Bissell Spinwave vs Crosswave: Let’s Kill the Confusion

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BISSELL is a giant in the world in terms of cleaning products of high quality. If you’re searching for vacuums, mops, or Brooms, BISSELL is the ultimate manufacturer that does not compromise on the quality.

Its high-end standards make customers want cleaner and more efficient cleaning equipment. In this article, we will make a BISSELL Spinwave and Crosswave comparison.

They are both cleaners for floors. Our primary goal is to examine the capabilities of each one, the damage it could do to you, and the degree of reliability they have.

We will also review the BISSELL Spinwave and Crosswave technologies and examine how they perform.

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Comparison (Summary)

The most significant distinction between the two is that Bissell CrossWave is a dry and wet vacuum while the SpinWave is a mop. Consider which one would best suit your cleaning needs if you’re deciding between the two.

If you have hard and rugs floors, it is recommended that you use the CrossWave is the best option because it can be utilized for both floors.

Since this SpinWave can be described as a mop, it’s not suitable for carpets and rugs. It’s only for use on hard floors.

Let’s examine the specifications more closely. The CrossWave includes an elongated brush that can pick up any dry mess and mop and also the ability to extract water.

These features offer the cleaner a wide range of options and will make it easier to use a second mop!

There’s an additional tank that houses dirty water and an additional tank that holds a clean solution. This isn’t a substitute for a vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaner. However, it’s more efficient for fast cleaning.

However, the SpinWave is only capable of mopping. There’s a tank of water to store your solution and two counter-spinning mop heads to scrub floors. Two heads can allow for a greater area of floor to be scrubbed.

Both machines are corded with the CrossWave with a slightly longer cord, 25 feet. Contrary to that, the SpinWave has a cord that is 22 feet long. However, the CrossWave is more powerful, with an amp score of 4.4 amps, as opposed to 0.9 amps in the SpinWave mop.

They’re both simple to use due to their Swivel steering! Both models use warm tap water, which is simple to fill. There’s no headlight, heater, or auto cord rewinding, which could be a major issue for certain users!

In terms of cost, the CrossWave costs more than SpinWave. It is possible to attribute this to the CrossWave being equipped to vacuum and mop floors.

Bissell Spin-Wave vs. Crosswave Review

How Good is Bissell Spin-Wave?

BISSELL Spinwave Powered 2039A

Bissell SpinWave is yet another great mop powered by a built-in robotic. It can move around the household and gather up debris. Two microfiber pads spinning help to clean the dirty areas.

Maybe that’s the reason why it’s named after “SpinWave.” Its robotic functions can spot debris to clean up the surface. The specially developed software is used to control the robot SpinWave.

There is an auto mode and a spot mode to use it. If you want to clean the surface in a straight line, use Auto mode. On the other hand, you can use the spot mode to cleanse surfaces in an arc.

The dust bin cooperates to eliminate dust. In addition, you can add the solution with water and put it in the tank fixed. The tank will rotate when there’s a blocking process of vacuuming.

The attractive lighting is arranged at one side of SpinWave to signal the machine’s condition. The robot can remove debris with a vacuum cleaner and mopping tank. Two circular mop pads are attached to the tank. They help clean hard floors as the motor turns. The needed solution gets to the wet tank.

Additionally, the battery’s life allows the unit to run for about 100 minutes. However, it is necessary to recharge it as batteries power it. It takes around 4 hours to complete the initial charge.

  • You can make use of Mop Pads multiple times.
  • It’s easy, and there’s no need for personal involvement in cleaning.
  • There is no restriction on the area of the region.
  • Dry and wet cleaning functions.
  • Automatically adjust the height of the surface.
  • It is more time-consuming than manual washing.
  • The scratches are too hard to remove.

You must be aware of some key details about the latest functions available in Bissell SpinWave. Let’s get started.

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1. Wet mopping

Bissell SpinWave 2

This mode assists in rotating to rotate mop pads. The system moves mop pads to the clean surface and scrubs them. For this job, using a solution provided by the company is needed. Scrubbing is a normal process and not a result of pressure.

For scrubbing that is hard to do, the process doesn’t work. It is possible to do basic washing after removing the dry debris.

2. Super suction

The machine generates 1500 Pa pressure, which collects the dust. The suction will easily grab hair, dirt, and other small particles. The suction pressure assists in moving the debris immediately to the trash bin. This is why the debris will be completely removed.

3. Soft surfaces avoid sensor

Bissell SpinWave 3

Soft surfaces are tolerant of water. Therefore, it is essential to stay clear of soft surfaces when mopping with water is active.

The built-in sensor can perform this job with precision. When moving within the occupied space, it detects the soft surfaces and resists moving over them. On soft surfaces, dry cleaning is acceptable.

4. Two tank cleaning system

There are dry and wet cleaning choices. If you’re looking to perform wet cleaning, switch to Mop Mode. However, you can switch off the Vacuum Mode to dry clean.

Mop mode requires you to add water solutions to the surface to enhance the cleaning experience. Vacuum mode generates massive pressure to remove the debris and fill the tank.

5. Washable pads

Changing pads after every session isn’t mandatory. Microfiber mop pads aren’t made for use just once. Reusing and washing the pads is perfectly fine.

Avoid using hot water to wash them as the fiber can be damaged. Dry it, wash it, and then use it. After a certain period, your pads will start to get worn out, and you should consider replacing them.

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6. Height adjustment for auto surface

The surface height setting is an amazing feature because it can operate efficiently. By setting different heights on the various surfaces, it will be able to gather debris with greater precision.

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7. Lightweight

Bissell SpinWave 1

It weighs only 7.5 pounds which is extremely light to carry. Moving from one location to another isn’t a problem with this robot.

8. Quiet cleaning

To not disrupt your normal routine, it moves around the home. It doesn’t create a massive noise.

9. Battery-powered

A Lithium-ion battery can run Bissell SpinWave. Utilizing batteries removes the constraint of moving from one place to another. It also eliminates the need for corded versions. One charge can last for about 130 minutes.

10. Usage of a specific solution

The specially designed solution can bring back the shine of wood flooring. It is served in the package.

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How Good is  Bissell Crosswave?

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A

The Bissell Crosswave is a great tool to get carpets and hardwood floors in one go. It appears slightly taller and is made up of a huge handle that ensures a good grip.

In addition, a pole made of metal connects the entire cleaner to ensure durability. The bin is located at the bottom of the pole, collecting dirt. It’s easy for you to clean the container simply by pressing the appropriate button.

There is also the option of adding a plastic container that contains hot water to clean thoroughly. A multi-surface cleaner can be found in the quadrant of the pole and is different from the traditional vacuum.

To increase efficiency, it is possible to change the cleaning brush. The brush comes with a 25-foot long power cord, which will permit you to travel across the entire length.

In addition, a swivel-head is utilized to get into the most difficult corners of your home. A swivel head device can perform efficiently when working in a bigger area.

To make cleaning easier, it has the option of releasing more liquid when surfaces are dirty. It is recommended to clean the carpets or floors manually, which will give more results than an ordinary sponge mop.

  • Created to get to the most critical corners.
  • Multi-functional for various surfaces.
  • The microfibre in the brush assists in removing the debris effortlessly.
  • Button to apply the additional liquid.
  • The 12”-wide cleaning path gathers many dust particles.
  • It is not possible to perform more than 25 feet in radius.
  • The bin isn’t able to get properly rid of the waste.

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We’d like to share with you some appealing aspects that are part of Bissell CrossWave. Scroll down to discover some amazing features.

1. Wash and vacuum simultaneously


Bissell Crosswave 1 Vacuuming the dry wastes first and then wiping the floor with liquid cleaner is usual. Bissell CrossWave offers vacuuming and washing together.

The machine starts by removing dirt and then uses the cleaner to clean the floor. Following this method, there isn’t any chance of leaving behind dirt. This will save you time and energy in the end.

2. Corded

A battery doesn’t mean anything since, if you use the corded version, you’ll never be running out of power at any time. We’re hoping that the 25′ power cord included in this product will enable you to get to the end of your space.

Some might suggest that batteries can expand the range of portability. If we focus on a continuous supply of power that is corded, then a corded model is the one to choose.

3. Large cleaning path

The Bissell CrossWave features 12 inches of the cleaning path. The wider cleaning path allows cleaning the dirt area in the shortest amount of time.

If you run your CrossWave through the dust, dust won’t grow due to its extensive debris-capturing path. General mops aren’t able to take on a huge surface at one time and quickly spread dry dust.

4. Versatility

Bissell Crosswave 4

The mop is capable of getting rid of debris from floors to hard floors and sealed floors. It doesn’t matter if your floor is extremely filthy or just needs a simple clean; the mop can do it. It’s, therefore, a great choice for a variety of tasks.

5. Lightweight

With just 11.5 pounds, it’s easy to move. It needs to be cleaned, and you should have a light item. If you’re planning to clean a difficult corner in your home, you might be tired while operating it.

With the right-hand grip and the perfect balanced weights, this device assists in wiping the surface quickly. The sensation of mites will assist in completing the task for a long period.

6. Head Swivel

The swivel-head head can help access the difficult sides of the home. It aids in making an angle that is suitable for capturing wastes quickly.

The most frequent place for dust is on the sides of your home. If you use the regular mop, it’s almost impossible to get there and clean the dust.

7. Smart touch control

This feature allows users to quickly switch from one kind of surface cleaning system to another. It is easy to switch onto the hard floor from the area rug. The solution trigger attached to the rug helps limit the number of available solutions.

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8. Separate water tank

Bissell Crosswave 3

A two-tank system helps keep clean and dirty water separated. This helps in getting clean water to apply on dirty surfaces. The clean water mixes with the fresh water and provides dirty water to wash.

If you wipe manually using the help of a bucket and a cleaner, you’ll have to change the water every interval of a period. This product will eliminate this issue.

9. Multi-surface brush roll

Bissell Crosswave 2

Innovative nylon and microfiber brushes combat dust using the highest performance. The microfibre catches the dust immediately.

Its smallest particles can’t be able to fly away off the ground. There is an abrasive roll to mop the surface easily. It’s designed to collect dry particles and then mop the surface with the liquid.

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Which Option Should You Choose?

It’s tough to give an accurate conclusion without knowing your specifics. If you’re a professional, you will need to keep your home clean to get rid of dry dust. If you do, you should consider a SpinWave one. It will assist you in mopping wet without affecting the soft surfaces.

However, CrossWave is used for specific functions. It is not capable of connecting, but it can take out the debris much more effectively than SpinWave. Bissell CrossWave needs manual maintenance, and your involvement is essential. Choose one that is suitable for your needs and lifestyle.

Which One Will Work Best for You?

You can ask yourself:

Do you prefer MOPPING all the time or MOPPING with VACUUMING?

If the answer is yes, you can just purchase Spinwave!

Spinwave class does an excellent job of polishing and wiping your floors. We recommend you use these classes. Overall, we would highly recommend Bissell Spinwave 20391.

If you are looking for a CORDLESS product to meet your requirements, we recommend Bissell Spinwave 23157 Cordless. If you’re looking for one that can both mop and vacuums, this Crosswave series will satisfy you. Every item in the class is reliable.

It’s Bissell Crosswave 1785A has a lot of power and should be able to solve the majority of your vacuuming requirements.



The million-dollar question. After a thorough BISSELL Spinwave and Crosswave review, we conclusively say that both are top-quality machines. Both  technology are fantastic for homeowners. Each product comprises strengths and weak points. The purpose of use should guide the choice of product.

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