanks not being properly seated, the dirty tank being filled with maximum dirt or formula, or the water tank being empty. To regain suction, reseat both of the tanks, empty the dirty tank, or check the formula and water tank levels.

What if There’s No Spray Working?

Refill the tank, reset the appliance or hold the end of the hose below the water level in the tank to prime.

The Verdict


Are you too worried about your pets dirtying your favorite carpets and are a little low on budget? Then the Bissell Spot Clean Proheat Pet is the perfect carpet cleaner for you to buy! If you xhave pets, which urinate on your carpets and rugs, then this appliance is a fantastic purchase for you as it completely cleans all the stains and eradicates the smelly odors with its high-power oxy and suction.

It is easy to use and handle the appliance as it comes up with a 22 feet power cord length It removes your worries of moving the appliance and connecting it in different places, simple controls, compact design, and lightweight carpet cleaner that perfectly cleans your rugs, carpets, and even stairs.

Additionally, it comes up with a professional pet urine eliminator and a powerful suction system that sucks all the dirt and debris.

With different color variants, being highly portable and durable, the portable carpet cleaner is affordable. Moreover, with every purchase of Bissell, you can become a part of saving pets. With a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer, guaranteeing to replace or repair your product if it malfunctions. 

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