Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum in 2022: EXPERT GUIDE

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Have you ever done the cleaning of the above-ground pool, which was full of messes after a wild party? If you have done it, then you must be knowing it could be a hard task.

What if we say it is easier!

Easier than you think. However, there is a circumstance for that. You will have a well-designed smart tool to clean the whole clutter in the pool very easily.

Why only after the pool party?

Also, For maintenance purposes, the above ground-pool has to be cleaned quite often. So, to have a clutter-free, easy clean process, you have the Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum.

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Best above ground pool vacuum

They have varied forms and shapes. Your task is to select the one which you think will make the huge task of cleaning the pool much easier. So, you may be wondering how you’re gonna get one!

If you’re interested, below, we’re going to share specific detailed info on ten such vacuum cleaners. The purpose is to provide all the nitty-gritty information regarding these vacuum cleaners. So, let’s jump straight to the article.

Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum in 2022

1. Dolphin Escape Robotic Vacuum

Dolphin Escape

Featuring an intelligent robotic design, and the Dolphin Escape is what you require if you’re looking for effectiveness.

a. Design

The Dolphin Escape provides a patented Hypergrip that perfectly tracks wheel design that permits the cleaner to easily glide through the pool. The Hyperbrush dual scrubbing brushes in the end scrubs and contaminants on the walls and also surfaces before vacuuming them away from the pool.

b. Size And Installation

The vacuum cleaner’s battery is manufactured with ultra-efficiency, consumes only 180 watts per hour – up to 90% less power has been consumed compared to other vacuum cleaners with a similar style. The vacuum cleaner is also designed to clean deep pools with a maximum 30 feet depth.

  • Active Hyperbrush scrubbing brush
  • Massive top load filter
  • SmartNav 2.0 robotic system
  • Continuous Hypergrip tracks
  • The huge top load filter collects more debris and is much easily accessible for emptying.
  • The SmartNav system has an advanced algorithm to effectively clean the pool by just sensing obstacles such as walls.
  • The scrubbing brushes are much softer to prevent from scratching the pool surface.
  • The wheel tracks pattern enhance traction and improve the efficiency.
  • The filter isn’t that fine.

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2. Intex Above Ground Pool Vacuum

Intex Recreation Corp FBA_28001E

Here comes the best above ground pool vacuum for Intex – thanks to its specialized elegant design.

a. Design

The above-ground pool cleaner provides a 24-foot hose, and also it is easily connected to any kind of Intex pool with a 1 to 1.5-inch hose. The pool cleaner gives you a simple, elegant design with four easy-glide wheels yet; it boasts incredible efficiency and also smooth gliding. But, for efficient operation, you have a filter pump with a flow-rate of at least 1600-3500 gallons per hour.

b. Size And Installation

The Intex Above Ground Pool Vacuum is designed to clean all general Intex above-ground pools, no matter how much the depth is. Its special design also reverses the straight direction to vacuum the entire pool to ensure thorough cleaning and spot-on.

  • Venturi suction design
  • Automatic cleaner design
  • Efficient flow rate
  • The suction design permits the vacuum to thoroughly remove sand and dirt from the pool floor.
  • Easy to set up design.
  • Comes with easy to follow directions.
  • The vacuum could move around the entire pool for thorough cleaning.
  • Pump and vacuum are both noisy.

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3. Pentair Kreepy Krauly Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Pentair K50600 Kreepy Krauly E-Z Vac Suction

The superior hydraulic elegant design permits the Pentair Kreepy Krauly Suction Side to improve its suction power and to vacuum to ensure thorough smooth cleaning.

a. Design

With the help of Pentair vacuum, you could rest assured that your cash will also be saved. This is just because the pool vacuum cleaner is specially designed with only one operational moving part—for example, the flapper, significantly cut-down on service and maintenance requirements.

A skimming valve, on the other side, helps to control water flow for efficient cleaning pace and debris pick up.

b. Size And Installation

With this pool vacuum, you could clean pools with a depth of maximum of 30 feet. When you clean, you will definitely notice its random pattern movement that helps to thoroughly clean and cover the entire pool.

  • Superior hydraulic design
  • Free skimming valve
  • Single moving part design
  • Random pattern movement
  • Skims water from debris.
  • Its solo moving part design needs minimal maintenance.
  • Effectively cleans contaminants and debris.
  • Its superior hydraulic design increases its cleaning effectiveness.
  • Cannot pick up huge debris.

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4. Hayward 500 Aquabug Suction

Hayward 500

Besides providing a unique gearing system, the Hayward Aquabug suction gives balanced water flow continuously for quiet performance and gentle movement and cleaning underneath your pool.

a. Design

The above ground pool vacuum provides an advanced and contoured head pattern which permits it to finish its cleaning design within minutes with articulation.

Besides that, Its deluxe bumper ring on the other side reduces friction while moving away from walls so it could resume its own programmed steering designs.

b. Size And Installation

The pool cleaner installation gets completed within minutes with no additional tools required. In addition, it provides universal pool compatibility; permits you to use it on concrete, vinyl, tile pool, or fiberglass.

  • Unique gearing system
  • Advanced contoured head design
  • The anti-friction deluxe bumper ring
  • No tools installation
  • Contoured head design movement increases efficiency in cleaning.
  • Works with no pump.
  • Kid-friendly and cool design.
  • Deluxe bumper ring gives you a frictionless movement while the cleaner moves away from walls.

  • Poor filtration system

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5. Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Pool Vacuum

Pentair 360100

The Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Pool Vacuum comes with A dual-band of bristles fitted, which permits you to scrub off any debris from the entire surface of the pool while its robust vacuum sucks up the debris up.

a. Design

The pool vacuum cleaner includes a programmed cleaning pattern that ensures it covers the pool thoroughly without missing any particular place. Its ten-inch wide path cuts add the programmed patterns as it ensures the vacuum cleans quickly and thoroughly.

b. Size And Installation

The compact and sleek pool vacuum could clean most of the above-ground pools. Its pointy and compact shark head also helps to improve its efficiency, speed, and thoroughness.

  • Wide 10-inch path cuts
  • Dual band soft bristle brushes
  • Single moving part design
  • Programmed cleaning design
  • Easy installation – simply hook the cleaner with a hose and start cleaning.
  • Low maintenance price thanks to the solo moving part design.
  • It doesn’t include debris bags to replace.
  • Nylon bristle brushes are durable enough and scrub thoroughly without damaging the surface of the pool.
  • You have to connect to a pump for efficient cleaning.

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6. Hayward Wanda The Whale Pool Vacuum

Hayward W3900

Especially your children will fall in love with the Hayward Wanda Pool vacuum just because it’s a fun whale themed pattern and effective functionalities.

a. Design

W3900 Pool Vacuum includes a patented SmartDrive advanced programmed steering system; the Whale pool vacuum intuitively moves smoothly whilst cleaning thoroughly.

It features an eccentric turbine system that guarantees consistent, controlled water flow for a quiet process and very smoother movement.

b. Size And Installation

Including a 32-foot long hose, the good quality suction above-pool vacuum could clean any above ground pool, which measures maximum of 27 feet in circumference.

As it cleans, the deluxe bumper ring provides maintenance of its special steering pattern by deducting friction as it slides away from walls.

  • Unique turbine system
  • Patented SmartDrive steering system
  • Built-in 32 foot hose
  • 27-feet pool circumference capacity
  • Kid-friendly whale themed design.
  • Works with both in-ground and above ground pools.
  • Built with improved navigation.
  • Connects to the pool skimmer without any tools requirement.
  • Does not clean walls

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7. Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 Pressure Side

Polaris Vac-Sweep 65 6-130-00

The filtration system and pump of the Polaris are specially designed to cater to above-ground pools.

a. Design

The above-ground pool cleaner includes a special jet sweep design, which blows high pressured water as opposed to the pool walls as a way to clean the dirt and dust from the walls and places that are much harder to reach.

This design efficiently removes dirt without causing any damage to the surfaces that a brush would otherwise scratch or damage. The dust/dirt is then swept off to the vacuum cleaner’s unique filter bag.

b. Size And Installation

Installing the Vac-Sweep 65 takes only five minutes with minimal tools required, which is much time saving and also effective.

When it gets ready, the vacuum cleaner could work up to three hours continuously on pools with a depth maximum 5 feet.

  • Patented jet sweep design
  • 24-foot float hose
  • 5-minute minimal tools installation
  • Unique filter bag
  • Filter bag design increases your pool filtration system’s durability.
  • The filter bag traps huge debris before reaching the pump.
  • Works well with fiberglass and vinyl pools with uneven surfaces.
  • Jet sweep design helps to remove and smoothen large debris.

  • It does have durability issues

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8. Paxcess Automatic Pool Vacuum


The Access pool vacuum cleaner brings incredible value for your cash as it works with both in-ground pools and above ground pools.

a. Design

The Paxcess vacuum delivers an immersive deep cleaning feature. The cleaner includes four PVA sponge roller brushes for double cleaning thoroughness.

On top of that, Its front scrubbing sponge brush vacuums and cleans debris from the walls and floor.

b. Size And Installation

The pool cleaner includes a fifty feet cord, and it could equally get the job done with pools that measure up to fifty feet deep and thirty-nine feet long.

Its cord includes a swivel pattern to improve movement and prevent tangles. It features a wall-climbing feature for all-around cleaning.

  • 4 pc PVA sponge roller brushes
  • 3 automatic cleaning settings
  • Extra large access filter basket
  • 50 feet swivel cord
  • Built-in wall climbing function.
  • The cleaning setting permits for 1, 2, 3-hours preset auto cleaning.
  • Works well with both above ground and in-ground pools.
  • Extra-large top access filter basket to collect more debris and also for easy access for discarding.
  • It’s a little bit heavy.

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How To Select The Best Above-Ground Pool Vacuums?

If you wanna understand the basics of selecting a good above-ground pool vacuum cleaner, consider these great tips.

1. Design

Some above-ground pool vacuum cleaners have a glossy professional design and also travel with tracks instead of using wheels that give the device a better grip.

Other patterns take the form of creatures such as turtles, which make a fun addition to homes with little kids who love pools and swimming. Some controls are manual, while most are automated, allowing anyone to set cleaning cycles as per their requirements.

best above ground pool vacuum

Manual cleaners could pose a challenge whenever it comes to the cycle as these might last for just one to two hours.

Some above-ground pool vacuum cleaners enter sleep mode automatically after an hour and must be reset and restarted after every cleaning cycle gets finished.

A cleaner could have an internal pump, But, might be individually designed to connect to your built-in-pool filter.

Vacuum cleaners connected to pool-filters control based on the power which your pumps provide that requires a basic GPH-1600.

2. Robotic Vs. Suction Pool Cleaner

This should be the very first thing you should decide when you are searching for an above-ground pool cleaner. Do determine if you wanna have a robot cleaner or a suction pool cleaner.

Robotic cleaners will not need that much manual effort, and also, they could do the cleaning by themselves. So if you don’t wanna spend your precious time cleaning the pool by yourself, you could get a robotic cleaner easily.

The suction based cleaners are the ones that get connected to your pool pump as you require.

They’re also quite effective at getting rid of all the debris and dirt off your pool very well. The only downside of getting a suction-based cleaner is that they need a good deal of preservation. But, in the sense of affordability, they’re the quite best choice for you.

3. Filtration

Larger parts use cartridges instead of using bags to gather up debris and could manage loads up to sixty percent more than basic cleaners. Well, not all models use the microfilters, so checking the creator’s website would confirm the specifications of your individual model. Microfilters could manage algae, debris, and even fine dirt particles leaving your pool clear and clean.

4. How Easy Is It to Operate the Cleaner?

While buying an above-ground pool cleaner, you have to check whether it is easier to operate or is hard to operate.

The vacuum cleaner needs to be able to clean the place without stopping and getting disrupted in between the operation.

The best cleaner would be the one that needs less input from the owner to process it, basically. Few pool vacuum cleaners include an automatic timer, which stops after the cleaning process is over.

pool scenery

5. Filtration Rate of Your Pool Cleaner

Discovering the filtration rate of your above-ground pool cleaner is basically much important. The filtration rate has to be the key so you can easily ensure a better quality of the water for swimming.

A good filtration rate becomes a necessity for making sure it has got a proper and excellent cleaning as you’ve intended. So you must check out the filtration rate whenever you’re gonna purchase a pool cleaner. Preferably, it must be able to filter 70 gallons of water per minute.

6. Longevity

Many parts come with a minimum 1-year warranty when other parts offer warranties of a maximum of 5-years. On average, you could expect a pool vacuum to last for a minimum of an entire one year.

This generates price as an important factor in choosing. Even though some designs don’t last as long as other designs come with the pool vacuums, because of their low price range, they’re still more economical than more exorbitant brands.

7. The Hose Length Should Be Sufficient

If you’re going for a suction-based vacuum cleaner for pools, you have to make sure of the genuine hose length. The length of the hose is the most important and critical element of your pool-cleaner. It doesn’t really matter how powerful your cleaner might be; if the hose has not got enough length, then it’s pretty useless.

8. Features

In addition to a vacuum cleaner, some good models also provide a brush that is used to scrub or loosen away had to remove the contaminant.

Advance scanners are sometimes used to control and improve cleaning patterns and also ensure random and effective coverage of large and small above-ground pools.

Cable length is essential when you are using a cleaner as it could affect the capability of your cleaner to cover the whole pool.

Using a cable that is too long is usually the main source of a tangled hose that could cause much damage to the structure, which might be resulting in leakage.

The customer service provided by some of these above-ground pool vacuums brands is of high quality.

Customer Service Representatives personally contact their customers before the warranty expires to ensure their models are in perfect working condition.

9. How Do You Vacuum an Above Ground Pool With a Sand Filter?

You will need a vacuum head, a telescopic pole, and hose pipes. Firstly, You have to connect the vacuum head with the pole and then hose pipes.

You must clean the large leaves, debris, and branches that fell into the pool. Now you have to throw the vacuum head inside the pool water.

Then submerge the other side of the hosepipe in the pool water and then stick it to the jet. That’s how all the air is gonna be out from the hose.

Now you have to guide it to the skimmer. However, before that, you should get the basket out.

Once you’ve done all the connecting, begin vacuuming the pool from every side and corner. When you’re done vacuuming, then disconnect the hose from the vacuum head and skimmer.

You must stop water flow by putting caps or lids on the skimmer basket and jet.

After cleaning and setting up the sand filter, turn on the pump, then take off the lids. Just do backwash, only for a couple of minutes, so it could allow the sand filter to grab the debris and dirt. Then once again, shut off the pump and then shut on the rinse mode.

Then keep it on for one minute, however, before that, shut the pump on. Now one final time, shut the pump off and then clean the filter. Reset the filter valve and then turn on the pump again. That’s all.

10. How Long Should We Run Our Above Ground Pool Pump?

Your pump might filter all the water within two hours, and to save energy, you might run it for that short period only. But it depends on the season, actually.

During summertime, when the pool water stays slightly warmer due to hot weather, there are enough chances for bacteria and algae to abode there. On the other hand, cold water is not the best place for bacteria and algae. So in winter, pool water seems to be cleaner than it is in summer.

So, during summer, you must run your above ground pool vacuum pump at least half a day, to be precise, 12-14 hours a day. Circulation of water and doing everything to keep the water moving instead of stagnant is the key to clean water in the pool.

So, the longer the pump runs, the skimmer is going to continually strain the water and separate the dirt, leaves, and other unwanted things from the pool longer. In winter, you can run the pump four hours a day, and that’s enough.

11. Benefits of Having An Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Benefits of Having an Above Ground Pool Cleaner

We love to pick a choice that serves us better. An above-ground pool cleaner is the best choice for your pool cleaning. Let’s be informed by the benefits of them:

There are tremendous choices for an above-ground pool vacuum. You’re gonna get your appropriate one according to the needs, cost, size, usage, which are the main points to cover before you make a purchase of the pool vacuum.

More choices offer you the flexibility to select, and they’ve got a solution for all of your issues. So we think it’s worth purchasing.

  • Based on the backyard and your pool size, you could easily install it for future use. And the using process is handy as well. So if you’re a beginner in this kind of area, then it’s a very good option for you.
  • Above-ground pools are much budget-friendly. Just because of variations, there’s a vast model. Even renowned brands got above-ground cleaner for a much-fixed budget
  • Above-ground pool vacuums are much safer to use.

12. How Often Should We Clean the Pool With A Cleaner?

Well, there’s no individual answer to this question. It totally depends on your usages and the choices you make. It’s good to clean after the usage of it So that no germs could accumulate there. Though if you got some time, clean it regularly on a normal basis. Or else, you should go for weekly cleaning.

However, you should make sure to clear the pools every season. It is helpful to control the pH balance of the water.

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