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If you’re looking for the perfect vacuum to keep your floors tidy, you’ve come to the right spot. We will help you compare two top vacuums i.e. Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max vs Pet Pro available on the market today that are excellent and come with various great features.

Bissell Crosswave comes with a powerful cordless vacuum that has maximum power, and the Pet Pro is a dependable upright vacuum that comes with a wide range of accessories.

The two models are great alternatives for those who want to buy an entirely new model or something to replace the one you have in your home.

In this post, we’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of Bissell Crosswave cordless max and pet pro cleaners, so you can make an informed choice about which will best suit your requirements!

Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max


A highly effective all-around cleaner, its Bissell CrossWave Cordless Max can mop and vacuum all at once.

It’s great for hard floors, can remove difficult stains in a hurry, and does a decent job on lighter dirt in carpets, rugs, and other floorings.

Good battery life and speedy cleaning will give enough juice to allow most homeowners to maintain their homes. The high price means that people with tight budgets would be better off using an electric model.


  • The charging time is 4 hours.
  • Dimensions: H: 115.6cm x W: 26.0cm x D: 25.0cm
  • Battery power: 36V
  • Life of battery: 30 minutes
  • Noise: 75 dB
  • The length of the cable: Cordless-stand cable is measured
  • The width of the cleaning path: 10.5 inch
  • Cleans tough stains off hard flooring
  • Cleans itself up after use
  • Large area covered
  • The floors aren’t so dry as we think we would
  • Amazing results with carpet
  • 30-min battery life
  • Excellent for removing pet hair
  • LED headlights
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent vacuum performance
  • 3-in-1
  • Does a good job with the carpet
  • Not suitable for use on stairs.
  • Very difficult to store
  • Heavy to transport
  • It can be loud when it is in use, particularly when self-cleaning is being done.
  • High price tag

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Bissell Pet Pro

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro 2306A

The BISSELL CrossWave Pet Pro is a hybrid, upright vacuum. It’s great at removing solid debris on plain floors and is effective in removing stains.

It’s also well-constructed, doesn’t make much noise, and is relatively effortless to use and store. 

However, it cannot transform into a handheld vacuum model, making it difficult to get rid of the mess from furniture or other places that are difficult to reach.

There are no adjustments to the height of the floorhead, and you aren’t able to change the suction power of it, which means it’s not the ideal choice to clean up messes on carpets that are shag.


  • Floor types: Carpets, hard Floors, Wooden Floors, area rugs, and Multi surface
  • Product height: 116.8 cm
  • Product width: 30 cm
  • Wattage: 560 W
  • Cord length: 7.6 m
  • Product depth: 27 cm
  • Water tank capacity: 0.82 l
  • Variable power control: Yes
  • Noise level: 80 DECIBEL
  • Product weight: 5 kg
  • Removable brushroll: Yes
  • Removable water tank: Yes
  • Warranty Period: 2 years
  • Excellent stain-clearing ability.
  • Effective in removing pet hair from carpets.
  • Amazingly effectively cleaning the pet’s hair from carpets with a high pile.
  • It is easy to remove small particles and the majority of large debris.
  • Pretty long power cord.
  • Excellent water-clearing capability.
  • Clears most fine debris.
  • The suction power can’t be adjusted, or the height of the floorhead.
  • No turbo brush.
  • A lot of parts require periodic cleaning.
  • There is no HEPA filter.
  • A moderate suction force.
  • It’s not suitable for use as a handheld vacuum.

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Comparison Chart

Specification Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max
Weight 11.5 lbs. 11.5 lbs.
Run Time Up to 30 Mins. Up to 30 Mins.
Vacuum & Wash Yes Yes
Two-Tank Technology Yes Yes
Power Type 25 ft. Cord 36V Lithium-Ion Battery
Multi-Surface Cleaning Yes Yes
Clean-Out Mode Manual Self-Cleaning Cycle

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vs. Crosswave Cordless Max

Let’s take a look at the main features of each machine to help you make a highly informed decision about the best one for your needs.

1. Suction Power

Bissell Crosswave 1

The main distinction between Bissell Crosswave pet pro and max is suction power. Bissell Crosswave max with cordless features nine amps of suction power and pet pro 5 amps.

Bissell Crosswave cordless max is equipped with brush heads that rotate, which you can switch up and down with just one click, whereas pet pro does not have this alternative.

Pet pro provides around 60 minutes of run time, ideal for homes with 1000 to 900 square feet. Bissell Crosswave Max with cordless technology can run for as long as 20 mins before the need of a recharge.

The shorter and longer part of it is Bissell Crosswave Max Cordless which has more suction power and a longer run time. However, Pet pro is around $20 cheaper.

2. Numbers of Brush Roll

Another thing we notice in Bissell Crosswave, the first Bissell Crosswave, and the upgraded version is the brush roll number.

The Bissell Crosswave comes with just one brush roll. However, Bissell Pet Pro provides two brushes that are free of tangles to guarantee better cleaning performance.

3. Swivel Head

Bissell Crosswave 4

First of all, the Bissell Crosswave PetPro is equipped with a swinging head. To do this, you can effortlessly maneuver it around tight corners, similar to furniture. In the end, you will be able to thoroughly scrub and remove dirt and other debris from all the corners of your house.

However, its rival (Bissell Crosswave) lacks this feature.

Yes, Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is your ideal bait to scrub every corner and crevice, as well as those that are difficult to reach.

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4. Attachment Options

The Crosswave cordless max vs. pet pro is equipped with a reusable HEPA filter, perfect for capturing allergens from your home. Both machines do not include a dirt cup that can be reused or other attachments one can use to clean stairs, upholstery, or car interiors.

Bissell Crosswave cordless max has an in-built crevice that is 2-in-1 and a dusting brush. Pet pro doesn’t come with the option.

5. Hair Strainer

Bissell Crosswave 2

A Pet hair strainer is an impressive aspect of Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vacuum cleaner. The hair strainer assists in keeping hair and other debris out of filthy water.

It also ensures that pet hair doesn’t end up in your bathroom and helps to prevent it from blocking.

However, the Bissell Crosswave does not have this feature. It, therefore, does not manage to keep dust and hair and keep them away from dirty water.

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6. Canister Capacity & Portability 

Bissell Crosswave 3

Pet pro is a bit heavier. However, it comes with the capacity of a larger container that’s easy to empty and clean because it’s bigger. Crosswave Cordless Max is somewhat lighter but doesn’t offer this feature.

When it comes to mobility, both machines are light and easy to work on different surfaces around your home. They are swivel-driven, which makes it much easier to work with furniture.

The Cordless Max comes with an extension cord of 30 feet that is perfect for homes with larger rooms; however, Pet pro doesn’t have such a feature.

Considering accessories, pet Pro has a wide range of accessories that include brushes that take dirt and hair off the carpet, whereas Bissell Crosswave cordless max does not come with an attachment like this.

7. Price & Warranty

For the price, the Pet pro is a bit cheaper, at around 20% more than Bissell Crosswave cordless max. However, both offer a one-year warranty.

For the lowest prices in Bissell Crosswave Max cordless, look on Amazon for free shipping and offer an excellent price when compared with other sellers.

To get the most affordable price for Pet Pro, go to Amazon and receive free shipping, too. It is also possible to purchase attachments for your pet pro on Amazon; this is a great option to save money.

FAQs Regarding Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro vs. Cordless Max

Moisture & Temperature: How Do They Affect Vacuum Filters?

The higher levels of moisture and temperature put pressure on the vacuum filters. That's why they must be replaced more frequently in dusty areas such as farms that use hay or in humid and hot climates.

Do you think Pet pro is better than Crosswave Max cordless?

Both are great machines. However, the pet pro is a superior machine if you have animals or carpets. Therefore, we would suggest the Pet Pro in preference to Crosswave Max cordless. Cleaning options, suction power, and the price of pet pro beat Bissell Crosswave's cordless max by one mile.

Which Bissell Crosswave is best?

The Bissell CrossWave Floor cleaner seems the best bait in contrast to the rest of the others because of its multifunctionalities and tremendous maneuverability. In addition, it received the highest rating on Amazon's store.

Are Bissell Crosswaves safe for laminate floors?

It's safe and secure with the multipurpose solution, and streaks will not remain on the flooring.

Can we utilize the Bissell CrossWave to clean under furniture?

The Bissell CrossWave is equipped with the ability to swivel its base, which lets the vacuum lay on its side in a flat position. Due to the position of its water tank components, however, the wet and dry vacuums will not slide into narrow compartments. If you have a difficult-to-access area, it is recommended to use the handheld stick vacuum as it is the best choice.

Can the Bissell crosswave technique be employed on carpet?

To clean your carpet, you might need to use a carpet brush, which is simple for you.

Do you have the ability to use a Bissell crosswave with vinyl plank flooring?

You can certainly use it for vinyl plank flooring. However, make sure that you apply the formula too.

Which Bissell Crosswave one do you think is most effective?

If you have a smaller house that doesn't require a lot of cleaning, Bissell Pet Pro is the ideal choice because it's cheaper and performs fairly effectively with hair from pets. If you're in search of an appliance that gets the job done on a variety of surfaces and is more suction power, Bissell Crosswave is the best choice due to its extended run time and strong rotating brush. Both are excellent cleaners, but we recommend picking Bissell Crosswave Max cordless.

Final Verdict


Bissell Crosswave Max cordless and pet pro are fantastic devices that can help keep your home clean of allergens and dirt.

Pet pro is cheaper and has better quality. However, Crosswave Cordless Max has a higher suction capacity for bigger spills and a longer time to run, making it the superior choice all-around.

Pet Pro is lighter than Bissell Crosswave Max cordless, which makes it difficult to transport around your home or tidy multiple rooms within your home.

If you’re looking for an oversized device that can clean dirt off multiple surfaces, then the Bissell Crosswave Cordless Max proves to be the best choice.

However, if you just require a vacuum for your floors and carpets more frequently, you should consider a pet professional.

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