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Cleaning an apartment is an entirely different job when compared to vacuuming the entire house. It can cause many people with no idea of how difficult it is to not just transport one about (upstairs or down) but also to locate an electrical outlet that will give enough power to remove the dirt.

Central vacuum systems are a fantastic option to not carry around the heavy vacuum cleaner, and managing the power cord is a hassle. Central vacuums come with a canister-style collection device and central motor that connects to a string of tubes in the house.

It has multiple outlets, usually one or two for each floor in the house, in which a hose for the central vacuum can be connected to provide instant access to power and suction.

Keep reading for more details to help you choose the most efficient central vacuum system to ensure your home is clean.

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8 Best Central Vacuum Systems

1. Nutone Purepower 5501 Central Vacuum System

Nutone PurePower 550

If you have smaller spaces, the unit can work effectively. It can take care of more than 4000 sq feet of space and handle a lot of space for suction and dirt collection. The model is rated at 500 air watts and comes with 22-liters of disposable bags.

Soundproofing materials are built-in to minimize noise generated by the motor. The quiet muffler reduces the noise, so you can rest while vacuuming.

This is a bagless model that may require more care. However, the great thing is that it comes with transparent windows. It lets you know how full the tank is and when you’ll need to fill it up.

Then last but not least, the three levels of filtration. The washable pre-filter and HEPA filters will give you fresh air and help save cash on replacements in the longer term.

Advantage and Disadvantages

  • The Window is clear within a Bagless Canister
  • Soundproof Muffler System
  • The majority of these devices can be used to help you get through your day. It’s got strong suction, large capacity, and quiet. We love that it doesn’t cause you hassles even if maintenance is substantially decreased.
  • A fascinating aspect of this vacuum is that it’s constructed with the material that blocks sound. Other vacuums have soundproofing foam or mufflers for reducing sound. In this instance, all of these are not essential.
  • Even though it’s a bagless alternative, the translucent Window nearly makes up for the lack of a bag. It is possible to see how full the tank is of dirt and the time you should empty the tank, saving you from confusion.
  • A Convenient Design that Allows For Ease-of-Use
  • It’s Possible That It’s Not Enough
    • This model was an option with bags that people appreciated, but they now can only be an unbagged design.
  • No Backed Option
  • This is a great illustration of central vacuum systems. However, it covers only an area of 4000 square feet, meaning it might not be a good fit in larger houses.

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2. Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum Power Unit

Imperium CV300 Central

This vacuum is ideal for homes that are up to 7500 sq ft. It provides 740 air watts and the capacity to hold dirt at over 23 liters. One of its biggest strengths is that it’s extremely silent, with a noise level of only the 58-decibel mark.

It comes pre-packaged with micro-lined filters. However, it’s suitable for HEPA filters. This, coupled with its quietness, is perfect for pet owners. It also allows you to vacuum right through it. This is useful when you don’t have a basement or garage to place it in.

It’s suitable for homes with two floors and has an anti-rust finish that doesn’t quickly diminish. When you purchase it, the 10-year Warranty you get is proof of the durability of this product.

Advantage and Disadvantages

  • It’s quiet at 58 decibels
  • It’s durable with a 10 Year Warranty
  • This is great for homes with children or pets that may be scared by other systems’ loudness.
  • If you’re looking for air purification, it’s possible to swap out the standard filters and upgrade them to HEPA. For many others, vacuums are limited to the filters included. This model offers a variety of filters, and we love it.
  • HEPA Compatible
  • Many other central vacuum systems use mufflers or soundproofing devices to reduce noise. The unit, however, doesn’t need any unique installation or parts. It operates at a mere 58-decibel mark and maybe the quietest central vacuum system available.
  • We also love that this comes with a 10-year warranty that is adequate for most homes.
  • Be aware that this will cost you extra; however, if you require a HEPA filter for your home, it’s accessible to meet your needs.
  • Central vacuums are made to last for several years. However, this goes further with the coating. It is resistant to corrosion and wear and tears longer than other vacuums.
  • The industry is growing
  • As we can tell, however, people who have given the program, a go can’t see any fault. Customers are extremely satisfied, and we’re sure it will continue to be the same.
  • The model isn’t as affluent or widely used as other models are, which is why it’s going to take some time to see how it compares to its competitors. So far, consumers have mostly had positive opinions about it. Perhaps, shortly, the criticism will increase.

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3. Prolux CV12000 Central Vacuum Power Unit

Prolux CV12000 Central

As with our first option, it can cover an area of up to 12000 square feet. It is equipped with 400 air watts of suction. So, it is an impressive rival in the world for central vacuum machines.

It has a two-stage motor, and soundproofing helps reduce the sound emitted throughout your home. The best feature includes the washable HEPA filter and machine-washable Micron pre-filter. In combination with the suction, the filter is recommended for sufferers of allergies.

This sturdy vacuum can be a great choice if you want to thoroughly clean. But what’s unique about this vacuum is that it comes with an impressive 25-year guarantee on the body. Also, there are 10 years of Warranty for the motor.

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Advantage and Disadvantages

  • The strongest suction for deep cleaning
  • HEPA Filter for People With Asthma
  • The Warranty of 25 years should inform you that Prolux designed this product to last. It’s not often you get an extended warranty. Over time you’ll save lots of dollars. Also, the 10-year guarantee on the motor is amazing.
  • Its washable HEPA filter included in this model can benefit pet owners and those who suffer from asthma or allergies. No matter if you require one, this is a great accessory that goes over and above in improving your home’s air quality.
  • Twelve thousand square feet of space is quite a huge amount which is why this model is strong enough to deal with it. The 2-stage motor provides an enormous amount of suction, which greatly affects how you clean.
  • 25-year Warranty
  • Costs are higher
  • It’s Bagless
  • There’s an extra cost to get this particular model. However, consider the benefits you’ll get from it. It’s not a lot to pay for an item designed to last many years.
  • The issue is that it can’t allow for the design you want in central vacuums. It could be necessary to spend longer on maintenance, and regular inspections are suggested.

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4. Electrolux QC600 Quiet Central Vacuum Power Unit

Electrolux QC600 Quiet

The Electrolux QC600 can be described as the quietest vacuum cleaner. This means you can take on chores in the morning while relaxing with your family and not bothering neighbors.

It’s great for smaller houses like townhomes, condos, and condominiums. However, it can maintain living spaces larger than 8000 square feet.

The sound foam inside the motor makes it silent and quiet. Furthermore, the integrated exhaust pipe has a muffler to ensure lower noise.

Advantage and Disadvantages

  • It’s quiet at 72 decibels
  • Don’t carry bags or baggage
  • This is a safe product, particularly for those with allergies. The product has a self-cleaning HEPA filter that removes 99.97 percent of the house’s dust and allergens. If security was a concern for you, it would not be. It also is covered with a 10-year labor and parts warranty. It’s worth it.
  • This central vacuum system lets you take bags or leave them empty. Each family has its preference, particularly when cleaning the unit. With this product, you can choose the method you prefer. With no bag, it will hold up to four tons of dirt.
  • It is a silent product. It has a sound unit level of 72.3 dBA, comparable to your washing machine’s noise level. Hence, it is equipped with a patent-pending insolation technology, which means it has an unbeatable sound quality compared to other brands.
  • The product is safe for those suffering from allergies.
    • A few users have reported it’s not the best vacuum. Reports show that it can suddenly stop after a couple of minutes of usage. The machine doesn’t provide specifics as to the reason. Sometimes, customer support will advise that the machine needs a deep cleaning, but it’s not included in the Warranty.
  • Stops and Restarts

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5. OVO Heavy Duty Central Vacuum

OVO Heavy Duty

This model has a 2-stage motor that is encased in steel. It’s able to supply suction to as much as 9000 sq feet. So it’s a great option for larger houses. It incorporates Soft-Start and Soft-Stop technology, ensuring the system’s life span while stopping clogging.

It employs hybrid filtration that combines high-efficiency cyclonic filtering and disposable bags with triple layers for greater effectiveness. So, it is effective for people with allergies. The permanent filter can be washed.

This model comes with heat protection, which protects the system from overheating. The gaskets that keep the air in place prevent the suction loss, and an LED-lit screen makes it easy to monitor. Additionally, soundproofing can reduce the noise by up to 65 decibels.

Advantage and Disadvantages

  • Heat Protection prevents overheating
  • Anti-Clogging System Included
  • The soundproofing foam included in the unit reduces its sound to just 65 decibels. This is one of the quiet central vacuum systems you can buy that will significantly affect your time. It’s also ideal for pets that might be terrified by louder vacuums.
  • The soft-stop feature in this device stops debris and dirt from entering your home and prevents it from clogging in conjunction with the soft start, making it easier to clean and maintain the health and longevity of the system.
  • Since central vacuums consume more energy, overheating is possible, although it’s rare. We are grateful for this model’s heat protection. It could protect your system from harm and save you money on repairs.
  • It’s quiet at 65 decibels.
  • The issue is more of a cautionary tale instead of a drawback. The high-powered unit is designed to be used for cleaning heavy-duty in large homes and could be too large for smaller spaces. You could save money by choosing the right system if you don’t require its capabilities.
  • For Larger Homes

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6. Nutone PurePower Central Vacuum System

Nutone PurePower Central

The powerful vacuum central system by Nutone is perfect for homes of 10,000 to 2,500 square feet, thanks to the powerful power of 700 air watts. The vacuum tubes coming in connect to an upright, bringing hair, dust, and other particles down the HEPA filter, which helps ensure that allergens and animal dander remain.

This model comes with a 6-gallon garbage pail that can be used with and without vacuum bags for disposal. It’s engineered to be powerful, but the central vacuum system was designed to be quiet with about the same noise as background conversations or the droning sound of air conditioning.

It doesn’t include an air hose, vacuum, or accessories. However, this powerful vacuum is an excellent start to installing an entire central vacuum system for your home.

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7. Ultra Clean SC200 Steel Canadian Made Central Vacuum

Ultra Clean SC200 Steel Canadian

This Ultra Clean central vacuum system is an affordable option with high-end features, including the square-shaped acoustic muffler that extends from the side of the canister for the vacuum, blocking the sound generated from the engine.

It operates at 13.8 amps, with a capacity of 550 air Watts and sufficient power to provide adequate service to homes that are 7500 square feet or less.

A hybrid collector permits users to collect dust, dirt, hair, and other particles in the metal bin for collection or connect the disposable vacuum bag and keep the bin tidy and clean.

It should not be forgotten the fact that this vacuum comprises only the primary filter and collection unit. It does not include a hose for vacuuming or other accessories that can be used to clean the house.

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8. OVO PAK70CD-40 Heavy Duty Powerful Central Vacuum


This remarkable central vacuum system and the accessory pack are excellent choices for those installing an entirely new central vacuum instead of simply replacing an old one.

It includes an 80-foot vacuum hose, crevice nozzles, brush nozzle, and a hose hanger for the accessory bags dusting brushes, along with two telescoping handles connecting to a motorized vacuum head and a floor brush.

The chamber for filtration and collection of the central vacuum system is 9.25 gallons. The system is outfitted with an integrated exhaust and noise-reducing insulation around the motor to ensure quiet operation. It can produce 770 air watts of power, making it ideal for homes up to 9000 square feet.

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Why Should You Invest in a Central Vacuum System?

We don’t claim they aren’t the most well-known method to clean; however, more people must be aware of these. They provide benefits that mobile vacuums will never be able to match. If you aren’t convinced, check it out for yourself.

1. Less Maintenance

Traditional vacuums are smaller than central models, so you must spend a lot of time clearing them.

Dust canisters for central vacuums, by contrast, can store the dirt you can. You’ll only need to empty them once, at least every 3 months. It’s also simple to perform and won’t require dealing with dismantling the entire vacuum.

Another advantage is that they are integrated into your home, making them durable. It isn’t necessary to fret about replacing them as often as you would when you only have one unit. Central vacuums can save you time and cost in the long term.

2. Better Air Quality

HEPA vacuums are fantastic, but they’re still single-unit vacuums, which can be difficult to clean and need more maintenance. The suction of these models is also less powerful than that of central vacuums. Additionally, their capacities are lower than central vacuums, as we’ve already said.

Furthermore, HEPA vacuums aren’t as ideal as people believe about filtration.

They’re not inefficient. However, they’re not the most efficient. Central vacuums, however, due to their size and capacity, will make your space cleaner. They remove air pollution directly from your house, which means the indoor air will be healthier.

This is a major benefit for pet owners who suffer from asthma or allergies. The pet will be exposed to fewer allergens due to the minimal maintenance required for these systems.

3. They’re More Effective

Central vacuum systems are superior in suction capacity compared to conventional vacuums. Their size and electrical power usually restrict the latter. These motors are significantly smaller, produce less energy, and have weaker suction.

Central vacuums aren’t subject to these limitations. The suction force of one is much stronger and more efficient as you scrub. This is especially beneficial for carpeted areas and enhances the ability to purify the air we discussed earlier.

When you’re done with the day, the central vacuum system will clean more. Why do we purchase vacuums first? If you want the ultimate cleaning power, you must consider installing one.

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4. Very Useful and Convenient

One of the most attractive aspects of central vacuum systems is how simple cleaning is. The main drawback of traditional vacuums is that you must transport (or move) them to where they are required to be.

This work is less by using the handheld and stick vacuums; however, in those cases, you lose distance and suction power.

With the central vacuum system, the only parts you need to transport are the hose and the wand, which are simple to join. Keep them close to outlets to have faster access.

This means that you’ll perform less work cleaning and are less likely to overuse your muscles. With larger vacuums, it’s possible that they’re restricted to one floor and may cause injury if you transport or fall on them. However, these risks are eliminated through central vacuum systems.

5. This Can Increase Your Home’s Value 

If the benefits mentioned above haven’t convinced you, this one will surely. A house with a central vacuum will be worth much more than one without. It’s believed to be due to the convenience, making it easier for buyers to spend more money on the house.

This might not apply to everyone at the moment, but it will be beneficial shortly. It’s worth thinking about if you are planning to put your home for sale. The central vacuum system is an affordable expense that can significantly impact your home’s value.

What Is the Best Way to Choose the Right Central Vacuum System?

A central vacuum system will differ from buying a traditional vacuum. The basic idea is the same: you need a strong quality, cost-effective system to meet your requirements. However, the criteria differ.

For one, the fact that you don’t need to examine the central vacuum unit means the style isn’t an issue. Storage isn’t an issue since the parts you utilize (the hose, wand, or any other attachments) don’t require space.

However, buying central vacuum systems will require some focus on technical aspects. To make sure you don’t waste your money, consider the following.

1. Is It a Reliable Product?

It’s nothing to worry about even if you buy a regular vacuum cleaner and it stops working shortly after. There are many models to pick from, they’re easily replaced, and you can test them before buying them.

But central vacuum systems do not operate this way. They’re built into your home; therefore, if they’re weak, ineffective, or don’t function, they result in irreparable harm. It could also cost youa huge amount of dollars.

It isn’t something you can cut corners on in this. It’s much better to pay more for a trusted brand instead of settling for lesser quality for savings.

2. Who Installs It?

Whoever installs your central air conditioning system will be doing serious damage to the structure of your home. The last thing you’d want to do is damage the strength of your wall, electrical wiring, or plumbing.

Many things can happen If a central vacuum unit isn’t set up correctly. It isn’t worth taking the risk if you aren’t sure about the people accountable for this,

Some people with experience and knowledge can have the ability to install these systems themselves. We wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re certified. Don’t bother trying to find out the answer.

3. Do Your Research?

Find the company you’re interested in and ensure that they’re reputable. If they’re not performing the installation, Check the installers’ credentials, too.

4. Consumption of Electricity

It’s fantastic the fact that these systems provide the power to suction. However, they are made possible by using more energy. Don’t be astonished by the hidden cost; be sure you’ve budgeted for it.

Certain central vacuums have plugs that aren’t typical within the USA. They can still be used, but you’ll need to purchase adapters.

Also, determine whether your vacuum is constantly running or if you have control over when it runs on energy. It shouldn’t be typical to have one to run continuously; however, make sure just in the event of an emergency.

5. Do the Specs You Have In Your Home Match?

The situation gets slightly difficult because you’ll need to work it out yourself. Any central vacuum you purchase will work in the room and around your home. This directly impacts the amount of suction you will get from it.

The most crucial thing to establish is if the square footage is sufficient to cover the entire area of your house. Central vacuum systems typically specify the largest square footage the system can use. Your home must fall within this area. Otherwise, the system won’t perform well for you.

6. How Many Accessories Do You Plan to Purchase?

A range of accessories similar to conventional vacuums can be found in central vacuums. These include flooring dusting, upholstery, brushes, crevice instruments, two kinds of beater-bar carpet brushes, turbo-powered and electric.

The electric heads are the most powerful. However, some models need an electrical outlet at the inlet of each vacuum so that you can connect an electric cord that runs parallel to the hose. Turbo heads use the air that flows into the head to turn around the beater bar.

Manufacturers offer many betterments on the basic accessories:

  • Canisters can be used with/without vacuum bags.
  • Collection canisters with mold-killing coatings.
  • Sock-like covers that prevent hoses from marring wood floors. 
  • Retractable hoses.
  • Electronic controls also alert users to the presence of a full canister or the need for maintenance.

Here are some instances: Beam, manufactured by Electrolux, provides an “EasyReach” electric 13-foot-long hose that is easy to control; however, if a greater reach is needed, it comes with an internal hose sleeve that’s inserted into the main house, which can expand to a total length of 30 feet. By pressing a button, the handle will retract the entire length of the hose.


The KickSweep is one among the many kinds of floor cleaners that combine the standard dustpan and central vacuum. It is a baseboard-mounted receptacle that is opened and then collects dust and other debris when you clean using the Broom.

The floor receptacle is a replacement for an empty pan that quickly disposes of debris from the floor. 

Central vacuums can cost anywhere between $600 and $1,500 depending on the power source and the number of pipes and fittings required. Dealers typically quote a price based on installation and supplies; however, if you intend to install the system yourself, you may inquire about a cost for the material only.

7. Do You Think the Design Is Optimal?

All central vacuums are not equal. Certain models are not designed well. It’s possible to save money on one or two of them. However, they could cost you time to make up for it.

The top central vacuum systems utilize bags that collect dirt and place their motors between the bag and the filter. They are the least likely to block and last longer and perform most effectively.

However, most models come with bags, and people still love these models. This only means that you need to put some time into the maintenance of your model and monitor its performance.

8. Size of a Central Vacuum

When purchasing a central vacuum system, connect your system’s power source to the home to ensure that it can effectively remove dirt in every corner and crevice on each surface. The right size of a unit isn’t rocket science. However, it can be complicated. You should consider the area of your home, the pipe length needed for the installation, and the suction needed.

When we talk about the size of the canister, we’re talking about the main element: The power source. The majority of manufacturers have a variety of models that vary in size as well as suction power and cost.

While vacuum makers assess their products using Airpower, the flow of air, and horsepower, these measures do not necessarily indicate efficient suction.

The most reliable way to measure sucking power is “water lift,” established by the factory test of a vacuum seal’s suction power. Make sure to check the manufacturers’ specifications to determine this number when comparing one model to one. The smaller models have a water lift capacity between 105 and 120 inches.

According to the general rule, they can handle an area of 2,500 square feet. Motors of the same power do not differ much. The same manufacturer produces many types of motors used in other products.

When choosing the right brand, pay special focus to price as well as service and Warranty. Find a firm that can stand behind its product.

What Are the Steps to Take, So Central Vacuum Systems Work?

It could seem like a bit of science; however, knowing the basics of the central vacuum system is easy. As opposed to carrying the vacuum on your person each time you have cleaning, one or more of them will transform your home into a complete vacuum.

In central vacuum systems, the power can be put in place permanently, unlike the motor on a normal vacuum. They are usually placed away from views, such as in the garage or a basement.

This device sends suction to outlets in your house through pipes within the walls. In contrast, all you need to do is attach a hose for the vacuum to the outlet, and you’ll be able to get suction whenever and where you require it. The suction’s strength will be switched by the switch located on the hose’s handle.

When you vacuum, dust and other particles are pulled through the pipes and the filtering system. The debris that has been collected is put in a large container or container, just like an ordinary vacuum. In the end, contaminated air gets taken out of your house, and fresh air circulates.

When you’re ready to vacuum the next area of your house, you must disconnect the hose, move it to the outlet you prefer, and start the system again.

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How to Retrofit the Central Vac?

However, retrofitting a central vacuum system into existing houses is fairly simple. The ease of retrofitting will depend on the structure of your home and, more specifically, how easy it is to access a crawlspace, basement, or attic to route the central vacuum piping.

In a single-story residence with a basement or crawlspace, the tubing could run underneath the floor and extend to the walls for a small distance. This method is ideal for walls in interiors that aren’t bearing and are not supported by foundations or beams. The tubing could also directly supply the floor’s inlets (by far the most efficient way to retrofit).

If the house cannot access below floors, as in two-story houses, for instance, the tubing has to be routed to another location. The most common solutions are to run tubing vertically through the laundry chutes or behind cabinets, place it in closet corners, or tuck it into one of the corners in a room.

Another popular option is for tubing to be run horizontally through an attic before dropping it through the wall to a closet cabinet. The best runs are those that are short as well as straight and forward.

FAQs on Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuum systems can be an ideal addition to your home, especially if you don’t want to move the vacuum around the house or have to deal with power cords. But you might have questions about how to clean your central vacuum or how long it’ll last. Read on to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the most effective central vacuum.

1. What Is the Length of Time Our Central Vacuum Lasts?

A central vacuum can last around 20 years, and the lifespan of the hose, as well as any other accessories, will vary based on the product’s specifications and use.

2. How Do We Get Rid of the Central Part of Our Vacuum?

The central vacuum cleaner is one filter, collection tank, and tubing that is part of the house. To clean the tubing, you can use the central vacuum cleaning cloth made of a special-designed product that has to be sucked through the tubing and vacuum and then retrieved from the center canister. Repeat this process for each inlet container.

Clean the central canister, and change the vacuum filter if needed. Some filters can be reused, which means they only need to be cleaned using an ice-cold bucket, washed, and then allowed to dry before being put back in the vacuum.

3. What Are the Many Air Watts We Should Be Looking For in a Top Central Vacuum?

A high-quality central vacuum should generate between 500 to 800 air watts. This should be enough to provide sufficient suction for homes that range between 2,000 to 6000 square feet.



The central vacuum is worth a look. However, they require some consideration. Buying one is not the same as you need to consider to ensure that it can be used in your house.

Once you’ve learned the technical aspects, you’ll be able to see that central vacuums are among the most simple, efficient models that you can come across.

They’re definitely worth the cost. We highly recommend these. We’ve highlighted our top picks, and they are certainly ones that will meet your needs.

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