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Bissell created a lightweight vacuum that can be moved easily due to its swivel steer. The manufacturer is using this Bissell PowerGlide Pet model, the SuctionChannel technology, which means you will receive an impressive suction from the edge, making it an excellent floor cleaner. 

When you vacuum, you’ll require no attachments to clean edges or corners surrounding the space. All that power creates an airflow filtered through 9 cyclones, which ensures that your filters remain clean for longer and prevent a reduction in suction.

The most important feature that this model vacuum has is the Pet TurboEraser which uses rubber brushes that look like paddles to draw in dirt and hair from pets.

It’s an outstanding all-around tool, and you don’t need to use it just on hair for pets. It is effective against all types of dirt. It’s an amazing tool you will never put down.

Bissell ensured that you receive the most effective features with this unit, such as the switch to turn off and the brush roll, which allows you to go from carpet to hard flooring by pressing one button.


Bissell Powerglide Pet was undoubtedly a tremendous model, but the fact is that you can’t buy it now! It’s discontinued!

But we didn’t let this issue hurt the buyer!

We conducted a 3 week testing session, in which we brought over 20 similar sort of models to our lab. We conducted a strong and unique 8=step testing of all the models. Our plan was to find top 5 alternatives.

A few are much better than the Bissell Powerglide Pet, though!

1. BISSELL 2252 CleanView (Read Full Review)

2. BISSELL 27909 Pet Hair Eraser 

3. Bissell Featherweight Stick (Read Full Review)

4. BISSELL 2486 CleanView

5. Bissell Powergroom Multicyclonic Canister


BISSELL PowerGlide 2763

If you are looking for an upright with a lower price, you must look at the Bissell PowerGlide 2763. It can clean carpets and floors efficiently. It’s great at cleaning dirt of small or medium sizes but may struggle with big ones due to its small clearance.

Since it is a budget model, we do not think that it will provide much cleaning as fine dust and allergens will be able to come back. If you are allergic, it is possible to choose an upright that comes with sealed systems like that sostenon 250 of the Shark Rotator.

Stunning Features of Bissell PowerGlide Pet

  • Include 2 tools on board – (1) Crevice and (2) Pet TurboEraser Tool.
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Washable filters lessen running costs
  • Has swivel steering
  • “Lift Off” feature that transforms this upright into an empty canister
  • The handle can be adjusted (has 2 settings) to fit the different heights of users and storage.
  • Multi-level filtering keeps dirt in the place it is needed to be – within the bin.
  • A very affordable vacuum with this long warranty and an option to lift away
  • Excellent performance, especially on carpet
  • Long 5-year warranty
  • Created to remove hair from pets
  • Post and pre-motor filters hold more dirt inside the dirt cup
  • Pet hair tools are effective in removing pet hair
  • The power cord is decently long at 27 feet.
  • Limits on short hoses the range of reach
  • If you remove the canister, it is like it’s heavy compared to the Shark
  • When you hit the bin vigorously enough, you run the risk of the cover crashing onto the floor
  • Even though Bissell states that it’s lightweight, it still weighs 16 pounds.
  • It does not come with an extension tool.
  • There is no rewinding of the cord
  • It isn’t very swivel-able.

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What Can You Do With Your Bissell Powerglide Pet?

Bissell describes this as the “lightweight” vacuum, but it weighs 16 pounds.

If you compare it with the other one of its competitors – it’s the Shark Navigator, this is still superior by 3 pounds.

It might not sound like much on paper, but that weight is a lot when you have to carry it up an uphill flight.

When you compare it with heavyweights of the class, like a Dyson DC41 that weighs over 20 pounds, it may seem a bit heavy.

One of the greatest attributes is the Lift-Off function that lets users take the canister from its upright base and transform it into a canister.

Other Features

In the past, in the Bissell Powerglide review, we have discussed a few notable characteristics of this vacuum, such as its maneuverability, versatility, and lightness. In this part, we’ll give you an in-depth overview of its characteristics that will enhance the vacuuming experience.

1. Lift-Off Technology

The highly effective Lift-Off technology allows you to remove the dirt container and the motor out of the body. It also lets you utilize the unit as a model stick while cleaning stairs and other remote areas.

2. Automatic Height Adjustment

Bissell Powerglide removes the guesswork from height adjustments and automatically adjusts to carpets of various kinds and thicknesses with this handy feature.

3. Multi-Surface

The power switch to turn off or on the power brush and the Lift-Off technology significantly ease cleaning from room to room and transfers to different flooring. With the push of the button, you can switch from carpets to hard floors and reverse. The lift-away canister allows you to quickly change between floors and above-floor surfaces and staircases.

4. Dual-Cyclone Suction

Bissell Powerglide Pet Hair 1

The dual-cyclone system of the vacuum can move hair and dirt directly to the dirt canister, eliminating the obstruction of the airflow that is fast-spiraling and allowing steady suction from edge to edge.

5. Swivel Steering

The most recognizable characteristics of Bissell Powerglide are the swivel steering feature. It is a great vacuum cleaner for cleaning in highly-traffic areas of your crowded house. The swiveling heads can cope with twists and turns and make sure that every corner is cleaned.

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6. Clean and Easy Dirt Cup

Emptying your canister is easy and quick with the detachable bottom release dirt container. You need to put it in an empty trash container, push the release button, and empty the contents into the trash.

7. The Tools You’ll Receive

Bissell Powerglide Pet Hair 2

It includes two tools – The long crevice device and the pet hair mini-brush. The product does not come with an extension wand, so the reach won’t be as long as that of a Shark Navigator Lift-Away.

It has an on/off feature for the brush roll, which helps clean the carpet. Here’s what the brush roll appears.

The brush is broad and includes air channels that both sides permit suction to move through, even to the side on the side of the cleaning head. This leads to better edge cleaning – one of the drawbacks of Shark Navigator.

There is storage in the rear for the aperture and the miniature motorized brush.

A bizarre design that utilizes bristles instead of rubber flaps performs quite well in the light of reviews.

Carpet Performance

Bissell Powerglide Pet Hair 3

To summarize the carpet’s performance, it was able to generate more cheers on carpets with a mid pile compared to those of the DC40, DC50, and the Shark Pro Lift-Away; the three brands are all just a few hundred dollars more costly!

It collected more sawdust from the carpets in the middle and low pile compared to the DC50, DC40 Origin, and DC41 Animal.

To experience a real head-to-head comparison, check out this article comparing the Bissell and the Shark Navigator.

Bissell could pick up almost everything, including large-sized debris, without plowing. The Shark Navigator did not fare as well during this test.

Another cleaning test is here, which was carried out by Ibaisaic on the carpet. There’s a huge pile of mess, including hair and dust bunnies, dust, etc.

After just one attempt, this is the result…

It’s not bad for only one back and forth. You don’t get in the picture are a few dots of the couscous.

Two lines represent the guardrail. The speed is great, thanks to the aggressive brush roll design that has its motor.

Here’s a close-up of debris flying up because of the sheer agitation of this brush…

The agitation is so effective that it was able to clean up nearly every bit of dirt across the flooring.

There was some leftover couscous, but it was able to get rid of nearly everything.

The biggest flaw of this Bissell could be the filtering; take a check out the filter.

This could be a problem for those with allergies. As with many upright vacuums that are budget-friendly, this one does not have an enclosed system, so dust and allergens will get into the exhaust.

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1. Bare Floor Performance

Based on a study conducted by CNet, which compared various upright vacuums side-by-side like the Electrolux Precision Brush roll Clean Oreck One Touch, Dyson DC41, Shark Rotator Lift-Away, Eureka AS1104A SectionSeal Pet, Dyson DC50 Animal, and Dyson DC40 Origin. The PowerGlide Pet Bagless surprised us by holding it against expensive brands like Dyson.

On the hardwood floor, it came in between the middle and the group when it came to getting rid of two ounces of cheerios, getting 83. It did manage to outperform more expensive models such as the Shark Rotator Lift-Away and the Dyson DC50.

When it was time to clean up sawdust, it came in among the top scores of the bunch, cleaning up 91% of the 2.5 pounds of sawdust that was scattered on the hardwood, beating expensive brands such as Electrolux, Shark, and Dyson.

If it had an Achilles heel, it could be cleaning pet hair off the hardwood.

The hair of the pet would wrap over the brush motor.

A VBlogger, Ibaisaic, conducted another cleaning test. He tossed a lot of trash, including dust bunnies, hair, couscous, and all kinds of things you’ll need to clean in your home.

After a single back and forth…

The results are amazing, as even with no brush roll, the brush was able to remove all dirt. This includes dirt that was accumulated over the grout line.

There was a bit of snow plowing, along with larger dirt particles.

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2. Pet Hair Removal

In the second instance, about the CNet test, the PowerGlide was able to pick up all 2.5 pounds of pet hair scattered on low and medium-pile carpets, the main reason being the stiff brushes of this motorized model. However, it struggled to pick hairs from pets on hard floors.

3. Upholstery Performance

Despite its odd design, the motorized mini tool was effective in picking up pet hair and other kinds of debris that can be found on furniture. Utilizing flaps rather than bristles reduces maintenance in removing dust or hair.

It also comes with a lengthy reach crevice tool in case you require a deeper reach into tight crevices.

Design and Specifications

A vibrant disco teal hue and a slim and sleek style make Bissell Powerglide appealing to the eyes. Because of its lightness and maneuverability and the inclusion of a head that swivels, the vacuum is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

It is a bagless, cordless upright with a lift-away canister; Bissell Powerglide is a portable vacuum cleaner that can wash many surfaces within your home, including difficult-to-reach places.

The brush and power switch are conveniently located, as well as the soft bumper protects against the possibility of damage to walls and furniture, making vacuuming easier.

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have enough storage space, as the Bissell Powerglide pet vacuum occupies a small space.

The only problem we’ve encountered in the way of Bissell Powerglide’s design is the extremely short hose which restricts the cleaning capabilities of the vacuum.

Maintenance and Service

A five-year limited warranty covers the Bissell. To ensure the longevity of the vacuum, Bissell suggests cleaning the filter regularly and making sure to empty the bin frequently. With the price being reasonable, the warranty of five years makes the deal sweeter.

Additionally, there is an option to purchase parts for replacement on the product page, like filters or belts, should you wish to try to repair the vacuum yourself.

Attachments and Accessories

It’s only the crevice tool and the turbo eraser pet tool.

Bissell Powerglide Pet Hair 4

1. Filter Clean up

Two filters are present in the machine. The main filter is situated at the top of the container. Two pieces of foam you’ll find, both can be washed. A second filter is placed on the motor. It’s called the post-motor filter. The post-motor filter can’t be washed.

If it starts to get dirty, take it off and then put it in the trash bin to get rid of any dirt. You’ll need to replace it if it’s too dirty. This machine doesn’t have HEPA filtering.

2. Cord Length

It comes with a 27-foot power cord but does not come with a cord rewind.

3. Warranty

As with Shark and Dyson, it comes with a 5-year warranty. It also is covered by a five-year warranty.

Does Bissell Powerglide Meet the Expectations?

The majority of users of the Bissell Powerglide adore its beautiful style, lightweight, quietness, and ability to maneuver. Its strong suction and outstanding performance on unfinished carpets and floors with low piles, crevices, and edges are often acknowledged for its strong suction.

Many people consider it the same as hand-held vacuums for the task of stair-vacuuming. It has also proven extremely robust and simpler to clean and maintain than many of its competitors.

But, several users have complained that clogging could be an issue and the hose isn’t as long as the ideal length. Many users are dissatisfied with the absence of the HEPA filter.

The most common complaint is related to the suction power being inadequate and is a conclusion that most users do not agree with. However, it could be suggested that the complaints regarding suction power deficiencies could be due to the vacuum’s performance fluctuating on carpets with different pile heights.

Based on the overall opinions of users and our observations, we can conclusively say that Bissell Powerglide performs up to expectations as the majority of users consider it to be effective and powerful in removing dirt and hair. The negative reviews are not common, and most users do not report having problems with the device.

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1. Pricing

Bissell Powerglide is fairly affordable at $199.99. In the box are the basic vacuum components such as the accessory tool 2-in-1 and the extension wand, the battery, and the charging base. The vacuum is standard shipping for free throughout the US.

The manufacturer provides a two-year limited warranty covering any defects and malfunctions that aren’t caused by misuse or maintenance. Filters, belts, and other replacement components aren’t covered. The vacuum comes with a 30-day money-back assurance.

If you’re unhappy and want to return it, you can send the unit with all the manual and other accessories and receive a complete refund, less the $4.95 fee for return shipping.

2. Customer Reviews

Consumers were satisfied with the performance of the bare flooring and carpet.

Although it has lower suction power, the motion of the motorized brush allows it to remove more dirt than the Dyson (the old models, like that of the DC28, are more precise).

Uses a tool that is compatible with hair from pets

The pet turbo performed well when getting rid of pet hair from the stairs and upholstery.

On floors that were not bare, it performed well, which was surprising, contrary to what CNet stated about the difficulty in removing pet hair on floors. It was the opposite of the reviews on Amazon. The reviews of customers said that it was efficient in removing pet hair on the floor.

Potentially Problematic Issues

There weren’t much pink and peaches; there were some aspects that Bissell could consider upgrading to make them a better upright vacuum. The first is that the hose is long. Bissell did not specify exactly the length of the hose. However, CNET claims that it measured 6.5 feet in length.

The power cord could be anywhere from 3 to 4 feet longer – This is also on the list of desires of consumers.

After the test, our expert told us to be cautious when tapping the bottom of the dirt canister as the bottom might fall out.

One customer observed the same issue when the canister was empty and when he tried tapping the side, the bottom fell out, creating an enormous mess. It could represent a defect in design, so it’s an alert.

1. Steering off the Swivel

The swivel steering system has received mixed reviews. Some say it was simple to steer, whereas others claim it was difficult and not as agile as the Dyson.

Based on the user reviews we have read about this vacuum, it is a fantastic and affordable substitute for the Dyson upright or the Shark Professional Lift-Away if budget concerns are a factor.

Be aware that this model isn’t able to swivel like the Dyson and will not be as light as the Shark.

To Wrap Up

Based on the reviews, this is a fantastic alternative to the expensive Shark Rotator Pro Lift-Away, which has superior cleaning capabilities in carpets.

1. Ideal for Large to Medium Homes. Great for Large to Medium-Sized

If you reside in an average to large-sized home with carpet and unfinished floors, This machine will be a good fit.

It also does a great job of taking care of pet hair, as both the brushes of the main tool for cleaning and the mini turbo brushes performed very well at picking up pet hair that was on the carpet; however, it isn’t able to clean pet hair that is on the floors, so keep that in your thoughts.

Overall, the machine is a great option for those who don’t have a budget of $200 to $300 for a sturdy upright capable of cleaning upholstery tools.

2. There Is No Need to Swivel

The Shark does not have a swivel function available in the Shark. Therefore, it isn’t as maneuverable in upright mode.

The extension wand, we believe, is short in length. Therefore, it’s not as effective as a Shark Rotator, but the Bissell is more affordable, and if this isn’t an issue, it’s an excellent value.

It is important to keep in mind it’s about $100 less, so if the price is a factor, this might be the best for you.

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