Bissell Powerforce Helix Review: Is This Vacuum a Scam?

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Bissell is a well-known brand of vacuum cleaners that specialize in low-cost, high-performance vacuum cleaners. Their most recent upright vacuum cleaners range comprises more than 20 models ranging from just $50 to well over $200. The cheapest of the price spectrum are three models included within the following Bissell Powerforce Helix review:

  • Powerforce: Helix Turbo Rewind 1797
  • The Powerforce Helix Turbo 1701
  • Powerforce: Helix Bagless upright Vacuum 1300

The first Bissell Powerforce Helix vacuum was the 1240 model that was released in 2012. The latest variants that comprise the Bissell Powerforce Helix range were released in 2016. This series came out in 2016 and 2017. They offer a variety of improvements in terms of usability, functionality, and performance.

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BISSELL PowerForce Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum (1)

This Vacuum Is for You:

  • If you’re looking for a flexible cleaner, the Bissell Powerforce version is extremely flexible, as it has various accessories and attachments along with five different height adjustment settings.
  • If you’re looking for a lighter vacuum, this model weighs about 13 pounds, which is quite light for upright vacuums. The weight of the unit improves flexibility and maneuverability because it’s not as heavy to move around and push.
  • If you love uprights, this upright vacuum bagless model has all the advantages you’d expect from an item. It comes with comfort and convenience, which is standard for uprights.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Assembling:

We observed in a Bissell PowerForce Turbo Review that many customers had difficulty when it came to setting it up. The vacuum’s body comes assembled, and it’s only those parts that require attachments. To dispel any confusion regarding this, take a look below:

  1. Set the handle of the upper part on the base and press it down. Be sure to put it in place before you screw it up. The screws are stick to the handle inside the form of a plastic bag. Use them to keep the handle to ensure a firm hold on the vacuum!
  2.  Place the lower wrap of cord and then rotate it to the left to secure it into its place. Even though it’s not equipped with the ability to retract cords, it is a handy tool that keeps the cord secure. After you have attached it, then wrap the cord in a snake and secure the other end to the cord!
  3. Connect the end of the pipe into the rear of the vacuum. Twist the hose to secure it! The process should be performed with care so that you do not allow the hose to loosen in the course of cleaning. Imagine the mess that could result if this happens!
  4. The hose will then be wrapped around and secured by a hose clip to the rear of the vacuum. The horse’s mouth is placed on the bottom of the vacuum to secure it before use.
  5. Finally, there’s a storage area on board for accessories. However, keep in mind they are often thrown out of the storage area.
  6. You may be trying to find an instrument for crevicing. Check out the extension wand and discover it hidden in the crevice.

That’s only 6 steps; you can secure all components on the Bissell PowerForce Bagless Vacuum. If you’re looking for more information, it’s advice you to go through the user’s manual.

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17 Features You Should Know About Bissell Powerforce Helix 

Its most notable aspect it’s the Helix System which allows stronger suction than the earlier models. It’s a feature that is unique to all of the products, and you’ll also find it in different Bissell Powerforce Helix vacuums, like a bagless upright vacuum.

It also has a large cleaning path, which helps you get larger areas cleaned within a shorter amount of time. In addition, it also has a large dust bin. The Helix upright vacuum that is bagless comes with the largest dust bin.

The Bissell Powerforce Helix 2191 model is ergonomically-designed, meaning that the emphasis is on the user’s mobility and comfort.

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1. Suction

When suction is involved, it is essential to be aware of the kinds of surfaces it can be used on. The vacuum is designed to be used on floors that are not bare carpets, rugs, and low pile carpets; however, it isn’t as effective for thick carpets with long fibers.

The suction of this vacuum comes from the exclusive Helix System we already mentioned. It collects dirt and debris through internal ribs that make Bissell’s this upright vacuum perform more efficiently and last for longer.

Unfortunately, it isn’t furnish with variable suction control. That is why its performance could differ.

2. Dimensions and Size

It’s an enormous vacuum, which means you’ll require a lot of storage space. But overall performance is good.

It’s about 9.50×14.25×32 inches, and the weight is approximately 13 pounds. Although this may sound like an enormous amount, it’s perfect for large-scale cleaning. The broad cleaning path permits you to get more clean during the first run, which means that your cleaning session won’t take long.

3. Warranty

Bissell provides a two-year guarantee for this Powerforce Helix upright vacuum. The warranty is rather limited because it only covers imperfections in the materials and workmanship. The same goes for devices that were utilized in commercial usage.

4. Parts and Accessories

This Bissell Powerforce upright vacuum bagless includes a range of attachments that make it more flexible for use. It comes with the crevice tool and the dusting brush. Also included is an extension wand, and the hose is about 5ft wide when extended.

Like all uprights, it features a cleaner brush on the bottom, a canister in the middle, and a handle at the top. The hose that is included can be wrapped around the unit to make it easier to store.

5. Design

In terms of style, you’ll see how stylish and contemporary the vacuum appears. Bissell excels at creating stunning vacuum cleaners, and this is no exception.

It features an ergonomically designed handle that allows for better mobility and more comfort in carrying from one area to another. The whole body of this cleaner is designed to guarantee easy use, regardless of the floor’s surface.

The uprights of this series look a bit identical, except for a slight color difference. The one in this particular model is mostly black, but there are some highlights of bright blue.

6. Flooring

It’s important to verify whether the machine you can use is able to clean the floor surfaces you’re using. It includes two rotating brushes that aren’t able to be turned off. Although it’s a powerful device, it can be difficult to use on certain floorings, like shag rugs.

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7. Hardwood

If you’re considering hardwood, it is important to take note of the fact that its suction capacity is sufficient to do the job. 

The floors that are not bare are easy to clean using this vacuum, based on the kind of dirt. It also is contains a soft bumper to ensure it won’t cause damage to the edges of the walls.

8. Carpet

It should be able to wash carpets of all kinds by using this bagless upright. It’s got powerful suction and effective cleaning brushes, making it equipped to remove all sorts of dirt and debris that has accumulated in carpets.

But, it’s not able to perform so well on heavy as well as deep-pile carpets. They typically have thicker fibers, which can become stuck in the brushes. Additionally, the suction power might not be sufficient to remove dirt from the carpets.

9. Maneuverability

Although swivel steering is commonly included in Bissell products, this model doesn’t come with this feature. It may be difficult to move using it initially; however, after a few minutes of learning it, you shouldn’t have any difficulties.

The cleaner is as heavy as uprights in general, which means its ability to fit underneath furniture is very compact. But it comes with a stretch hose that could make the situation a bit easier.

Overall, the Powerforce Helix upright vacuum is quite light for this category of vacuum. It’s made of, and the use of it on carpets that are thin and floors with no padding is effortless.

10. Maintenance

To maintain it, keep your filters clean and clean the dust bin every so often.

The multi-level filtering system has filter washes that are simple to get rid of. The process of washing them from a time period ensures constant and non-fading suction.

Additionally, the canister in this Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum is easy to maintain as it’s transparent, and you can know when it’s time for you to clean it.

11. Noise

Although there’s no information from the manufacturer about the sound level, the majority of people are happy by the quietness. It doesn’t emit the typical noise of vacuuming, which means it won’t disrupt the neighbors next door and your home as old-fashioned vacuums did.

12. Cordless and Cord

It is a corded cleaner that has an extended power cord of 23 feet. This long cord gives you a longer reach as well as improved mobility because you don’t need to switch sockets as frequently.

You can wrap the cord function in storage by yourself.

13. Bag or not?

We’ve already discussed that this is a bagless vacuum that comes with a dust container. The dirt cup of 1L can be the standard capacity that upright vacuums can be.

The bin is clear, and even though the Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum does not have an indicator for the light, it will know when it’s time to empty it.

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14. Pets

Pet owners often have trouble with the many messes that their pets create. Does this Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum handle the hair, as well as particles your pet may leave behind?

15. Pet Hair

The 2191 vacuum does well in taking pet hair off carpets and furniture due to its various tools and the ability to adjust its height. While some hairs are simpler to remove than others, they will all be able to go into the canister due to its unique Helix System.

16. Kitty Litter

Kitty litter is typically large for vacuums of all kinds, and this is the case with the Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum cleaner. However, it won’t take in the litter if the pieces are very large.

If you put it on the ground, you might be able to lift it when you make the height of the box.

17. Filter

This model comes with Bissell’s well-known multi-level filter system that is also available in the other Powerforce Helix items.

The system comes with multiple washable filters that reduce the cost of maintenance overall since they don’t need replacement. The filters are simple to wash and take off.



If you’re in search of an upright vacuum that can do well at cleaning floors of all kinds, The Bissell Powerforce Helix bagless upright vacuum could be the best option for you.

It’s simple to use and comes with some useful accessories to help make cleaning easier and less intimidating. Even though it isn’t equipped with the useful features that other Helix models do, it’s an excellent value vacuum that needs minimal maintenance.

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