Bissell Crosswave 1785A Review October 2022

Do you wish you could mop and sweep while you do it? Do you wish that it was possible? Bissell Crosswave 1785 is a multi-surface floor cleaner made for just that (and to clean area rugs).

This week, we’ll use our cross-sectional Crosswave through Modern Castle performance tests to test how the unit can function as a mop and vacuum.

Bissell Crosswave vacuum is a multi-functional dry, wet vacuum that offers users the capability to vacuum, mop, or sweep simultaneously. The Crosswave has dominated our cleaning tests and removed nearly all wet and dry debris types.

The main drawback is that it can’t be applied to carpets, which means it’s not a complete household cleaner. But for all hard surfaces and area rugs, it offers outstanding cleaning capabilities.


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Summary of Bissell Crosswave 1785A

Bissell 1785A

Its Bissell Crosswave is an all-surface floor cleaner that can be extremely versatile and coupled with a strong performance. This particular Bissell can take up dry particles while mopping and cleaning the wet materials on your flooring.

In addition, the touch of the button lets you wash your area rugs with ease. In all, you can say that it’s a good choice. Bissell Crosswave is an excellent choice for people who wish to mop and sweep all in one go.

Specifications of BISSELL 1785A


When we conducted the course of our Bissell CrossWave 1785A examination, we looked at six aspects that we carefully examined.

  1. BISSELL helps to support BISSELL Pet Foundation
  2. Every purchase helps save pets
  3. Vacuum & Wash Simultaneously!
  4. Dual-Action Multi-Surface Roll
  5. Two-Tank Technology
  6. Multi-Surface Cleansing
  • Simple to carry
  • It can be conveniently used on a variety of surfaces, including carpets
  • Cleanse well
  • It’s fairly affordable for a wet-dry vacuum
  • Easy to keep
  • Average suction
  • Tank capacity limited
  • The swivel steering isn’t very moveable

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Features of BISSELL 1785A

1. Bissell Crosswave Design

The Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface is created with the stick vacuum style and a few additional features. The Crosswave is a partial vacuum; it’s also a wet mop.

As a dry, wet vacuum, the cleaning head of this model comes with an all-surface brush roll capable of helping to move dirt and other debris and mopping hard floors and washing area rugs.

2. Dirty Tank

The dirty water or debris tank weighs 0.4 L and can easily be removed from the unit. A small lip in the side of the tank serves as a handle that allows users to easily remove this tank from the Crosswave unit.

3. Brushroll


Several strands of cloth comprise the brush roll. With the use of material, the cloth will be equipped to soak up the water and cleaning solution to effectively cleanse the floors. Furthermore, the fabric has enough softness to keep from scratching more delicate floors.

4. Cleaning Tank

There are two tanks in this Bissell. One tank is used to store cleaner water and cleaning solutions, and the other is to store filthy water and the debris collected from the device.

5. Bissell Crosswave Water Tank


The clean water tank has two fill lines, one for the small-area mess and another for the larger mess. The marks indicate how much water needs to be added and how much cleaning solution needs to be added to the water.

If they follow the measurements in the tank, people can create the correct amount of solution to wash the floors without the need to waste cleaning water or other cleaners.

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6. Operating

On the back of the Bissell are the knobs for cleaning. Two buttons signify the type of floor the user will be cleaning: hard floor and rug. After it is established that the Bissell Crosswave vacuum has been on, it can be changed quickly using one of the two buttons.

The trigger that delivers water and the cleaning solutions to the roll is situated along the handle. It can be squeezed after the unit is turned on. Side profile image of Bissell Crosswave head for cleaning. The 25′ cable powers the unit. It is tied to the back of the Crosswave.

7. Cleaning Tests

The tests below are designed to test what works. The Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface floor cleaner can function as a mop and vacuum.

We tried our Crosswave for use as a mop for tile flooring by scattering three different types of debris across the floor and trying to sweep them away over three passes.

Then, we tested our Bissell Crosswave vacuum cleaner on an engineered hardwood floor. In this test, we placed four different kinds of debris over our test lane and attempted to collect each one of them into the floor.

The following are clean scores for each kind of debris or type of cleaning.

  • Honey: 100%
  • Vacuum: 100%
  • Soda: 99%
  • Mud: 100%

The Mopping Test Has Three Types of Debris:

  • Dirt/mud
  • Honey
  • Soda

Each of these kinds of debris has a distinct level of consistency and stickiness that allows our testers to evaluate our Bissell Crosswave vacuum compared to a heavy, light, and liquid substance. Three types of debris are scattered across our testing section in three different sections.

How Our Mopping Test Looked Like Before We Started Cleaning?

Through our mopping test, we attempt to provide actual examples and ensure that the test is as fair and consistent as possible. The mopping test process is according to the following:

  1. Squirt honey through the center of the test Lane, which covers the majority of the test lane.
  2. Make muddy substance-using dirt and water, then apply the mud using shoes.
  3. Complete the second and final pass down the lane. Then, look at what percentage of each debris was cleaned up.
  4. Take three ounces of soda and spread it over all the sides of the test lanes.
  5. Make a loop through the testing lane, and measure how much of every type was cleaned up during pass one with the unmolested debris.
  6. Perform a third time in the event of a need.

8. Cleaning Honey

Honey is a dense, sticky substance that needs additional force from the person using it and a few attempts to remove it completely.

Cleaning Honey Using the Crosswave

Following our second inspection, we found that the honey was nearly absent. The final run left the area in which honey was spread spotless.

9. Mopping Tests

Bissell Crosswave did a great job cleaning up the three pieces of debris we spread across our test track.

After one sweep across all of the debris, the mud was eliminated. The honey was removed 90 to 95 percent while the soda got cleaned up to a degree of at minimum 95 percent.

Being a less sticky substance, the dirt caused no problems for this Bissell Crosswave. However, the soda and honey were not completely cleaned after just one sweep.

It mops in contrast to honey, soda, and even mud (we removed the dirt from the left but left the right side dirty so that you could see the differences)

10. Cleaning Soda

Soda was slightly different from both honey and mud. This Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface did not experience any issues with cleaning up the soda unless it was time to clean it off the baseboards in our test Lane. Once it was reachable, the Crosswave could clean up the soda effortlessly.

But, when we attempted to scrub the soda piled up over the bases, it appeared that about an inch of the plastic casing that surrounded the multi-surface brush roll prevented this Bissell from getting close to the floorboard.

Liquids that stick into the wall or baseboard might be more difficult than the Crosswave to remove.

There was only a tiny amount left on the testing lane we were using after everything was completed. We were able to use the smallest rag to get rid of the rest of the mess.

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11. Does It Get Rid of Dog and Cat Hair?


It was able to eliminate a substantial amount of cat and dog hair (in addition to other dirt and debris) from the rug’s fibers.

The Crosswave was able to get rid of dirt, debris, and hair from dogs that our vacuum couldn’t reach.

Although it was true that the Bissell Crosswave could remove a lot of dirt, hair, and other debris, it was not in a position to bring those carpet stripes to their original luster.

12. Does It Get Rid of the Stain?

To get rid of the stain on a rug such as this one, you’ll most likely require an even more robust carpet cleaner or a stain removal product like this.

Our cleaning procedure comprised three passes across the dirty portion of the rug. We observed the carpet getting cleaner every time we went through it through these sessions.

In the final (third) test, the carpet was still showing some discoloration, but there was an improvement in the smell and aesthetics, freshness, and overall cleanness.

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Vacuum Cleaning Tests of BISSELL 1785A


During our tests, the Bissell Crosswave Multi Surface worked perfectly as an air vacuum. After spreading the rice cereal, kitty litter, and sugar over our test track. The Crosswave vacuum managed to remove 100 percent of the material.

There was no issue with this Bissell in regards to cleaning hardwood flooring.

Remember, the Bissell Crosswave isn’t designed to clean carpeted floors. Therefore, we didn’t test this unit on carpets in the form of a vacuum.

Overall, the Bissell Crosswave has an outstanding level of performance in the ability to vacuum hardwood flooring. Combining this superior vacuuming with the hefty mopping capabilities makes for a highly efficient and well-rounded vacuum.

Note: These tests were conducted by our expert team.

1. Cleansing Area Rug Test

As one of the most flexible mops we’ve examined, this Bissell Crosswave is also equipped with the capability to wash a rug area. We took an area rug with a high pile that was not cleaned over the past six months for the test. The rug is located in a busy area of a house and is located in a home with two cats.

Then, we used the Bissell Crosswave to wash the area and examine the other part. Following this, we noticed the Crosswave vacuum could provide extensive rug cleaning.

2. Test of Cleaning Area Rug Bissell Crosswave

The most intriguing thing about using Bissell Crosswave Bissell Crosswave for the rug was its capacity to sink deeply into the carpet.

If you can swiftly move, then the Crosswave is not that difficult to control; however, when you’re making longer walks across the floor, Some users might feel it is a little more difficult to move on a more dense rug.

This high level of suction enabled the device to eliminate hair from dogs and deep-rooted debris on the rug.

3. Do We Bissell Crosswave Cleans?

The Bissell Crosswave can be cleaned in various ways. Because this device functions as both a mop and an air cleaner, the method it cleans could differ.

4. Vacuuming

The Crosswave vacuum can sweep and suction through its suction pathway and the brush roll when used as a vacuum. The brush roll spins in a circular motion, moving dirt and debris into the suction path of the unit.

5. Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface Head For Cleaning

The suction force of the Crosswave is used to pull the dirt and other debris out of the trash bin.

6. Mopping

Next is the Bissell Crosswave, which can be utilized to clean hard floor kinds, like hardwoods or tiles, and wash carpets for areas. The brush roll begins to spin when the Crosswave is set to hard floor mode.

After this happens, users can push the trigger on the inside of the handle. This will disperse a cleaner solution to the roll.

7. Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface Head For Cleaning


Once the solution is dispersed on the roll, it can now be used to mop. But, it’s likely to absorb the same amount of water as the vacuum. This allows users to get rid of messes that include dry and wet particles together in one.

For instance, for cereal or milk, The Bissell Crosswave Multi Surface will suck up the dry matter as a vacuum and clean up liquid.

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8. Rugs for Areas

If you’re doing a job cleaning around rugs, your unit has to be put in “area rug” mode. This is done when you press the correct button at the top of the device.

Bissell will advise that if the mess is very sticky on a hard floor, users should put the device in area rug mode. The additional cleaning solution can help remove the sticky substance from the flooring.

9. Is the Bissell Crosswave Simple to Use?

The Bissell Crosswave Multi-Surface is not a complex device to operate. However, it may be difficult for those new to the technology. However, Bissell does offer a user manual that contains clear directions on how to operate and keep the Crosswave.

10. Cleaning Modes

The first thing to note is that it has two cleansing options that dictate how this Bissell is used: carpet and hard floor. Both modes can be operated by the buttons labeled at the top of the device.

Just remove the cover and move the brush along its side “pull” the hook to take the brush off.

These modes could be employed to vacuum or mop or wash your floors. If you choose to use this Bissell Crosswave as an upright vacuum, all prerequisites are plugging in the unit and selecting the type of floor.

11. Eliminating the Crosswave’s Dirty Water Tank

Apart from pushing the Crosswave, the rest of the operation can be controlled through the vacuum.

Cleaning and Preparing to Clean

Once you’ve moved on to mopping the floor, the procedure becomes more logical.

If, for instance, you decide to clean your tile floors, the procedure is like this:

  1. Select the floor size and add water/solution to the appropriate lines
  2. Choose floor type
  3. Replace the tank in the Crosswave
  4. Take the clean water tank off the back of Crosswave (be sure that the unit isn’t plugged in before doing this)
  5. Plug-in unit
  6. Start cleaning
  7. When the system is turned on, hold the trigger for 10 seconds, allowing for the aeration of the water/solution.

The more you utilize this device and use it, the simpler it becomes. Filling up the water tank isn’t difficult and easy to do. When you turn your Bissell Crosswave to the off position, cleaning is easy, so long as you consistently push the trigger to release the cleaner.

To remove the cleaning water tank along the back, lift it and remove it from the unit.

A few users might notice that the unit fails to get rid of its dirt if the brush roll has not been properly primed before cleaning or if they’re not holding the trigger as they go between the debris.

12. Replacing Parts

Every one of the tanks and the brush roll is removed with ease. Just pull them off with their handles, and the sections will fall off.

You should ensure that you can hear a click while replacing every piece to ensure that all pieces are secured properly.

Overall, the Bissell Crosswave isn’t too difficult to use. However, reading the directions for a quick review is recommended before making the switch.

13. Maneuverability


This Bissell Crosswave vacuum has a swivel head. However, it’s not a highly maneuverable swivel. The head can only rotate 25deg.

The inability to turn can be a concern for some users based on the design of your home. The Crosswave’s ability to move around will not be a problem if you’re only looking to mop or vacuum areas.

  • Cord: 25′
  • Modes: 3
  • Height: 46”
  • Weight: 11 lbs.

Even though this Bissell cannot be turned sharply, it does come with an extension cord of 25 feet. This means that the cleaning radius for this mop can be vast.

14. Maintenance tasks

The maintenance of this Bissell Crosswave in good condition is of crucial importance. If you don’t take care of and maintain the unit, you could experience poor cleaning results.

  • Clean and empty the tank with dirty water. If the tank is filled, the Crosswave will stop completely cleaning. It is vital to flush out the dirty water tank following each use.
  • Clean or change the filter: The Bissell Crosswave is equipped with only one filter. However, it must be cleaned at every major cleaning session. Since it is a washable filter, the replacement frequency is lower than most filters. When you’ve scrubbed the filter, you’ll be able to let it dry for over 24 hours before using it again.
  • Clean and clear brush roll: The brush roll is a key element in the performance of the Bissell Crosswave. There will be occasions when the brush roll is dirty or has knots of hair, strings, or others. Set the unit in the tray for cleaning, and then run the brush roll through some solution or water to cleanse the brush roll. The brush roll is free of tangles using scissors or a hand if possible.

The annual maintenance cost to maintain the Bissell Crosswave is around 40 dollars per year. It includes replacing filters and brushes at least once every year and 64 ounces of multi-surface cleaning solutions.

15. DIY Cleaning Solution

About 50 percent of the maintenance expenses for the Crosswave will be the price of cleaning solutions. You’ll save at least $20 per year if you create your cleaning solution.

Before you start the process of making your cleansers aware of the following:

Although it could help you save a few dollars, it’s not worthwhile if the chance exists that it might cause damage to your machine.

One of the commenters below mentioned that vinegar cleaners caused damage to the seals on her Crosswave. Be careful.

Is This Bissell Crosswave Worth the Price?


In our tests, it was found that the Bissell Crosswave removed almost 100% of all kinds of wet and dry debris. The only drawback is that it isn’t able to work on carpets.

But, it does a great job of taking away sugar, rice, cereals, dirt, pet hair, and other debris from area rugs and tile/hardwood flooring. Its accessories, including the self-cleaning tray, help with cleaning.

Crosswave could also be utilized to waterproof laminate flooring. Be sure to verify with the flooring manufacturer before you start. Overall, the Bissell Crosswave provides outstanding value for the price since the device can be used to vacuum, sweep, and mop all kinds of floors.

It is a great product. Bissell Crosswave is well worth the money and comes with the best value for money. The Bissell is an upright vacuum cleaner and mop and is excellent at cleaning both in their forms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Bissell Crosswave Make Use of Steam?

No. The Bissell Crosswave doesn't use steam. Instead, it utilizes an elongated wet-dry brush roll constructed out of fibers from cloth and a two-tank water-cleaning system.

Does the Bissell Crosswave Cleanse Grout?

Yes, up to a point. Regular cleaning of your floors using the Crosswave can help reduce the amount of dirt on the grout lines. But it's far from cleaning your grout using more precise cleaning techniques.

Can This Bissell Crosswave Perform on the Carpet?

No. You can use Bissell Crosswave's description of the product on flooring and area rugs. Don't use the Crosswave on carpets.

Does the Bissell Crosswave Cleanse Itself?

Yes. The Bissell Crosswave has an auto-cleaning tray. Just place it on the tray. Crosswave onto the tray, and then use it in the Area Rug cleaning mode for just a few minutes. And you see your brush roll clean properly.

Does This Bissell Crosswave Work on Laminate Flooring?

Yes, provided that the laminate flooring is waterproof and sealed. You must consult with your flooring supplier or installer to confirm the laminate flooring is waterproof.

Does the Bissell Crosswave Come With Attachments?

However, the included attachments differ according to the version. All Crosswave versions come with an all-surface brush roll and a cleaning tray. Certain versions came with special brush rolls for area rugs, pets, and/or hardwoods.

Does the Bissell Crosswave Function?

Yes. It is true. Bissell Crosswave is a very powerful wet mop. It can also take out large amounts of dry debris that you'd typically need a broom or vacuum for. It did well in our tests of cleaning.

Does the Bissell Crosswave Remove Dirt From the Area Rugs?

Yes, and very well in our tests. The Crosswave isn't an alternative to the traditional carpet shampooer; however, it can help keep area rugs significantly cleaner.

Can the Bissell Crossave Cleanse?

No. It doesn't employ the use of steam or chemicals that could clean floors of viruses and bacteria. It's intended to be a floor cleaner and not a sanitizer for floors.

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