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Pools are valuable assets if you have one for your family. However, they need regular maintenance work to keep them clean and run at their best. If you have a pool in your home and are looking for the best vacuum, you can consider buying the Intex pool vacuum.

It is a handy appliance, which can clean everything right from the top to the bottom of your pool.

Why Do You Require This Vacuum for Your Pool?

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The most imperative maintenance job to keep your pool clean is vacuuming it. If not, it will increase the burden on the pump and filtration system of your pool. When you consider using the best pool vacuum, it will make your maintenance job simpler.

It will also assist you significantly in maintaining the water quality of the pool effectively. One of the best pool vacuums currently available on the market is the one from Intex.

The pool vacuum from Intex helps you remove the debris from your pool effortlessly. Your Intex pool may accumulate debris because of dirt, dust, tree debris, and other rubbish.

The pool should be clean and tidy if you need clean, safe, and enjoyable swimming. When you use this device, it can remove everything from your pool.

The professional design of this pool vacuum enables you to dispose of everything that ends up at the bottom of the pool effortlessly and quickly. It aids you considerably in protecting the quality of water of your pool efficiently.

Intex equips the pool vacuum with a high-performance filter with enough flow rates. You can effortlessly attach the durable hose pipe that comes with the vacuum to its inlet.

The manufacturer provides the hose with sufficient length, enabling you to cover the entire area of your pool. The filter grabs debris not only from the bottom of the pool. It also traps the debris that floats on the water effectively.

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Features of the Pool Vacuums of Intex

Intex vacuum pools are famous for their quality, durability, and performance. The manufacturer designs all models of these devices with great care by keeping the maintenance needs of users in mind.

It means that when you consider buying one from Intex, you will get only feature-rich vacuums from the company. Intex designs all of its vacuum pools with a profusion of features to help you attain maximum benefits at a minimum cost.

Some of the top=notch features of these Intex devices include:

1. Performance-Focused Filtration System

A pool vacuum is an indispensable tool for you to maintain your pool clean without dirt. It is what these vacuums from Intex accomplish. The effective filtration system of these vacuums provides you with clean and clear water, besides making your pool maintenance job easy.

2. Versatile Design

All models of pool vacuums are famous for their versatile design. It means that they can work efficiently and are compatible with all types of Intex pools, irrespective of their design features.

If you experience trouble choosing the correct pool vacuum for your Intex pool, you can opt for the one from Intex without a second thought.

Whatever the size of the pool, the versatile design of these vacuums will make your cleaning job simpler. Moreover, you can acquire the correct vacuum pool whether you have a framed pool or an inflatable pool.

Intex offers its pool vacuums in all types, allowing you to choose the correct type that fits the size and type of your pool and your cleaning needs.

You will get your preferred pool vacuum that best suits your planned budget. The company offers these devices in different price ranges that meet the budget of every shopper.

All pool vacuum models of the business can trap the dirt from even difficult-to-access crevices at the bottom of your pool.

In General, with Intex, you can decide on the correct type of pool vacuum at the right price for maintaining your pool and its water neat.

What Types of Pool Vacuum Cleaners Does Intex Offer?

Intex offers its pool vacuum cleaners in four different types that are performance-centric and powerful. You can use them efficiently and effortlessly according to the size and type of your pool. The four diverse types of these devices that the manufacturer offers include:

1. Suction Pool Vacuums

If you have an Intex pool in your home and you need a pool vacuum with a high suction capability, you can consider buying this type of pool vacuum. The device works mutually with your pool pump using its suction power. It makes the vacuum grab all the debris and dirt from your pool effectively.

Similarly, it uses the same filter as your pool to trap the debris dirt. It means that you may need to backwash your sand filter or replace your filter more frequently. This type of pool vacuum consumes more power than the other three pool vacuum types of the manufacturer.

2. Pressure Pool Cleaners

Some people call these pool vacuums pressure-side cleaners. These vacuums utilize the water of your pool that is returning to it. These types of pool cleaners work individually with their outfitted filtration system.

If you have a medium-sized Intex pool or a large one, this type of pool vacuum is the best appliance for you. You can maintain it effectively.

3. Robotic Pool Cleaners

The extreme popularity of this type of pool vacuum is its efficiency. They work independently without the support of the existing filtration system of your pool. The manufacturer equips these vacuum pumps with a powerful motor and high-performance filter.

These attachments make them more efficient in cleaning your pool. These vacuums are plug-and-play machines, performing the entire pool-cleaning jobs effectively. This type of pool vacuum is appropriate for cleaning Ultra XTR frame pools.

4. Handheld Pool Vacuums

If you want to make your pool maintenance job affordable yet efficient, you can consider using this type of pool cleaner. Although cheap, these pool vacuums allow you to keep your pool and its water free from debris and dirt effortlessly and efficiently.

These vacuums are easy to clean, as well, as they come with the same design as your car or home vacuum cleaners. However, you may need to maneuver them manually throughout the vacuuming process. Usually, cleaning a pool is a time-consuming job, so Intex pools are no exception.

When you consider using one of the best pool vacuums of the manufacturer, it will help you perform your cleaning job effortlessly and efficiently, as well. You can choose any of the types of pool cleaners of the company that best suits your cleaning job and budget.

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What Benefits Do You Get From Using the Pool Vacuums From Intex?

The benefits you get from Intex pool cleaners are limitless. You can save your pool maintenance expenses considerably, besides enjoying an exciting and safe swimming experience. Some of the benefits you will get from these vacuums include:

1. You Can Swim in a Clean Environment

Intel designs all models and types of pool vacuums with a bounty of outstanding features. The main goal of the manufacturer is to offer you maximum benefits at a minimum cost. All handled versions are available with a rechargeable battery.

It will allow you to use them effectively even during power failure. They come with two exchangeable brush heads and a telescoping aluminum shaft, allowing you to use them conveniently.  When you use the Intex pool cleaner, it aids you significantly in maintaining it efficiently.

It, in turn, will help you to enhance the lifetime of your pool. Moreover, having an Intex pool cleaner will relieve the burden on the filtration system of your Intex pool, as well.

 2. Your Pool Maintenance Costs

It will minimize not only the frequency of cleaning your pool. It will also save much of your money when considering changing the filter media of your swimming pool. So, it means that it will aid you substantially in minimizing the operating costs of the swimming pool.

3. Your Pool Can Have Its Water Clean

When you use one of the best pool vacuum cleaners of Intex, it will provide an improved swimming experience to you and your family. These pool-cleaning devices allow you to have clean and clear water in your pool.

The other five outstanding benefits you will get from using these pool cleaners include:

  1. They are simple to use and maintain.
  2. The compact design of these pumps will not occupy much space in your home.
  3. The lightweight design of the pool cleaners allows you to handle them effortlessly.
  4. All pool vacuums will make the pool maintenance job effortless, effective, efficient, and quick.
  5. The professional design of these vacuums allows them to remove all types and sizes of debris from the top to the bottom of the pool resourcefully.

Above all, all types and models of pool vacuum of Intex are available with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you need a pool vacuum for your large pool that makes your maintenance job a breeze, you can choose the Robotic type of Intex pool cleaner.

Intex also offers an automatic version of pool cleaner with and without a cord. These pool vacuums come with the highest suction power with two upgraded motors. Their frivolous and waterproof designs facilitate you to use them effortlessly and safely.

The versatile design of the pool cleaners makes them work well with both in-ground flat pools and above-the-ground flat pools.

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Here Are The Three Best Intex Pool Cleaners

1. The Grey 28620EP Handheld Rechargeable Spa Pool Vacuum from Intex

Intex 28005E ZX300

Let us pick up the best handheld version of Intex pool cleaners. This Grey Pool Vacuum of Intex comes with a set of rechargeable batteries. If you have a small Intex pool, you can use this vacuum overwhelmingly.

You can keep the bottom of your pool clean quickly without putting in much of your effort.

You do not subject your swimming pool or your family to unclean pool water when you consider using the pool vacuum of Intex. This pool cleaner helps you keep your pool dirt-free and debris-free with its efficient performance.

You can use this handheld version of pool vacuum effortlessly, as well. It works efficiently in picking up grime and rubbish, at the same time, not being trouble to use.

For the best performance of this pool cleaner, you may need to fully submerge it to avoid shutting off the vacuum and turning on its automatic shutoff feature.

The battery of the pool cleaner will take a maximum time of six hours for its full charge. You can run it efficiently for 40 minutes maximum. Moreover, you have no necessity to hook the device up to the pump and filter of your pool.

The 28620EP model pool vacuum also comes with:

  1. A USB cable to recharge the battery
  2. A shaft adapter, allowing you to fit wide or long telescoping aluminum shaft
  3. 94-inch frivolous telescoping aluminum shaft
  4. IPX8 waterproof switch for additional safety against water immersion
  5. Automatic shutoff feature due to incomplete immersed of the device in water
  • Brand Intex
  • Model Handheld
  • Product measurements (LxBxH) 39 x 6.5 x 5.25 inches
  • Product weight 6.4 lbs
  • Color Gray
  • Easy to use
  • Handy interchangeable heads
  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Consume more time to vacuum the pool

Final Words

The capability of the vacuum to keep pool water clean by effectively removing grime and rubbish makes it more popular among homeowners having small Intex pools.

The pool vacuum is appropriate for vacuuming all above-the-ground pools with a maximum diameter of 18 feet. You can maintain your swimming pool clean throughout the year with the help of this 28620EP model handheld pool vacuum of Intex.

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2. Automatic Pool Cleaner for Above Ground Pools from Intex

Intex 28620EP

You can consider using this model of the automatic pool cleaner of Intex if you are looking for a solution to save much of your pool-cleaning time. It’s among the most efficient pool vacuums from Intex. It comes with a high-performance filter pump.

When you attach the pump with your pool pump, it works efficiently with a capacity between 1,600 and 4,000 GPH using the venturi suction.

It can keep trapping all types of dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool, including leaves and other rubbish. It means that the vacuum makes you enjoy your swimming and less time cleaning it.  

The Troubleshooting feature of this pool cleaner ensures its filter pump turns off and disconnects the power cable from the outlet, thus allowing you to use it safely. The manufacturer offers the pool vacuum with a comprehensive user manual, as well.

It will help you set up the device effortlessly and quickly. The cleaning device comes with all the required cleaning and air-drying accessories to make your cleaning job thorough and effortless.

You can connect this pool vacuum to the outlet of the filter pump of your pool. It will automatically trap sediment and store it in its filter and not into the sand filter.

Just set it and then forget about the cleaning process of your pool. You can put the vacuum in your Intex pool and allow it to run and do your other errands. When you return, your Intex pool will be in a perfectly cleaned condition.

  • Brand Intex
  • Model Automatic
  • Product measurements (LxBxH) 20 x 15.55 x 12.05 inches
  • Product weight 15.05 lbs
  • Ready-to-use design
  • Simple to assemble
  • Larger debris removal capability
  • Good suction power to
  • Better performance than other branded vacuums
  • Often out of stock

Final Words

The automatic pool cleaner of Intex is suitable for you if you have a bigger pool with a sand filter. It saves your pool maintenance time and effort efficiently.

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3. The Grey 28005E ZX300 Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner from Intex

Intex Recreation Corp FBA_28001E

If you seek a Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner of Intex for your Intex pool to keep it clean, you can opt for the Grey ZX300 model pool vacuum. It keeps your Intex pool not only perfectly clean.

 It will also trap hard-to-remove dirt from the pool efficiently and effectively. Therefore, it comes with a commanding water suction capacity of 700 gallons per hour.

This pool vacuum from Intex comes with an all-wheel-drive feature. It allows the vacuum to provide fast cleaning performance and better wall-climbing performance.

The manufacturer equips the pool-cleaning device with a performance-centric pump with a water sucking capacity of 1,600 to 3,500 gallons per hour.

The double scrubbers of the vacuum come with a rotating design, allowing them to clean and remove even the hard and fine dirt from your Intex pool. The debris filtering system of the poll-cleaning appliance comes with a fine 0.15-mm mesh filter.

The system can capture even the difficult-to-remove rubbish efficiently. It also comes with a massive debris container of 0.48-gallon capacity. A durable hose of length 21.4 feet allows you to use it all over your pool with ease, as it comes with a tangle-free design.

In general, this Intex Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner allows you to swim on a whim. The integral filter of the pool-cleaning appliance drains the water in your pool down to 0.15mm by capturing dirt, dust, leaves, bugs, and many more unwanted remains.

It means that your Intex pool and its water will be crystal clear, making you and your family have enjoyable, exciting, and safe swimming every time.  

  • Brand Intex
  • Model Deluxe Automatic
  • Product measurements (LxBxH) 18.3 x 16.3 x 15.2 inches
  • Product weight 15.32 lbs
  • Color Grey
  • All debris trapping capability
  • Powerful water suction capacity
  • All-wheel drive design
  • High capacity water-sucking pump
  • Handy dual scrubbers
  • Helpful rotating design
  • The efficient filter cleaning system
  • Long hose with the knot-free capability
  • Not appropriate for Intex Easy Set Pools
  • Not suitable for pools with inflatable top ring

Final Words

Like all other types and models of Intex pool cleaners, the ZX300 model Deluxe Automatic Pool Cleaner of Intex provides users with top-not performance for their investment. This pool vacuum is most suitable for Intex above ground pools with PVC liners and fittings with 1.5-inch threads.

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How Can You Choose the Best Intex Pool Vacuum Cleaner?

The process of choosing the best Intex pool cleaner mainly counts on the size of your pool. It also relies on how effortless and quick you want to complete your pool maintenance job.

If you have a small Intex pool, you can opt for a handheld pool cleaner. For a bigger swimming pool, you can go for the automatic versions.

Similarly, the frequency of using the Intex pool cleaner counts on the number of times you use the pool every week. However, it is enough if you can use the device once a week to vacuum your pool.

The pool vacuum will keep your swimming pool clean for many days. If you would like to use the pool-cleaning device more than one time a week, it is better and safer to keep the water of your pool free from dirt and debris.

If you wonder about the life of Intex pool cleaners, there is no doubt that they will last for many years to come. The manufacturer designs all the pool cleaners with durable materials and outstanding features.

They have high resistance to all types of external elements and the types of debris that your pool contains.

However, the longevity of these devices mainly counts on the way you use them. The lifespan of any mechanical device relies on its appropriate maintenance, so Intex pool cleaners are no exception.

If you use your Intex pool cleaner appropriately, keep it clean, and store it in a safe place after every use, you can boost its life effortlessly.

The Verdict


When considering the maintenance of your pool, you can find affordable and resourceful solutions from Intex. Whatever type and model of Intex pool vacuum you choose, you can rest assured that you would get only the most durable and performance-oriented pool cleaner for your home.

These pool cleaners are more affordable than other analogous brands, facilitating you to maintain your pool with maximum professionalism at a minimum cost.

Whatever the size of your pool is, whether it is small, medium, or big, you will get the correct pool cleaner from Intex. The manufacturer designs each type and model of pool vacuums by keeping the comforts, conveniences, and budget of users like you in mind.

Thus, you will get your pool vacuum not only with high performance. You will also get the pool-cleaning device at the most competitive price.

Finally, if you are a budget-conscious shopper yet need a high-performance pool cleaner, then you can confidently buy one of the best pool cleaners of Intex that best suits the size of your pool.

They will provide you with the best performance in the industry. These pool cleaners will also offer you real value for the hard-earned money you spend on buying them.

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