12 Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair [Updated October 2022]

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After conducting hundreds and many cleaning sessions in our laboratory using the 20 Shark vacuum cleaners, almost 15 models were selected. We’ve put together the top shark vacuums for hair from pets.

We’ve selected this shark vacuum on the basis of its suction strength, its deep cleaning capabilities as well as its ability to clean pet hair, and its durability. The information on the rating of each Vacuum comes from lab test results.

Let’s get right into the reviews based on data. Shark-specific vacuum cleaners are the best for pet hair.

List of 12 Best Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair

1. Shark Rotator NV752 True Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV752

Read: Shark NV752

The Shark Rotator NV752 comes in color Bordeaux. With the use of a fingertip, switching from carpet to hard surfaces is effortless. The LED lights will provide light so that you can discern what you’ve missed in all of your previous cleaning efforts.

It is built using its True Pet mini motorized brush, which allows the Vacuum to effortlessly remove any hair type, from short or long to pet.

The microfiber pad is to clean surfaces that are not cleaned and a crevice tool and an upholstery brush that can be used on curtains and furniture, and a dusting brush that has soft bristles.

Whatever the surface, it picks up pet hair well on hardwood, tile, or carpet. The advanced swivel steering feature is unparalleled in its class. Shark’s design permits you to slide across a range of particle sizes as well as within your furniture.

For allergy sufferers living at home, the combination of the anti-allergen seal complete with a HEPA filter traps 99.99 percent of dust and allergens.

The elimination of nearly all hair of pets and keeping the allergens and dust that are in the air is a great choice for vacuums that remove pet hair. This upright vacuum comes with a detachable and reattached canister. It can accommodate up to 1.5 quarters of a quart in the dust cup too.


To help keep out allergens, This Vacuum comes with to keep out allergens; it comes with a HEPA filter as well as an anti-allergen sealed seal. Additionally, the extra-large capacity lets you clean all over your home without having to clean it out.

Additionally, handy features such as lighting fixtures and controls for the fingertip make the experience more enjoyable and enhance the overall comfort the vacuum offers.

  • The powerhead and wand can get into nearly any space that is difficult to reach.
  • HEPA filter, as well as an anti-allergen total seal trap 99.99 % of the inside of the Vacuum
  • It is super easy to change from lift-away to canister cleaning.
  • LED lights may be a little too bright for certain users.

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2. Shark Duo Clean NV803 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV803 DuoClean

Read: Shark NV803

With a striking cinnamon-colored exterior, the Shark Duo Clean was designed with large debris as well as fine dust in the back of our minds. The deep-cleaning machine soaks dirt and dust particles to give the appearance of a freshly mopped and polished appearance. Whatever type of surface, large piles of dust are not a threat to this machine.

The absence of a wall in front of the unit reduces the snowplow effect that occurs when tackling massive particles. It can trap nearly 99.99 percent of dust and allergens and offers comfort and peace to people suffering from allergies at home. The LEDs of the floor nozzle illuminate the space, often unnoticed even by the human eye.

A pet-friendly power brush comes with a variety of accessories. It comes with the Shark Advanced Swivel Steering technology and includes a dust container capacity of .9 quarters. Utilizing the tools to remove hair from the roll is simple and efficient.

  • The filter is simple to clean
  • It is great for taking sand off the grout and floors with texture.
  • It is easy to disassemble and then reattach
  • Belts that complain of weakening
  • The roller brush seems feeble.

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3. Shark APEX Zs362 Stick Vacuum to Pet Hair

Shark ZS362 APEX

Read: Shark ZS362 APEX Corded Stick Vacuum

The Forest Mist ultra-light corded vacuum can pinpoint pet hair collection even on surfaces that are difficult to reach, such as cabinets, curtains, or stairs. Made of PP plastics and ABS, there are some parts made of rubber and metal too.

Dirty dirt can’t compete with the power of the APEX! Utilizing the Zero-M brush roll, you can end the task of removing the hair wrapped around the bristles of the roller.

It weighs 14 pounds. This slim stick vacuum features an enormous dust cup that can prolong the time you spend cleaning by reducing the frequency of dust dumps. The power switches are easy to use, with three options that include Zero for off and I to use the hard flooring mode and II for carpeted floors.

  • Lightweight, corded design
  • Ultra-powerful pet hair pickup
  • Innovative swivel steering that improves the ability to maneuver
  • Self-cleaning roll brush
  • Duo clean dual brush-roll system
  • The Vacuum isn’t able to stand by itself
  • The HEPA filter is not included.

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4. Shark APEX AZ1002 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark AZ1002 Apex

With an espresso-colored finish, the APEX AZ1002 is equipped with a 1.5-quart size dust container. Its dual-clean technology gives three methods to wash your home.

It’s first equipped with a dual brush roll system that allows for deep cleaning. The next step is the self-cleaning roll that permits non-stop removal of hair and makes sure that your brushes won’t become stuck when you’re taking in all that pet hair.

The power lifts your Vacuum from the upright position to the canister, allowing you to take on portable cleaning as never before! The extended cord and 17-pound unit are simple to transport from the lower to the upper part of the staircase. The cleaning of stairs is easy due to the ease of removing this canister.

By combining the HEPA filter as well as the anti-allergen complete seal system, you have no chance of releasing to the hair the toxins you’ve just gathered. LED lighting accents the nozzle and handle to give you a glimpse into some of the difficult-to-view areas of your house.

The Vacuum doesn’t end working until you’ve cleaned up the dust. It keeps Everything sealed inside with an anti-allergen seal as well as a HEPA filter to ensure that there aren’t any additional dust or allergens floating around after you’ve finished vacuuming. While it’s pricey, We believe the features package of the Shark AZ1002 justifies the price if you’re searching for a high-end pet hair vacuum.


  • Self-cleaning brush roll for continuous hair removal
  • Simple to put together
  • 30-foot cord
  • Dual brush-roll system for deep cleaning
  • It’s like a self-propelled lawnmower
  • With HEPA filter and a sophisticated anti-allergen seal
  • It’s quite expensive
  • Removing the Vacuum requires more effort than you’d expect.

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5. Shark ZS351 Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum

Shark ZS351 Rocket

The ZS351 Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum made by Shark appeared to be a great choice initially. We loved that it could convert from a handheld to a full-length one, making it more practical and efficient than standard upright vacuums.

Additionally, it comes with self-cleaning brush rolls. This means you won’t have to take out hair stuck around the brushes as they clean themselves and won’t stick up at all.

While this Vacuum may be classified as ultra-light, we did not believe it was. It was significantly heavier than the other Shark stick vacuums we tested. It also has low maneuverability, which makes it difficult to maneuver within tight spaces.

Additionally, the motor screams loudly every time the Vacuum is being used and becomes irritating quickly. This Vacuum is in the very last spot on our list due to reasons; however, we do not recommend this model of Vacuum.

  • Zero-M design means that there is no need to take hair off
  • It transforms into a handheld device from full-length.
  • Poor maneuverability
  • Very noisy, the loud motor that whines.
  • More powerful than similar Shark stick vacuums.

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6. Shark Navigator NV356E Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator

Read: Shark NV356E

It utilizes its 2.2-quart dust cup as well as an easy-to-use canister lift-away system. Accessing those difficult-to-access areas isn’t difficult and impossible any longer!

The Shark Navigator is extremely light at 13.7 pounds and weighs just 13.7 pounds; the Shark Navigator features a 2-in-1 lift-away mechanism and is equipped with a HEPA filter as well as an anti-allergen seal.

The swivel steering is incorporated into the canister that is easy to remove; the Shark Navigator makes light work of getting rid of pet hair thanks to its portability and ease of use.

  • Quick and simple lift-off canister system
  • Extremely light at 13.7 pounds
  • The cord is located on the short side.
  • Too much suction for certain carpets

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7. Shark Rocket Complete HV382

Shark HV382

The charcoal-colored corded Vacuum comes with dual roll brushes that can tackle every size of particle that you may have. The nozzle and handle come equipped with LED lights, along with the buttons for the difficult transition from carpet to the floor are right at your fingertips.

In order to help you get the most out of your cleaning, you can also use a soft-roll brush that will accomplish more on your carpets and hard surfaces like never before. The True Pet hairbrush is a motorized brush specifically designed with the removal of pet hair in mind.

This system works flawlessly and can reach all those tiny places you’ve missed previously. With a weight of 9.9 pounds, the Shark Rocket Complete is the most lightweight member of the pet hair removal family.

  • Ideal for smaller rooms and apartments.
  • The lightest of the group
  • A hybrid vacuum is made up of a combination of upright and stick designs.
  • The HEPA filter is not included

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8. Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro Plus Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Shark CH951

The majority of Shark upright vacuums cost the top end, but this handheld model is less expensive. Th68e Shark UltraCyclone PetPro Plus Handheld Vacuum is a more compact option that is ideal for spot cleaning vehicles, cars, and other small spaces; however, it’s not big enough to clean the entire home.

The thing that Shark UltraCyclone stand out is its mobility. It’s a cordless and rechargeable battery that offers the best inconvenience. It’s also extremely light at only 2.8 pounds. Additionally, you get some helpful attachments, such as the pet brush that allows you to easily get pet hair off of furniture.

However, the battery is missing from this model. It takes a long time to recharge, but it only lasts just a few minutes after you are trying to utilize it. This is a major inconvenience since it restricts you to 10 to 15 minutes of battery life.

If battery life could be increased, this Vacuum could be able to earn a higher spot on our list since we appreciate the convenience it provides as well as the reasonable cost.

  • Very light
  • Convenience via cordless
  • Includes detachable pet brush
  • The battery is charged very slowly.
  • Battery life is not as good.
  • Small size is great for small cleanups or cars

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9. Shark Pet Perfect II Cordless Bagless Hand Vacuum

Shark Pet Perfect II Cordless

There are a variety of Shark vacuums that you can choose from, except if you’re shopping for a price. They are generally expensive vacuums.

However, the Pet-Perfect II Bagless Hand Vacuum is less expensive than others. Don’t let the price make you think otherwise; this is still a fantastic performance!

The Vacuum provides you with wireless convenience in a compact package. It’s great for cleaning pet hair from vehicles and RVs, furniture, or any other place. However, its tiny size means that it’s not the ideal option for cleaning the entire house.

We were impressed by the powerful suction this Vacuum delivers. It was easy to remove all hair that is typically difficult to get out of areas such as corners and under furniture. However, the battery’s lifespan isn’t quite as impressive. 

However, we seldom needed the device for more than a short amount of period, which means the short battery life didn’t prove to be an issue. We consider Pet-Perfect II to be the best pet hair vacuum available. Pet-Perfect II is the perfect Shark vacuum for hair removal on the market.

  • One of the cheapest alternatives
  • Convenience through cordless technology with rechargeable battery
  • Incredible suction power
  • The Battery life isn’t great

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10. Shark Navigator NV501 Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NV501

Read: Shark NV501

Beautifully designed in white with Red chrome. The allergy-buster comes with a 1.3 dust cup dimension. The package includes ergonomically appropriate cleaning tools and top-quality pet tools.

With a weight of 15.5 pounds, the NV501 can be described as a traditional cleaning machine that has been available for a while now. The filters and compartments are easy to remove and wash. Overfilling the containers appears to be the primary reason behind the need to clean them regularly, so make sure you make sure they are empty frequently.

This is not only a Shark slim, but it operates very quietly. The detachable container and 1.3 quarter-quart dust cup allow for an extended cleaning time without interruptions.

  • It has been on the market for quite a while
  • It is easy to put together.
  • The length of the power cord is adequate.
  • Power button placement has always been a problem

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11. Shark ZU62 Navigator Zero-M Pet Pro Upright Vacuum

Shark Navigator Zero-M

Read: Shark ZU62

It’s not the most affordable Shark vacuum we’ve ever tasted, but it’s certainly not the most expensive. Shark Navigator Zero-M Pro Upright Vacuum can bring Shark quality and power at a much more affordable price. It’s a large upright vacuum with many useful features.

One of our top picks is the self-cleaning roll of brush which removes hair on a continuous basis. Another excellent feature is the extra-large cup with enough capacity to sweep the entire house in one go.

While you’re doing it, you can also use the anti-allergen seal. The HEPA filter ensures that dust, dirt, and dander that you catch remain in the Vacuum exactly where it is.

On the negative side, however, we noticed the absence of a few aspects that hinder the practicality that this Vacuum offers. However, these shortcomings are likely to make the price of this model affordable. 

The first issue is that the controls are situated on the tank, which is less user-friendly than if they were at the top of the handle. We also observed that there’s no lighting on this Vacuum, meaning that cleaning up in dark areas isn’t easy. However, for the price, we’re happy to upgrade these features.

  • Self-cleaning brush-roll
  • Extra-large dust-cup capacity for complete house cleaning
  • Less expensive than many shark models.
  • There’s no light to show what you’re doing when vacuuming
  • Buttons are located inconveniently on the tank rather than the handles.

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12. Shark Rocket DeluxePro Upright Corded Stick Vacuum

Shark HV322 Rocket Pet

It features a two-in-one design that’s ideal for cleaning floors and carpets; the Shark Rocket DeluxePro Upright Corded Stick Vacuum is a breeze to sweep the entire house.

The pet multitool included and motorized floor nozzle will help you get even more thorough, taking out pet hair effortlessly and ensuring that all cracks and crevices are free from pet hair.

We also observed it’s more blaring than other Shark vacuums. The noise was so intense that it was a source of irritation. Even with all the volume, however, it’s not as effective as other Shark models we’ve tried and has significantly less suction.

In addition, with the entire mass of this stick vacuum, which is located on the handles, it was extremely difficult to maneuver. At the end of the day, we weren’t impressed, and that’s why we suggest avoiding this model and instead opting for one with better performance.

  • It includes a pet multitool as well as a motorized floor spray
  • 2-in-1 design is ideal for floors and carpets
  • The awkward design can be difficult to steer and control
  • Not that powerful

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Buying Guide

Let’s know the main points on how to choose the best shark vacuum cleaner, and which features are important for cleaning pet hair.

Different Types of Shark Vacuums for Pet Hair

1. Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

An upright-style vacuum cleaner is considered the most effective cleaner for heavy use due to its strength and large cleaning head.

Shark is a great device, but it has limitations in its reach and navigation.

Shark introduces a new feature, Lift-Away. It transforms the shape of the vacuum from upright into a handheld.

2. Shark Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair

The leader in the market for an upright vacuum now comes in the form of a Robot. Shark is also a part of the world of robot vacuums in which it competes with Roomba and Deebot.

We have selected the Shark – ION 700 App-Controlled Robotic Vacuum to suit your needs.

3. Shark Stick Vacuum to Get Rid of Pet Hair

Shark’s product line also includes stick vacuums. They are lightweight and useful. You can transform it into a handheld vacuum.

Shark stick is a variety of corded stick vacuums or the cordless model. You can pick the one you require.

4. Shark Vacuum Canister for Pet Hair

Canister vacuums usually have two parts. One is the motor, while the other is the floor and bin nozzle.

The advantages of canisters are mobility, flexibility, portability, and accessibility.

If you’re an owner of pets, it is a great tool to scrub tight spaces and the stairs where your pet has a lot of hair and dander.

5. Shark Handheld Vacuum to Remove Pet Hair

There are a variety of handheld models of pet hair that sharks provide. Most of them offer only a short runtime time since cords do not power them.

Shark Vacuum Technologies

1. MultiFLEX

Thanks to MultiFlex Technology, you can disconnect the stick halfway. Then, you can extend the wand.

If you’re looking to clean underneath furniture or behind it where the cleaner head won’t be placed when in a standing position, then the Multiflex cleaner head has a low profile set-up that can be tucked away under places that are difficult to reach where the majority of pet hair is buried.

This technology comes with adjustability and is convenient for storage. Switch off the MultiFlex switch, Fold it up and wrap the cable around.

2. Active-Glide Technology

Shark has recently announced it has launched the Active-Glide Technology, which can offer smooth and effortless navigation on both floors and carpets with a low pile to the thickness you’re used to. Pushing the floor nozzle onto certain surfaces can be difficult.

Active-Glide Technology comes with long separate shag carpets that don’t interfere with the movement.

3. Lift-Away

Shark introduces a Lift-Away technology that lets you switch the vacuum from upright to a canister.

How? You can isolate this floor sprayer from your vacuum. It is possible to utilize the extension wand of the canister and attach the floor nozzle.

4. DuoClean

DuoClean(r) comes with two brushes to clean hard floors and carpets. DuoClean(r) and Shark(r) come with a range of options: the upright and the stick. It also comes with a soft brush roll, and it can take care of any kind of debris.

DuoClean(r) provides effective cleaning for flooring and carpets, ranging from large particles to tiny particles and even dust stuck on them.

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5. Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

You are aware that HEPA filters are 99% effective in capturing allergens and dirt. Many vacuums still release the allergens collected into the surrounding environment.

Shark Meal Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology seals in 99.99 percent allergens and dust particles while exchanging fresh air. There are no gaps where airborne particles, dust, pollen, and dander are present.

6. Advanced Swivel Steering

With Advanced Swivel Steering Technology, your wrists aren’t going to hurt anymore because it allows for effortless and precise turning.

You must move your wrist slightly so that the head of the cleaner flows smoothly on the right route.

While steering upright vacuum cleaners, be careful not to turn or twist your body to get the dust hidden under furniture.

7. Zero-M Technology

Shark introduces Zero-M Technology to its customers. It’s also known as the Anti-Hair Wrap Technology.

This is a technology method that has proven to be a huge way to deal with hair tangling. This technology ensures that there is no chance the vacuum can be stuck.

The brush roll is protected by a bristle guard that prevents pet hair from blocking the roller. Instead, a cohesive comb is active in grabbing hairs from the bristles.

A bristle brush has proven to be an effective way to get rid of hair caught in the brush’s roll.

Therefore, pick one that has Zero-M Technology and say goodbye to the scissors and razors.

8. Noise Reduction

Today, the machine for cleaning is quite loud because of the motor and the cyclonic motion. To make the vacuum noisier, the stronger the motor is, the more noise will be produced.

As the industry’s leader, Shark is equipped with a motor that has been tuned to function optimally and produce low-level noise when pitched at lower pitches.

The motor is tightly linked to the strong and sturdy body, which is gloomy with the vibrations and verifies that the sound is hidden within the vacuum.

9. Advanced Cyclonic Technology

The advantage that comes from Cyclonic Technology is super cleaning results due to its suction capacity. However, it needs less maintenance due to the absence of obstructions and a longer life for the filter.

However, the Cyclonic vacuum technology isn’t made by Shark. It is an extremely fast vortex that draws dirt and dust out of the air. Instead, centrifugal force separates particles of dust and keeps these particles in bins.

Other Criteria

If you plan to purchase your pet’s collecting powerhouse, be aware of eight crucial aspects to keep in mind in your buyer’s manual.

1. Power: Is It Strong Enough to Take On Everything?

Consider the suction power of your pet. Nothing is more irritating than stepping over a heap of pet hair only to discover it’s still there. To eliminate your pet’s hair, you’ll need vacuums with constant suction power, no matter what surface it is on or the setting it’s in.

2. Steering: How Easy Is This Vacuum to Use When It Is Moving Under Furniture?

Many designs are made using a ball-shaped swivel action that glides effortlessly across the furniture. Cleaning is quicker and more efficient because you don’t have to move your entire furniture to vacuum properly. A smooth glide around the corners of your furniture and walls can keep them looking brand new for longer.

Size is important: Think about how you will store the vacuum and give it the right location to call home.

Then, think about the dimensions of the unit. In the case of the location you reside in, it is possible that you do not need an appliance that occupies too much space. 

Apartments, tiny homes, RVs, and smaller homes, are all better off with an upright vacuum that will save space by taking up less space on the floor. Also, think about where you will use it.

Are you going to be climbing through several staircases? Do you plan to go into and out of multiple rooms simultaneously? The size of the unit and its length should be considered based on the answers you give to these questions.

3. Change Time: How Fast Does the Vacuum Change Modes From Handheld Into Canister up to Upright?

In the beginning, how quickly can the vacuum switch between handheld and canister upright mode? If you have pet hair, we know that it will travel everywhere! Therefore, make sure you’re able to access it wherever it is. It’s not worth spending five minutes detaching and reconnecting to move from the floor to the couch to the curtain.

4. Take a Look at Your Budget: What Do You Want to Spend, and What Is the Best Value?

Keep in mind the cost. Many vacuums are available that exceed the $300 or $400 cost, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the most effective vacuum. Find out the model before making a purchase. As per J.D. Power and Associates, the Shark Ninja brand has ranked top in customer satisfaction for quite a long time. This is something you should keep in your mind. 

When you ensure that your family’s hygiene and health are at the forefront of your mind with a clean environment, you don’t want the vacuum to go over your budget.

5. Dirt and Debris: Can It Get Stuck on Dirt?

Don’t forget about the caked-on hair follicles, too. There are different vacuums designed to get rid of stuck-on dirt and other debris. It should be a vacuum that is specifically designed to remove stuck-on dirt and not just the loose particles piled up on top of your tiles and carpet.

6. Do Not Get magnum oxymeth 50 Caught During All That Hair?

Do you want to spend hours detangling and unwrapping hair around the bristles? The Shark Rotator is a great choice. The rotator features the TruePet motorized brush, which prevents hair buildup around bristles. The accessory selection is an item that can aid in this process too.



We’ve only suggested the top vacuum cleaners from the Shark that work better when combined with pet hairs. A question could arise: Why do we have only shark-related products?

Because Shark is among the most prestigious companies producing elegant vacuum cleaners, they’re not paying us to review their product.

No, we’re just providing the best options to our visitors. Shark is considered to be one of the tops by the experts. Therefore, we’ve picked the top ones to be the very best.

We created a list since it’s not required that every product from Shark is the most effective one. Therefore, we looked up almost every product on the market today by Shark.

Then, those awash in all features and specifications of the ideal vacuum are the ones we’ve selected and listed.

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