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Anyone looking for a multi-functional portable, light, and powerful handheld need to look into the Black and Decker BDH2000PL. The head that folds allows it to wash hard-to-reach areas such as ceiling vents and the tops of closets.

For tiny townhouses/apartments, such a light handheld device like this is an ideal tool.

With lower than five pounds, the vacuum can be carried around light for you, but it is strong enough to be able to clean well. It’s also equipped with a new lithium-ion battery that will last longer and keep the charge longer.

Another major improvement is that this model has a rubber flap to prevent dirt from falling back into the bin – a different issue the Pivot was plagued by.

Also, we thank Black & Decker for serving the needs of your customers.

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BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Handheld Vacuum

A Quick Overview of the Features

  • Triple-stage filtering system.
  • A nozzle that folds allows you to wash areas over your head.
  • The dirt chamber can be removed and is washable.
  • It is powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery.
  • Produces 35 air watts, which is more powerful than the Dyson DC44/DC59, which generates 28 air watts when in normal mode.
  • A transparent dirt bin informs you if the bin is filled.
  • Washable filter that helps reduce operating costs
  • Cyclonic filtering.


  • Two-year warranty for a long time.
  • Small footprint – requires less storage space.
  • More suction than Dyson DC59 vacuum in normal mode.
  • Does not contain any attachments; therefore, there is no chance that you lose anything.
  • A lithium-Ion battery is not susceptible to discharge compared to NiCad batteries.
  • Reusable battery.
  • Power fade is minimal during the charging cycle.
  • Easy to empty.


  • It’s not a floor cleaner; you’ll require an upright vacuum to go with this.
  • It isn’t possible to clean pet hair off the carpet since it doesn’t have a tool for pet hair.

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Top Features of Black and Decker BDH2000PL


The most significant improvement Black & Decker made with BDH2000PL is the lithium-ion battery which is quite different when compared to a nickel-cadmium battery.

NiCad batteries are afflicted with memory loss. If you don’t use it for a couple of days, it will need to be recharged. This creates a new problem. You’ll need about half a day to fully recharge.

A lithium-ion battery solves this issue. It only takes a few hours to fully recharge. Leave the vacuum on the charging station. Whenever you’re required to use it, take it off and clean it before returning it. There’s virtually no risk of overcharging due to the intelligent charging system.

There is also steady energy throughout charge cycles. There is less power fade than the older NiCad, which fades slowly.

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1. Accessories and Attachments 

It has many attachments. The tools are integrated into the gadget. The device does include a charging base, something which the previous model didn’t have.

2. Charge Time

We couldn’t find any documents on time you should charge for this. One user stated that you’d have to charge it within 24 hours if you’re using your first device.

Each charge will last about two hours. The battery does come with an indicator LED that stops blinking once the battery is fully charged.

3. Filter Clean Up

The customers were pleased with how simple it was to clean up this mess. The main reason for this is that the dirt cup is washable. This makes cleaning much easier.

4. Run Time

There’s not a lot of information about the run time from reviews; however, based on the ones we have found, you should expect to get about 15 minutes when you have the full charge, but keep in mind that, since this is lithium-ion batteries, the power is continuous and will not decrease as the battery gets close to full.

5. Warranty

The vacuum comes with a two-year guarantee for the battery and the vacuum.

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6. Bare Floor Performance

Note that this type of vacuum is intended to be an instrument for spot cleaning on smaller, isolated areas. It is not a good idea to vacuum the living room or kitchen floor.

The tool for pulling out brushes can be very useful when you need to clean areas with dust. The crevice tool can extend the reach by some inches, but you must bend your back to scrub areas of spotting.

7. Carpet Performance


It is only able to wash the dirt off the surface of the carpet. Don’t expect it to deeply clean your upholstery or carpet since it doesn’t have motorized brushes.

It’s 35 air watts that it can draw from is 7 more than Dyson DC59’s 28 air watts of power that it can use in general operation.

For a hand vacuum, this is an incredible performance.

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8. Pet Hair Removal

It can take away pet hair from carpets, but on hard floors, the odds are stacked against you.

It is not equipped with an instrument for hair removal, which can be used to loosen and agitate pet hair from upholstery or carpets. Therefore it will rely solely on suction.

You could try the pull-out brush tool, but it’s not as efficient as a motorized dog hairbrush.

Additionally, since the nozzle is small and narrow, cleaning lots of pet hair could cause it to clog and make the dirt cup full fairly quickly, but it can work to some degree on hard surfaces and furniture.

Consumers have had no issues removing pet hair off carpet, so should you own a lot of pets in your home, think about something similar to BDH2000FL.

Customer Reviews

This is a relatively recent product, and there aren’t many reviews, but they are all very positive!

Many buyers of this vacuum also utilized the Pivot and were amazed by the quality of the work.

The report stated that power suction “doubled” as well as suction was steady with little fade. Many customers utilized this feature inside their cars and were pleased with the outcomes.

Black and Decker seemed to take note of all the negative feedback the Pivot was experiencing and improved over the ones that came with this model.

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And….it’s Pleasing


In addition to the battery, they’ve also improved their performance by adding these options:

  • Kudos to Black & Decker for offering all features, and still keeping the cost below $80. Add to that the two-year warranty, and you’ve got yourself the best price.
  • A flap within the nozzle to prevent debris from falling back into the nozzle.
  • A dirt cup that can be removed helps to clean and empty.
  • The base is charged, which allows the vacuum to be stored upright, thus minimizing the footprint on the floor for storage.

At the time of the update, around 100 people have posted reviews on Amazon for the product alone. It looks as if Black and Decker has a winner with this product. The slim design, paired with suction power, as well as lithium batteries, are popular among customers.

The nozzle that folds, though cute to some, was effective in cleaning up surfaces that are high above your head.

The lithium battery that is 20 volts isn’t as prone to fade as the older NiCad batteries and can be charged within just two hours.

This is a great vacuum for cars due to the compact shape of the nozzle and the presence of the brush tool. A few customers have commented that the running time was more than sufficient to wash the entire car.

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Where Can We Get This?

You can purchase this on Amazon for less than $60 and will be eligible for the 2-day free shipping offer if you sign up for Prime.

Additional warranties can be available for 3 to 5 years if you’re looking for that extra security.

The Verdict


This is a great option for apartment owners or townhouses that require an appliance that cleans up places that a cordless vacuum could struggle with.

The areas include vents, closets, and ceiling fans. Black & Decker very carefully listened to their customers while designing the vacuum. They have implemented a number of key changes which address the flaws that the prior model had.

With the brand new lithium battery, this vacuum will ensure that it maintains its suction during the entire charge cycle and will not fade at all.

A fantastic handheld vacuum that is ideally suitable for small and medium homes to get rid of messes that have accumulated in the corners. If you have lots of pets, however, we are not going to advise you on this since there isn’t an attachment for hair that could make this process effective. But, it’s still possible to remove hair from pets, but excessive amounts of it could overflow the dirt bin very quickly.

You won’t also be able to utilize this method to get rid of pet hair on medium or shag carpet.

This type of vacuum is ideal to be used in conjunction with an upright vacuum.

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