15 Best Vacuum for Car Detailing: Clean Your Car Like a Pro

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If you’ve searched for vacuum for car detailing, you’re probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices on the market and are trying to figure out how to compare one item to another.

While there are a couple of things to think about when shopping for the best car vacuum, your priority should be to determine whether you’d prefer a corded or cordless model. You likely prefer your vacuum to be portable. However, there are times when dry or wet shop vacuums are better.

We’ve provided a wide range of options in this listing that range from corded to cordless, small to 10 gallons capacity, and 12-volt models that utilize the car’s cigarette lighter to provide power.

What Is a Car Detailing Vacuum?

Car detailing vacuums are completely different from regular vacuums because they are designed to clear the tiny spaces between cup holders in the down position and seats. The majority of normal vacuums don’t have long power cords or hoses to reach the car’s length.

In most car detailing vacuums, some cordless models allow you to wash the entire interior of the vehicle without getting caught by power lines.

These car cleaning vacuums come with various crevice tools that are flexible and attachments you can use for various cleaning tasks. They also come with powerful suction for maximum suction and deep dry or wet cleaning.

How We Decided?

To find the top car vacuum cleaners, our test team first looked over the top items on Amazon. We selected the items we would test based on customer feedback, Amazon superlatives, and the price. Hence, we also picked a variety of styles and sizes to discover car vacuums suitable for various uses and budgets.

So, we tested five different vacuums. The vacuums tested were examined for:

  • Movability: A quality vacuum cleaner should be able to move around your car so that you can access every corner and crevice. We test each vacuum on an actual test by cleaning a car from front to back.
  • Versatility: The versatility of each vacuum was utilized to pick up three different kinds of car debris. Vacuums also were used throughout the vehicle, such as rubber floor mats, cloth flooring, seats, and the console. Versatile vacuums can be used on various surfaces to collect material. Vacuums with useful attachments and can vacuum dry and wet substances have the highest scores in this category.
  • Easy Maintenance: Each vacuum has to be cleaned and eventually empty. We treated each vacuum following use and then rated it based on how easy it was to take apart and clean. Cleaning also involves storage, and vacuums that can be stored well (including the accessories) were the top performers in this area.
  • Suction Power: The suction power is among the vacuum’s most significant characteristics. While a small amount of suction can clean up crumbs and dirt, only a vacuum with a strong suction can remove deep-seated fur. We tested each vacuum’s capability to get rid of crumbs from chippings, glitter, and dogs’ hairs from a floor mat.

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Best Vacuum for Car Detailing – Reviews

1. Craftsman 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum

craftman 16 Gallon

This is one of the strongest vacuums available for car cleaning. Power is synonymous with ultimate cleanliness. If you’re looking for every bit of dirt, dust, dander, and other debris removed from your car, this is the perfect vacuum ideal for you.

With a horsepower of 6.5, the heavy-duty vacuum can tackle any task, regardless of whether you’re doing it for your own home or professional.


1. Blower Port

The vacuum comes with a built-in blower port. In the rear part of this machine, there is a blowing port. This allows you to make use of it as an air blower. Eliminate grass clippings, leaves, and other garbage from your garage or driveway.

2. Dry Vacuum Wet

The vacuum is not just able to remove dust and dirt. However, it also functions as one that can be used as a wet vacuum. If you spill water or juice in cars or the garage, this vacuum will quickly clean it.

3. Dual-Flex Technology

Dual-flex technology provides 360-degree movement at the ends of the hose. This stops kinking within the hose, ensuring that your experience with the vacuum is easy and smooth.


1. Materials of Low Quality

Be aware that the material is made out of cheap plastic. The wheels aren’t good and make it difficult to move the main body around. In terms of longevity, it should last for at least one year, but the design isn’t the best for some buyers.

2. Heavy Construction

A few customers aren’t convinced that this isn’t a good place to work for domestic work. It might be better suited for use in professional settings. It’s because it’s heavy. It might require two individuals to run it. It’s difficult to transport and maneuver through a garage and car.

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2. Vacmaster Professional Dry Vac

Vacmaster Professional

Are your pet’s furry companions causing havoc in the perfect car? You need a top-quality vacuum cleaner that is heavy-duty to restore your car to its original state.

Vacmaster Professional wet dry vacuum is our preferred option for pet owners.

The customers love it because it gets rid of every hair strand. With a 5.5 HP motor, this vacuum can take on all kinds of mess.


1. On-Board Storage

You can wrap all attachments and then keep them on the board, making storage extremely easy. Additionally, you can effortlessly move the equipment from one location to another using the attached handle.

2. Dry and Wet Vacuum

The powerful suction of this vacuum can handle dry hair, pet hair, and other dirt. It can also take care of dirty messes that are wet, such as spills and accidents with pets.

3. Rugged Polypropylene Tank

If you’re looking for something likely to last for decades, this vacuum is for you. The polypropylene tank is extremely robust, resistant to corrosion, and can endure the force of impact. If your tank gets dropped on the floor, knock it or push it around with your vehicle, it’s built for long-term use.


1. Attachments Might Be Better

Customers have reported that the attachments are not of good quality. One customer complained that the hose snapped at a few locations.

2. No Wheels

The vacuum is not equipped without wheels (but they can be bought and put in place on their own) which can be highly frustrating for buyers. It’s difficult to move the vacuum around.

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3. Solpuo Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Solpuo Mini Car

Best Budget Vacuum for Car Detailing

Do you have a little budget? There’s no issue. Solpuo’s Portable vacuum cleaner is one of the top vacuums that a small amount of money can purchase! It’s won’t break your bank, but it’ll make your car cleaner.

This powerful vacuum cleaner comes with 100 watts of power, meaning its suction is decent. Additionally, it has a HEPA filter, which will eliminate mold spores, allergens, and bad odors in your car!

Ideal for cleaning dust, dirt, debris, and hair. This will be a great way to thoroughly clean your car after pets have rolled around the back seat if you have pets.


1. Effective Attachments

This vacuum has all the accessories needed to thoroughly clean your vehicle. It comes with an attachment for removing dust from the carpets. The nozzles are extended to get into tight spaces such as between seats. The length of the cable can help to get into difficult-to-access places. Additionally, the long cable will help you navigate all around the vehicle.

2. High Power Motor

The motor runs at around 100 Watts (equivalent to approximately 0.13 HP), which is a lot to get a low-cost and compact vacuum; it is a great deal. The vacuum is rated at 6800 pa of suction!

3. HEPA Filter is Included

This vacuum is equipped with two HEPA filters, which trap dirt, dust, and other particles. It stops it from moving back to the vehicle. By sealing it properly, you’ll be cleaner than ever before!


1. Vague Instruction

For those who do not have a good understanding of the tools, it could be a process of learning which tool is suitable for what task since the manual does not provide any information on the accessories.

2. The Car Must Be On

One of the major disadvantages of this vacuum is that it has to be connected to a car charger port, and the car has to be turned on. This will drain your car battery, for instance. Additionally, if you own an insufficient car battery, it will reduce the suction capacity of the vacuum.

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4. Armor All Dry Shop Vacuum

Armor All 2.5 Gallon, 2 Peak HP

To make your life easier, this Armor All-User Wet/Dry Vacuum is the best way to go.

It is a lightweight and compact design and has an easy-to-carry handle that has an ergonomic layout. This makes it easy to carry and hold when you’re vacuuming.

It’s also simple to move throughout your vehicle when cleaning different areas. It also has a two-horsepower motor that has enough suction for deep cleaning your car’s interior.

What is unique about this wet and dry model is its ability to be used in a variety of ways. The flexible hose of six feet is perfect for cleaning the carpets in your car and plastic consoles or leather seats.

You can utilize the six-foot hose of this vacuum to remove dry and wet messes from the garage flooring. This is a great option for nearly any cleaning job.


1. On-Board Storage

With the full onboard storage, you’ll never be able to lose any attachments with this dry and wet vacuum. It is possible to secure them to the vacuum unit to ensure ease of access when you need these.

2. Lightweight and Portability

At just 7 pounds, it’s an ultra-lightweight and compact design. It can be carried all over your vehicle with ease.

3. Narrow Nozzle

The vacuum comes with many amazing nozzles. We love the narrow ones that can reach into narrow corners and difficult-to-reach places. It is easy to fit between the car seats and along the sides of seats that your hands aren’t able to reach!

4. Built-In Noise Diffuser

This car detailing vacuum features a built-in noise diffuser that blocks sound when it’s working. This makes it an ideal vacuum for homes with children or neighbors nearby when you’re doing your cleaning.

5. Converts To Leaf Blower

Many reviewers are impressed that this dry/wet vacuum can be converted to a blower when you need it. The blower nozzle or compressed air removes leaves or other debris from your vehicle.

Reviewers also use the blower port for convenience to dry their carpets after cleaning up the wet mess.


1. It Gets Clogged Easily

This vacuum is prone to get blocked quickly. Its design leaves enough space between the connecting point, and therefore, things can easily block the connection and cause it to stop its suction until you clear the blockage.

2. Lack of Suction Power

However, it’s not equipped with the most suction power of the vacuums on our list. It’s not terrible, but it’s not the best. It’s got two HP. Therefore it’s pretty decent. However, we don’t want to cause you to be disappointed, so keep in mind that it’s suitable for medium to light cleaning.

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5. Stanley 10 Gallon Dry Vacuum

Stanley 10 gal. 6.0-Peak HP

The best Car Detailing Vacuum for Hard to Reach Areas

Most automobile vacuums are designed to get into the tightest corners or difficult-to-access places. This one is a masterful job.

With a power cord that is 10 feet long and a 6-foot cleaning hose, it is possible to get under the seats and around the trunk without difficulty.

It also has several different nozzles to squeeze the hose more tightly in spaces. This can help you provide your vehicle with extensive cleaning and ensure it appears like new.


1. Powerful Motor

The motor with 4 HP makes the vacuum quick and effective in cleaning. This vacuum is designed for use in heavy-duty situations; therefore, if you’ve got an enormous mess to clean up, you can get the car back to its sparkling new by sweeping it clean.

2. 3-in-1 Design

This is not only used as a normal vacuum. It also functions as a wet and air blower. It can also be used to clean up liquids and spills. You can also blow leaves and grass off the road to clear your route.

3. Large and Durable Tank

The 10 gallons tank is massive! It offers plenty of room to store every dirt or dust you accumulate. It is less likely to empty the tank in between uses. Additionally, the tank is extremely robust. It’s built with buoy technology, which can withstand water damage.


1. Top Heavy

One of the major design flaws lies in the fact that vacuums are very heavy, which means that when you push them towards you, it is frequently thrown over.

2. Clog Problems

A few customers complained that the vacuum would clog quickly. At the point of connection, there was lots of debris getting stuck. We suggest not taking large pieces of garbage, like food wrappers, to avoid the problem.

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6. Orfeld 4, in One Vacuum


Best Upright Vacuum for Car Detailing

While you can’t get upright vacuums designed specifically for detailing cars, the Orfeld 4-in-1 stick vacuum can be an excellent alternative for the upright one, which will perform great on cars.

It is a 4-in-1 model that makes it work as an upright vacuum and can also function as a handheld vacuum. The handheld vacuum can get across skirting boards and edges and upholstery and, of course, cars!

If you’re looking for something that you can use inside the home and outside, even in the car, it is the upright vacuum.


1. Handle Folds Handle

If you use this for upright use, you’ll be amazed by the amazing handheld that folds. It folds at a 180-degree angle, not just when you are storing the item but when you use it!

This allows you to walk through the furniture to collect every bit of dust. This also means that you won’t have to bend to reach places that are difficult to reach.

2. Cordless Cleaning

It can function as an electric device wherever you want to use the vacuum. Its battery life is 25 minutes at the high setting and up to 40 minutes when it is on low. This will be enough to scrub 120 square meters of space and plenty of time for cleaning the entire vehicle.

3. Cyclonic Hepa Filtration

The fully sealed HEPA filter can trap 99.97 percent of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. This means that you will breathe fresher air. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from allergies since the air inside the car will be purer. The filters are removable and washable for ease of use.


1. For Light Cleaning

It’s not a powerful vacuum cleaner. It’s recommended for lighter vacuums. Suppose your car is extremely messy. We recommend this between deep cleanings.

2. It Is Difficult to Charge

This is a distinct issue, but it has been mentioned in numerous reviews by customers. It’s difficult to set it on the charging station. It’s a struggle to get it in place, and so numerous customers have advised against using the vacuum!

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7. Bissell Wall Mounted Wet Dry Car Vacuum

BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted

The best wall-mounted vacuum for cars Detailing

Wall-mounted vacuums are extremely convenient. They can be hung on the wall. So you can drive right towards them, open the car doors, and begin your work. This is the top option for wall-mounted vacuums.

Why? Firstly, it’s a dry/wet vacuum which means it can handle liquid and solid debris. It also converts into an air blower. It also includes all the necessary accessories.

Explore more of our top articles in greater depth.


1. Doubles as Blower

We believe that the blower’s function is very useful, especially considering that garages and driveways get quite filthy. You can now blow away grass, leaves, and other debris so that they’re out of the way.

2. Convenient Construction

Of course, mounting on the wall is handy enough. However, this goes deeper. It comes with a 32-foot-long hose, which means you will be able to move around your car with ease.

There’s a semi-translucent 4 gallons dirt tank so that you’ll be able to see the time it’s due to be cleaned.

Additionally, there’s a LED indicator for the water tank’s full to tell when the tank is due for emptying.

3. Seven Attachments

The seven attachments are handy and are the best instrument for detailing your car. It’s possible to reach into every corner and crevice using these tools, and you can also remove any kind of dirt and maintain a gentle touch on the car’s surface.


1. Suction Might Be Better

Many customers have said that the suction could be improved. A 12 amp motor suggests that this is an acceptable suction capacity. However, you could discover that your local gas station has higher vacuums.

2. Flexible Hose

A few customers are dissatisfied with the hose. They claim it’s not flexible and thin but at the same time difficult to operate and is kinked and stuck in various places.

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8. Stanley 3 Horsepower Portable Car Vacuum

Stanley SL18910P-3 WetDry

Best Dry and Wet vacuum for car Detailing

There are a lot of dry and wet vacuums on the list. However, here’s a different one that’s specifically searching for. The Stanley portable vacuum features an enormous three-gallon tank, so it can handle large jobs without stopping to take the tanks out.

It can be used to clean up spills and liquids and dry particles, dust, sawdust, dirt, and other mess. The safety buoy technology within keeps it safe from breaking in the event it gets wet. So you’re safe to do all the cleaning jobs!


1. Portable Design

Although it’s a huge vacuum, it’s not overly heavy. It weighs 8.65 pounds and features an ergonomic handle for carrying it’s easy to move and transport between rooms. Additionally, it comes with board storage to organize the attachments and the vacuum.

2. Three Horsepower

With 3 HP, this is a strong Wet Dry Vacuum. It can handle many dry and wet messes and has great suction, making your car cleaner than ever!

3. Multi-Purpose Use

This vacuum isn’t only good for your car. Nope! You can utilize this in the home as well. It’s perfect for general cleanup of the spills in your kitchen area, making upholstery clean and vacuuming up the mess that comes from DIY projects, and more.


1. The Durability of the Subject

A few complained that it did not work anymore after a few months. Some customers also reported that the wet-vacuum function was not working properly and even let the liquid back across the floor.

2. Short Cord

The shorter cord could be frustrating. It’s only 6 feet long, so it doesn’t have enough room for flexibility. You might want to think about an additional extension hose to ensure you can maneuver across the entire vehicle.

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9. Opolar Cordless Air Duster & Vacuum

OPOLAR Cordless Air Duster

The Best Cordless Vacuum for Car Detailing

Get cordless with your Opolar air-duster vacuum. This small device allows you to get around in your vehicle and get into every corner, crevice, or cup holder.

Between the seat cushions underneath the seats and in the back of your car — wherever you’ve always dreamed of doing a vacuum!

To charge your device while driving, you can also utilize USB-powered devices, such as cars and laptops.


1. 60,000 RPM

This extremely powerful air vacuum features an engine that runs at 60,000 RPM and has a wind speed of more than thirty meters per second. It can therefore eliminate 99 percent of dust from any surface, meaning that you can clean all the surfaces of your car.

2. 2-in-1 Air Duster

In addition to vacuuming, it acts as an air duster. If your vents, dashboard, keyboard, or window sills look somewhat dusty, blow the dust away using this air effect. You can use it at home, in your car, or wherever else you’re in need.

3. Included Nozzles

The vacuum is equipped with three nozzles that allow you to access difficult-to-access areas without effort. The nozzles help you accomplish tasks faster and with greater efficiency.


1. Not as Good as Compressed Air

If you think it will replace the compressed air cans, consider rethinking your plans. While it’s beneficial in the long term as you don’t have to buy compressed air regularly, it’s not as efficient. This is partly due to the nozzle’s size, which doesn’t have the same amount of concentrated air.

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10. Baseus 70W Car Vacuum Cleaner

Baseus Car Vacuum Cleaner

The best Mini Vacuum to Clean Car Detailing

It’s hard to find a smaller model than this. It measures just 9.25 inches in length and weighs 1.2 pounds. It’s the ideal vacuum cleaner that is small and easy to carry around inside your vehicle.

The compact size makes it ideal for getting into tight spots. You can vacuum your corners, seats, the trunk, sunroof cups, and floors with this model.

It’s roughly similar to a thermos in size, so put it in your glove box or cup holder to make it easier.


1. HEPA Filter

With the included HEPA filter, you will be able to prevent dirt, debris, or allergens from being blown back and around the vehicle. The HEPA filter can trap all sorts of nasties, ensuring your family’s safety from harm.

2. Wireless and Portable

The lightweight, cordless, and portable vacuum cleaner is completely free of wires and will give the perfect clean for your vehicle. The portability of this vacuum allows you to carry it throughout your travels. Do you want to ask your passengers to sweep your car when you travel?

3. 5600PA Suction

We’re sure you’ll be amazed at this powerful suction for such a tiny cleaner. It’s powerful enough to remove all sorts of dirt. But that’s not all -the other end acts as an air blower. This lets you blow away dust from every surface.


1. It’s Hard to Empty

The customers found the vacuum to be quite difficult to empty. Access to the bin was a challenge, particularly when taking the filter out. Be aware that cleaning it out could be an issue for you.

2. Irritating Noise

Beware of the high-pitched sound that this vacuum cleaner produces. It’s very annoying to work with, particularly if someone cleans their mess while driving. This can cause distraction.

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11. Bissell Garage Pro Dry Vacuum

BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted

Its Bissell Garage Pro Wet and dry vacuum make your car’s surface a breeze.

It’s a wall-mounted vacuum that you can secure to your garage wall to provide you with a convenient location. You can then bring your vehicle right up to it, let your doors open, and begin the cleaning immediately.

Wall-mounted vacuums are perfect to use in auto detailing stores and busy garages. It frees space on the floor and removes the need to carry around a heavy vacuum.

The extra-long 32-foot hose allows you to easily get within your car. The hose’s length gives you plenty of space to clean cup holders and even under the car seats.


1. Ideal for Dry and Wet Spills

It is a dry and wet vacuum. You can get rid of liquid spills and dry messes using this vacuum. If you spill water or other wet spots within your vehicle and want to clean it up, you can do it.

2. Easy Maintenance

This dry and wet Bissell car vacuum has an opaque 4-gallon dirt tank. This lets you know when the tank needs to be empty before it overflows.

3. Flexible Attachments

With the help of seven accessories for car detailing, you can enjoy a wide range of flexibility with the auto vacuum. It includes a crevice tool, extension wand, pet hair brush, etc.

These tools allow you to clean the nooks and crevices inside your vehicle and your car seat’s fabric.


1. Fragile Hose

According to the reviews, the hose of this wall-mounted vacuum may be difficult to work with. It is prone to kinks which can disrupt suction as you vacuum.

A kinked hose can be difficult, especially when cleaning the tight areas of your vehicle.

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12. Beyond By BLACK+DECKER 20V Cordless Flex Car Vacuum

beyond by BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX

Without a power cord to fret about, you will enjoy lots of freedom using the Beyond By Black + Decker car vacuum.

The design is cord-free, making it simple to carry and move inside your vehicle. It’s not necessary to be concerned about a cord dragging behind or having to locate the power outlet.

If you’re looking for a car vacuum that is a cordless cleaner, this one has plenty of power. It has 20 Volts of power, and it can remove every dirt speck inside your car with no difficulties.

Additionally, it comes with a brush that flips up and a crevice tool that can be used to clean the fragile areas of your car. You can effectively clean the air vents and around your dashboard without damaging the surface.


1. Easy Storage

It also comes with a convenient bag to store the accessories you can utilize when you’re not using them. However, it also has an ideal charging base with built-in storage for accessories.

You can store everything in one spot without losing any components while the car isn’t being used.

2. Extendable Hose

This extendable 4-foot-long hose works to clean under your car seats or between cushions. You can connect it to the vacuum to increase reach when cleaning.

It’s ideal for washing your car mats and the car’s floor.

3. Easy To Clean

The bin has a release button that allows hands-free emptying. This allows you to easily empty it into the garbage and continue to vacuum without interruption to the cleaning process.


1. Short Battery Life

Although it provides plenty of power, it is at the expense of less battery life for a battery-powered car vacuum. According to the reviews, the vacuum cleaner only provides 15 minutes of running time.

It’s not the ideal vacuum for detailing your car if you have a huge vehicle to wash.

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13. ThisWorx Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner


It’s important to have a portable device when cleaning your car, especially the cleaning. Fortunately, this dry and wet car vacuum can provide high-powered suction in a small portable unit for vacuum cleaning.

This car vacuum is just 2.64 pounds, which means it will not strain your wrist or hand when you’re doing big cleaning.

The sleek, flat bottom design allows it to access tight spaces like the car seat. It can effortlessly slide across the car’s surface.

In contrast to most handheld vacuums for cars, the compact one does not compromise power. Using this model boasts 9.17 amps of suction power that can sift through the toughest debris and mess.

Additionally, this model can deal with dry and wet spills. It’s perfect for cleaning liquid spills that are spot-cleaning or car wrecks.


1. HEPA Filter

Equipped with two HEPA filters, the vacuum effectively traps dust and allergens in your vehicle. It improves the air quality inside your vehicle’s interior, but it can also help eliminate bad smells in your vehicle.

2. Built-in LED Light

The handheld wet/dry vacuum features an integrated LED light that can reveal hidden dirt and dust in dark places. This is particularly useful when cleaning under your car seats or in your vehicle’s tiny nooks and crevices.

Therefore, no worries about missing even one speck of dirt using this handheld vacuum.

3. Lighter Port Cord

The power cord is plugged directly into the socket of your cigarette lighter. You get 16 feet of reach in your car’s interior, which is ample for cleaning your car.

It also lets you get rid of your car’s dirt. You don’t need a power source to operate this vacuum.

You can connect it to your car and start cleaning up for mobile detailing regardless of where you’re.


1. Flimsy Hose

Some reviewers said they felt that the extension pipe was fragile. It’s made of cheap plastic, which bends easily.

This could cause some hassles if you’re using it for cleaning difficult-to-access spaces.

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14. Vacmaster Shampoo Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Vacmaster 5.5

If you are looking to clean the carpets in your car, this strong Vacmaster Dry/Wet Vacuum is an excellent choice.

This top-quality vacuum comes with a 5.5 HP motor, which provides high-quality suction on vehicle surfaces. You can remove each speck of dirt in one clean pass.

It’s also a three-in-one tool. It can be used for dry/wet cleaning and cleaning upholstery. You can also use it to remove staining on your car or upholstery fabrics.

Additionally, it comes with 45 feet of cleaning reach thanks to the power cord and the hose. You’ll be able to get to your car by using this vac.

It also has large rear wheels and front wheels that allow for easy mobility when cleaning. This makes it easier to move around in your car to access various areas.


1. Large Tank

The 8-gallon tank’s large capacity allows you to keep your tank clean for longer. You don’t need to stop your work to empty the tank as often.

2. Multi-Layer Filtration

This vacuum has excellent filtration using a washable cartridge and HEPA-material exhaust filters. Additionally, it comes with an air filter to clean up wet spills.

This effective filtering system can eliminate polluted air, dust particles, and allergens inside your vehicle.

3. Simple Controls

This shampoo cleaner and vacuum has a remote control that lets you easily switch between cleaning and vacuuming. You’ll always be in control when you use this vacuum.


1. Hard To Assemble

Based on reviews that have been written, this vacuum comes with a complicated and complex assembly procedure. The instructions are confusing to comprehend.

You may encounter difficulties installing this vacuum cleaner before starting using it.

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15. RIDGID Auto Detailing Vacuum Kit Accessory Kit


If you have an existing shop-vac but don’t wish to buy a new one, this accessory kit is for you. The RIGID Automatic Detailing Vacuum Accessory kit includes everything you need to transform your shop vacuum into the most effective car vacuum.

This kit is designed to work with RIGID dry and wet vacuums. It comes with an extension hose adapter that connects to most of the shop vacuum’s hoses.

The kit includes six tools that will make car detail cleaning easy. It includes a dual-layer hose crevice tool, a soft bristle dusting brush and scrubbing brush, an adapter for the hose, and a claw nozzle.


1. Delicate Cleaning

The soft bristle brush attachment makes it easy to clean delicate surfaces inside your car without difficulty. This is great for cleaning your front console and the area around your steering wheel.

2. Extra Reach

The adapter for hoses allows you to connect other hoses to your vacuum. This will give you plenty of additional reach to clean your car’s interior.

3. Scrubbing Power

The bristle is stiff and provides lots of scrubbing force to clean your flooring or car mats. This is useful for folks who have dirty footprints or dirt that has been ground into the floor of your car.

1. The Adapter Is Hard To Attach

According to reviews, the hose adapter could be difficult to make use of. You must ensure it’s fitted securely for proper suction when cleaning.

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The Best Automobile Vacuums Buyer’s Guide

Car vacuums have always been around, particularly in big car washes, where interior cleaning was possible. However, they’ve evolved into more advanced machines that can clean better over time. Today, it’s simple to locate a wet or dry vehicle vacuum or handheld one, which is ideal for use with cloth upholstery. Tons of attachments are being created that can help you clean the toughest surfaces without harming your car’s interior.

Before we go into the features associated with a car vacuum you must consider before buying one, let’s look at the different types available.

1. Different Types of Car Detailing Vacuum Cleaners

There are many different kinds; in general, car vacuum cleaners are usually handheld models that run at 12 Volts and plug into the 12V socket in your car. However, there are some other types.

Based on the general style of the vacuum, the following are possible:

  • Electric broom or Stick
  • Upright
  • Canister
  • Handheld vacuum cleaners

Depending on the purpose of it, the following are the most common types of functions:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Handheld (portable)
  • Steam cleaners (not necessarily vacuums)
  • Dry models and wet models

Each model comes with its advantages/disadvantages and will be the best choice for different people. The basic vacuums usually do not come with wet cleaning features. However, the most expensive models are efficient or have a steam cleaning option.

Many people utilize upright and stick vacuum cleaners because they’re a good 2-in-1 option; however, using them in your vehicle will be challenging because of the small spaces. Another advantage is that they’re usually non-wired, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your cord getting caught up on any object in your vehicle’s interior.

The most well-known models are the handheld models, but should you be committed to cleaning your car properly, we suggest you get a canister model that is wet and dry.

Steam cleaners are a great option if you’re not worried about the budget. However, you’ll need to be exceptionally careful when using these, and they’re not exactly vacuum cleaners.

Let’s look at the most crucial characteristics of the car vacuum that you should consider when purchasing the first car vacuum.

Car Vacuum Features To Look For

Car vacuums typically come with a few extra options than regular ones. However, we can generalize the features you must examine by following this list:

  • Quality of Build
  • Blowing capabilities
  • Filtration
  • Attachments
  • Power and Suction
  • Hose length
  • Budget
  • Storage & Portability
  • Customer Support & Warranty

Let’s look at the features listed more deeply right now.

1. Power and Suction

Power is among the most important features of any vacuum cleaner. A high suction power model (usually measured by its Wattage) will be useful when cleaning other places besides your vehicle.

A good suction system will also ensure that you’ll get the dirtiest dust particles in your seats, even if they’re not leather. Tighter spaces are also more easily achieved with a powerful vacuum. They will collect more dust than low-powered models that just pull out the surface layers and leave the smaller, more difficult-to-remove particles.

2. Attachments

It is generally recommended to avoid models with attachments available separately. An array of attachments is commonplace and essential for car detailing because the various components of your car’s interior will require different tools for cleaning. The most commonly used ones that you’ll frequently require include:

  • Brushed crevice tool
  • Pet hair remover brush
  • Extension Hose (if the one you’re using isn’t sufficient in length)
  • An extra connector piece
  • A crevice tool
  • Upholstery brush
  • Dusting brush

If you own a pet, bring it along to the car. A pet-friendly brush may be required because pet hair can easily get stuck on cloth interiors.

3. Build Quality

Contrary to what many people believe, car vacuums are an investment for the long term. Because of their cost and the fact that they’re not something you’d want to replace frequently, choosing one suitable for your requirements is vital.

A good indication of the durability of the vacuum will be the material it’s composed of. Be sure to look for aluminum, steel, and plastic polymers that will not crack or deform easily.

The length of the hose and its durability are other crucial aspects of the construction quality. The most reliable way to judge (apart from relying on us) is to check out customers’ reviews. Most of the time, when the durability of the hose is not good, there will be a lot of people posting a complaint on the internet. Only a handful of complaints suffice to trigger an alarming warning.

The final part of the building that is often neglected is the power cable. Choose cords with a thicker layer that will not break or fold easily. Thin cables can be prone to problems ranging from broken cables to power supply issues due to the thin rubber layer becoming damaged.

In terms of length, be aware of where you clean your car most of the time. Also, you should determine the distance from the nearest power outlet. This should be the minimum distance you need for your power cord without counting its length.

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4. Hose Length

It is something to consider when determining the distance between the power and the cord. If the socket is located far away, 15 feet of a vacuum hose could be very useful. Find hose extensions when the distance of the factory one does not meet your needs.

Vacuum cleaners mounted to the wall usually have longer hoses as they’re designed to sweep your garage with no movement.

The VacuMaid, the GV50PRO, comes with a 50-foot hose that will break unless you are trying to wash your neighbor’s vehicle without moving the cleaner.

5. Blowing Capabilities

Blast air out of the vacuum cleaner is an excellent feature that more expensive models possess. It’s useful when you must remove more substantial debris from the vehicle before looking for smaller dust particles.

It’s a great tool to dry out wet areas after you’ve got the stain off of the seat in your car. It is also a great way to dry the mats on your floors in the winter when they’re getting wet due to the melting snow that has accumulated on your shoes.

6. Filtration

Suffering from allergies or any other breathing problems investing in a cleaner with HEPA filters is an option? This will remove pollen and fine dust from your vehicle, particularly when driving through a dusty area of town.

HEPA filters to your vehicle’s AC system can also be an ideal addition to or enhancement of this function.

7. Storage and Portability

Cleaners for cars that are good are mobile and easy to move. The kind of vacuum that is the best is the handheld cleaner, but others should not be heavy and slow. Find lighter models you can take around your garage, especially if they’re a canister or an upright vacuum.

In terms of storage, it’s all about the amount of storage space available. Portable models can be stored almost anywhere, and most users have them stored in the trunk in case of need.

If you’ve got a decent amount of storage space in your home’s garage, then we suggest choosing a wet/dry canister auto vacuum.

8. Customer Support & Warranty

Great customer service can assist you with many problems and alleviate numerous issues. This, when paired with an extended and comprehensive warranty, is something you should be sure to pursue. Make sure you get warranties that cover the other accessories, the hose, the power cord, and the motor, as they are the weakest points of the automobile vacuum.

9. Budget

And lastly, you must be careful not to go overboard when it comes to price. Most models fall in the $100-$100 range, but you can easily dip to a few hundred dollars if you’re looking for a high-end dry and wet vacuum or a high-quality wall-mounted model.

The best method of getting precisely what you want is to outline your requirements and choose the model that will suit your needs most. For instance, you shouldn’t purchase a vacuum that has a 20-foot hose if you’re just using it for only a few feet from your vehicle.

If your vehicle has an interior with leather, it’s best to invest in leather cleaning and protecting things. You can then purchase a standard handheld vacuum that can get rid of dirt and dust inside your car.

Likewise, you can clean the rest of your interior by using a few wipe-cleaning cloths and leather lotions.

Suppose you’re thinking about what would be the advantages of owning an auto vacuum cleaner in addition to cleaning your car yourself. 

Benefits Of Owning A Car Vacuum Cleaner

The main benefits of owning a vacuum cleaner for your vehicle is:

  • Affordable amounts of power
  • Quick Clean Up
  • Lightweight design and portability
  • Simple Of Use
  • Affordable filtration

1. Insufficient Power: The canisters or wall-mounted options listed on our top five list pack a lot of power and can easily wash a car seat thoroughly. This is crucial if your vehicle isn’t cleaned in some time or you work in a dusty area.

2. Portability: Despite that the majority of the vacuums we utilize have canister (or wall-mounted) models, the majority of automobile vacuums are smaller in appearance and are small enough to fit inside the trunk of your trunk organizer.

3. Easy of Use: The ease of use for these vacuum cleaners is typically smaller and lighter than other models available. Even the larger models have portability options, making them easier to use in the garage.

4. Reliable Filtration: You’d expect that manufacturers could not install the proper filtering system in the smaller space, but most handheld vacuums are HEPA-certified and are just as good (if not superior) as canister vacuums you can buy for your home.

5. Quick Clean-Up: Most automobile vacuum cleaners have a handheld, particularly the less-professional ones. This allows you to remove dust quickly from the canister before putting it back into it. These quick clean-up durations reduce the time required to clean your vehicle, which is one of the main advantages of cleaning your car by yourself.

Frequently Answered Questions

1. Which Is the Strongest Car Vacuum?

The most powerful car vacuum we tested is The Vacmaster Beast. It showed suction power sufficient to remove the most savage crumb.

2. Can We Use a Normal Vacuum Cleaner on Our Vehicles?

You can also use a normal vacuum for your car. However, most household vacuums aren’t made to be used in the car. They are usually upright and don’t have a nozzle or hose. To wash your vehicle, it is necessary to have car vacuums equipped with a small nozzle to reach into the crevices within your seat. A long hose can also allow you to effortlessly vacuum the tiny space of your vehicle.

3. What Is the Most Efficient Vacuum for Cordless?

Suppose you are looking for a less expensive motorized car vacuum that is cordless. In that case, we suggest Milwaukee 0880-20. It is easy to store, has a good battery capacity, and has sufficient suction power to take most car debris, including pet hair.

4. Do You Think It Is Possible to Vacuum Your Car Using a Shop Vacuum?

Yes, a shop vac vacuum is a great option for cleaning cars and is what most car detailing experts employ. These vacuums are extremely powerful and maneuverable. The attached attachments are usually beneficial for accessing the corners of the seats and beneath mats for the floor.

5. What Is the Most Effective Auto Vacuum for a Portable Vehicle?

The fastest, most efficient handheld vacuum cleaner we tried can be described as The ThisWorx 12V. Although it doesn’t have the strongest motor compared to our top picks, the car vacuum with a cord was able to take on the dirt found in cars.

6. What Should We Look For in What Car Vacuum to Buy?

Before deciding on the ideal car vacuum that meets your needs, it is important to consider what you’d like the vacuum to accomplish. Suppose you’re looking for an automobile vacuum for regular cleaning and furry pets. In that case, you’ll need to choose a cordless model that has high suction power, for example, The DeWalt DXV08S.

If you’re seeking a vacuum that you can keep in your car and make use of for minor spills or messes, consider an affordable model that plugs into the vehicle’s secondary power source, such as this one: The ThisWorx 12V.

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