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Shag carpet is a far cry from the dreadlock tendrils that were common in the past. These days, the deep piles are smooth and luxurious with no Tendency to knot or twist. For proper care of them, you will require an air-tight vacuum with special settings to keep your shag investment. The most effective vacuum for shag carpets are available in various types and prices to satisfy your needs for various reasons.

It depends on your preference in terms of simplicity of use, your necessity to shield yourself from allergies, and your desire to reduce the noise.

If you have different types of flooring or a small room for storage, you’ll require an appliance that is multi-purpose or less bulky.

For choosing the ideal vacuum for carpets with shags at home, think about the frequency with which you’ll use it and how long-lasting you’d like.

Cleaning after shedding pets or sucking up dry crumbling leaves will determine the amount of power you’ll need. Here’s our recommendation for the top vacuums for shag carpets, based on the different lifestyles and household needs.

What We Ranked As The Top Shag Carpet Vacuums?

Contrary to other vacuums designed for shags require suction and flexibility features. They should be sturdy, as the shag piles can make them work hard. They should also be comfortable and simple to use, or you’ll never remove them from the closet.

Here are our requirements for vacuums suitable for shag carpets. Look for the ideal match to the shag type you prefer and the price range in your purchasing choice.

1. Style

Canisters offer the highest suction capacity, and uprights are in-between positions. Robotic vacuums are good alternatives for continual cleaning between major jobs. Each category has its place in our top ten list.

2. Noise

Big motors often mean bigger noise. If ensuring your children are asleep or avoiding pets scared to walk in your home is high on your schedule, think about the quieter option. We offer a letter grade to measure how well reviewers think that these vacuums are performing in this regard.

3. Cleaning Effectiveness

Cleaning efficiency is dependent on the features of the machine. Still, it is also influenced by the versatility of the vacuum’s ability to cope with a range of cleaning techniques, conditions, and situations.

Effective shag carpet means it can do a fantastic job taking out dust and other particles, larger particles, and pet hair. We give the grade based on the reviewer’s comments.

4. HEPA Filter

If you are allergic and want to avoid causing the symptoms, you’ll need a HEPA filter for your vacuum. Even if you have no allergies, smells may be noticed when you exhaust the vacuum. A HEPA filter is a way to eliminate the smell, and we’ll also check to see if each model has it.

5. Ergonomics/Ease of use

Based on reviewers ‘ reviews, we assign machines letter grades for their Ease of use. Remember that stronger suction can also mean that you require some more strength for moving the device in the event it is not equipped with an electric drive system.

A deeper pile also requires more intervention from a human being than shags that are textured or less shallow.

6. Weight

A vacuum that is too light could make it hard to move in high-suction mode. The weight of something too heavy can cause shoulder and back pain.

We’ll give you the total weight the unit can carry except for accessories. Be aware that the canisters are mounted on the floor, which means that’s the only way to move the brush and the connecting hose, not the entire weight of the machine.

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Top 15 Vacuums to Shag Carpet – Reviews

1. Miele Complete C3 Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Canister


  • Bagged canister vacuum
  • The three 360-degree wheels are swivel.
  • Tool storage built-in
  • 7-speed silence motor that has a setting for Soft Carpet
  • HEPA AirClean Filter
  • Electric power brush that has 5 settings for height
  • 33 feet operating radius
  • Deluxe comfort grip handle
  • It comes with a upholstery brush and crevice tool
  • Recommend for all types of flooring

Miele Complete C3 Soft Carpet is an extremely durable all-around carpet that has been made for people who require a vacuum capable of handling carpets that are soft and shag yet still be able to handle the normal tasks in the house, like cleaning vinyl or wood flooring.

One of the most impressive features of the Miele C3 is that electro-brush power it. Contrary to other models, it is fully powered to clean carpet fibers. The height-adjustable feature is great as it ensures you’re going deep into your pile without getting the roller. It’s perfect for carpets that shag.

If you’re not cleaning the carpet, the parquet twister ensures that the device can be easily moved on smooth surfaces like kitchen flooring.

A HEPA filter is also equipped as a standard, which removes even the tiniest of dust particles. This is highly beneficial for folks suffering from allergies. Particularly, shag carpets could quickly accumulate a lot of allergens. Make use of Miele Original FilterBags to ensure the AirClean filtering system is working properly.


We believe this is the most versatile vacuum for people with thick pile carpets. It’s been carefully designed in Germany with its five-stage high-adjustable brush that can tackle any depth of shag you have, and some neat features like the power brush and ergonomic handle make it feel like you’ve spent your money wisely.

  • Made specifically for a shag and soft carpets
  • 36 feet operating radius to allow for effortless maneuverability
  • “SoftCarpet” gives outstanding results.
  • The five-stage high-adjustable brush can be used with any shag
  • Exceptional quality

  • Higher price segment

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2. Shark NV752 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV752


  • Fully-powered lift-away vacuum
  • 5 year extended warranty
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • LED headlights
  • HEPA filter
  • Detachable pod
  • Large capacity
  • Fingertip controls

Shark vacuums are superior to Dyson vacuums. This model NV752 is a high-end model designed for pet owners who want to clean pet hair. The vacuum is distinguished by the power of electricity to power a pet tool and a cleaner head.

Hence, the vacuum is a great combination of a light upright and a detachable, lightweight canister equipped with a powered brush roll. So, the vacuum also has a suction system that makes sure the vacuum will never lose suction power.


With the motor-driven TruePet mini brush, you will receive a greater cleaning power to get the pet’s hair, dirt, and dust. It comes with a pet multi-tool to deal with the most difficult pet hair.

Additionally, the design of the vacuum will ensure your security. It features an anti-allergen full seal that stops you from breathing in the dirt and dust you’re cleaning. It will trap almost all of the dirt that is inside.

With smooth gliding wheels and the swiveling steering, you will be able to scrub every hard-to-reach place and around furniture in a breeze. If that wasn’t enough, the unit has headlights that will help you see clearly while cleaning dark spaces.

  • With a warranty of 5 years, It comes with a 5-year warranty and is one of the highest high-end HEPA filter cleaners you can purchase. It’s extremely easy to use due to the intuitive controls on the fingertip. Additionally, it is an excellent choice for anyone who experiences an allergic reaction to cleaning pet hair and dust.

  • The top features of the vacuum cleaner aren’t cheap. 

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3. Dyson Cyclone V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


  • Cordless
  • DLS system
  • High-torque cleaner head
  • LCD screen
  • Advanced whole-machine filtering
  • A maximum of 60 minutes of running time
  • Converts into a handheld
  • Three cleaning options

Dyson is a household name that has earned praise from nearly all the most renowned reviewers. Dyson V11 is a model that Dyson V11 sure does live up to the name of this brand by its mighty capabilities to grip hard carpet and floors easily.

The cordless vacuum is a light and maneuverable design. Cleaning can be stressful, and this should not be the case. The design is well-balanced, making it a breeze for both right and left-handed users to utilize.

It comes with an LCD screen that provides in-depth details, useful graphics, and an air of sophistication. Additionally, its high torque cleaning head might be the only tool you’ll require for a while since it effortlessly cleans and is efficient.

The vacuum is unique and has three options for power: Eco, Auto/medium, and Boost. The auto/medium option is the standard option.


The V11 is further distinguished by an impressive time-to-run which is 60 mins. It also has a trigger switch, preventing any power loss caused by the motor running even when you’re not using the vacuum.

Clean it up easily because the floor head and the filters can be removed.

  • What’s better than a vacuum that informs you in the event of a blockage or when your filter’s due to be cleaned? It’s the Dyson V11. Dyson V11 is the ultimate handy vacuum for those who want to tackle cleaning straight after getting it unpacked. It comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

  • Its Dyson V11 is one of the most expensive vacuum cleaners that are cordless.

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4. Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum

Soniclean Soft Carpet


  • Bagged vacuum with a bag.
  • Technology to protect against jams
  • Oversized wheels
  • Super suction
  • HEPA filter system
  • Front vents can be adjusted.
  • Sonic technology for vibration
  • Soft nylon roll brushes
  • 35-ft power cord

Its Soniclean Soft Carpet is a vacuum cleaner that isn’t like other models. However, it’s definitely not a case of fashion over substance.

This model was created specifically with soft carpets in mind. It’s a perfect choice for those who have shag pile carpet that likes the mid-to-high-end cost.

In normal vacuums with adjustable heads, it’s an adjustable roller brush that retracts to tackle the problem of large piles.


This one is different, however. It features very large wheels, which allow the head to flounder over the carpet and an adjustable vent lets you adjust the amount of pile. This is a highly efficient shag.

It isn’t just a brand name alone. Sonic technology can help to break up particles and dirt that have gotten through the heap and then bring them to the surface to be taken away.

If you have a lot of soft carpets and are having trouble using regular vacuum cleaners, this could be the ideal bagged vacuum cleaner you can get. It’s not cheap and certainly not the most versatile. However, it can provide precisely what you require.

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  • Very light
  • Excellent at cleaning shag carpet
  • Great look!
  • Sonic technology

  • Limited functional
  • Costs are more expensive than other options.

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5. Shark APEX Az1002

Shark AZ1002 Apex


  • DuoClean
  • Self-cleaning brush roll technologies
  • Noise Reduction Technology
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology
  • Lift-Away Technology Powered by Power
  • HEPA filter
  • Active-Glide Technology

A shark’s Apex is the most accurate illustration of what the text will look like for shark uprights. It’s one of the most versatile and strongest uprights there.

The Apex is superior to other brands in terms of performance and airflow. Although it is a large upright, it’s possible to use it on stairs and upholstery thanks to its lift-away mechanism.

The vacuum comes with the DuoClean head that can take up almost everything from various surfaces. It will be able to pick up finer particles of debris and large chunks made of loops from fruits with great Ease.

With the Apex, unlike other vacuums, you won’t have to worry about having to sneeze when vacuuming. It is a fully sealed system that traps all allergens in the bin.

If you have pets or have long-haired pets at home, then the Apex is a must-have option. It uses the most recent Zero-M technology, which removes knots on the roll and then puts the rubber fangs that sit on the top.

This is a very effective method of preventing human and pet hair from getting caught on the brushes.


Another feature worth mentioning is the noise-reducing feature that lets you keep your home clean without frightening your pets or children.

  • Shark Apex is a top vacuum cleaner and is worth the money. It works well on all sorts of surfaces and is extremely simple to use. It’s more adaptable and efficient than many top vacuum cleaners, giving you the best value for your price.

  • The vacuum comes with a large cleaning head, which makes it difficult to clean narrow places.

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6. Hoover T-Series WindTunnel UH70120

Hoover UH70120 T-Series WindTunnel


  • Upright bagless vacuum
  • It comes with a crevice tool and upholstery brush
  • Powerful WindTunnel technology
  • A powered hand tool
  • No scuff bumper
  • Adjustment of height
  • HEPA filter
  • Lightweight construction

Hoover is a popular vacuum maker, So it’s no surprise that we have one of their great products on our list. The T-Series upright model is a reasonably priced vacuum that works well on carpets with deep piles and floors with smooth surfaces.

Another option includes five different heights you can pick from. A dial at the base of the device lets you switch between high and low depending on the carpet you’re using. This can help this particular vacuum receive the highest score from us.

The WindTunnel technology you’ll see in the advertising for the product is essentially a reference to the suction power and promises to remove even the most deeply ingrained dirt from carpets. It’s a good idea, and there’s no doubt about the vacuum’s capability to remove the debris.

It’s important to note that the T-Series is advertised as light, and although it weighs less than 17 lbs in weight, several other models are a bit lighter. Also, it doesn’t have a slim-line design, so it will take up some storage space, too.

Overall, it’s an excellent vacuum for carpets with a deep pile and all other items for a very affordable price. It’s worth a look.


  • The powerful suction
  • Self-service is easy to access.
  • All the attachments and functions you’ll require
  • Ideal for carpets with different thicknesses

  • The weight isn’t as high as competitors.

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7. Eureka Airspeed NEU10AE5 Ultra Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Airspeed Vacuum Cleaner

Its Eureka Airspeed Vacuum Cleaner is an affordable option to clean hardwood floors effectively. It has a quick-release handle that makes it easy to clean above the floor and powerful suction power to remove dirt effectively from shag carpets, high-pile rugs, and hard flooring. It weighs just 7 pounds.

The vacuum cleaner is mobile, and with its big dirt cup, owners aren’t required to make many visits to the garbage can to empty the dirt. It is, however, not recommended to clean out hair from pets.

The vacuum cleaner features the largest 2.7-liter dust cup with a crevice tool and dusting brush to clean corners. Its filter is quickly dried and washed. In addition, owners receive an additional replacement filter to save money.

The cord measures 18 feet, and the cleaning path is approximately 10.5 inches. Apart from being easy to transport, this also comes with a large 2.7-liter dust container that will make vacuuming easier.

  • Dust cup with a large capacity
  • It comes with a spare filter to replace the original
  • Very light in weight

  • Not the best option to clean pet hair.

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8. Shark Navigator NV360

Shark Navigator (NV360)


  • Bagless upright vacuum
  • Super suction
  • A sealing system that traps dust
  • HEPA filter
  • It comes with a range of attachments
  • Motorized brush on/off
  • The function of Lift-Away allows for flexibility
  • Large capacity

We’ve already mentioned one of Shark’s navigator models on our list; however, it’s a great range, so don’t be shocked to see it more here.

We’ll be looking at the Lift-Away Deluxe, which is designed to be an additional versatile model. While it’s still an upright model that can quickly sweep vast flooring areas, It’s also very light at just 13 pounds.

The greatest feature is the Lift-Away feature, which lets users remove all the cleaning equipment and canisters off the back of the upright.

This allows you to wash those hard-to-reach places. It’s an innovative feature and can be more effective than the uprights with an additional hand wand.

As you’d expect, a motorized brush can be operated either on or off, meaning that you can get rid of those deep pile carpets.

And there are several attachments included with the vacuum cleaner, too. The pet power toothbrush is beneficial for people trying to clean dog and cat hairs off carpets.

It’s a very versatile vacuum cleaner, offering many options and features. It’s priced extremely competitively, and we believe it’s an excellent option for anybody who requires an all-in-one unit to take care of all their cleaning needs and carpets with shag.


  • Bagless vacuum
  • Extremely light and compact for an upright
  • The clever Lift-Away function offers the flexibility

  • There is no adjustment in height for the brush.

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9. Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42

Shark Navigator Deluxe Upright


  • Bagless upright vacuum
  • Lightweight construction
  • Accessories that can be used for many sorts of cleaning
  • Effective cleaning capability
  • Brushroll shutoff for deep pile
  • Large capacity

Its Shark Navigator Deluxe (NV42) is an upright vacuum cleaner with the most competitive price. It can do everything you require and clean carpets that shag, so we couldn’t resist including it in our top ten list.

Although it’s a large vacuum cleaner with a huge volume of dirt, it does not weigh any weight at all – only 15 pounds. Most people can easily carry it around with one thumb, reducing the time spent cleaning.

This is actually the primary goal of Shark Navigator. A lightweight, large capacity and long cord indicate that it’s been made for those who would like to sweep the entire house in one step without getting messy.

The switch for the brush assists with this as it is easier to shag carpets and not worry about the roller being trapped, but if we would like to completely clean any normal carpet, it is possible to do so.

Also, a shoutout must be given to the strong suction capability of this device, which will not diminish when the dust cup is filled, making this one of the most effective vacuums to remove pet hair.

In the end, this specific Shark product is ideal for those looking for an affordable option that is budget-friendly and doesn’t have any rug to contend with. The Shark certainly does well in cleaning your carpet. However, it’s not a specialist product.

  • Great budget option
  • Powerful 1,200-watt motor
  • Easy to carry and lightweight

  • It’s not as effective as other shag products.

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10. iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)

iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550)


  • Pollen traps 99 percent of the time
  • Ten times the power-lifting suction
  • Keep Out Zones
  • VSLAM navigation
  • Premium 3-Stage Cleaner System
  • Smart Mapping
  • Imprint Link Technology

The Roomba has become popular among many households, but the concept of emptying it and cleaning it regularly didn’t sit very well for many.

Because of technological advances, we can now enjoy the Roomba i7, which will begin vacuuming your home as soon as you say it on your smart speaker. It will then empty your trash automatically into the dock, doubling as a trash bin.

It is possible to use the Roomba i7 in a large or smaller home with pets. Hence, it comes with a 19-inch clean base that functions as a dock for charging and an upright vacuum for your robot vacuum.


When the i7 has finished cleaning your home in one move, it will return to the dock and sucks pet hair and dirt out of the bin using an opening.

You need to replace your bin bag once every three months. iRobot claims it can hold up to 30 bins full.

If you are allergic, this is a great cleaning solution. It will attract 99.9 percent of pollen hair, human hair, pet hair, dirt, and debris.

With its premium three-stage cleaning system and 10x power suction for lifting, you can be confident that it will complete an excellent job of cleaning. It will never be dirty afterward.

  • If you’ve got budget, then it is worth considering the Robot i7 is the real deal concerning getting your space clean, particularly if you have furry pets and people within your house. The main benefit is the automatic emptying of the bin each time it senses it is full.

  • It is essential to dig into your pockets to get this Roomba.

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11. Dirt Devil Endura UD20124 Vacuum Cleaner

Dirt Devil Endura Reach Bagless

Produced by Dirt Devil, The Endura Reach upright vacuum cleaner is a lighter option that will ensure that you get your home clean and tidy.

It weighs only 9 pounds, it’s easy to transport, and with the multi-floor brush roll, users can remove dirt from any area of their house.

The wand that releases the vacuum cleaner quickly provides an additional 10 feet of cleaning reach. And as it has an integrated crevice tool 2-in-1, corners will also be easily cleaned. Pet owners are, however, advised to research different options.

The vacuum cleaner has an extension cord of around 20 feet long. It also comes with a 1.5-liter capacity dirt cup. Its brush roll is not removed for suction-only operation. However, its dirt cup can be used to get rid of dirt at the push of one button.

In the cleaning machine is a readily accessible filter that can be rinsed to ensure better performance, and with an 11-inch cleaning path, this cleaner is perfect for quickly cleaning large areas.

It’s a light alternative that is simple to use. It weighs just 9.3 pounds. It comes complete with the necessary tools to clean corners.

  • Very light in weight
  • Easy dirt handling
  • The ideal tool for cleaning corners.

  • Not the best option to clean pet hair.

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12. INSE 12KPa Powerful 160W Vacuum Cleaner

INSE Cordless Vacuum

Its Inse vacuum cleaner runs on a 160-watt motor which generates a massive suction force large enough to collect pet hair, dirt, and other particles from a wide variety of surfaces.

It also has an advanced four-stage filtration system that is perfect for removing up to 99.99 percent of tiny dust particles.

However, the battery wears out after about 10 to 15 minutes at maximum suction power, and its capacity for the dust cup is quite small, at 0.5 Liters.

At just 3.3 pounds, it is simple to move around, and because it doesn’t come with a cord, users can move it in the direction they wish to. It’s also extremely quiet when used, and the floor brush comes with LED lights to make cleaning easier.

The floor brush motorized by the motor can also rotate upwards to 150 degrees to access difficult-to-access places. It’s cordless and mobile throughout the house.

It also features a powerful suction force and an advanced filtering system that lets pure air back into the room.

  • Suction force strong
  • Elaborate filtration system
  • Lightweight and cordless

  • Small dust cup with a small capacity
  • The battery doesn’t last very as long when the suction power is at its highest 

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13. Deik VC-R201

Deik VC-R201


  • 200W brushless motor
  • Capture 99.99 percent of bacteria and dust
  • Handheld Mode
  • The four-stage, fully sealed cyclone filtration system
  • Built-in LED lights
  • 2 suction modes
  • It runs for thirty minutes with 9KPa. 12 minutes at 20KPa.
  • HEPA filter

Imagine the ability to clean your home while your pet or child is sleeping. The Deik vacuum cleaner features an ultra-quiet operation due to its motor with a digital circuit that reduces the noise level and lets you clean comfortably without frightening your pet or children.

With its two types of cleaners, you can utilize the cordless vacuum to remove dirt from carpet and hardwood floors to tile and marble floors.


The Max mode is equipped with 20000pa suction that removes pet hair and large debris particles easily. At the same time, the standard mode is 9000 pa which can pick up smaller debris particles, such as dust and crumbs.

The vacuum features a movable design, with swivel steering and a head with a low profile, allowing you to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places and around furniture in a breeze.

What differentiates the vacuum from the rest is that the brushless motor produces less heat, creates no friction, and provides more performance.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to maintain your cleaning for 30 minutes at low power and 12 minutes at high power. Additionally, the batteries of the vacuum can be removed and replaced. This lets you switch to a new battery fast whenever you want to.

Cleaning out the dustbin of your vacuum is a breeze. Just push one button, and all debris stuffed inside will be removed. It is also possible to remove and clean the bin’s components effortlessly.


  • A few vacuums can clean your hard flooring, sofa curtains, and ceiling. The Deik Cordless Vacuum is an all-around model which is an excellent value for the money. It’s also easy to clean and use.

  • Many users say it’s hard to operate the vacuum without a second battery, and its extension tube can’t be adjusted.

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14. Hoover UH74110 MAXLife Pet Max Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Pet Max Complete

Hoover MAXLife vacuum cleaner is a multi-purpose pet cleaner that is ideal for those who wish to swiftly eliminate dirt and pet hair from their houses. It is based on Allergen Block technology that traps around 97% of dander pollen and pet hair particles during cleaning.

With an extra-large dirt bowl, they will easily accumulate a significant amount of dirt, which ensures fewer trips to the trash bin. However, the users won’t be able to turn off the brush roll or switch to suction-only operation.

The vacuum cleaner has an extremely large cleaning path that can reach 13.75 inches and weigh 17.1 pounds. Its dirt cup holds a 2.5-liter capacity, while its cord measures 27 feet.

You can choose between four levels of height for the floor, and because it comes with a quick-release tool, pet pool, and hose as additional accessories, owners can easily remove pet hair from various surfaces.

To make the process of cleaning pet hair even easier, you could also go for the best cordless vacuum to remove pet hair to allow you freedom while you vacuum.

It is ideal for pet owners who have pets as it is great at getting rid of pet hair off any surface. It features 4 levels of height adjustments and the largest dirt cup.

  • Big capacity dirt cups
  • Four level height adjustment
  • Cleans 97 percent of pet hair

  • The brush roll can’t be switched off to prevent only suction action

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15. Bissel 2252 CleanView Swivel Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL 2252 CleanView Swivel Upright Bagless

The Bissel 2252 Vacuum cleaner comes with an action-packed brush roll that is triple-action, making it more effective at removing pet hair than the other options. Its brush roll is scattered-free to ensure a more efficient vacuuming and the Swivel wheel makes moving the unit considerably easier to maneuver.

The vacuum cleaner is used to clean hardwood floors and carpets with the help of the Multi-Cyclonic Suction system; dirt is kept away from the filter and motor. However, the users won’t be able to shut off the roll to allow suction-only operation.

The cleaner’s 27-inch cord provides great convenience when moving through several rooms. Its multi-level filtration system is excellent in capturing dirt and debris.

The vacuum cleaner also comes with an indicator for suction that illuminates in the event of any problems and provides up to five height options which owners can pick from based on the type of floor that is being cleaned.

The vacuum cleaner features an effective cleaning area of 13.5 inches and a simple emptying dirt container that does not allow users to get their hands on the dirt it collects.

It’s small compared to others and offers five sizes based on the floor being cleaned.

  • Five Height Adjustment Settings
  • Long cord
  • Scatter free brush roll for more effective cleaning

  • The brush roll can’t be switched off to prevent only suction-only action 

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Some Thoughts About Shag Carpet Vacuums

  • Vacuum Type
  • Adjustable Height
  • The Treatment of Allergies
  • The Pile Depth
  • Suction Issues
  • Heads 
  • Storage Requirements

Not all vacuums are created equal and different kinds of carpeting demand different focus on specific features.

All types of carpets need to dig up dirt from the pile. This means that your machine has to be able to work with thickness, depth, and other issues that may not be the same even between rooms within your home.

There are some things to think about when choosing the ideal vacuum system to suit your needs. The first is those areas where people are inclined to cut corners and end up dissatisfied with their results. Digging deep dirt requires power and agility.

1. Vacuum Type

The canister vacuum, which has the bag or the dirt storage unit, is located at the bottom of the unit, is connected with a hose or the wand to the brush head, and is generally considered to have the highest suction.

However, uprights have grown in suction power, and it’s hard to distinguish between uprights and uprights in tests conducted side-by-side.

Vacuums with cords can keep that power for an indefinite period. The cordless vacuums have a limited lifespan on a single battery.

If the unit is cordless and comes with low and high settings, be aware that it can run at a lower rate when it is at its highest power since it consumes greater battery power.

2. Adjustable Height

Because there are many types of shag carpets, you have to alter the size of the vacuum head to find the best solution for the issue.

It is sometimes sensible to move the vacuum across an area several times by lowering the height to collect things like dry leaves that break. The ability to easily adjust the height is another aspect that you will find important.

Another reason to search for an adjustable height on your device is the floor beneath the shag. Surprisingly, a mat under the shag and even underneath shag carpets can effectively prevent the machine from taking in the air along with dirt.

This causes the machine to overheat and causes the motor eventually to burn out.

Additionally, a vacuum with no adjustable height has the possibility of the shag being sucked into the head of the brush.

This can result in a clogged vacuum’s head (roller or brush won’t move) and harm to your shag due to fibers pulled from the material and the possibility that the motor will burn out.

3. Heads

If you want your shag to remain fresh and new, it is important to divide and align locks regularly. Some vacuums are equipped with Rake heads as components or accessories to spruce up the shag.

It is possible to do this manually, using a separate rug rake; however, who has the time to do the same thing twice?

In certain machines, the rake is incorporated inside the head, in the place of brushes. Switch the dial or an adjustment lever, and the rake stays set, with the suction set to the lowest power.

It does a fantastic job of smoothing the fibers while removing any bits of lint and other debris that could break off during the process.

4. The Pile Depth

Shag may be thin or thick, long, tall or short, and deeply grooved or even. It can be as loose as fur or tight and broad like Dreadlocks. Textured shag is a blend of all the options.

Take note of how dense the pile is, and consider how heavy the pile is (in-depth thickness and the diameter of the fiber clusters) before deciding to use a vacuum.

If you have several rooms with different shapes and sizes, you’ll need various adjustments. Vacuums that make the adjustments simple will earn you bonus points.

5. Suction Issues

Each feature is to your shag carpet vacuum in terms of suction power. While a vacuum’s head on solid flooring may rest on the flooring, however, one mounted placed on carpets that are shags is suspended over it. The dirt thus competes with the air around it, and the vacuum absorbs.

Be aware that shag carpets run all over the place, from the traditional dreadlocks type to something that looks like faux fur to the highly constructed weaves with valleys and crevasses.

The efficiency of the vacuum picking up dirt varies based on the extent to which it is required to get rid of dirt while compensating for excessive airflow. You need the same power as your shag carpet’s thickness demands and as high as the budget allows.

The problem is that industry standards don’t always agree when measuring suction strength, as it is contingent on various aspects.

How wide or deep the pile, the height at which the vacuum head can travel across the material, and how filthy it is determined suction power at the moment. This is why we evaluate cleaning efficiency instead of the power aspect.

6. Treatment of Allergies

Let’s get it out there that shag rugs and allergy sufferers aren’t an ideal match regardless of how often you clean. There are occasions.

However, it is necessary to remove the shag, even if you suffer from allergies in your home, for instance, leasing or renting a house with a shag already in place. In such a case, you’ll need the vacuum to aid by removing the dirt from the shag and into the air.

HEPA filters within the machine absorb dust particles that are vacuumed out to scrub air before releasing it back into the air you breathe.

Without this, the microparticles in the dust you inhale are merely emitted and reabsorbed into the air. Other filters, like HEPAs, are available in reusable (periodic washing is required) or replacement able (an ongoing cost).

7. Storage Requirements

Many of these vacuums are quite large and need to be. Imagine the motor size needed to effectively take care of your dense shag. Canisters occupy the most space than uprights. Cordless handheld wands require the power source to be nearby.

Robots require the least amount of space, but their place may be inconvenient. Be aware that you’ll need to store both the vacuum and any accessories it comes with.

Beginner’s Guide to Vacuums to Shag Carpet

Vacuums Are Used for Shag Carpet as Opposed to Traditional Vacuums

Both shag carpet vacuums, as well as traditional vacuums, have the same shape and purpose. But when you check the distinct features and settings that are adjustable between both vacuums, you’ll see the distinctions.

To effectively clean carpets and rugs that have high piles. These vacuums must achieve a tension between power suction and gentle cleaning. Dander and dust can be deep within the carpet’s soft fibers.

However, you do not want to get caught in those fibers using too much power. This way, shag carpet vacuums provide greater flexibility than traditional models, particularly regarding suction power and head height.

1. What Is the Use of Vacuum Shag Carpet?

A carpet cleaner for shag is a tool for household cleaning that can tackle the challenging task of cleaning dust, pet hair, dander, and other debris found in the dense fibers of carpets such as shag.

This kind of vacuum also has the capability of changing settings to clean various kinds of floors around the house. This is why vacuums designed for carpets that shag are more adaptable and flexible than other types of vacuums.

2. How Do You Vacuum Shag Carpet Work?

Vacuums that shag carpet works on the same fundamental mechanical principles as any other vacuum cleaner. The primary internal components in these vacuums comprise an electric motor and fan, an inlet port, an exhaust port, and a container for dust.

When the vacuum is turned on, the electric motor turns the fan to blast air through an exhaust port. This leads to a drop in pressure at the intake port.

This causes a vacuum effect to draw in the debris. The air moves through the dust container while traveling toward the port for exhaust, and the dust remains.

3. Is a Vacuum for Shag Carpet Worth the Money?

  • You require an adjustable cleaning Experience: The most effective shag carpets come with many options for adjustable settings, such as an adjustable suction power or height adjustments. These options can enhance the flexibility of your vacuum overall. If you need this kind of adjustable cleaning experience, you’re not going to go wrong using shag vacuum carpets.
  • Cleaning is necessary for Shag Carpet: If you own any type of shag carpet or rug within your home, you shouldn’t be able to afford anything other than the top vacuum used for shag carpet. If you’re using a typical household vacuum, you risk getting caught in the shag carpet fibers or not having enough suction force to clear particles from the dense carpet.
  • You require comprehensive air filtering: There are many vacuums that carpets with shags offer complete air filtering made of HEPA filters. If you suffers from allergies, then a higher filter for your vacuum could help keep your air fresh.

4. Do You Really Need a Carpet Vacuum to Shag Carpet?

Shag carpets and rugs are soft, plush, and extremely cozy. On the contrary, their dense fibers act as magnets that trap dust or debris and pet hair. It is possible to shake it off when you have a shag carpet, but you won’t have the same experience with a shag rug that is permanently attached to the ground.

If your vacuum isn’t able to deal with cleaning carpets that have shags in a proper manner or if you’ve recently put in new shag carpets in your home, then you’ll need to look at the top cleaning machine for shag carpets.

These powerful and flexible vacuums can also be used on any kind of surface, such as low-pile carpets and hardwood flooring.

5. The Reason a Vacuum for Shag Carpet Might Not Be the Best Option for You

  • Are you in the market to purchase a Handheld vacuum or a robot? Both handheld vacuums and robot vacuums are suitable for shag carpets. They generally don’t provide an effective suction capability capable of pulling off dirt and debris from the carpet fibers. They also come with smaller dust bins, so you’ll have to empty them more often. This makes handheld and robotic vacuums a bad match for carpets with shags.
  • There’s no need to clean Shag carpets: If you don’t own any shag carpets within your home, you’re probably not going to make an effort to buy a special vacuum to wash them. In this scenario, the standard household vacuum that is compatible with the flooring that you have in your home will function just fine, such as the most effective vacuum for flooring made of vinyl such as.

6. How Long Will a Vacuum Used for Shag Carpet Last?

According to experts in the field of cleaning from Classic Cleaners, most vacuums last for at least five to seven years. This includes special vacuums such as those designed to clean carpets that shag.

Naturally, how you handle your cleaner about shag carpets may enhance or reduce its overall life span if you keep your vacuum clean of its interior components, empty the dust container regularly, and keep it working effortlessly.

It is also recommended to change or clean your filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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How to Choose the Perfect Carpet Cleaner for Shag Carpet?

To locate and buy the most effective vacuum for carpets with shags. It is recommended to first identify the most important features to look at and then find the best vacuum for the criteria. Continue reading to learn more about the most important attributes you shouldn’t miss.

1. What Kind of Vacuum Is the Best to Clean Shag Carpets?

There are many vacuum types to choose from; you could be overwhelmed by what one is the best one to clean shag carpets. Look at this list of types of vacuums to know the details about everyone, along with the pros and cons.

  • A Stick Vacuum is a light vacuum with an appearance that is slimmer than upright vacuums. Even with this sleek design stick, vacuums offer strong suction. They’re usually not bagless and instead use an empty canister. The most sought-after models in this class are stick vacuums with cords that offer more options and flexibility. Its portability makes it an astonishing choice for cleaning shag carpets, particularly when you have carpets all over your house.
  • Handheld Vacuums: This is ideal for those who want to carry their cleaning with them on the go. The top handheld vacuum typically has a rechargeable battery and smaller dimensions that let you take your vacuum with you. Although handheld vacuums are extremely versatile, they aren’t the most effective for shag carpet cleaning due to their fewer suction capabilities and smaller dust canisters.
  • Canister Vacuum: The Canister Vacuum comes with an entirely different design from the conventional upright model. They are made up of an enormous canister body mounted with wheels positioned on the floor close to the ground, as well as a long hose containing the inlet port. They can offer a longer reach to clean, narrow spaces or difficult-to-reach areas. A canister vacuum isn’t as effective as a stick or upright vacuum cleaning carpets with plush rugs.


  • An upright vacuum: This is what many think of as a traditional vacuum cleaner. An upright vacuum sits up straight on the head of the vacuum that is balanced on the roll of the brush and intake port. Although these types of vacuums are larger and heavier than others, they provide powerful suction and plenty of flexibility. These vacuums are the best option for cleaning carpets with shag.
  • A Robot Vacuum is the most recent kind of vacuum that has hit the market and utilizes the most sophisticated technology to run. Robotic vacuum cleaners are 100% autonomous, which means they operate independently after the initial set-up. Although robot vacuums are improving, most models lack the suction force or height to clean carpets with shag. Although a high-quality robot vacuum can take care of most carpets with a low pile and high pile, they often struggle with the dense carpet fibers of shag carpets.

2. What Adjustable Settings for Your Vacuum Head Do You Require?

The stick and upright vacuums generally have additional settings that you can think about on the head of the vacuum, for example:

  • The beater bar on or off: The vacuum with a beater bar or roller is extremely useful for cleaning carpets that don’t shag. If you’re cleaning carpets with shag fibers, they can become caught in the brush. So, we suggest buying the vacuum that permits you to turn the beater bar off and off when needed.
  • Height of the vacuum head: Vacuums with adjustable head heights are required to clean shaggy carpets. This feature lets you lift the intake nozzle. This keeps carpet fibers from becoming caught inside the intake port in the same way the ideal cleaner for hair with long lengths keeps hair from getting tangled.
  • The vacuum that has a swivel steering can be easier to use on dense carpets that are soft, like shag carpets. With the swivel steering feature, it will allow you to manage your vacuum more effectively, and this will help to clean your home more thoroughly.

3. Do You Require a Cleaner With a Higher-Quality Filter?

Carpets made of a shag are more likely than other kinds of carpets to store more dust and pet hair, dander, human hair, and other debris. If you begin vacuuming the shag rug, you are at the possibility of removing this debris and then releasing it into the air around your home. Therefore, you may think about a cleaner with a higher-quality filter.

All vacuums come with filters of some sort. However, if someone in your home is prone to allergies, a cleaner with a HEPA filter is required for cleaning carpets that have shags. These filters will remove 99.97 percent of the particulates in the air, leading to healthier, cleaner air inside your home.

4. What Accessories and Vacuum Attachments Are You Looking For?

Virtually all vacuums can be used with other accessories and attachments. Certain models come with a handful of these accessories with the purchase, but you can always buy additional options from a third party in the future.

The most popular equipment and attachments to look at to boost your carpet vacuum’s functionality are:

  • Telescoping wand to extend the reach
  • Upholstery cleaning tool to clean upholstered furniture
  • Floor brush for vacuuming hardwood floors
  • Crevice tool that can reach into difficult spaces
  • Dusting brush for cleaning delicate items

5. Do You Think About a Solution That Has Suction Power Adjustable?

One of the primary aspects to consider when buying the best vacuum for carpets with shags is adjustable suction power. This feature lets you adjust what amount of suction your vacuum can provide at any moment.

This will give you enough power to clear the dust from the carpet fibers that are thick and fuzzy without tangling or snaring them.

The most effective vacuums for carpets with shag have the possibility of a slider or adjustable vent that lets you boost or reduce overall suction power. This allows you to precisely control the airflow to ensure the ideal balance between strength and soft cleaning.

Some vacuums come with three or more power settings that can be adjusted at the touch of a button. These are more useful than vacuums that do not offer any sort of suction power that can be adjusted, but they don’t offer the same level of precision that you do with a slide or twist dial.


We are sure you will have additional questions regarding vacuums for shag carpets and rugs. Some machines are not as effective in this kind of cleaning. This section focuses on some of the more common concerns we get asked.

1. Does the Material That the Shag Is Made From Matter?

The simple response is yes. Certain fibers are superior in holding dirt, while others let it go more quickly. In all instances, static electricity may accumulate on fibers, creating a charge that sticks to tiny particles.

Do you remember seeing your hair stand at the end of your hair after shuffling your feet across carpeting? This is the effect of the charge; however, instead of repelling the dirt, like hair hanging on its end, it clings to it.

It is most commonly seen with animal or vegetable matter, such as the chunks of potato chips or pet Dander.

Consider the structure of your shag’s fiber, thin and fine as opposed to corded and thick, and you’ll be on the verge of a major cleaning task every time you start the vacuum.

Ensure reading your manufacturer’s instructions for vacuuming if purchasing the material on your own to find out what they have to say on the best way to maintain your shag’s cleanliness.

2. What Is the Best Time to Clean the Shag Rug?

Shag carpets should be cleaned weekly to remove dust, hair, dirt, and other allergens.

3. When Should We Replace the Carpets?

Most modern carpets last between five to fifteen years, contingent on the quality of the carpet, the level of foot traffic, and maintenance care. Regularly check the condition of your carpet, noticing any threadbare spots, stretching, warping, staining, or odors. These aspects will indicate when it’s time to replace your old carpet.

4. What’s Not to Like About Shag Vacuums?

Shag carpets and rugs can be hard to clean. That’s probably why they were out of fashion for quite a long time. In light of the vacuum industry’s advancements in performance and features, we are more prepared to tackle the grime within our shags.

Another aspect to remember is that a good shag vacuum can be a machine that is only used for your home.

If you own suitable storage space for equipment such as this, great, but if not, you’re looking for a place for a device that isn’t used much.

If you can decide if the shag is within your home, take note of how it will fit in with the other items you have to wash.

5. What’s Better? A Corded Cleaner, or a Cordless One?

This is the time when being cordless is a significant improvement. Even the most sophisticated cordless vacuums only have a limited cleaning cycle when you use the suction level, which is the setting you’ll need to do to remove dirt from an enormous pile.

If you can get your shag cleaned in just a few minutes since the area is tiny, that’s great, but for the majority of wall-to-wall projects, there will not be enough time to complete the job properly.

One reason that cordless vacuums are so popular is their lightweight; however, this could be a problem in this instance. The suction force could connect the brush head onto the flooring if the weight is too light. It’s sucking the floor beneath, making a vacuum inside the head of the vacuum cleaner, which means it won’t be able for it to be moved.

The one area where cordless is ideal is if you own one area rug within a home with otherwise solid floors. It is possible to vacuum the rug, dust mop it, and sweep the remainder. Shag rug on the side of the fire, for instance?

6. Do We Need to Utilize the Same Vacuum on the Flooring of All Surfaces?

Certain vacuums, such as those on our list, can be multi-purpose. As you’ll see, the more tasks the machine has to be “good with,” the more costly it is gonna cost and the more unlikely it is to complete all tasks effectively. Multi-surface vacuums work well for shags that aren’t too large or dense.

Be aware that any adjustments you make could harm or scratch other surfaces when the settings aren’t correct. For instance, the rake head could create marks on flooring made of wood, and super-suction settings will not work effectively on tiles.

The matching of the machine to the task and making duplicate equipment for your closet for storage may be the best approach to deal with different flooring materials.

7. What Is the Perfect Way to Vacuum the Thick Shag Carpet?

Vacuuming carpets with thick shags can be a challenge without the right equipment. To simplify the process, you should use the right vacuum to work with thick carpets.

When you’ve identified the best machine, you can adjust the vacuum’s height and suction to the proper settings (for instance, you can adjust the head’s height and beater brush so that it does not get caught in tangles). Then, slowly sweep the vacuum over the carpet, ensuring you don’t leave any unnoticed areas.

8. Does This Vacuum Eliminate Allergens?

Shags love allergens. They stick to it. Because most allergens are microscopic, are easily concealed, and are difficult to eliminate. Because of this, medical professionals recommend those with severe allergies stay clear of carpets with shag in their surroundings.

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