Bissell Crosswave vs Pet Pro (2022): Is There a Difference?

All-rounder vacuum cleaners aren’t only the latest trend, but nowadays, they’re an efficient appliance that can save homeowners energy and time. They’re also energy efficient. Here, we look Bissell Crosswave vs Pet Pro.

CrossWave is one example of an all-surface cleaner that can be used to vacuum and wash hard floors simultaneously.

A variant of the original model, the CrossWave Pet Pro offers the same dual purpose. However, it comes with a brush designed specifically for households with pets. But is it all there is to it?

Is there more to it than what you see when it comes to the vacuums? Check out the CrossWave cross-check below and discover.

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Bissell CrossWave vs Pet Pro Comparison Chart

Bissell CrossWave

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Area Rug Cleaner (1)

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A


Bissell CrossWave All-in-One Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac

Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vac

Model Number 1785A 2306A
Type Vacuum and wash Vacuum and wash
Two-Tank Technology Yes Yes
Power Rating 4.4 amps 4.4 amps
Bin Capacity 14.5 oz. 14.5 oz.
Power Source Corded electric Corded electric
Cord Length 25 ft. 25 ft.
Cleaning Path 12 in. 12 in.
Brush System Rotating Tangle free
Multi-Surface Yes Yes
Weight 11.5 lb. 11.5 lb.
Wi-Fi No No
Colors White and Titanium with ChaCha Lime Accents Titanium with Grapevine Purple and Sparkle Silver


1. Design

The CrossWave, All in One, and Pet Pro cleaners sport identical designs and shapes except for their color and finish.

The lime green color is featured for the CrossWave All-in-One model, and purple accents are used on the Pet Pro vacuum.

Vacuum cleaners are likely to be the least expensive appliance you’d worry about appearance. However, when you look at the CrossWave line, you’re getting a stunning cleaner in any case.

The All-In-One and Pet Pro sport a futuristic design, with angles blending into smooth edges, marked by grills and lines. 

They also make smart utilization of colors. For instance, on the CrossWave All-In-One, the user will get the vibrant lime green color. The Pet Pro has a cool purple color that is nicely contrasted with the silver and black surface of the vacuum.

Although the cleaners appear robust, they’re relatively light appliances. They weigh just eleven pounds. The vacuum cleaners aren’t overly large either, so storage shouldn’t be an issue.


Despite their size, using CrossWave cleaning machines is simple. They have large, ergonomic handles that are easy to grasp. They also come with SmartClean fingers on the top and a trigger for sprays underneath.

Bissell says they are All-In-One along with The Pet Pro CrossWave and are fitted with two separate tanks that make up most of these vacuums’ bodies.

A clean water tank at the top of the tank is used to dispense fresh water and solutions, and the lower one is where all the dirt goes. 

They are upright vacuum cleaners and aren’t equipped with attachments that can be removed. The foot or base of both models remains fixed, but you can change the roll of the brush.

They also come with a swivel mechanism so that you can lay the vacuum flat while reaching under furniture.

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2. Suction

The section in question is the same. Pet Pro has a slight advantage in certain ways. However, it’s dependent on whether there are pets.

Bissell generally has a good reputation for being durable and having excellent suction. If you’re looking for their easily affordable model or something with Wi-Fi capabilities you can be certain that it will remove the most filth.

In general, the models are almost identical. They have an identical 3000 RPM motor, which ensures that the brush moves quickly, without a single crumb across the floor.

Additionally, they can work on all surfaces and are easy to clean. This means you’ll be able to get rid of anything that could reduce or hinder the suction.

Although they’re almost identical, Pet Pro is slightly more effective. This is because of the brush. The standard Crosswave is more likely to let hair (pet or human) catch inside the brushes.

It’s not a problem in Pet Pro. A lot of hair can decrease suction overall.

However, it’s unlikely to notice an enormous difference if the hair isn’t a problem. This is why we see this as an overall tie.

However, pet owners are likely to observe a change in suction, particularly with long-haired dogs and cats.

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3. Power & Performance

Bissell’s CrossWave All-In-One and Pet Pro have similar power and cleaning capabilities.

Bissell says from his experience that All-In-One and the Pet Pro can work across different surfaces.

There are two models: the CrossWave, as well as the Pet Pro, which are both corded electric models. It means you don’t have to stress about hurrying to clean your house before the battery is exhausted.

Additionally, you’ll get an extension cord that’s about 25 feet long, meaning you can move about with ease. Incredibly, the All-In-One Pet Pro and the All-In-One Pet Pro don’t differ regarding power.

In both models, you receive a 4.4 amp motor that can be used for cleaning and vacuuming.

According to Bissell, the two CrossWave models come with a cleaning path generally a foot wide, ideal for cleaning huge areas at one time. Additionally, you get 14.5 oz. Dirt-cup capacity and 28 oz. Clean tank.

The two vacuum cleaners are made to operate on a variety of surfaces, including wooden and hard floors that are sealed and carpets for the area.

The removal of debris that is big and small is simple. But with carpeted areas, the results aren’t as uniform.

As stated in the design, as mentioned in the design, CrossWave All-In-One and Pet Pro don’t have attachments. This shouldn’t pose a problem when working on large areas open to the floor. 

If you’re working with edges or corners, you may need to employ an upright vacuum cleaner. Bissell’s dry and wet vacs do not come with HEPA filters, either. Therefore they’re not rated to eliminate allergens from your home.

4. Brush

A major and crucial feature of a vacuum cleaner is its brush. It should simultaneously collect debris, penetrate far into carpet fibers, not be rough on hard surfaces and be moist enough to scrub without soaking the flooring.

The Pet Pro Crosswave and normal Crosswave work in these areas. But there is one major difference between the two. This is among the most significant distinctions between the two.

The Standard Crosswave features the Dual Action Brush Roll. It gets rid of the most difficult stains and removes dirt from the hard floor and other surfaces. It’s a fantastic brush that can be used on all surfaces. It also can remove lots of dirt.

The Bissell Pet Pro cross-wave features a non-tangle Brush. It has been tested on hair from pets as long as 8 inches (which ought to be sufficient for most pets).

The brush is as great as its Dual Action Brush Roll. However, it stops hair from tangling on the roll.

If you own pets, it is recommended that you purchase them. You’ll find that the Pet Pro is a big necessity, particularly when they have hair that is longer. If not, they’re fairly comparable.

5. Brushes and Formulas

Bissell’s CrossWave Pet Pro and All-In-One differ in how they clean their brushes.

Here’s a look at Dual Action and Tangle Free brush rolls available from Bissell.

Other than their color, the only area where the Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro and All-In-One differ is in their brushes of choice.

On the All-In-One, you’ll see the Brush roll with Multi-Surface. It’s a dual-action component designed to sweep and clean up dirt and dust. 

It’s also great for sealing flooring and area rugs. Additionally, the CrossWave Pet Pro comes fitted with a multiple-surface, tangle-free brush roll. It’s a brush that removes pet hair in a breeze.

However, the Bissell vacuum cleaners are compatible with brushes that are specially designed for them. Rugs, for instance, can purchase the striking CrossWave Area Rug brush roll.

The bristles have been designed to help loosen up messes on your rug or carpet to make it easier to vacuum. It also comes with its Gentle Clean brush roll.

With soft microfiber bristles and soft touch, this is the most suitable product to be used on hardwood flooring.

The two Bissell vacuums come with brushes that use certain cleaning solutions to clean surfaces. The Multi-Surface, for instance, is equipped with the same formula, which combats grime and mud. However, The Wood Formula uses a lemon-scented formula that helps restore your wood floors’ natural shine. Carpets for areas and formulas that are pet-friendly are available. They help to agitate the debris from rugs, while the latter removes the odors of pets as you wash.

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6. Weight & Cord Length

Be ready for another obstacle. Both Pet Pro as well as Crosswave are indeed identical. We’ll discuss this area so that you know what you’re getting.

The Crosswave, as well as the Pet Pro, are lightweight (just 11.5lbs). That means you’ll be able to take advantage of the swivel steering system and move the two around with ease.

Additionally, you can take it upstairs and down the stairs without being aware of it.

The length of the cord is excellent in the 25-foot range. This is enough to wash a large area without moving the cord. Cleaning and vacuuming the entire home will be easy.

7. Water Tank

Like when we looked at our previous review of the Bissell ProHeat line, we also wanted to look at this water heater to determine what differences there might be.

Carpet cleaners and combinators of vacuums and mops. They’ll do both if you require dry or wet cleaning and are simply switching between both.

Just push an icon at the top of your control panel, and you’ll start cleaning or mopping in the blink of an eye.

What is the difference between the two tanks? They are the same.

The two models are equipped with two tanks technology. One tank is used for cleaner and water solution, while the second tank is used to handle dirty water.

The two tanks are separated, ensuring that only clean water is utilized to clean your carpets and various other surfaces.

They have one clean water tank that weighs 28oz and a dirty tank that weighs 14.5oz. Using water or a clean water solution for the clean tank is possible. A solution is preferred, and Bissell Crosswave cleaning products are designed for carpets, floors, pet stains, and many more.

It’s a second tie between them.

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8. Other Features

In contrast to the standard CrossWave, it comes with an integrated filter inside the tank that is contaminated with water.

On the right side is an easy-to-remove brush window; to the left is the filter for pets.

Although the Bissell All-In-One works with an amazing tangle-free pet brush, purchasing a Pet Pro model is still a better choice.

It comes with an aerator in the water tank that is dirty and prevents pet hair from blocking your vacuum. Apart from that, most of the features of these two vacuum cleaners will be similar.

For storage convenience, All-In-One and the Pet Pro feature clips that act as a cord to connect your wires. In the design, the smart handles allow you to switch between the hard floor and the area rug.

Additionally, there’s a carry handle built into the main body of these models to assist in shifting the vacuum around.


What is the main distinction between the CrossWave and CrossWave Pet Pro?

In contrast to the standard CrossWave models, The Bissell CrossWave PetPro comes with pet hair strainers.

What is the difference between CrossWave 22111w and 1785?

It is the CrossWave 2211w as well as 1785. Both are the exact All-In-One multi-surface dry and wet vacuum cleaners. The 2211w is blue, and 1785 comes with lime green accents.

What is the duration of the warranty period on this Bissell the CrossWave pet Pro?

Bissell's CrossWave Pet Pro carries a three-year warranty.

Can we utilize the CrossWave to clean under furniture?

The Bissell CrossWave can swivel its base, which allows the vacuum to lie on its back on its side. Due to the position of its water tank, however, the wet and dry vacuums will not be able to fit into tight compartments. For areas that are difficult to reach, a stick vacuum with a cordless motor is the best choice.

Who Wins?

Which one is the winner in the contest of Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro against Crosswave? It depends on whether you are pet-free or not (or if hair might be a problem in your home).

If so, Pet Pro is the superior option. The brush’s superior design prevents knots, and the pet hair strainer will make it simple to get the hair out and throw it into the trash.

Crosswave could be a better choice if you don’t have pets. As you can see, the two are similar in all other ways. That means you’re getting a top mop and vacuum combo at a lower cost.



The CrossWave All in One is the ideal upright vacuum for most people. However, houses with pets will benefit more from CrossWave PetPro.

If you’re looking at the Pet Pro vs. All-In-One, are there any differences? Based on their specifications, they are the same. CrossWave All-In-One and the CrossWave Pet Pro are the same in capacity and power. They also work with the same brushes, regardless of the brushes’ defaults. 

In the majority of households, the All-In-One wet dry vacuum will suffice. It can efficiently vacuum and mop and is simple to manage and store.

Families with pets will like this Pet Pro more appreciations because of its built-in strainer.

However the All-In-One is equipped with a brush that is free of tangles and strainer, the Pet Pro ensures that your vacuum does not get blocked by pet hair which makes it much easier to clean.

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