Bissell Smartclean Robot Review: Spent 52 Hours in Testing

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Cylinder vacuum cleaners appear to have fallen a bit from favor, specifically bags-free models. It’s a shame because Bissell SmartClean Pet proves that there’s still plenty of life remaining in this model.

Large, bold, and strong, The SmartClean Pet makes short work of nearly every task with its massive bin that ensures you don’t need to empty it frequently. A small motorized tool would be a great feature, but it’s an all-purpose vacuum cleaner that’s difficult to be faulted with.

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Bissell SmartClean Key Features

  • Full Kit: This kit includes a charging station, docking station as well as a detector that can be used to create an invisible wall, one filter, and some spare brushes. You’ll be looking to buy additional spares.
  • Standard Dimensions: SmartClean is slightly larger than an older LP that measures around 13-inches and 3.4 inches high, which means it will be able to sit under furniture, but not the traditional seating style with the low edges.
  • It’s a good-looking device: The Bissell SmartClean is very high-tech with a beautiful geodesic look at the top and stylish blue trim. At the top is an LCD display that has numeorus buttons to set up and alter the settings. Underneath, there is a 5-inch gap that allows dust to be cleaned along with the main brush as well as the spinners that resemble spiders.

The Pros for the Bissell Smartclean

  • Knows when it is time to recharge: It also makes a move back to the dock when its battery is low.
  • A few Smart Sensors In addition to the speed: You get several high-tech features like the wall settings to ensure it doesn’t enter unknown territory, as well as an alarm to prevent it from falling down the steps or to a lower floor.
  • Fast and Furious: The Bissell is among the fastest robotic cleaning machines we’ve seen. Its tiny cleaning head dimensions prove to be too beneficial for storage purposes. However, if you love your technology moving through the air, the Bissell is a sight to behold. Even at high speeds, it can identify obstacles and stay clear of obstacles, but should be aware of cables and wires since they can contaminate the system and can cause harm.

The Cons for the Bissell SmartClean

  • Small Bin: Following the theme of small, the bin is pretty small, and it’s going to need to be changed frequently regardless of how long the machine can last. The next step of the robots that clean will be capable of self-emptying the bin. Moving in the opposite direction, once it’s running out of energy, It can take up to four hours to recharge the battery, which means that bigger homes might require more models or a device that has more juice.

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Design and Features

Bissell SmartClean Robot Vacuum 5

There’s no doubt that the Bissell SmartClean Pet is quite a heavy vacuum cleaner, weighing roughly 21 pounds. It’s possible that this isn’t as big of a deal with the case of a cylinder cleaner than an upright one because you don’t need to clean it frequently, and for a lot of time, you’ll simply move the vacuum around.

The most important thing is the reach of the vacuum, and its SmartClean Pet excels, offering 12m. With the 3m hose, the power cord of 9 meters, and combo wand, you’ll be in a position to cover a vast area without needing to move the vacuum too frequently. For the majority of jobs, you’ll only be carrying your weight, the hose, and the wand in your palm.

The Bissell includes an ordinary motorized floor brush that is large and covers a wide space in one sweep. Because it’s connect it to the wand alone and not the wand itself, it’s able to go through most obstacles without difficulty.

For your comfort, you can extend the length of the wand to accommodate your height. This flexibility allows you to clean high up, too, since it is easily extend to reach the ceiling.

The default setting is that the vacuum cleaner will turn on when it is in Auto mode and adjust the power to coincide with the surface on which the cleaner is placed. It is possible to change this so that you can select from three different power levels. You can also disable the brush bar when you need to work on hard floors but are finding dirt getting pinched all over.

Here’s the most interesting aspect…

When it’s in operation, the floor head’s powerful LEDs truly illuminate the area that you’re cleaning, aiding you in identifying dirt you may have missed.

You can remove the brush for cleaning; however, take note that it’s anti-tangle, which makes sure that the roller does not get blocked by a hair – which is common when using ordinary vacuum cleaners.

The box contains a dusting brush and crevice tool. It’s not a mini motorized brush which is unfortunate as they are fantastic for cleaning pet beds, stairs, or other furnishings.

Storage is often an issue with big cleaners, but Bissell can make it relatively simple. There’s a T-shaped slot on the rear of the cleaner that can be used to store the floor head and the wand as you clean. You can put your vacuum by putting it on your back and then use the T-shaped clip on the other side to store your cupboards for the long term.

Also, we must not forget this…

The main reason behind the size of the vacuum cleaner is its massive 3-liter bin, which is why it will not need to be emptied as frequently. When you empty it, the bin opens completely. Then, you push the button at bin’s bottom of the bin to open the flap and release the contents. You may need to give your bin to shake all the dirt out.

In the box is a washable filter. Bissell thoughtfully puts an additional one inside the bin, allowing you to clean the primary one, which is dry. A second post-motor filter is there on the rear of the cleaner, which is easily removed. However, you don’t need to clean it frequently as you do the main filter.

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What Were the Things We Loved Most About Bissell the Smartclean Robotic Vacuum?

This vacuum cleaner comes with all the best features of vacuum cleaners. It is capable of adapting to cleaning different surfaces, from carpet to hardwood floors.

You can also decide on your Schedule for cleaning, which allows the appliance to keep your home clean even if everyone is absent at home. It can also be set to automatically dock and recharge. Here are some additional details about the device:

  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 3.4 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Batteries: One Lithium-Ion Battery (included)

You can clearly see this; the Bissell SmartClean 1974 vacuum Cleaner is a device that combines power and small size. It’s not huge. However, it can make your home cleaner than any other. Here’s the list of a few of these amazing features from this Bissell 1975 review.

1. Thorough Cleaning System

Bissell SmartClean Robot Vacuum 1

The most crucial aspect of a vacuum is the way it’s thoroughly remove it. The product does a great job with a variety of features that let it take in particles. The two edge brushes on the unit’s bottom let the vacuum clean edges and corners without a problem.

Additionally, there is an elongated brush that removes dirt and debris from the carpet’s rugs and also has powerful suction capabilities to make sure that every single speck of dirt gets cleaned.

2. Flexible Cleaning Schedule

The cleaning is handled under your timetable. It can be set to clean when you’re on the move and follows a predetermined schedule each day. You don’t have to walk around the device as it will return at the docking station.

3. Multi-Surface Adaptability

As we’ve explained, the product can clean all rooms of your home without difficulty and can change from hardwood to carpet in a flash. The rotating roll of the brush on the underside is ideal for removing hair, other particles from carpets, rugs, suction-strengthening, and spinning edge brushes can remove dirt from hardwood floors and corners.

The sensors that are smart in the device detect that there are changes in the surface and will adjust to the change.

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4. A Clean and Fresh Surface

Bissell SmartClean Robot Vacuum 2

The greatest feature is that it can change between surfaces and clean every area of the home. Certain robot vacuums have problems in moving between carpeted or rug-covered areas. However, the Bissell SmartClean Vacuum 1974 is able to move effortlessly throughout the entire area. It is also able to navigate across chairs or stools because of its compact dimensions.

The self-docking feature and the flexibility are just two of the reasons this device has received such positive reviews. Let’s review some benefits and drawbacks before making a decision.

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5. Self-Sufficient

It is Bissell SmartClean 1974, extremely self-sufficient. All you have to do is allow it to run. Flexible cleaning schedules allow users to program the appliance and run it every day without a second thought.

While you’re cleaning, the vacuum will take care of your home for the set time and then return to the docking station for charging. The vacuum also has built-in cliff sensors, which means it won’t get stuck on an elevated space or slide down the staircase.

6. The Pet and Allergies Treatment

Bissell SmartClean Robot Vacuum 3

A lot of pet owners struggle with hair shedding, which comes from their pets. It is a constant issue, and the best solution we have discovered is to allow the Bissell SmartClean Vacuum to operate every day and collect pet hair before it starts to collect.

It’s also effective in taking away things like pollen and dust, which you can track into your home and cause allergies.

7. Great for busy Schedule

Bissell SmartClean Robot Vacuum 4

After returning home after a tiring day at work, the last thing we would like to do is clean. This is why the scheduling or cleaning calendar features are amazing. It can run smoothly even after you’ve gone and in accordance with the time that works most effectively for your Schedule. If you’re constantly on the move and active, this is the ideal solution.

Final Thoughts


It’s a wonderful accessory to your cleaning equipment. However, it’s not a replacement for a cleaning device. That’s why, with the variety of available robot vacuums, including this one, you shouldn’t remove your stand-up vacuum right now. The Bissell was a joy to use each day or even at least every two days.

It will take care of about 90 percent of the cleaning for you. However, you’ll still have to pull out your stand-up vacuum at least once or twice a month to conduct the more thorough cleaning. Overall, it’s impressive. If you consider it, it’ll complete all the cleaning for you as you relax and unwind.

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