17 Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs For Fast Cleaning [Updated 2022 October]

You are currently viewing 17 Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs For Fast Cleaning [Updated 2022 October]

Cleaning stairs frequently will make their appearance while also increasing runners’ life and carpeting. Between treads, risers, and stair noses, debris and dust get trapped in this busy avenue. A few vacuums like handheld vacuum for stair shave superior performance over others in accomplishing tasks safely and quickly.

This guide will assist you in choosing a vacuum that will minimize the chance of falling, tripping, and post-cleaning backaches.

Find out more about the characteristics to consider when searching for the ideal carpet cleaner and discover what makes these models the best in their class.

17 Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs – Reviews

1. Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V8 Absolute


  • The cord is free. 
  • Powerful Suction
  • Lightweight and flexible, it makes it easy to clean your home.
  • As long as 40 minutes of run time with a non-motorized tool. 
  • No hassle.
  • The power of suction (MAX mode) is 115 AW.
  • For up to 30 mins of fade-free power, use a soft roller cleaning head.
  • Up to 8 minutes of fade-free electricity (in Max mode). 
  • The quick-release trigger ensures the battery’s power is only utilized during cleaning. The battery must be charged for at least 4 hours before the first time use.
  • The whole machine HEPA filters out allergens and releases healthier air than the one you breathe. 
  • Direct drive cleaner head. 
  • It is powered through Dyson’s Dyson Digital Motor V8 and designed to remove ground dirt and fine dust accumulated on carpets and hard floors.
  • Strenuous nylon bristles are driven into carpets to trap dirt deep in the soil.
  • Filtration: Washable, lifetime filter

This Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum comes with a cordless design and powerful suction. The first product in our list of the top handheld vacuums that can be used on staircases, this model offers a capacity to last up to 40 minutes running time, backed by a motorized device.

The lightweight and versatile vacuum is also equipped with the ability to trigger instantly to ensure long battery life.


Additionally, this vacuum can provide up to 30 minutes of perpetual power due to the soft roller cleaning head. Furthermore, the vacuum comes with a HEPA filter system specifically designed to trap allergens in the air. Additionally, this vacuum has a powerful V8 electronic motor that can pick up even the most difficult dirt and dust.

The Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • Light construction
  • Excellent to pick up dog hair
  • Cordless design
  • Poor customer support
  • Doesn’t hold any charge
  • Parts are difficult to replace

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2. Bissell, 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Vacuum

Bissell, 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand and Car Vacuum


  • BISSELL Pet hair eraser hand vacuum is cordless and can ensure that your pet is clean wherever they go
  • Power Rating: 14.4 Volts
  • Telescoping Extension Wand
  • Crevice tool assists in cleaning hard-to-reach places and tight spaces. 
  • The motorized foot offers powerful suction for deep cleaning. 

This Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eliser Cordless Hand-Car Vacuum is designed specifically to eliminate pet hair that is stubborn from nearly every surface.

Like other products in our list of the best handheld stair vacuums, this one has motorized feet that provide strong suction. In addition, the features included in the vacuum are the telescoping extension tool and a crevice tool to clean difficult-to-access spaces.

Additionally to this, an upholstery tool is included to wash soft surfaces. In addition, the easy-to-empty dirt bin will let you get rid of debris and dirt easily. This vacuum has an action-based filtration system with dual actions to help you breathe clean, fresh air.

This Bissell 1782 Cordless Pet Hair Eraser Hand/Car Vacuum comes with 1 year of limited warranty.


  • Dual-action filter system
  • Crevice tool
  • Powerful suction
  • Easy to use
  • It is difficult to charge the battery.
  • The service stopped for a few customers.
  • Doesn’t have a charge

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3. Eureka 71C EasyClean Deluxe Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

Eureka 71C


  • Crevice tool and Riser onboard. Visor for carpeted staircases
  • Strong suction using stretch hoses cleans carpets, stairs, and even the interiors of cars.
  • 20-foot cord to allow for prolonged cleaning; wraps easily for storage

This Eureka 70C EasyClean Deluxe Handheld vacuum has a light design and a 20-foot cable to allow for longer cleaning time and increased flexibility.

In line with other models that we have reviewed, this vacuum has an onboard crevice tool for accessing small spaces and an incline visor specifically designed for stairs with carpet. Furthermore, this vacuum comes with two powerful motors to power the suction and rotating brush.

A limited warranty covers the Eureka71C EasyClean Deluxe Handheld Vacuum.


  • Ideal for hair of pets
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to use
  • Long cord
  • It stopped working for some customers.
  • Bulky construction

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4. Eureka EasyClean Lightweight Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

Eureka EasyClean71B

The Eureka EasyClean has been on our top handheld vacuums for many years, and with good reason. With EasyClean, you’ll no longer struggle to clean the stairs or even the interiors of cars due to its small size and strong suction. Each glide provides a thorough clean that is remarkable in its construction.


  • Strong suction using stretch hoses that can remove dirt from upholstery, the interior of cars, and staircases.
  • Compact for storage that is easy to carry;
  • Two motors, one for the brush that revolves, one for the revolving brush, and another for suction.
  • A tool onboard for those difficult-to-access crevices.
  • Additional brush attachments for dusting to provide a more thorough cleaning.
  • A 20-foot cord is convenient to allow for prolonged cleaning.


  • Because it’s a compact portable vacuum unit, it makes an easier and less hassle-free cleaning of the steps;
  • The size makes it easy to store it anywhere in your home.
  • The cord is sufficiently long that you can cover a large range of reach, even when connected.
  • It is equipped with a powerful suction that draws up any kind of debris and dirt;
  • You can also clean smaller areas, like window sills.
  • It’s heavier than handheld vacuums (4.85lbs).
  • It can use the straps of a shoulder to allow for mobility.

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5. Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Rocket Corded Ultra


  • TruePet Motorized Brush for hands-free deep cleaning
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable. Just 4 pounds in all
  • It is easy to empty the dust cup. It’s not a bag, and empties it by pressing one button.

This Shark Rocket Ultra-Light hand vacuum is a compact design that weighs just four pounds and comes with a TruePet motorized brush that provides powerful suction power. It is comparable in terms of performance to other products that we have listed as the top handheld vacuums for stairs.

It comes with a simple dustbin that is easy to empty and does not call bags. Additionally, the vacuum is equipped with a 15-foot-long cord that can be used for cleaning in long and places that are difficult to reach.

The Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum comes with a limited 1-year warranty.


  • Ideal for hair of pets
  • Lightweight design
  • Crevice tool
  • Easy to empty
  • Short cord
  • Poor suction power

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6. BLACK+DECKER BDH2400FH Lithium Stick Vacuum ORA Technology



  • Optimized Runtime Airflow. 
  • The suction technology is not affected.
  • Beater bar powered by On/Off button.
  • Floor head Extension: Go from top-to-bottom and clean the space. 
  • Air cyclone 12 system. 
  • Onboard crevice + attachable brush accessory

The BLACK+DECKER BDH2400FH 2-in-1 lithium Stick Vacuum has an airflow optimized for runtime technology and a 12-air cycle system that provides efficient suction to remove the most difficult dirt and particles. Furthermore, this vacuum has a floor head extension that can be used to clean difficult-to-reach locations. T

he beater bar, a removable and washable bowl, makes maintenance simple and easy. The light gauge for circulating charge will let you know precisely how much battery remains with so many functions that this vacuum deserves inclusion among our picks of the top handheld vacuums for stairs.

The Black+Decker BDH2400FH 2-in-1 Lithium Stick Vacuum has a two-year warranty.


  • Light construction
  • Excellent for pet hair
  • Ideal for cleaning difficult-to-access areas
  • Charging station
  • It stopped working for a couple of customers.
  • The dust container is not well-designed
  • Does not have a charge

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7. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360

Shark Navigator (NV360)

Suppose your carpeted stairs are subject to many people. This corded Shark is a great option to clean them. Its power is 1,200 watts. It has a powerful suction that is ideal for carpeted areas, and the rotating brush can be turned off to provide gentle cleaning for hardwood floors.

The sophisticated swivel steering allows for effortless maneuverability if utilized in upright mode. The 7.5-pound canister can be removed and carried with one hand while you go up and down the stairs. A crevice tool attachment allows you to access difficult corners.

Its Shark is a hefty 12.5 pounds total. Its integrated HEPA filter keeps dust and allergens out of the vacuum to improve breathing indoors. The additional 12-quart dust container allows lots of cleaning time before emptying.


  • Air Watts: 1,200
  • Type: Stick
  • Attachments include: Lift away the pod and crevice tool.


  • Easy-to-maneuver swivel steering
  • Built-in HEPA filtering
  • Lightweight, detachable canister
  • The brush can be adjusted to spin.
  • Pressure Switch feature
  • Users have reported issues with this feature. 

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8. Hoover Air Cordless 20V Lithium-Ion Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Vacuum


  • The Fade-Free Battery Technology delivers fade-free power throughout the life of the battery.
  • Simply swap, charge, and Go – Our range of Lithium Life powered products use only one Lithium Life battery for multiple…
  • The light design is less weighty than 4lbs. So you can easily move from room to room with ease.

This Hoover Air Cordless Bagless Hand Vacuum Cleaner has 20-volt lithium-ion batteries for fast suction. It performs similarly to other products in our list of the top hand vacuums for stairs.

With a weight of fewer than 4 pounds, the lightweight vacuum has a turbo tool specifically designed to pick up pet hair from carpets and soft surfaces. Furthermore, the simple rinse filter is washable and reused for long-lasting usage.

This Hoover Bagless Air Vacuum Cleaner comes with 2 years of limited warranty.


  • Ideal for hair of pets
  • Bagless dirt container
  • Lightweight design
  • Long run time
  • It takes a long time for it to recharge
  • Parts made of plastic that are cheap
  • The area is difficult to wash.

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9. Makita XLC02RB1W Compact Cordless Vacuum

Makita XLC02RB1W 18V LXT


  • Up to 20 minutes of continuous running time when using the 2.0Ah 18V Compact Lithium-Ion battery
  • A compact and ergonomic design that measures only 18 and 3/4 inches in length
  • Redesigned floor nozzle to improve the ability to move and better debris collection

This Makita, The XLC02RB1W Cordless Vacuum, can provide around 20 hours of uninterrupted running time by using a 2.0Ah 18-volt lithium-ion battery.

Contrary to other products in our top 10 list of handheld vacuums that are suitable for use on stairs, this model has been redesigned and upgraded floor nozzle that offers greater suction and maneuverability.

Additionally, it has an ergonomic style that’s lightweight and user-friendly. With a bagless, two-stage filtering system using cloth, This vacuum makes dirt removal simple. Additionally, the huge dirt receptacle’s capacity decreases the necessity for garbage disposal.

The Makita Compact Cordless Vacuum comes with a 3-year limited warranty.


  • High maneuverability
  • Lightweight construction
  • Lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged and removed
  • Rapid charge times
  • Plastic parts of low cost
  • There isn’t a HEPA filter
  • Battery replacement is expensive.

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10. Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum

Shark ZS351 Rocket

Its Shark Rocket has been consistently named of the top corded stick vacuums for quite a while since. With its self-cleaning brush roll and self-cleaning brush roll, the Shark Rocket model excels at removing hair from your floors and steps. Additionally, it’s light, meaning that carrying it upstairs is a breeze.


  • Shark’s ultra-light vacuum is the most advanced.
  • Dust cup XL (0.74 Dry Quarts) It is more than twice as large as a normal Shark Rocket dust cup.
  • Light: It can turn into a 4.6-pound hand vacuum, which is perfect for cleaning staircases.
  • Zero-M is Shark’s most recent brush roll innovation that eliminates hair wraps, which are easy to maintain and ideal for pet-hair-free homes.
  • 30ft cord, so you can easily clean your stairs from top to bottom using a single outlet power source;


  • It’s simple to switch between power levels.
  • You can transform it into a much smaller size for a handheld vacuum that is ideal for staircases.
  • It’s easy to store due to its size.
  • It is an astonishingly suction-filled vehicle for its size.
  • It gathers everything from food and dust particles to hair strands or pet hair.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • The vacuum can be used on any surface, such as carpeted or hardwood/tiled.
  • It’s corded, so it’s not as user-friendly as the cordless stick vacuum. If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum, the Shark IONFlex DuoClean and the Dyson V10 are great alternatives to the Shark Rocket. Be aware that you’ll need to add money to your budget to get the benefits of cutting the cord!

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11. Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away Vacuum

Shark NV752

This is among the most powerful full-size vacuum cleaners and is Shark’s most popular model. This Shark Rotator is preferred by many over Dyson due to its top-quality features and superior performance.

You can easily clean all home corners using the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Powered vacuum. It can lift all types of grime, dirt, and debris from any home area due to its three modes for vacuuming. There are three kinds of vacuums in one!


  • Powered Lift-Away: Motorized Brush.
  • Additionally, you get the TruePet mini-motorized attachment that can be used in conjunction with an ordinary vacuum.
  • Three vacuums in one three vacuums: powerful upright, a convenient canister that has a caddy, lift-away pod, and brush roll powered by electricity.
  • It comes with a hard-floor attachment that can be used for clean floors that are not bare. The microfiber pad can be washed.
  • Deep clean that can reach beneath furniture
  • It has HEPA washable filters, as well as an anti-allergen seal system.
  • Moves easily thanks to the steering that is dynamically swiveled.
  • Find dark corners and dark areas by using its LED lights.


  • It is available in a lovely design and color scheme style.
  • The powerhead comes with a particular design of brush that’s gentle to carpets and other surfaces.
  • Motorized brushes are ideal for cleaning stairs, as well as other surfaces that can be difficult to maintain;
  • These LEDs are very bright. They help clean dark, tight areas.
  • It’s very versatile and simple to use.
  • It has a powerful suction system that captures dust, dirt, and hair/fur.
  • The vacuum can easily reach areas that are difficult to reach and can be found underneath the bed, sofa, and other furniture.
  • A sealed system and HEPA filters perform amazingly effective in keeping the air inside your home clean.
  • Because the powerhead is small and quite small, it takes longer to wash larger surfaces. However, it’s best for small spaces – which is why it’s ideal for staircases.
  • It’s not exactly light, but it’s one of the tiniest full-size upright vacuums (15.6lbs);

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12. BISSELL Lightweight Cordless Vacuum

BISSELL Lightweight Cordless


  • It comes with various specialized tools, including an extension hose built-in, and is stored on boards for fast and convenient access.
  • With high-performance cordless technology that is engineered to provide multi-purpose cleaning in hard-to-reach places
  • Motorized, powerful brush roll easily lifts and eliminates pet hair from carpets and upholstery.

Its BISSELL lightweight cordless hand vacuum comes with the highest-quality cordless design and a powerful motorized brush that can remove the most stubborn pet hair and dirt from various surfaces.

Like other items that we have reviewed, the BISSELL Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum is light and has an ergonomic handle that provides ease and comfort.

Furthermore, this vacuum has an industrial-grade lithium-ion battery to ensure long-lasting use and high efficiency.

This BISSELL Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum is covered by two years of limited warranty.


  • Crevice tool
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight design
  • The power button is difficult to press
  • The battery does not have any charge

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13. Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum

Bissell Featherweight Stick

If you’re looking for a bagless vacuum designed for cleaning small areas and stairs and don’t want to shell out an excessive amount, you should consider using this Bissell model.

The stick-handheld unit weighs only 2.6 kilograms and can be used on carpeted and hardwood surfaces. It comes with an attachment designed specifically for stairs, as well as a crevice tool that is perfect for corners.

The cord length of 15 feet is likely to suffice for a stairway of average size. The unit has a small dirt cup with moderate suction. It’s particularly useful for small pickups or regular maintenance. Additionally, it’s available in various colors and can be used on wooden floors to make it easier.

  • Air Watts: 11.4 (stick), 34.3 aW (hand vacuum)
  • Type: Stick/handled
  • Attachments include floor nozzle and crevice tool.
  • Lightweight design
  • It comes in various colorways.
  • Dirt cup included
  • Bagless function
  • Not recommended for staircases that are long that exceed 15 feet.
  • Can be used for light-duty cleaning purposes only.

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14. BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

BLACK+DECKER dustbuster vacuum

With its 20-watt rechargeable battery, the BLACK+DECKER Dustbuster is among the most powerful handheld vacuums, with an impressive 35 AW in suction. Its huge 75-mL dustbin makes the handheld model perfect for quickly cleaning larger spills.

Other features add function and ease of use to this handheld vacuum. These include the suction tool, which can be extended to reach areas that are difficult to reach, like a ceiling fan or into the crevices between the cushions of your seats.

A battery indicator is a convenient way to let the user know how much battery is left in the vacuum. Two speeds offer versatility in cleaning various surfaces.


  • Air Watts: 35
  • Type: Handheld
  • Attachments include the Extension of the crevice tool.


  • The indicator for the battery is included.
  • It comes with a built-in filter and a prefilter.
  • Includes 2 speeds for air.
  • Built-in 75mL dustbin.
  • It can be used in dry vacuums only.
  • Some users have reported short battery life.

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15. Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka RapidClean Pro

With a weight of 5.6 kilograms, the Handheld Vacuum for Stairs is ideally suited to move upwards and downwards on carpeted and smooth steps. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries will give you 40 minutes to clean, and the max power option lets you boost suction for a more thorough cleaning of carpeted stairs.

The stick can be converted into a handheld vacuum which can be used in conjunction with an attachment for the crevice tool to reach corners.

The bagless vacuum is constructed with the dust cup placed at the front of the machine, meaning the vacuum can be laid flat to easily clean stairs or under furniture without being hindered by the container. A swinging head allows for effortless maneuvering within restricted areas.

LED lighting makes debris and dust visible to ensure thorough cleaning. The vacuum comes with the Easy Rest nook that lets you place the vacuum on furniture and countertops if you need to rest for a while.


  • Air Watts: 150
  • Type: Stick
  • Attachments include a crevice tool, a dusting brush with a 2-in-1 design, and a wall mount.


  • A lithium-Ion battery provides 40 minutes of usage.
  • Lightweight and cordless
  • Built-in LED lighting and swivel head
  • It also doubles as a handheld vacuum
  • The spin brush cannot be adjusted.
  • It is not advisable to leave the charger in the long-term the charger.

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16. Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

Dyson’s exclusive cyclone technology is put to work with this stick vacuum that will keep your home tidy while enjoying the convenience of a light, cordless model.

The battery should be charged for 3.5 hours before first use and keep it fully charged to allow 60 minutes of running time without motorized tools. 40 minutes of using this soft-roller cleaner and 20 minutes using the stronger motor drive cleaner head designed for carpets.

The trigger that cuts off the power from the battery once you have stopped working with the machine saves energy. The model with a digital motor makes use of 14 concentric cyclones.

The model can be transformed into a handheld vacuum that you can use in your car or on furniture and everywhere else you’ll require to get rid of dust and fine particles.


  • Type: Stick
  • Attachments include a crevice tool, dusting tool, cleaning head for the torque drive, mini motorized tool, combination tool, and a wall dock.
  • Air Watts: 150-watts


  • 14 built-in cyclones that provide large suction
  • Up to 30 minutes of usage
  • The trigger is built-in to save energy.
  • It can double as a small handheld vacuum
  • Expensive
  • It takes 3.5 hours for a full charge

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17. Shark IZ163H Pet Plus Cordless Stick Vacuum

Shark IZ163H

Rocket Pet Pro features Shark’s Dirt Engage technology that will lift dirt and hair from carpeted and smooth surfaces. The self-cleaning brush roll offers continuous removal of pet hair, and the wand can bend to accommodate various angles, which is useful for difficult-to-access places and stair treads.

The Shark transforms into a handheld vacuum equipped with notches or a multi-pet tool to pick up pet hair. A HEPA filter keeps dust and allergens within this vacuum, making it perfect for those suffering from allergies, and the large dust cup is quickly emptied and cleaned.

The vacuum weighs less than 7 pounds, making it a breeze to carry to and from the stairs. It’s freestanding, which means there is no wall mounting required.


  • Air Watts: 181
  • Type: Stick
  • Attachments include tools for crevices and pet multi-tool


  • The Flexible wand can be bent for repositioning.
  • Also functions as a handheld vacuum.
  • HEPA filter traps with filters included
  • Built-in self-cleaning brush roll
  • More expensive than similar models
  • Some users have reported loud operation volumes

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What to Consider When Choosing the Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs?

With so many options available on the market, choosing the ideal vacuum for the staircases in your home could be a bit confusing. Find out the differences between uprights and canisters, bagged and bagless models, as well as the corded models and those without, along with other elements to be aware of such as size, type suction power, and the ease of use.

1. Size and Type

A heavy-duty vacuum may be difficult to maneuver to clean stairs, so it’s best to select one that’s light, slim, and easy to move.

  • Stick vacuums are lightweight and slim, and their height prevents them from bending, making them an ideal option for staircases. Many of them are powered by batteries, which eliminates the requirement for a cord that could restrict distance and create an entrapment. Some sticks can even convert into a handheld device perfect for cleaning smaller tasks.
  • Although you can find canister vacuums that work well for stairs, ensure that the model you pick has an extended hose that will reach all up to the top of the stairs to avoid carrying a large, weighty unit up and down.
  • Handhelds are the most convenient to move around since they’re generally small and cordless, but they will require you to bend your body to access the steps. Some options might not be strong enough to clean all the accumulated debris; therefore, should you opt for a handheld, choose one with high-capacity batteries, a robust airflow system, and an electric brush roller.
  • Right-angled vacuums let you clean with minimal bending; however, they are heavy and susceptible to tipping over when walking stairs. Choose one that is sleek and light and has a long cord.

2. Bagged in Contrast To. Bagless

There are two options for getting the trash out of the vacuum and to the garbage: bagged and bagless.

If you have a bagged model, you’ll have to purchase bags that are replaced after they are full. All debris must be kept within the bag, with the least chance of dirt, dust, and allergens being released into the air. Bagged vacuums also have a higher capacity and are useful in areas with high traffic that tend to accumulate more trash, particularly in homes with pets and children.

Bagless models will help save the expense of reusing bags. However, the dirt accumulated within the bin or cup could release allergens into the air as it is disposed of. If you’re concerned about this, you should opt for a bagless model with a HEPA filter. The bins and cups on bags may be on the smaller side, which means that you will need to empty them more frequently to consider when assessing the space you have.

3. Cordless Vs. Corded

Vacuum cords are a problem in cleaning stairs, and cordless is the best choice for moving upwards and downwards. Cordless models are simple to use, do not require an outlet, and are easily moved from the bottom of the staircase. The cordless devices’ battery power typically lasts 15 or more and can last up to 45 minutes. Higher-priced alternatives enable you to reach the latter.

If you decide to go with a cordless vacuum, ensure that it comes with a battery capacity of 25-30 minutes so you can complete your cleaning without needing to stop charging. Once the battery is depleted, it is likely to need to recharge for three hours or longer. Be aware that some vacuums come with two batteries, so you can charge one while the second is charging to get plenty of cleaning time.

Suppose you’re looking to buy only one multi-use model. In that case, the ones with cords will usually offer more capacity and better suction capacity, which can be more efficient for big carpeted areas. Select an item with a retractable, long cord to prevent the vacuum from being dragged up and down the stairs. A 15-foot cord is usually enough to get to the top of the stairs in most houses.

4. Ease of Use

Seniors and those with limitations in mobility could want to avoid carrying a large model down and up the stairs. Straight and stick vacuums weigh less and are more user-friendly. While handhelds are useful for tight corners, the bending process can be challenging and tiring.

They are also the most convenient to use and the most comfortable. If you prefer an upright model, choose one that can swivel 180 degrees or more to allow for easier maneuverability on narrow staircases.

You should also consider a handle that feels comfortable when held. Accessible controls are crucial also; a button that can be turned off and located on the handle is perfect, with buttons that can be controlled by a foot and release levers that allow for quick use.

5. Attachments

Attachments are a great way to keep the entire staircase tidy. A narrow and pointed crevice tool can help clean the corners that are difficult to reach and between railings. An electric brush can be helpful on carpeted stairs and effectively remove dust and other debris. Hence, pet hair brushes can be a benefit when you have a cat or dog.

For floors made of hardwood and uncarpeted stairs, accessories like a flat, wide tool with bristles short to sweep will glide across smooth surfaces and not cause damage. Dust brushes are useful to dust furniture blinds, curtains, and many more. Finally, it’s also safe to scratch surfaces.

6. Suction Power

The flooring type in your home is important in the matter of suction capacity. If you’re primarily using tiles, hardwood, or any other smooth surface, with a few rug areas here and there, then you will not require more suction than homes with huge carpeting or high-pile carpets. Suction power allows your vacuum deep into carpet fibers to remove deep-set dirt.

Some companies boast suction power. For those that don’t, think about other elements. For corded vacuums, for example, the higher the number of air watts (AW) is, the more powerful the suction power. An upright with 100 AW or greater is sufficient, and canisters must have at least 220 AW but greater than 300. Meanwhile, for models that are the cordless, select one that is between 80-100 AW.

Then using a cordless device, it is important to know the battery’s lifespan and the runtime, typically between 15 and 45 minutes. Double battery packs give you the longest time to clean. Motorized brushes that rotate will improve the ability of the machine to remove dirt that has been firmly set off carpet fibers.

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