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Numerous individuals are selecting commercial ash vacuums as they save lots of time. Besides that, it’ll spare you from all the tough work you would typically do for keeping away stains & ash dust. Therefore, we’ve conducted this article to know about some of the best ash vacuum cleaners available in today’s market.

However, what individuals should use in these circumstances would be either a handheld ash vacuum, a bbq vacuum cleaner, or even a hot ash vacuum cleaner that’s industrial for their health safety.

Using one of these smart vacuum machines will be keeping you safe from stains but also assist the stove, the BBQ grills, or the fireplaces to work longer. There are several sorts of designs from which you can select.

For instance, some are considered the ideal ash vacuums for a pellet grill, whereas the other models will permit you to clean away the warmer ash, and some are super fast in cleaning the mess, putting it away in a faster time.

This being said, let us assist you in selecting the ideal ash vacuum cleaners from the most famous models on the market. You will locate the complete reviews with pros & cons, along with a guideline, which will take you closer to an ideal purchase.

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Find Out the Best Ash Vacuum 

1. PowerSmith PAVC102 Ash Vacuum

Perfection score – 9.8

The first product that’s vacuuming up the rest of the competition is PowerSmith PAVC102. This model from PowerSmith has been designed ideally to clean up cool & warm ash from wood barbeque grills, stoves, fireplaces, and pellet stoves.

It’s basically a lightweight design and arrives with wheels and a conveniently-placed handle, making it easier to move around. Moving it from the cupboard under the stairs will be possible to wherever it’s required without a struggle.

PowerSmith PAVC102 10 Amp 4 Gallon

This black & green ash-killing machine arrives complete with all the bits & pieces you’ll be required to keep the fireplace in top shape. A durable metal nozzle is there, and a metal hose, different sorts of nozzles, filter, and two extension wands.

So, what about the specification of this fireplace vacuum? The vacuum has a respectable three-gallon capacity, and it’s working process is exceptionally quiet. In fact, it will just generate a maximum of 79 decibels. Just as it’s a quiet operator doesn’t imply it’s not powerful.


  • Metal nozzle
  • Metal canister
  • Filter
  • Motor housing
  • Metal lined flexible hose
  • Two extension tubes
  • Crevice tool carpet/floor tool
  • 4 casters
  • Operator’s manual

Fabulous Aspects to Powersmith’s Work

A staggering 10-amp motor is there beneath its shell, and that proves smaller designs can too pack among the biggest punches. There are even more fabulous aspects to PowerSmith’s work. The brand has added a toggle switch to make it pretty simple to operate.

However, we might have saved the best feature of this vacuum until last. This fireplace vacuum arrives with a two-stage filtering system to make sure your machine keeps running at maximum smoothness.

The standard filter is basically backed up by a second filter, and that’s designed for catching the finest pieces of ash & dust. This secondary filter is built of a reliable microfiber mesh.

The two filters can be removed from this machine to be washed or replaced easily if required. This fireplace vacuum also comes with a two-year warranty that’s pretty standard for most of the models. However, in what aspects can we say it’s not standardized? How does this machine compare with the other 4 vacuum models still to come?

Well, this is among the most rapid vacuums on the market and is a sturdy competition to the other 4 vacuums that just don’t function as smoothly as this model does. Moreover, the ten-amp motor it has makes this vacuum the highly powerful model on our shortlist.

Why Is It Called the Best Ash Vacuum?

It can easily take care of warm ashes, which some of the other vacuum models cannot do. It just falls short in the ash-holding capacity it has when compared with some of the larger drums on some of the other models.

A few would say that it’s a smaller fireplace vacuum model. However, the reduction in the holding capacity makes it highly compact and more transport friendly. Every single of the other features of PAVC102 is pretty impressive too.

When you consider the power & ability it has to clear warmer ashes, you might require doing a double-take towards the price tag it has. It’s the best vacuums here and nowhere near the most costly!

  • Easy to assemble
  • Holds maximum 3 gallons of ashes in the canister it has.
  • Quiet & powerful 10 amp motor.
  • Arrives with a wheeled base, which isn’t usually common with ash vacuums.
  • 2-year limited warranty.

  • The hose is short & might not quite flexible.

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2. Shop-Vac 4041300 Ash Vacuum

Perfection score – 9.5

Here comes the best hot ash vaccum. In case we were hosting a beauty contest, especially for these machines, then obviously there wouldn’t be much competition. The Shop-Vac model is undoubtedly the coolest looking due to its all-around metallic body.

It’s actually built with a blend of aluminum & stainless steel. These mesh together to craft lightweight portability with user security and the fabulous aesthetics we just described.

Shop-Vac 4041300 Ash Vacuum Review

The filtering aspect of this vacuum’s design is again another area in which the manufacturers surely have invested a lot of considerations and time. The brand has gone with the renowned HEPA sort of filter. This permits the machine to trap even the best particles of dust & ash.

Besides that, the filtering system prevents ashes too from being eliminated out of the exhaust pipe of the vacuum. For further info on what a HEPA filter entails, you can locate more details towards this article’s end.


  • Double filter system
  • Stainless steel body
  • Quick clean filters
  • HEPA filter cartridge
  • 5-gallon collection tank

A Fantastic Combination of Reliability & Practical Functionality

The machine arrives with a steel hose, which easily locks onto the vacuum. The vacuum is wrapped in a vinyl that enables flexibility to retrieve the ash that’s leftover from those tough-reachable places. It’s a fantastic combination of reliability & practical functionality.

The intake nozzle is of superb quality, too, and continues the theme of metallic. Much of the device is then added with thermal protection. This is for improving safety, even though the vacuum is just to be used on cold or cool ash. It even has the thermal cut-off just to ensure safety if it gets too hot.

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Ah, the Design Is Awesome!

This is basically an all-around fantastic design, which is built even better by its portability. The vacuum weighs a minuscule 12 pounds and arrives with one of the thickest and handles that are most comfortable and in comparison to the other models.

The only simple complaint among past buyers is that some of them have found the removal of the top lid process difficult – a bit of elbow grease might be required. Compared to the other models, you’ve had your magnifying glass already on.

Besides that, this fireplace ash vacuum cleaner can easily finish amongst the best. It’s a design with among the most robust features aided by some perfectly planned additions. The flexible hose it has is among the most lucrative features, which you get.

Truly Unbeatable on Some Grounds!

This specific feature will surely win over a chunk of the market, which the other brands might miss out on. The capacity & power of the vacuum machine are comparable with the industry standard, and not many aspects to complain about are there.

Probably among the things you could complain regarding is the cost. A few found this vacuum model a bit pricey. However, it surely justifies the bigger price tag entirely in our experts’ eyes. Your thoughts?

  • Doesn’t easily clog up.
  • Retains up to 99% of ash.
  • Being built of stainless steel makes it simpler to get rid of ash & clean the vacuum’s tank.
  • There’s no requirement for bags as ash particles go straight to it’s tank.

  • The clips on the lid of this vacuum cleaner become loose after rough usage.

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3. Snow Joe ASHJ201 Ash Vacuum

Perfection score – 9.3

Now, this is the best ash vacuum for pellet stove in 2021. The next model on fire, no pun intended, is the one and only Snow Joe model. This awesome model is much unique from what we just saw earlier. It has a little less-powerful motor at just four amps; however, it does have an extra 1.8 gallons of the area to its name.

It also differs in a different way too. It could only be used on cool ash, although the last model we saw earlier was for warm and cool ash cleaning.

Snow Joe ASHJ201 Ash Vacuum Review

Don’t worry – it means you could clean up last night’s party in the early morning instead of annoying and setting off the neighbor’s dog at 1 am. It has an ideal filtering system. This pellet stove vacuum would trap dust particles while you are cleaning to prevent them from entering your breathing place.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Powerful 4 amp motor
  • Sturdy build
  • Dual filtration system
  • Sturdy and flexible hose
  • Reusable fine dust cartridge filter

Awesome Filters (Oh Yes)

These filters could be washed and removed, making it reusable and the model a much more convenient buy. It doesn’t come with a bag inside this model. Well, not having a bag does make the whole operation of disposing of ash much more smooth.

There isn’t a chance of a bag spilling all over on the washed floors, and on top of that, it does not make removing the bag a disadvantage. Instead, you can simply lift up the lid and also tip the ashes away as you need.

So, What Else Do You Need to Get Excited About?

We have only really seen just the tip of the iceberg. There could be a ton of other cool features on this model. The design team over at Snow Joe has also added an innovative safety function in this fireplace ash vacuum cleaner.

If you are a forgetful mate and whenever you forget to reinsert the filter when you have done cleaning, then the vacuum will definitely refuse to start. They have also added a convenient handle at the upper side of the vacuum’s body to create transporting all 9 pounds of the vacuum cleaner effortlessly.

Besides that, This is on the top of the wire basket to provide protection to the filter, a window so you could see how full the apparatus is and to clarify potential blocks, and a part to store the hoses and cord. Just like the PAVC101 vacuum, this product also provides a two-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Well, Sizing this one up to the different four tells us enough. Its motor doesn’t have any weakness, and it is also much useful than tons of other models, meaning it’s likely to perform as well.

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Shall the Expert Say Something?

Yet, it outshines some of the other vacuum cleaners with some innovative functionalities which you won’t see again. The bag-less design provides the use of the model incredibly easily.

Add the safety function, which prevents processing without a filter, and you have got a couple of ways to make up for its puny motor.

After all, When it comes to the value of the budget, and comparing it to another one and its functionalities to what else is out on the market, we would less-argue because it’s reasonably priced.

It’s not expensive at all although it is one of the cheapest models available on the market nowadays however when the suction power is much important part here, you won’t have to pay more for such little power. This pellet stove ash vacuum is undoubtedly worth buying.

  • Is portable because it’s incredibly light and also comes with an smooth carry handle.
  • Picks up cold ashes from wood stoves and pallet, fireplaces & fire pits as well as barbeque grills.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Unbelievable motor builds 500 watts of power.
  • Snow Joe + sun Joe customer promise.
  • Reusable dust cartridge filter.
  • Effective in picking up cold ashes.

  • A bit of expensive, but it is quite effective in cleaning, and true value for money.

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4. Tacklife Ash Vacuum Cleaner 

Perfection score – 9.1

If you’re confused that you are going to be spending a lot on the quality and also results-driven ash vacuum, then you should go for the Tacklife PVC 03A, which will dispel all the woes. This beauty provides an 800-watt motor, which gives 15 kPa of suction power to clean out ashes in just the blink of an eye.

Besides that, the motor is extremely quieter than most other models, allowing a user to communicate with others while cleaning without having to shout as they pick up ashes from their barbeque grills, fireplaces, and stove.

Tacklife Ash Vacuum Cleaner

Tacklife also comes with a dual filtration system that can filter the ash and dust particles and also prevent them from harming the material of the motor that comes with this device. You could also save up on the replacement filters since these filters of this vacuum cleaner are reusable and washable.


  • Top quality filters
  • 18-liter tank
  • Heat-resistant metal hose
  • Heat-resistant components
  • 5 m power cable
  • Dual filtration system

Excellent for Picking up Warm or Cold Ash

A word of advice, many of the users ask, What to do when the filter gets clogged up when there is a lot of ash inside the vacuum’s tank? Well, the answer to that question is you should have to clean and wash the tank after every time you use it.

Except for those hot ash, the Tacklife is much helpful and excellent for picking up warm or cold ash. It comes with a heat-resistant and durable flexible metal tank, metal hose, and also an aluminum nozzle.

The attachment of The power cable, which is over 5 m long, gives you plenty of areas to cover and move around if you are not close to a power outlet by your stove or fireplace.

Hey, It’s a Cheering Device!

This product of ash vacuum is extremely great for those who are searching for a multifunctional model. The powerful motor could both blow and suck the air, so it is the best device to store in the house or anywhere you are working with fire. The flexible hose would be much helpful whenever you are cleaning every part of the stove or fire.

  • Affordably priced.
  • Washable, heat-resistant, and reusable filters.
  • Simple to clean.
  • Not a thing to hide, as it looks attractive.
  • Highly impressive powerful suction.
  • Very easy to maneuver.

  • The hose is short.

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5. Dustless Technologies Cougar + Ash Vacuum

Perfection score – 9.0

The quintessential machine is The Dustless Technologies’ Cougar+, which comprises state-of-the-art components and also delivers an impeccable ash cleaning performance. One of the best ways the device accomplishes this is because of its two-stage filtration processing system.

Dustless Technologies Cougar

The fiberglass filter gives a stop to bigger particles as well as protecting the main filter from hot coals or embers. The second filter is PTFE-coated, which prevents fine dust particles that are as small as human hair. Besides that, The motor of this device is surprisingly much quieter, ensuring you extra peace of mind as you vacuum.


  • Metal construction
  • Patented filter system
  • Necessary accessories included
  • Drawstring carry bag included
  • Fire resistant hose
  • Clean filters without opening

Ok, What Else?

After that, the hose is also flameproof, which will prevent causing any kind of damage to itself as the vacuum cleaner does its job. To stop the ash from spilling out to wherever you are cleaning up at the moment, the Cougar provides a 6-gallon canister with metal clamps so it could keep the top sealed.

Well, Not only does this lessen the cleanup time later on. However, it prevents dangerous particles which could enter the lungs, especially for that kind of people who are suffering from asthma or allergies.

But the essential part about this device is that it provides an astounding ten-years warranty, apparently ensuring that you are covered in the long run. You certainly could not get any better than this, now can you?

  • Powerful suction ability
  • Lightweight
  • Large tank capacity
  • Made of fire-resistant metal
  • Easy-to-clean filters
  • Able to store ash particles
  • Features toolkit
  • A relatively smooth operation with silent motor
  • The hose doesn’t come with a holder.
  • The power cord and hose are short.

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What Is an Ash Vacuum?

An ash vacuum is specially designed for vacuuming to pick up the ash from fireplaces or the stove, barbecue oven or an old-fashioned, or the pellet stove. But you might be wondering why exactly you should clean up that residue with the ash vacuum instead of using a regular vacuum?

Although you might be tempted to use the regular vacuum cleaner to vacuum the ash, we highly recommend against it. Here are several suggestions which you need to consider before you use the regular vacuum cleaner to vacuum the ash:

Big Consideration Before You Buy an Ash Vacuum Cleaner:

1. Metal Housing Decreasing Fire Risk

The feature you get with the ash vacuum’s metal housing which prevents as well as containing fire ashes, because of that decreasing the risk of fire which your house may be exposed to whenever clearing up your wood stove or fireplace.

2. Safety

A house vacuum cleaner is not built for the heat of a wood stove or fireplace, and also it can even pose a risk of causing a fire as well. Besides that, Ash vacuum cleaners are specially built to handle those kinds of temperatures that are hiding behind the cool ashes.

3. Regular Vacuums Are Not Built to Handle the Ash Particle

A regular household vacuum cleaner is not able to endure the warm particles of ashes as they can melt the rubber/plastic in the hose and the dirt bin construction and might even trigger a fire inside your regular house vacuum cleaner.

4. Simple and Compact Use

Ash cleaners are usually portable and are manufactured for their simple use when you wanna clean in and your firebox surroundings, especially those kinds of areas which are enclosed areas which include ash pans. Some products also come along with wheeled bases, which allows you for easier maneuverability with the entire wood box and also heat stove area.

5. It’s Affordable and Safe

The prices differ depending on the type of model you choose; most ash vacuum cleaners sell for $200 or lesser than 200$.

Ash Vacuum Buying Guide

Whether you’re gonna purchase a Bacoeng, a Snow Joe, a Pellethead, or even a Tacklife ash vacuum, we recommend you to pay attention to some important points.

There are few points to always keep in mind whenever you’re racing to purchase any of the products mentioned above and, of course, others, for which matter. Now, to show you the direction to make a suitable purchase, here are the best relevant points to bounce around before taking any decision on a specific model.

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1. Storage and Portability vs. Capacity 

The Capacity of the portable cable ash vacuum will sometimes be quite impressive; that means, for the majority of users, that you’ll get multiple uses for these kinds of models before having to empty them, which doesn’t mean that all the available models are made the same.

However, there are some particular models, which are slightly remarkable and they’ll have to be emptied more often. Well, I will recommend you not to be defrauded by this point, and also not choose the ash vacuum just because it comes with a bigger capacity, besides that, it would be more appropriate to move and empty.

Let’s be honest. Who will like to carry a massive ash cleaner just because it has a big storage capacity? While This being said, every user needs to make a decision which point is more important for ‘em.

The transporting part or the storing one? Basically speaking, try not to be misguided by the huge capacities or the products you’re looking at, but you must look after the weight of the vacuum cleaner instead.

2. Power

Power is one of the ideal aspects of any vacuum cleaner, including the ash one. If you’re looking for a model to suck up all the kinds of dirt and dust and also the ash, then you definitely know how important this part is. In this case, we suggest you look at all the specifications of it and the motor type to find the best one to rely on.

Just to be pretty sure, keep in mind that the benchmark for any specific model is a motor with a 5 to 10 amp power. Everything which is less than 5 may not be enough power to do its job perfectly.

3. Hose and Cord Length

You just have placed your order right now, and you are expected to get the product very soon. Your Sundays at the barbeque seem better now, whenever thinking about the little mess you’ll be able to clean after the party.

Then you just open the box, get the cleaner outside and pull the cord as much as you could, only to realize that it’s not enough to get over the barbeque hearth. This must go without saying that it’s very annoying and unpleasant.

So for that, always read, know, and do not let this happen to you at any cost. Identify the length of the cord from the very beginning and the hose also, to see if it pleases your needs.

4. Warm Or Cold Ashes?

Just to be sure, it’s never safe to use the ash vacuum right after the fire has stopped. This may burn the parts of the vacuum cleaner and the embers, the filter of the machine as well. There are some ash vacuum types, though, which are built to be able to vacuum warm ash, but the majority of these models are meant to suck cold ashes.

That means you’ll have to wait for the considerable temperature of the ash before you could pull out the ash vacuum cleaner and clean the place.

5. Noise Level

It really doesn’t matter if your ash vacuum cleaner is a Power Smith ash vacuum cleaner, or a Sun Joe model, or a HEPA model; all of these models and other models are going to make some noise while vacuuming.

However, at least make sure that they’re not that loud as them to drown out everything which is around them. However, technology is upgrading day by day, so not all the models have to be that noisy. More than half of the models on the current market have motors, which work much quieter than the average vacuum cleaner does.

Models just like Bacoeng advanced ash vacuum isn’t making that much noise, so you could talk with the peeps around you, listen to music, and do your task without being annoyed by the noise of this model. Also, you should think about your ears, since it’s safer to use a less noisy ash vacuum cleaner as soon as you’re using them much often.

6. Dimensions and Weight

When you’re working in a limited area, it means you will not have so many places and tools to work with. Also, you will not need them. The fireplaces and stoves make no exception. In case you do not have so much room, it means you will certainly look for a compact vacuum to fit the room you will clean and store.

There are tiny models that still have enough power and a decent ability to do their task pretty well. This means you will not face any trouble with the sucking feature. Besides that, The compact ash vacuum cleaner will still smoothly clean the fireplace, the barbeque, and anything else which needs a good cleaning.

In Addition, The weight of the vacuum is very important, if it doesn’t really specify the castors, to make the model easier to carry with yourself. Also, considering that when emptying, the ash vacuum cleaner will weigh pretty less than when it is full of dirt and ashes. Of course, we suggest a lighter model for ash cleaning. It will be much easier to carry it around.

7. Warranty

We are sure that no one can say that the warranty isn’t such an important aspect. What if the vacuum is not working as it should be supposed to do from the very beginning? Most ash vacuum cleaners have a 30-days money-back guarantee.

This means in case the vacuum cleaner doesn’t work as it should in this number of days; you could decide to have it to yourself or not. This is just fine, as soon as the problem appears right away.

But, it’s better to look for a model which has a minimum of 2 years limited warranty and covers any kind of problems which could be caused by faults provided by poor workmanship. This being said, you should go for a product which has a good warranty so you will not have to waste more money on repairs.

The Bonus Info About Ash Vacuum

1. Can You Use Your Collected Ash For Anything Useful?

Once it’s a moment to empty your vacuum cleaner, where do you head? The trash bin most likely. However, hold it there for a minute. There are definitely a few good points why you shouldn’t throw your ash into the trash bin. Ash could come in useful for your home and even for your garden. Here are a few more points to hold another barbeque very soon!

2. Clean Your Glasses

It must need to be seen so it can be believed; however, adding some ash to a humid cloth or mixing it with water to create a thick paste, which will do its job fantastically as a cleaning agent. Your cutlery and glasses will be sparkling in no time. It could even get oil spills out of other kinds of materials.

3. Improve Your Garden Soil

burned wood ash is able to provide soil and some other plants with a mixture of minerals in quick time. These minerals could encourage healthy living and growth. There are plants which won’t fare great from a scattering of ash. You can do some research on your crop before spreading ash everywhere you decide.

Slug problem! What problem? – you could use ash to discourage slugs from reappearing. You can sprinkle around plants or in your own bathtub. Or wherever they are continually commuting to. We suggest just be sure to rinse the bath whenever your partner jumps in.

The Verdict


Now, let’s recap the best important ideas discussed today. First of all, there’s no need to stay in a jumble & destroy your pretty clothes when you could easily begin cleaning the barbeque grills, the stoves, and the firepits with a smart vacuum machine. Secondly, you should never use a regular vacuum for cleaning the hot ash.

It could damage them a lot in a way. The most important thing about your lecture is that you’ve learned everything there’s to know about the best 5 models of the ash vacuum cleaner on the current market.

This way, you could choose the best one for yourself, depending on your needs. If so, let us know in the comments below which kind of model impressed you the most and share your experience about which modern ash vacuum model you have used earlier.

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