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Cleaning technology has evolved exponentially in the age of smart homes. There are apps-enabled cleaning equipment as well as self-disposing robot vacuums.

However, getting rid of the dust off the bottom of every stair is a major problem. Home stairways are generally frequented and are prone to building up dirt and dust fast, particularly in the case of children or pets with you. 

Many vacuums are designed to make your daily cleaning routine as effortless as possible. However, we’ve set out to investigate and test some of the best alternatives to help you pick the most effective vacuums for staircases.

How Did We Choose the Best Vacuums for the Stairs?

A myriad of millions of vacuums has been rated highly available on the market, which makes narrowing down our selection to just seven options quite an undertaking.

We wanted to select the right vacuum that could be used for various family needs and lifestyles, such as hardwood and carpeted flooring, houses with children and pets, and even winding or unusually shaped staircases.

To make our choices, we read hundreds of quality consumer reviews to find out the small details manufacturers’ descriptions do not provide and also tapped into our tests to identify those that are the best of the lot. We focused on essential factors like weight and bulk suction power, and battery life for cordless models.

We also kept the budget in mind while evaluating vacuums of various prices to find out where a little extra bucks can make a significant difference and where it will buy you fancy features you do not necessarily require.

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18 Best Vacuum Cleaner for Stairs – Reviews

1. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Long-time fans of its stylish, powerful, and expensive vacuums, the most recent Dyson V11 series is leagues ahead of the original stick vacuum and is one of the top vacuum cleaners available. Of the two available models, we prefer that model, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive, which has a digital LCD that measures the battery’s performance and life.

Its V11 Torque Drive has more than double the suction power of comparable cordless vacuums. It suggests running for an hour between charges, making it a good choice for any flooring type and size.

The most advanced stick vacuum weighs less than 7 pounds, allowing for effortless moving on stairs and beyond.

It’s not perfect, but. As with other Dyson models, the V11 needs you to hold the power button instead of simply switching the switch. It’s not a major issue. However, it could make you regret paying hundreds of dollars for it.

The principal drawback of Dyson’s V11 Torque Drive and its screenless counterpart, the V11 Animal, or any Dyson product is the cost. It was expensive. Dyson Torque Drive costs $699.99 or more, based on the store.

This is a more significant amount of money than other vacuums. It’s a better level of quality, but this is a major hurdle to most. The Dyson V11 Torque Drive might be expensive. It’s lightweight and has superior suction, which makes it well worth every cent.


  • Capacity: 0.2 gallons
  • Battery lifespan: 60 minutes
  • Weight: 6.68 pounds
  • Form aspect Stick
  • Surface suggestion Flooring: Hardwood floors and carpet
  • There are many options to match different flooring
  • Extremely light and simple to move
  • Includes up to an hour of running time
  • Very expensive
  • Hold down the power button.

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2. Bissell Featherweight 3061 Cordless Stick Vacuum


The Bissell Featherweight cordless stick Vacuum ranks highly in our rankings for its good suction for a cordless vacuum. Although it is priced at less than $150, it is worth the price.

Featherweight Cordless offers a lightweight and ergonomic design comparable to higher-end models from other brands. The strong suction and light design make this vacuum an excellent alternative for laminate and hardwood flooring.

It’s also extremely versatile, with the capacity to switch from a stick vacuum into a handheld mode that allows you to get into the crevices and corners of your stairs without needing to drag the entire framework up or down. However, at only 5.8 kilograms, this full-size vacuum is very easy to move around.

The main trouble is its average battery longevity. At only 20 minutes per charge, it won’t get a lot done in a single sitting. Also, it doesn’t have any sort of wall stand or mount that can make charging more difficult than it has to be.

The Bissell Featherweight cordless stick vacuum is a powerful suction unit with its light design and a handheld model ideal for cleaning staircases.


  • Capacity: 0.26 gallons
  • Battery life: 20 minutes
  • Weight: 5.8 pounds
  • Form aspect and factor
  • Surface suggestion Floors with carpet and hard floors
  • A great price point for high-end
  • The handheld vacuum converts into a simple
  • Super light design for greater user-friendliness
  • It does not include an end-to-end stand or wall mount.
  • Battery life is not as good.

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3. Eureka RapidClean Pro Eureka RapidClean Pro

Eureka RapidClean Pro is a game-changer for people looking for an ultra-lightweight model that will easily climb and descend the stairs without feeling as if you’re exercising.

The 5 pounds vacuum is light to carry and transforms into a handheld mode for maximum mobility. When you’re not on the staircase, RapidClean Pro features a special “swivel steering” head that permits greater maneuverability when cleaning.

Its battery life is essentially normal. However, it only takes 40 minutes to fully recharge, so you’ll be able to clear large areas fairly quickly.

Be aware of this when you are planning to use the vacuum for a time. According to reviews by customers, replacement parts are difficult to locate and are often priced the same as a brand-new vacuum. So don’t be expecting to get more than a decade of use from this model.

The Eureka RapidClean Pro is among the lightest vacuums that we can find on our radar. It also has the exclusive “swivel steering” feature, making it highly mobile.


  • Capacity: 0.18 gallons
  • The battery lifespan is 40 minutes.
  • Surface recommendations Surface recommendation: Hard floors and carpets
  • Form aspect Stick
  • Weight: 5.26 pounds
  • Compact, ultra-lightweight design
  • Handheld mode
  • Very quick 40-minute recharge time
  • Excellent price for the high-end product.
  • More difficult to fix than other vacuums.
  • The suction force could be enhanced.

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4. Samsung Jet 90

Samsung Jet 90 Stick Cordless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Samsung Jet 90 was made to perform better than the typical vacuum and to do it with style. Each component of the vacuum comes with one-of-a-kind features: There’s an automatic dustbin that can be empty to make it easy to dispose of and a five-layer filtration system that can keep 99.999 percent of the allergens from in the air.

It also has an innovative brush head with turbo-action that allows it to clean quickly and easily across multiple surfaces simultaneously (great for staircases that have runners and carpets).

Although it is generally a top performer in all aspects, some are more notable than others. Its Jet 90 features a charging stand that can recharge two batteries, which can be recharged and replaced to prolong their battery lifespan. (It is only equipped with one battery, so you’ll have to purchase another one to make it happen.)

Like the Dyson V11 Torque Drive, the Jet 90 costs a lot higher than the competitors. However, it’s not difficult to overlook how it enhances the standard cordless stick vacuum in numerous ways. The ultra-modern Samsung Jet 90 offers next-level design and functionality.


  • Capacity: .21 gallons
  • Battery Life: 60 minutes
  • Weight: 6.87 pounds
  • Form: aspect factor
  • Surface suggestion and recommendation: Hard floors and carpets
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Dual batteries that can be replaced
  • Auto-empty garbage bin
  • Very expensive
  • This requires more assembly than the normal vacuum

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5. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Vacuum Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Ion Cordless Hand Vacuum

Pet owners must do their best to ensure that their floors are free of dirt and dander. There’s no way to avoid it. There are brands that such as Bissell are specifically designed for those with pets in the home who don’t want to settle for anything less than the very best cleaning equipment.

Bissell, a pet hair remover, has many great features to clean up dander and hair and pet hair, such as the motorized brush tool, which removes them from carpets and upholstery in a seamless manner as well as it comes with a “triple-level filtering” system that keeps allergens within the bag. Of course, suction power is also a powerful tool for cleaning dust and dirt, whether you’re a pet owner.

The customers’ reviews praise the high-quality and suction power this compact but powerful hand-vacuum offers; however, reviews complain about the battery’s short lifespan of just 17 minutes between charging.

If you’re looking for a larger vacuum that is also effective on stairs, look into the “best to use on carpets” option, the Shark Cordless Pet Plus, which comes with similar features for pets.

The Bissell Animal Hair Elisser has a “triple-level” filtering system and a motorized brush tool that is used to eliminate hair embedded in the dirt.


  • Capacity: 0.18 gallons
  • Battery life: 17 minutes
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Form factor: Handheld
  • Surface recommendations: Upholstery and carpet
  • A variety of carpeting tools as well as upholstery and hardwood flooring
  • “Triple-level” Filtration system
  • It has a huge dustbin to use as a handheld.
  • The handheld vacuum isn’t the best choice for all-over house cleaning
  • Poor battery life

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6. Shark Cordless Pet Plus 

Shark Pet Plus

Its Shark Cordless Pet Plus comes with the “anti-allergen seal” to ensure that 99.9 percent of the allergens it collects, including dust particles and pet dander, remain stuck within the vacuum. The brush roll has large panels, referred to as “powerful” instead of conventional bristles.

Shark claims it helps the vacuum remove dirt from carpets. They also stop the vacuum from becoming clogged by pet hair and other dust that could build up in carpets and rugs.

Research has shown carpets may hold more allergens and dust than non-carpeted floors and may reduce the air quality at the office or in the home space. This is why Pet Plus should be a good choice for those who want to ensure that only the minutest dust particles can be released into the atmosphere.

Many customers have praised the Shark with aplomb. However, some complain that the light design is a little heavy when used. This can make maneuvering on stairs a little more difficult as you get acquainted with the vacuum’s distinctive shape and design.

It is designed to trap allergens, such as pet dust. The Shark Cordless Pet Plus can dig deep into carpets to provide the best cleaning possible.


  • Capacity: 0.21 gallons
  • The battery lifespan is 40 minutes.
  • Weight: 7.17 pounds
  • Form: Factor Stick
  • Surface recommendations: Floors with carpet and hard floors
  • Anti-allergen seal
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • The handheld vacuum converts into a simple
  • Top-heavy Design
  • Not as strong as other stick vacuums.

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7. Bissell Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum (2156A) 

BISSELL Zing 2156A

It is among the most budget-friendly vacuums suitable for stairs we’ve found. The canister-style large vacuum stores dirt on an enormous, wheeled base and have a hose for sucking up dirt. It has an incredible suction capacity and endurance that can last long without needing maintenance or replacement parts.

In addition, the dirt cup filter and post-motor filter help collect particles before they enter the air. The filters can be washed by hand and reused over time without concern about their performance or quality diminishing.

With its corded power option and the heavy design of the canister, the Zing isn’t the most practical option for climbing stairs. There’s plenty of space to maneuver with an impressive 15-foot power cord and a 4-foot-long hose, 8-inches long.

Additionally, the corded design will mean that you don’t need to wait for your vacuum to recharge or fret about replacing batteries for the duration.

Customers love the Bissell Zing due to its reliable design and quality for low cost; however, they’ll notice that it’s missing certain attachments, such as an ejector. The vacuum head is placed in the middle of your floor, which is difficult for it to remove large amounts of debris or dust.

Its Bissell Zing Canister Vacuum may not come with the similar bells and whistles of higher-end models listed, but it’s powerful and efficient for the cost and comes with a hose that makes climbing the stairs easy.


  • Capacity: 0.53 gallons
  • Battery life: None
  • Weight: 10.23 pounds
  • The Form element is: Canister
  • Surface recommendations: Floors with carpet and hard floors
  • Superb suction power.
  • Fantastic price for the high-end product.
  • The canister is huge and easy to clean.
  • Doesn’t include a spin brush attachment
  • It is heavier than other vacuums on the list.

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8. Tineco Pure ONE S12 Vacuum

Tineco Pure ONE S12

Tineco Pure ONE S12 is the most effective vacuum for hardwood floors and stairs, and other types of surfaces, due to its numerous useful accessories and attachments. It is also a light and compact steam vacuum cleaner that has a uni-directional design, which adds to the effectiveness of cleaning stairs.

We also liked the built-in sensors that help detect the dirt and other debris hidden while you are cleaning. The only issue with all vacuums is the noise, especially since the best vacuums can be so loud.

While it’s a super-powerful vacuum that can be used on hardwood and carpet staircases, the built-in debris canister is smaller than the other models and, as such, will require regular servicing to ensure that dirt is not blocked the line. Furthermore, it is a top-quality steam vacuum packed with options, making it priced higher.

Also, make sure you use the finest carpet cleaning detergent to get rid of stains and general cleaning tasks.

It’s the best handheld vacuum for pet hair and stairs. It is a cordless and lightweight design, and sensors are integrated to detect dirt and other debris.

  • Sensors locate dirt and particles that are hidden in carpets
  • Ships equipped with a variety of attachments
  • Lightweight and cordless design
  • It requires regular maintenance
  • On the higher end of the spectrum

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9. HoLife KB-1606

HoLife KB-1606

HoLife Cordless Vacuum Cleaner was made to make an excellent staircase cleaner. We’re delighted to announce that it does an excellent job at this. It is equipped with clever little features that allow it to deal with virtually any debris from stairs. It’s a reasonably priced bagless, flexible device.

There are three tools, including a rubber jar that allows you to tackle carpeted or hard surfaces. There’s also an extended hose with a crevice tool, which means you can scrub every part of the stairs.

Overall it’s almost any staircase that you won’t be able to thoroughly clean. A washable filter is an option, and it’s easy to remove and rinse.

Remember that if you’re planning to keep the tool in storage for a longer period, it is essential to recharge it completely before the time and recharge it each three months.

This may be a problem when you’re not using it often. This issue does not diminish the fact that it’s an excellent handheld vacuum that is worthy of consideration.

  • Effective suction
  • Exceptionally versatile
  • Recharged frequently when stored for a long time

10. Dirt Devil HandVac Ultra

Dirt Devil Hand Vacuum

We’ll be introducing another model from Dirt Devil; however, the distinction is that this is made to be a little more adaptable. The handheld Ultra model, and we can say instantly that it’s a great option.

In contrast to most handhelds, this one has bags, which aid in making the device extremely light, despite having the tools and hose being kept inside. 

Bags for replacement are cheap and are easily found through Amazon. The vacuum also doesn’t have a filter, meaning you won’t lose suction when you operate the vacuum.

Motorized brushes are extremely efficient, making them the most efficient vacuum for stairs with the carpet. It’s also great at getting rid of pet hair. The hose may not be as effective, but it can do well in finding the cracks in staircases that the brush cannot reach.

There are reviews of older Ultra models of suction deterioration after a couple of months of use. However, this is now a thing of the past. It’s important to remember that the power of the motor and brush means that it’s a very loud small handheld. 

This Dirt Devil Handheld Ultra is an excellent choice. It’s a bit expensive but has great performance, and the brush can be used on stairs with carpet.

  • Fantastic cleaning power from the brush roll
  • There is no loss of suction
  • Lightweight
  • There could be issues with suction
  • Loud operation

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11. Bissell 2033 Series Bissell Featherweight

Bissell Featherweight Stick 2033

The Bissell Featherweight 2033 isn’t one of the strongest stick vacuums available. However, it’s ideal for smaller spaces, and its cost is affordable for a practical and well-designed product.

The suction capacity of the vacuum cleaner is significantly less than that of higher-end vacuum cleaners. This is the thing you’ll have to give up to enjoy the price that is so attractive. But, this isn’t a reason to be dissuaded: you should first be aware of your needs.

If you’re looking to maintain the floors of a wood studio such as then, it would be the ideal choice for you. It’s less effective for carpets or carpets. It’s great. However, you’ll need to repeat the steps many times and exert more effort than other equipment.

However, it can pick hair, dust, and small spills extremely well. It’s not the best choice for your principal vacuum because it’s not equipped with the greatest quantity of suction. However, if you regularly clean it and it’s efficient, it will work.

We would like the wheels to have a rubber coating or be made from improved material. The vacuum cleaner is extremely useful if you’re okay with that. You can use it in 3 distinct ways: as an upright vacuum cleaner or stairway vacuum cleaner and as a hand-vacuum cleaner by taking off any floor brushes. This latter option is restricted by the 4.57 meters electric power cord, i.e., 15 ft.

  • Very light
  • Multi-functional sticks and handles vacuum
  • Great for all kinds of flooring
  • It also comes with an extended power cord
  • Easy to empty
  • Power of the vacuum

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12. BLACK+DECKER Max Flex Vacuum for Stairs


This Black+Decker Max Flex is an excellent choice for pet lovers and pet owners since it comes with an exclusive pet hairbrush that can make short cleaning of pet-related dirt and other debris.

The vacuum has a three-stage filtering system to ensure that hair follicles, dust, and other allergens don’t escape the debris container. We also liked that the debris canister and the filter are easily cleaned and washed by hand, allowing easy maintenance.

Although it’s cordless and has an integrated lithium battery, you’ll get only around 20 mins of uninterrupted usage per charge. You could get this at the lower end of the spectrum by using an upright vacuum with a cord that the power outlet powers.

Additionally, the battery is wired to the vacuum, which means it cannot be repaired if it breaks in the future. It is also possible to get the most effective stick vacuum with numerous attachments for your furniture and stairs.

It comes with a pet hairbrush to help remove difficult to remove dog or cat hair. So, it also comes with a distinctive three-stage filtration system to ensure that there is no chance for dust or debris to escape the confines of the vacuum.

  • Three-stage filtering system
  • The handheld model weighs only 3 pounds
  • Filter and washable bowl for debris.
  • The battery cannot be replaced.
  • 20 minutes of usage per day, at no cost

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13. 20V MAX Black+Decker


Black+Decker is most well-known as a power toolmaker, and you’d expect their vacuum cleaners have an impressive punch. The 20V MAX is exactly that. It’s a rechargeable, cordless handheld that’s just as efficient and, in some cases, more powerful than its corded counterparts.

This device’s style is different from other handhelds, with a huge suction nozzle that is flat in the front that can pivot to access difficult-to-access areas. 

It’s adept at working on flat surfaces and will take care of stairs in a snap. It is also possible to utilize the included brush with this nozzle to get dirt and dust off carpets. There’s a door on the side to empty the cup that the bathroom sink can clean.

We also like the charging stand included with the 20V MAX. It’s tidy and doesn’t take up much space. The main drawback could be that its body is larger than the nozzle, which can cause getting into some of the corners difficult.

But, we consider this to be an excellent vacuum. It’s powerful and, as a cordless model, is extremely convenient, particularly if you need to use the vacuum for other tasks like cleaning your car.

  • Wide-mouth design is great for stairs
  • Lightweight
  • Great suction power and long life from the battery
  • Very difficult to use in crevices.

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14. Black&Decker Vacuum Dustbuster for Stairs

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster

The famous Black+Decker Dustbuster is extremely light at just 2 pounds. It’s also very mobile, thanks to its handheld design that is cordless and suitable for use on staircases, corners, crevices, and almost every surface. The battery built into the unit can hold a charge for over 18 months.

That is an amazing metric, and the huge 21-ounce dust bowl can be used for multiple cleanings without being empty. It’s also an easy-to-clean vacuum since every component is easily taken off and washed by hand.

Although we were impressed that the battery could keep an 18-month charge and can be operated without any power supply, it will take about four hours to achieve an all-time high level of charge, which is quite long. In addition, this battery isn’t replaceable if it fails at any point during the runtime.

It’s a highly lightweight and compact design with an extensive feature set, including an extremely long-lasting and durable battery with at least 18 months on one charge.

  • Large 21oz dust bowl
  • Clean and easy to maintain since the majority of components can be washed
  • Charges for 18 months
  • The Internal battery is not replaceable.
  • It takes 4 hours to reach the maximum charge.

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15. Tineco A11 Hero vacuum for Stairs

Tineco A11 Hero

The Tineco A11 Hero is of excellent quality. He comes with powerful features that include an easy-to-use and light design, with a battery integrated that can clean the carpet for up to 40 minutes with just one charge.

The A11 Hero also has the power of a 450-watt motor that can deliver up to 120 watts of pure suction, making it an ideal option for pet owners and those who have accumulated debris on the carpet as the top cordless vacuums that remove pet hair. 

We also liked the practical accessories that this vacuum comes with, including the stair cleaning tool and a crevice cleaning tool, a corner cleaner, and other accessories.

Another excellent feature of premium vacuums is Turbo mode which you can find out more about in our review for Hoover H Free 800. 

There’s no digital display on this vacuum; it isn’t receiving easy-to-read messages regarding a maintenance or similar issues. In addition, the vacuum comes with the wall mount, but it has to be put in place and may take up to 1 1/2 hours.

It’s a premium vacuum with top-of-the-line features, including a unidirectional and light design, an impressive 450w motor, and various attachments for crevices, stairs, and corners.

  • Ships are equipped with an array of attachments
  • The cordless model provides 40 minutes of usage per day for a nominal cost
  • A powerful 450w motor performs admirably by suction.
  • Wall-charging mounts must be mounted
  • No digital display

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16. Eureka EasyClean Vacuum for Stairs

Eureka EasyClean71B

The Eureka EasyClean offers a multi-purpose handheld vacuum that performs on the stairs, in cars, garages, carpets, and all kinds of surfaces, whether carpeting or hardwood flooring. It’s a very lightweight corded vacuum model with just 5 pounds.

It comes with a comfortable handle and a long suction hose, which can be able to reach difficult-to-access areas. We also enjoyed the powerful dual motor design and the simple empty debris container.

Although this handheld vacuum is lightweight, it’s not cordless despite the power cord running at 20 feet, similar to one of the top automobile vacuum cleaners. Also, we liked the exhaust vent because of its heating purposes, but it can blow very hard, knocking down dirt and other debris.

It’s a handheld, multi-purpose vacuum that can be used on the stairs, in cars, as well as on furniture, and in garages due to its lightweight design and a practical suction hose.

  • Proprietary Riser Visor System great for staircases
  • Powerful dual-motor design
  • Corded design, even though power cable is long
  • Easy to empty and clean the debris canister
  • Exhaust vents blow loudly.

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17. Dibea F20Max Vacuum for Stairs

Dibea F20Max Vacuum for Stairs

The Dibea F20Max offers an affordable price while providing features that compete with higher-priced competitors, including an integrated filtering system that can remove over 99 percent of dust and allergens.

It also has a huge motorized brush that is resistant to getting caught in pet hair and other debris. We also liked that it is cord-free and light in weight, making it a great handheld option for cleaning stairs.

While this vacuum comes with attachments for crevice and staircase cleaning, the accessories included with the unit are comparatively low-cost. Also, we liked that the battery is removable, which is to charge remotely; however, charging will take at least three hours.

It’s a price-conscious vacuum and comes with powerful features that include an integrated filter that can remove 99.9 percent of allergens and dust particles and a huge motorized brush that won’t tangle.

  • Large motorized brush blocks knots
  • Design for handheld and cordless
  • Filter filters out allergens and dust particles
  • The battery is removable. However, it requires several hours to fully charge.
  • There aren’t as many attachments as other models.

18. Dirt Devil PlusDirt Devil Scorpion

The Dirt Devil Plus comes at a budget-friendly price with a feature in line with higher-end competitors, including a bagless design that allows you to clear debris and clean. It’s also a lightweight, 2lbs, and compact vacuum that can operate with only one hand due to the absence of a power cord.

This vacuum has several useful accessories, including an excellent tool to clean stairs, and it is also effective in vacuuming upholstery and other similar types of surfaces.

The portability offered here is amazing since there’s no power cable; however, it comes with a price since it’s not an extremely powerful vacuum available on the market and doesn’t perform well with debris that is incredibly caked in. The lithium battery can last for more than an hour after charging.

However, it cannot be replaced if it fails at any point.

It’s a budget-friendly vacuum that comes with a variety of top-quality features, like bags that are easy to clean and an excellent staircase attachment that can also be used as an upholstery cleaner.

  • Extremely light and easy to carry
  • The attachment for stairs also works well with upholstery
  • The bagless style is simple to wash
  • The battery cannot be replaced.
  • It’s not an extremely powerful vacuum available on the market.

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What to Consider When Choosing the Right Vacuum for Stairs?

With all the options available, choosing the ideal vacuum for the stairs in your home could be difficult. Find out the differences between uprights and canisters, bagged and bagless models, cordless and corded models, and other aspects, such as size, type, suction power, and user-friendliness.

1. Type and Size

A large-sized vacuum is difficult to maneuver for cleaning stairs, which is why it’s best to select one that is slim, light, and easy to move.

  • Stick vacuums are thin and light, and the high height of the stick limits the possibility of bending, making them the ideal choice for staircases. They are often battery-powered, removing the requirement to use a cord that could restrict distance and creates danger for tripping. Some sticks can even convert into handheld devices that can be used for smaller cleaning tasks.
  • There are canister vacuums that work for stairs, be sure you pick one with the length of hose to reach the top of the stairs to prevent carrying a bulky weighty unit both up and down.
  • Handhelds are the easiest to move around since they’re generally small and cordless. However, they will require the user to bend to climb the steps. Some models may not be strong enough to clean up the entire accumulation of debris. So when you’re looking for a handheld, make sure you choose one with high capacity batteries, a robust airflow system, and an electric brush roller.
  • These upright vacuums permit you to get rid of dirt without bending too much. However, these vacuums are heavy and susceptible to falling over while walking on stairs. Make sure you choose one that’s sleek and light and has a long cord.

2. Bagged in Contrast to Bagless

There are two choices for getting the trash out of the vacuum and to the recycling bin: bagged or bagless.

If you have a bagged model, you’ll have to purchase replaced bags after they are full. All debris must be kept within the bag, with the least chance of dirt, dust, and allergens being released out into the air.

Bagged vacuums also have higher capacities, making them useful for heavily used areas, and tend to accumulate more dust, particularly in homes that children and pets occupy.

Bagless models will help you save on the cost of replacing bags. However, the accumulated dirt within the cup or bin can release allergens into the air during disposal. If this is an issue, you should opt for a bagless model equipped with a HEPA filter.

The bins and cups on bags are often smaller, meaning you will need to empty them more frequently. Consider this when looking at the space you have.

3. Easy of Use

Some additional things to think about will make vacuums less difficult to use. One of them is the ease with which it can be removed and clear. It is not a pleasant task to empty dirt and dust from an appliance, So you might opt for a model that won’t cause you any problems.

The most effective units come with a simple switch or clip which permits all dust to be swept away into the bin. However, some may require the elimination of the dust cup. This is fine if the container is mostly sealed, but you should be aware that less aesthetically pleasing designs could get the dust out of the air while you empty.

There are a few vacuums that come with filters. Some come with several filters. In some instances, these filters are replaceable. However, this can be frustrating because it’s sometimes difficult to obtain an alternative.

In the end, you should opt for an appliance that has a washable filter. These are generally simple to remove and require only an occasional rinse to get back to the best.

As we’re discussing this issue, it’s worth thinking about bag versus no bag. The majority of vacuums don’t have bags nowadays, so you don’t have to purchase replacements.

In certain instances, particularly and with high-end models, there is a possibility that the machine has bags because they are considered to be more effective in ensuring that you don’t need to be exposed to the dust. It is something to think about if someone in your family is prone to allergies.

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4. Cordless in Comparison to Corded

Vacuum cords are a problem in cleaning staircases, making cordless the best choice for moving between floors. The cordless models are simple to use, do not require an outlet, and are easily carried from the bottom of the staircase.

The battery power of cordless models usually lasts between 15 or more and can last up to 45 minutes. Higher-priced models bring you closer to the latter.

If you choose to purchase a cordless vacuum, ensure that it comes with batteries that last at least 25 to 30 minutes, so you can get your cleaning done without needing to stop to charge, after which the battery will run down. It’ll likely require recharging over 3 to 4 hours or longer.

Be aware that some vacuums come with two batteries, meaning you can charge one while the second is charging for plenty of cleaning time.

Suppose you’re looking to purchase only one multi-use vacuum. The ones with cords will usually offer more capacity and better suction power, which could be more effective in huge carpeted areas.

To avoid dragging the vacuum up and down the stairs, select one that has a retractable, long cord. A 15-foot cord is typically enough to get to the top of the stairs in most homes.

5. Reach

On any specification sheet, you should easily be able to find the reach of the corded vacuum you’re considering. It could be an important feature.

There are times when power outlets aren’t located in the vicinity of staircases, so you need to ensure that the choice of vacuum can clean your entire staircase at once without needing to switch halfway through.

The reach is typically determined using the cord’s length with any vacuum’s hose attachments. Be aware that the total reach could be shorter if there is no intent to use the power hose.

You could reduce the stress about reach by using the cordless vacuum cleaner. They are charged through the mains and can be used with no wires. They are long-lasting enough to last an adequate amount of cleaning.

However, you have to ensure that you keep them fully charged. The lower quality batteries do not have enough power to ensure adequate suction, so once again, make sure to read the reviews.

6. Suction Power

Your home’s flooring type is important in determining suction capacity. If you’re primarily using tiles, hardwood, or any other smooth surface, a few carpets scattered around it won’t require more suction than houses with vast carpeting areas and high-pile rugs. Suction power lets your vacuum penetrate carpet fibers to eliminate deep-set debris.

Some companies boast suction power. For brands that don’t, think about other aspects. For corded vacuums, for example, the higher the number of air watts (AW) is, the more powerful the suction power.

An upright with 100 AW or greater is adequate, while canisters must include a minimum of 220 AW. However, it is better to have more than 300. For cordless models, select one that is from 80 to 100 AW.

For cordless machines, it’s also essential to keep track of the battery’s life and runtime. This typically can vary from 15 to 45 minutes. Double battery packs give you the most thorough cleaning experience. A motorized brush that spins will improve the ability of the machine to remove dirt that has been firmly set off carpet fibers.

7. Attachments

Attachments are crucial for handheld vacuum cleaners as they are most often employed to clean things that aren’t flat floors in the home. In general, you’ll need to get the most attachments you can with the money you spend if you only require basic functions. There are several options to think about.

The first is the brush. If you’re cleaning your carpet and want to get rid of dirt, then a quality brush attachment is necessary as they are adept at getting inside the carpet and removing dust and dirt from between them.

It is recommended to use motorized brushes, as the extra power can help clean. In many instances, the vacuum has the brush in a fixed part of the vacuum; however, they can be removed in some cases like those of the Shark Rocket.

The next step is to use the crevice tool. It’s extremely helpful for staircases because it’s often difficult to have a normal brush roll into one of the corner spaces on a staircase. Crevice tools are typically smaller and pointed. Almost all vacuums come with one in some manner.

In addition to the two above, there could be a variety of other special attachments, like the innovative rubber nozzles Bissell employs that are great for pets’ hair. There are also nozzles with wide mouths that can be used to collect debris off of hard surfaces.

Consider the purpose you’re planning to utilize the vacuum for. Make sure the vacuum you’re thinking of buying has the correct attachments.

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That’s it. We’ve done the study for you. Check out the buying guide to ensure you know what you want from your vacuum, and then select the best one from our reviews. We’ve tried to ensure that there’s something for all, from multi-functional vacuums that can perform more than one thing and specialized stair cleaners with a variety of price points.

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